“Birthday Present Treasure Hunt” {Free Printable}

birthday treasure hunt


Trust me on this one….you are going to want to download this and save it on your computer somewhere! I can’t tell you how many times I have wished I had done so!

Let me back up a couple of steps. The night before last I was up LATE talking with my daughter Britta about her upcoming wedding plans. You know…food, flowers, dresses, recorded vs. live wedding music, cake vs. cupcakes, etc…ALL those sorts of things, when I realized that I hadn’t set up the traditional Birthday Present Treasure Hunt for my 13-turning-14-year-old yet! I can’t tell you how many times I have done this. It’s late the night before a child’s birthday and I’m up making up new signs for the treasure hunt! The things we do for our kids!


birthday treasure hunt

birthday treasure hunt

I wrote about our family’s tradition of doing a Birthday Present Treasure Hunt to find their birthday gifts in this post last year when my son turned 13.

Well, yesterday he turned 14 years old and guess what? He still wanted a birthday treasure hunt! lol. I really thought I might get away with not having to set one up this year, but before he went to bed, sure enough, he asked about it. How could I say NO? I couldn’t.


Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 11.20.37 PM


So there I was….LATE at night, once again, making up new birthday treasure hunt hints on the computer like I’d done TIME AND TIME AGAIN over the years. You’d think I’d learn to A) not wait until the last minute….and B) SAVE IT FROM LAST YEAR!

Well, unfortunately, I’m a bit of a slow learner in areas like this. So please benefit from my mistakes over the years and download this! Because, first of all, if you’re NOT doing a birthday treasure hunt for your kids each year, you’re missing out! Second, if you ARE doing one every year for each of your kids, this will save you a lot of LATE NIGHTS up making treasure hunt hints! All you have to do it print it out, add your own “hiding places” hints, cut along the dotted lines and you’re done!

Since I thought LAST year’s birthday would be the last time I would need these (and I was wrong), I’m not taking any chances…I’m S A V I N G this file for next year and beyond. I’m sure I’ll find need for them with grandkids one day. :-)

I hope you enjoy!

OH!  And Happy Birthday Sten! I promise to do a birthday present treasure hunt for as long as you want! :-)  



sten 14th bday 2



 (the below graphic is just an image of the downloadable .pdf file. Download is above.)

birthday treasure hunt


Does your family have any special birthday traditions?

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  1. Becky says

    Very cool! We do a treasure hunt for Christmas every year. The first clue is in each of their stockings. You want to see crazy? Try writing out puzzle clues for each of 6 kids on Christmas Eve! : ) Well, I guess I draw pictures for the youngest two. It is totally worth it though, they LOVE it.

  2. Krystal says

    So much fun! My Hubby and I did this one Christmas for our kids when the gift was “big” – a go cart. They had a blast Christmas morning running around inside and outside the house following the clues. Thanks for the memory!

  3. Renee says

    We actually do this for special Christmas gifts. We use our stacking Nutcrackers and each one contains the clue inside, the final one with the special gifts. Not all mind you just one that we hide. My kids are late teens and we still have to do this. Ha Ha Ha. Thanx for the print out it will make this year much easier.

    • Renee says

      Yes we hide all the Nutcrackers. No we dont hide all the gifts. Thought that sounded confusing after I posted. Sorry.

  4. Emma says

    Jillee –
    First off thank you for the time and energy you put into providing all the wonderful information. I have a suggestion – It would be nice to have a tab with all the printables under it for those of us that can’t remember what the post was. I’m looking for the one that has the number of tablespoons in a cup etc.
    Thanks again.

  5. Victoria says

    On each birthday we go out to dinner, and the birthday boy or girl gets to pick the place. We’ve had Greek food for the 11th and 12th birthdays for my son, and we’ve tried a Japanese hibachi and a completely out of the way tiny little sushi restaurant for my daughter’s 14th and 15th. We’ve found some pretty amazing places. Whenever we run errands, both kids keep an eye out for unusual restaurants they may like. If we try a new restaurant that is pretty good, one or both of the kids comments “We’re going there for my birthday”. Highest compliment they can give a restaurant.

    Of course, the parents are pretty predictable. We’ve had Mexican for my last two and hubby usually picks something Italian.

  6. Leslie says

    Birthday treasure hunts were a tradition while raising our kids. The one spin on it that I did was make each clue a rhyming riddle that they would have to solve before they knew where to look next. Talk about late nights on those birthday eves! Now I can’t wait until the grandkids are old enough to read :)

  7. says

    Happy Birthday, Sten! Looking at your two pictures, one of your 13th birthday and the one for this year shows how much you’ve grown from a young boy to a fine young man. I know your parents are proud. My husband and I wish you the best birthday ever!
    Thank you, Jillee, for the birthday treasure hunt download. I plan on using it with my grandchildren…what fun!

  8. Diana B says

    When I was a teenager (very many years ago) the youth group at my church would do a scavenger hunt. We would get assigned groups with someone older (early twenties) in each group. Some were done within a certain area of a neighborhood (neighbors were warned) with a list of items to get. Things such as Popsicle sticks, clothes pins, use your imagination. I remember it being such fun.

  9. says

    This was sweet. I love those printables. The only birthday tradition we have in my family is actually for *my* birthday. Lol. I’m a huge bookworm & every year my mother gets me a gift card to Barnes & Noble. The amount of money she puts in depends on the new age I’m turning. Ex: Last year I turned 22, so she put $22 dollars in the gift card & I was able to buy 2 good novels :)

    I hope your son had a great birthday. Treasure hunts are fun at any age!

    xo, Charlene