Homemade “Shout” {Revised}

homemade shout

The title of this post might be a little misleading because my actual “recipe” for Homemade “Shout” remains the same, but the DELIVERY method has changed. :-) (CLICK HERE for the original post.) So this isn’t officially a whole “new” post today, but since I am working towards making Sunday a NON-post day, I figured I could get away with this.

It was actually a comment made by Kristen on yesterday’s post about How To Avoid Detergent Overdose that inspired today’s “non-post”. She asked if the squeeze bottle in the picture of my laundry cabinet was filled with my homemade “shout” solution because she was having problems with hers clogging her SPRAY bottle.


While the squeeze bottle she was referring to was not filled with “shout”, but rather with homemade gel bleach, her comment reminded me of something that many people have suggested to me in the past about using the homemade shout.

I personally haven’t had much of a problem with the homemade shout clogging my spray bottle, and the few times I have, all I’ve had to do is run the spray nozzle under hot water and it takes care of the problem. BUT, there have been plenty of people complaining that it IS a problem for them. One of the ways people have handled it is by doing exactly what Kristen mentioned…putting it in a squeeze bottle.


homemade shout 3

Since I was running low on my homemade shout, I decided to make up a new batch and try out the squeeze bottle method.


homemade shout 2

I added all the ingredients to this quart-sized mason jar and gave it a good shake, then poured it into the bottle. The rest I will just keep stored in the mason jar until needed.


homemade shout 4

Then I searched for an appropriate stained item to try it out on. Unfortunately (fortunately?) it didn’t take long to locate one in my house. This white t-shirt that SOMEONE had spilled Diet Coke on would do nicely as a test subject.

Results? The squeeze bottle worked VERY nicely for the application of the “shout”. My only caution would be that it’s very easy to “overdose” using this method vs. the spray bottle, so just keep that in mind during the application process. Otherwise you’ll be going through a LOT more than necessary and then the savings of making your own would be negligible. :-)

But for those having problems with the homemade “shout” clogging…this is the perfect solution!

Happy “shouting”…and happy Sunday!


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  1. says

    I have a thought that maybe someone has already brought to your attention, or to your readers attention, but maybe the reason why some people are having problems with the spray bottle clogging might be because the baking soda wasn’t absorbed completely?

    I would suggest maybe making the 2 cups of water hot to start with, mix the baking soda in with it in a separate bowl and stir until thoroughly dissolved, THEN pour that mixture in with the ammonia and Dawn. Hopefully then we wouldn’t haven an issue with some of the left over baking soda clumps messing up the spray nozzle?

    That’s how I’m going to try this whole shpeel anyway. :)

  2. cty says

    Certainly, after yesterday’s post the last thing we want is to use too much. Perhaps a way to stop “Shout” overdose is to get a squeeze bottle that is a cut the tip yourself cap. Like the ones that come with hair dye. I have never had a gray hair; I am just investing the dyes in case it ever happens to someone I know;)

  3. Ruthie says

    Hi Jillee and the Jilleetes,

    I initially found your website last year when a friend sent me the link for your citrus enzyme cleaner. Love it….

    I had made some of my own cleaners before that.

    I love the look of your website, so here’s the my wish ~ challenge.

    Seeing as you have so many cleaner recipes for folks to make on their own, how about templates for labels to go with those fabulous recipes?

    Have you ever thought of that before and just needed a little nudge from Ruthie in Connecticut!!!!

    Thanks, Jilleee.

  4. Kristen says

    This is perfect timing! I just ran out of your homemade shout today. I made some more but was worrying about the sprayer clogging. I’m so excited to try this.. Thanks for answering my question! Where did you get those bottles?

  5. Hevz says


    I have just started this past January making my own laundry products. I too had issues with the baking soda crystallizing and clogging the spray bottle. However, I realized that my basement (where my laundry room is located) is not heated. I wondered if the cold was adding to the problem so after I made up a new batch I started keeping my stain remover upstairs and I haven’t had any issues with the sprayer clogging since. Every once in a while I have to run the nozzle under some hot water because of build up, but besides that my sprayer works great now. Just thought I would share. I hope this helps others with the clogging issue who don’t want to risk overdosing with the squirt bottle method.

  6. Tammi says

    I’ve also had trouble with my spray bottle getting clogged but I figured the culprit was the baking soda clumps at the bottom. I mixed mine up and immediately used it but after it sat for a while I noticed the baking soda had turned into “rocks” at the bottom of my bottle. :( What did I do wrong???

  7. Ssarah says

    I’ve tried (i’m not kidding) 6 different spray bottles on the home-made “Shout” and can not get it to spray. Hot water (even boiling) to dissolve the baking soda or not, it will.not.spray. So I resorted to using a drink bottle with a pop-up lid. I can open the lid just a tiny bit, or all the way, to control the flow, and it really works out well. Love the “Shout” recipe Jillee!

