Oil Cleansing – A Natural and Effective Way To Care For Your Skin

Oil Cleansing Method 2

In today’s edition of “Save My Sanity Saturday” (where I give myself a break once a week from posting something new) I am revisiting an idea that I strongly believe in but that I have gotten out of the habit of doing! Washing your face with oil.

Yes, you read that right…washing your face with OIL. Sounds like it makes about as much sense as brushing your teeth with sugar….or washing your hands with mud! But something I have come to realize over the years is that sometimes the most counter-intuitive ideas turn out to be the BEST ideas!


sourdough baguette

For example: when my chef friend Heather told me to run my store-bought sourdough baguette under the kitchen faucet before putting it in the oven to warm up..I thought maybe she’d been sampling the cooking sherry. ;-) But sure enough…it came out perfectly.  Crispy and crunchy on the outside…warm and soft on the inside.


Oh Justin...you're cute...but not cute enough to make me buy ProActiv anymore!

Oh Justin…you’re cute…but not cute enough to make me buy ProActiv anymore!

So when I first heard about this “Oil Cleansing Method” I tried to keep an open mind. It wasn’t too hard though…because it definitely appealed to my disdain of all things over-priced, over-packaged and over-filled with stuff we can’t pronounce and to my desire to put ProActiv out of business!  haha.  Just kidding.  I have spent a small fortune on their product over the years for my kids…and while I will admit it has been helpful…it is definitely not all those celebrity endorsers make it out to be. And it’s definitely not worth the price you pay for it. Even the facial stuff you buy at Walmart is ridiculously priced nowadays.

But despite my disgust over the high price of all the so-called skin “care” stuff we spend billions on annually as a country…the more I read about this…the less hostile I felt and the more amazed I was. This stuff just makes sense!

I’ll try to save you all the research I did on the topic and attempt to put it in Reader’s Digest version:


washing with oil

Your skin NATURALLY produces oil for a reason. Oil helps lubricate, heal, protect, and moisturize your skin. Contrary to popular belief (and contrary to what the makers of acne products want you to believe), OIL does not cause acne. Hormones, bacteria, and dirt are to blame for that. So all these products we buy to get rid of the oil…cause our body to compensate by producing MORE oil. Oil that then pools up on skin that is already irritated and inflamed from the chemicals and fragrances in the soaps we are using…no WONDER breakouts occur! It’s a vicious cycle I tell ya!

So when you think about it…replacing the dirty oil on our faces with good quality oil is the perfect solution to so many of our skin problems…including acne.

That is the whole idea “in a nutshell”…but there is a lot more information available if you click here.



me and britta

My daughter and I got into a spirited discussion about this the other day. Despite the fact that she still battles breakouts…she swears by the pricey ProActiv she’s been using for a couple of years now. For a recent college graduate, she sure can be dumb sometimes.  J/K Britta! ;-)   To her credit…she agreed that if I bought her the requisite oils to try this out…she would give it the “ol’ college try”. har har.

So we are both taking the challenge and I promise to report back in a few weeks.


jessica alba

(Do you think it’s unrealistic to think my skin will look like this by then??)   ;-)


If you are interested in taking the challenge too….here is the “recipe” for making your own blend of deep cleansing oil from TheOilCleansingMethod.com.

Oil Cleansing Method

Once again, I would direct you to TheOilCleansingMethod.com for DETAILED instructions on this “method”. (I feel I must warn you however, she gets a bit metaphysical about the whole experience. I found myself rolling my eyes a little…but you might like that sorta thing.  Just so ya know….)

Basically it boils down to 4 simple steps: (love simple steps!)

  • 1.  Mix cleansing oils
  • 2.  Rub/massage it in for about a minute (BONUS: it’s a great eye makeup remover too!)
  • 3.  STEAM face with VERY warm washcloth until cloth cools.
  • 4.  Wash/wipe off oil

So there you have it….all the information and How-To you need to get started.  Now go wash your face with some oil….I dare ya! :-)

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

update: one week later

I said I would update after 14 days…but I couldn’t wait! I will update again in another week…but today…just a little over a week after she started using it…my daughter was raving over this new oil cleansing method! I could hardly believe it! She said her face is already MUCH clearer and her face isn’t dry or oily…but just right.
I tried….I really, really TRIED not to say “I told you so!”…but I may have let one slip out. :-)  She was a good sport about it though.  She didn’t really care because she is so pleased with the results!
So there you have it.  Quick update half way through our 14 Day Challenge.  More in another week!

update: two weeks later

In my continuing research of this method…(which I am becoming more and more sold on!) I found a WEALTH of information HERE at acne.org on the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Oil Cleansing Method. I suggest you check it out if you want even MORE information.

Both Britta and I are sold on this method of cleansing. We have both been amazed at how much healthier our skin feels. Now if we can just be consistent, that is always the challenge for me…..


Have you tried the Oil Cleansing Method? What do you think of it?


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  1. says

    Sounds interesting! But I have a couple questions. Can any other oils be used in place of castor and sunflower seed? How about olive oil? Grape seed oil? Coconut oil? Just wonder because I don’t have castor or sunflower seed oils and don’t really want to buy them for something I’m not sure I’ll adopt as a regular practice. And the second question. Should this cleaning be followed by a regular moisturizer? Or will the oils nourish and moisturize the skin enough?

