3 Homemade Skin Care Recipes Featuring…HONEY!

honey skin care

I LOVE Honey!! I do! I love to eat it…I love to cook with it…and I love to put it on my face. :-) (Which sometimes happens when I eat it too…but not intentionally!)

Earlier this week I wrote a blog post at Blendtec about a Honey-Almond Face Scrub I recently “cooked up”. While I was working on that, I decided to try a few more skin care treatments using honey because…well…I LOVE honey! :-) No seriously….honey is an incredible substance!

It acts as a humectant, which means it attracts and preserves water which aids in skin hydration. It’s also beneficial for acne prone skin because it inhibits the growth of bacteria, reducing the chance of breakouts. I told you…pretty incredible stuff.

One thing I’m not very good about using, but would like to be better at, is a facial TONER. I had no idea there were so many benefits to using a toner until I looked into it. Here are just a few:

  • Cleaner skin
  • Re-balances acid mantle
  • Reduces oil output
  • Smaller-looking pores
  • Aids in the application of other products

honey cucumber toner


This recipe for a Cucumber-Honey Toner sounded SO refreshing I thought I would give it a whirl.


Cucumber-Honey Toner



1 cucumber
2 teaspoons honey


honey cucumber toner

Puree the cucumber in a blender, strain and collect the juice.


honey cucumber toner

Add 2 teaspoons of honey and mix.


honey cucumber toner

Pour the mixture into a bottle. Apply on the face and neck area with a cotton pad in the morning and at night. Air dry it and rinse clean. Store the bottle covered in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.


After I’d made the honey SCRUB and honey TONER, I figured I might as well complete the facial trifecta and make a honey MASK while I was at it. I had an apple sitting on my counter so I decided to work with that.

honey apple mask

After a little research I discovered apples contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which are very good for your skin (well, OK, I already knew that). Apples also contain a compound called malic acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acid, which is popular in acne treatments because it helps slough off dead skin and open clogged pores. (Now THAT I didn’t know!)


Apple-Honey Face Mask



1 apple
1 tablespoon honey


honey apple mask

In a blender or food processor, combine 1 roughly chopped apple with a tablespoon of honey and pulse until smooth.



honey apple mask

Apply mixture to face and allow it to stay for on for 15 minutes, then rinse.


honey skin care

All three of these skin care recipes using honey made my face feel so good after using them, and there’s just something about using ingredients straight from Mother Nature that makes them feel even better.

It’s just hard to go wrong starting with one of nature’s most perfect substances….HONEY! :-)

I hope you will give them a try and tell me what you think!


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  1. josie exner says

    thanks for the recipes. My husband and i are beekeepers and it has become a great 2nd job. Check the label and buy local honey. Call your extension office in your town if you don’t know anyone. Know your food, Know your Farmer!! You’re the best, can’t wait till tomorrow!

  2. Myrna Fanney says

    If you pay attention to detail you will notice that the first recipe is found when you click on the hi-lighted Honey-Almond Face Scrub. It’s in the second paragraph. Thanks Jillee! :)

  3. Ayshela says

    “Earlier this week I wrote a blog post at Blendtec about a Honey-Almond Face Scrub I recently “cooked up”. While I was working on that, I decided to try a few more skin care treatments using honey because…well…I LOVE honey! :-) No seriously….honey is an incredible substance!”

    The link to the honey-almond face scrub is in that paragraph. Granted with the different coloured text all through it’s harder to see, but if she’s mentioning a blog post about an item the item is probably a link.

    As for the cucumber being peeled or not – look at the pic of the smushed (yes, that’s a technical term… heh) cucumber in the blender. Looks to me like the darker bits are the peel, and that cucumber juice is definitely the colour of the peel (which is usually where most of the vitamins and good stuff hide) so I’d say leave the peel on.

    • Mindy says

      If you hover over the words “Honey-Almond Face Scrub” your cursor will show that those words are a hyperlink. Clicking will take you to the blog post for the facial scrub.

  4. Susan says

    I have a question on the cucumber-honey toner. Should the cucumber be peeled or should the skin be left on?

  5. Jenny says

    I only have creamed honey, would it wojrk the same way as liquid honey in these reciped if I melted it first?

    • Susan says

      At the beginning of the post, 2nd paragraph, I clicked on Honey-Almond Face Scrub and it opened a tab into the Blendtec blog and that’s where I saw Jill’s recipe.

  6. Vicki Di says

    We have our very own bee hives and Honey is an amazing natural product!
    In my opinion, it’s natures best secret. I can’t wait to make these homemade recipes!
    I don’t see the recipe for the almond honey scrub?

    • brenda says

      her honey cucumber and honey apple were added to the previous honey oatmeal making THREE

      • cty says

        I think for the third is the Honey Almond Face Scrub–the recipe she wrote for the BlendTec post. Click on the recipe name to get the recipe.

    • says

      You must have missed the link in the very first paragraph that says in orange “almond- honey face scrub” derr.. its called reading the artical not skimming through it! ;b js! Also this face trio does wonders! I use it all the time! :)