  8. Liz C. says

    Thank u! I use many of your cleaning recipes and tips and never had a problem, so when I went thru about ten spray bottles the first week or two, I thought I was doing something wrong! Months later, and I was having luck with a heavy duty sprayer from a car parts store, but it bit the dust too. Love the spray bottle idea and the keeping it warm idea. Thanks everyone!

  9. Cindy Auler says

    For my homemade Shout, I only used watered down Dawn. That’s all. It works great and doesn’t clog anything. I also leave out the baking soda from homemade Febreeze. Don’t miss it.

    • Jamie says

      When my daughter was an infant and I would have those poo-splosions that sometimes happen (yuk!), I would put Dawn on the stains and rub it in a bit, then wash as normal. Never had a poo stain.

  10. Martha says

    I have not had any problems with my spray bottle and Shout. I got my bottle from the garden center at Wal-Mart and it cost $2.98. Obviously a little more expensive but no problem with the sprayer. Also, I use washing soda instead of baking soda in my Shout. I think the WS dissolves easier which also helps.

    I love this site as well as Camp Wander; such good information. I hope you and all the Jillettes have a very Blessed Day.

  11. Kristina Haney says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this recipe for Homemade SHOUT! I do, however, do an EXTRA step, that eliminates the clogging problems. I make HUGE batches in GIANT stainless steel bowls. While mixing ingredients in this metal bowl, I use EXTRA HOT (Boiling) water. THEN, I grab my nifty Hand Blender, and . . . BLEND AWAY! Being in the metal bowl allows the concoction to stay hotter longer. I find that using the hand blender emulsifies and blends the mixture thoroughly and PERFECTLY!
    Thanks Jillee for ALL that you do for US! LOVE YA!

  12. sarah says

    I didn’t realize other people were having this problem. We had tried many of these suggestions before I came up with the idea to pick up the squeeze bottle at Wal-Mart. I have been using it for months with no issues (I don’t think I over use).

    The shout recipe was my gateway into homemade detergent. I love it!

  13. Trish says

    I too had issues with my “SHOUT” clogging my spray bottle, pretty sure it’s the baking soda. So I too took the sprayer out of my bottle, and put one of the lids from my used Dawn bottle. Most lids these days are “standardized” so it fit like it was made for it. Now I can close with 1 hand, it seals shut, and because it’s not as tall the bottle fits on my laundry shelf better too :-) Later I just removed the soda from my recipe, and it still works GREAT!

  14. Jessie says

    I had this problem to at first. So frustrating because this stuff works so much better than the store bought kind! My solution was to use one of those dish washer things that holds the detergent in the handle. Not the kind with the sponge but with the brush. As you press down it dispenses a teeny tiny bit and then you can scrub it in and spread it out. Especially good for really tough stains where they need a lot of pre-scrubbing. My husband is a landscaper so we have lots and lots of grass stains on everything!

  15. Marybeth says

    I actually had to switch from the spray bottle to a used honey bear bottle about 3 months ago. I must have tried three different kinds of spray bottles and they all clogged. True, you can run the sprayer under hot water but even that really didn’t help much. I would have to take the whole sprayer out and stick the end in hot water and then spray until only water came out. I ended up having to do this so much that I just switched to the squirt bottle. I really like your idea Jessie, of putting it in the dish scrubber. I will have to pick one of those up now. I agree that this works better than the store versions.

  16. Angela says

    I just use hot water instead of warm water. I add the water and baking soda first and swirl the spray bottle until the baking soda dissolves. Then I add the other ingredients. I’ve never had a problem with clogging.

  17. Kelly says

    I kept having issues w/ the spray bottle as well- always clogging. I happened to be @ Sally’s beauty supply one day and saw the squirt containers like these for hair color. Voila! problem solved. I don’t think even using hot water to “melt” the baking soda will work as it always comes back when cooled off. I will say that this Homeade Shout recipe is fabulous and works amazing. Between the laundry detergent that I made and this- I have saved a ton of $$.

  18. Catherine's not naturally crafty says

    Those squeeze bottles are the best! I just them for way more than just food. My favorite use, aside from frostings and drizzles and homemade chocolate sauces is:

    to fill my iron!

    I don’t particularly like ironing and when I do what I hate the MOST is trying to fill up the steam resevoir without spilling/dribbling water all over the place. That bottle works like a charm. it also makes a great applicators for homemade tea-tree oil or listerine anti-dandruff treatments. anytime you want a targeted application of a liquid, those bottles are the best. In my Walmart, right now, they go for .88 cents.

    Thanks for the homemade shout recipe, I really need that!

    • Jamie says

      All I see at my Walmart are the horrible leaky plastic ketchup and mustard squirt bottles. I’m using a set now for the baking soda shampoo and ACV hair rinse. So I don’t care so much that they leak everywhere since it’s not a big deal in the shower. But I didn’t want the leaking when using it for other applications. Are these in the hair dye section? I was looking in the plastic kitchen stuff aisle.

  19. Sharon H says

    Jillee, I am very interested in trying this version of Shout, but I’m hesitant, because daily stains like coke or tea and coffee is NOTHING compared to my problem! Here is why I depend on the commercial brand Shout product.

    My husband is a mechanic and some days his clothes aren’t too bad, but other days his jeans and work shirts could literally stand alone from all the heavy and thick grease he ground into them on the job. Along with spraying his clothes I wash them on the ‘whitest whites’ cycle of my front loader, which is 85 minutes. Between the two, they come out pretty good; but boy do I go through the Shout!

    How will your version stand up to all that ground in grease? Does anybody else use it on similar stain problems?

  20. Judy L. says

    I’ve been using this for a few months now, and it seems to work well for most things. A few important things I’ve found: It works best on ring-around-the-collar, and oil stains. I find it doesn’t work well on tomato stains – I still resort to my oxyclean for that. I also do not add any additional soap to a stain treated load, or I get too many suds…mind you, I can use half the bottle on those “stain loads”; I figure that it’s got all the stuff in it that the homemade liquid detergent does anyway. I keep mine in an old dawn bottle, but I find that it disperses to much to fast, so I will definitely be trying this method of delivery. Also, along these lines, has anyone tried thickening it like the bleach pen with cornstarch or xanthan gum? Would that affect shelf life?
    Happy Cleaning!

  21. Sarah says

    To combat the clogging issue, I started using washing soda instease of baking soda. You need 1/4 the amount of baking soda. Same great clean and the crystals dissolve better (or something), so the sprayer doesn’t clog!

  22. Rachel says

    brilliant! i was just looking it up to make more but i am going to buy some squirt bottles too. I follow mine up with a spray of hydrogen peroxide and gently brush it in. This combo has seriously revoluntionized laundering for my 6 kids!! I am like “Take that mud! Take that chocolate! Take that ketchup! Boowah!”

    now if i could just always get out mustard i’d be a happy camper.

  23. donna says

    WORKS GREAT FOR REMOVING ODORS FROM PLASTIC!!!!!! Just wanted to share something I just discovered…I made the moisturizing lotion recently and used cocoa butter which has a tanning oil scent….I stored it in a plastic container and used it all up this morning. When I washed the container, it still smelled like cocoa butter. I didn’t want to make a new batch with a different scent and put it in the same container because the smell may have transferred. I used baking soda and hot water as recommended for removing odors from plastic, but could still smell it. So……I just poured a little homemade shout into my container, and the smell is gone. It smells brand new. Now no worry about the cocoa butter smell transferring to my new lotion with a new scent.

  24. says

    I use a squirt bottle with my DIY Shout, and it works great. (I also had the sprayer clogging issue). DIY Shout is one of my fav. homemade cleaners! LOVE it. I make huge batches and store them in big wine bottles that are corked. They are easy to shake and refill! DIY Shout works great on all my boy’s TaeKwonDo uniforms (white and black). Never makes the colors bleed or causes other issues.

    Love your site, Jillee! Thanks for all the time you put into it! ;)

  25. Susan says

    Jillee, I had to come back here and praise this formula. It’s summer, and time to take out my favorite sandals. I prefer the ones that have the suede-like insole, because when my feet get sweaty, they don’t slip around. But, I’m also very active and live in a mountainous area where there aren’t a whole lot of sidewalks. Sandals, sweaty feet, dirt….the insoles often end up so dirty, I throw them out long before they wear out. As I was evaluating which sandals to pitch and replace because of the filthy insoles, I though I’d give this formula a try – if it didn’t work, I wasn’t out anything.

    Boy, did it work. My sandals look brand new. I wet the insoles, generously slathered on this solution, scrubbed with a brush for a bit to work it in, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinsed, and did a quick second round and then scrubbed under running water until the water ran clean. The insole nap has even returned, nice and soft.

    You saved 6 pairs of sandals that I can now wear again – with skirts, to work! And not be embarrassed by the dirty footbeds.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  26. Tammy says

    Hi, I’d really love to try this but with a front loading washer I already know what’s going to happen. :( The dish detergent will cause too many suds & the machine will stop with SUDS on the screen. I have this happen when there is too much soap left in the dish cloth from the kitchen sink that is put in the laundry. Is there an alternative for HE washers?

  27. chris says

    What is the actual recipe for the shout? All this post does is tell you a squirt bottle is better because it wont clog!!! I went up to the “laundry recipes” and all that is there is the revised shout, which is this post. Thanks, I really want to try this.

  28. Michelle says

    I keep a toothbrush in a jar by my washer with my detergent and cleaners. I plan to make this homemade shout this weekend and will keep it in a squeeze bottle. When I use other spot cleaners, I squirt some on and use the toothbrush to gently scrub it in to the stain. It will help spread around this faux shout as well to keep from using too much.


  29. Dixie says

    Be very careful with this mixture. Use it VERY sparingly. Remember, Dawn makes lots of bubbles. I washed my husband’s greasy work shirts and it took 3 entire “batches” to spray them all. This was equivalent to putting 2 cups of Dawn in my High Efficency washer!! BIG mistake!! I’ll let you know when I get all the bubbles out!!

  30. Dixie says

    Well, after 4 cold rinse cycles, I had to scoop 3 2-1/2 gallon buckets of bubbles out of my washer. I then rinsed the shirts out by hand. To add insult to injury, this concoction DID NOT GET ANY OF THE STAINS OUT!!!! I’m going back to SHOUT – no more imposters for me!! Shout takes out the grease, motor oil, and whatever else my husband gets on his clothes.

  31. Teri says

    When trying to make green products using dawn is kind of going against the idea. Is there anything else that works as well? I hate having to buy another product that is not green. Dawn has a lot of chemicals in it.

    • Linda L says

      Dawn gets grease and oil out. They use it on wildlife after oil spills to get the oil off of them so they can survive. If it is good enough for the ducks and birds, it is good enough for me.

  32. Patty says

    Hi! I had a bunch of hand surgeries done on both hands a couple months ago, and am still not ready for the constant squeezing of a pump sprayer. Also, I to was having problems with the “Shout” clogging the sprayer. I took one of those 3M ScotchBrite Dish wands, and filled it up with the stain remover. Using the scrub brush attachment, or the non-stick sponge attachments, I can just rub (or scrub) the stain remover right into the stain!

  33. Syreeta says


    I made some of this a few weeks ago and finally got to use it the other night! I was wearing a white scrub top (I work at a doctor’s office) wnd was having dinnier with my husband when a bottle of BBQ sauce kind of exploded, well the top anyway. I ended up with splattered BBQ sauce all over my white top. I put some homemade shout on it the next morning, scrubbed it in, let it sit overnight, threw it in the washer and let all the whites soak over night (my husband always does), washed it and the BBQ sauce is completely gone. Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m recommending it to everyone!

  34. Penny Pinching Papa says

    I thought I posted this awhile back but see that I didn’t. Instead of using baking soda, use the Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda. It actually works better on the stain but also doesn’t clog your spray bottle. We’ve made 4 batches using your recipe with that small modification and not one clog yet! Hope this helps.

  35. christine says

    I have been using the original recipe for homemade shout for almost two years. I purchased an industrial trigger spray bottle. if you do as well, one tip to avoid clogging is make sure to remove the plastic tip/filter on the bottom (inside the bottle) of the carrier tube.
    I have had two times where I have had trouble (read: absolute zero success) getting the solution to spray out of the bottle: when I used dishwashing soap that was not dawn. I tried a big box store generic brand supposed to be comparable to dawn. I mix my solution the same way each time: 2 cups hot water, mixed with 6T of baking soda, add to bottle. 1/3C ammonia with 1/3C of dawn, add to bottle, squeezing out bubbles as needed. with the off brand, I could tell as soon as it mixed in with the ammonia that the game had changed. the generic soap thickened, where dawn never does.
    I am not saying the generic brand wouldn’t remove stains if you use a squirt bottle, but as for me, it’s dawn blue all the way.
    thanks for everything, jillie!!!

  36. Mary says


    I love your site! I just made the laundry soap and lemon cleaner today, as well as cleaning my microwave. Everything has turned out fabulously! Thank you so much for all your tips!

    I do have a problem that I’m hoping you can help me with… My husband is a mechanic and his clothes are COVERED in grease, oil, and various solvents. I wash them separately from the other laundry, followed by an empty load of hot water and vinegar, then the bleach whites to keep from getting the other laundry all nasty from residue. His clothes never really come clean. I’m not really worried about individual stains themselves–that would be pointless. I’m just looking for a way to get the clothes cleaner overall. I could cover them in the stain remover, but that would be a waste. Do you have any suggestions?


  37. anna says

    I used this solution and it turned the fabric brownish gray wherever I put it on. I’m kinda freaking out. It looks like I ruined 4 shirts. Anyone know what could have happened? Help!


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