    • Tina says

      You do need the castor oil, it’s the cleansing agent. You can use other oils for the moisturizing pat of the combo. I use grapeseed oil. I’ve read not to use coconut oil because it will clog your pores. I have used coconut oil though, and had no problem…I just didn’t want to have to warm it up to mix it each time. If you research Oil Cleansing Method, I know there is at least one site that gives a breakdown of different oils and what type of skin they are good for. I just don’t remember which site I saw it on a few years ago.

      • says

        I took a small amount of my coconut oil and put it in an old (washed) facial product pot and keep that in the bathroom. If I just scoop a bit of that into the palm of my hand and rub it around a bit, it turns to liquid quite quickly! I just thought you might like to try this since you said you didn’t like having to heat it up :)

      • Sarah says

        The heat from your hands is enough to melt the coconut oil if you rub it around with your hands. I use coconut oil ALONE and it works just fine for me. I would recommend the castor oil, but if you don’t have super sensitive or super oily skin then you can forego it and get the same results! Everyone will get different results, but just so you are aware I have never used castor oil ever with this cleansing method and have had nothing but great results :)

    • Tina says

      You do need the castor oil, it’s the cleansing agent. You can use other oils for the moisturizing part of the combo. I use grapeseed oil. I’ve read not to use coconut oil because it will clog your pores. I have used coconut oil though, and had no problem…I just didn’t want to have to warm it up to mix it each time. If you research Oil Cleansing Method, I know there is at least one site that gives a breakdown of different oils and what type of skin they are good for. I just don’t remember which site I saw it on a few years ago.

      • Kim Wilber says

        I was wondering since you said you use the grapeseed oil, is it supposed to only liquid. I wanted to try this tonight since I had some grapeseed oil on hand already but it is all just liquid, not cream. Is it supposed to be that. I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure exactly how it’s supposed to look.

    • Julie says

      The castor oil cleanses by pulling the impurities from the pores. The other oils moisturize. After I steam my face & wipe the oil away I put 2-3 drops of the oil mixture in the palm of my hand, rub them together & pat them on my face. No other moisturizers needed.

      I do OCM each night & in the morning all I do is rinse my face well with water in the shower. My skin has never looked better & people are amazed when they ask what I use on my skin. I actually had a recovery room nurse waking me up after a surgery asking what I use on my skin & telling the other nurses to look at how clear & smooth my skin was. She thought I was kidding (or likely loopy from the anesthesia) when I said nothing but oil. LOL

  2. Valerie says

    I love this oil cleansing method! I’m 50+ years old, and have always had an oily T zone area (down the center of my face) with “normal” skin over the rest of my face. With the OCM my oily area is less oily; my makeup comes off easily (even mascara!) and I seldom/if ever! have any adult breakouts. I don’t use castor oil, though, I use olive oil with almond oil (during the winter, especially, when my skin is drier, I find the almond oil is less drying.) I’ve been using this method for about a year now, and I can’t see me using anything else to cleanse my facial skin!

    I use a mild moisturizer on my skin after cleansing – I don’t know that I “must” do it, but I like the way it makes my skin feel, so I use it!

    Good luck, ladies!

    Greenville, SC

  3. Peta says

    Hi Jill. I have been following you for a while & look forward to you e-mails. I think you need to include a warning with these oil cleansers. It has been scientifically proven that oils on our skin are absorbed into our blood stream (tell it to an aromatherapist). I think they were really looking to prove aromatherapies are Hoo Hah. Take that scientists. Anyhow castor oil can bring on uterine contractions. This would be really bad for a pregnant woman.

  4. Sherri McNeeley says

    Castor oil, WHEN INGESTED, can cause smooth muscle contractions, which is why it has been used as a laxative for eons. Since the uterus is smooth muscle, castor oil is not recommended to be taken INTERNALLY by pregnant women. Also note the proportions Jillee has given: castor oil can be very drying, since its action is to pull moisture away. Don’t use it straight on skin, but in the amounts she has listed. OCM really works. Sherri, RN for 25 years.

    • Shirls says

      The last time I had castor oil in my house was forty six years ago. I was pregnant and overdue and told to have castor oil and orange juice. I mixed it and just LOOKED at the stuff for four hours. Couldn’t bring myself to swallow it. Then the contractions started! Go figure.

    • brenda says

      coconut oil is working really for me also. this really does make sense. dermatologist had my friend with an extreme dry skin condition STOP using oils and other moisturizes so her skin would sense dry skin and react with increased oil production. AND IT WORKED.

  5. says


    I’m a bit older than you, 62. I have always suffered from an oily T Zone.
    I tried the original OCM with the castot oil but it unfortunately increased the blemishes.

    I wondered if you could please tell me the ratio of olive to almond oil you use.
    Also, do you use a different blend in summer?

    Thank you…………………….sincerely Nancy x

    • Gwyn says

      Hi Valerie, I don’t know much about Castor oil but I do know there are several others that are great for skin including (but not limited to) Coconut Oil. I would strongly suggest making sure whatever you are using it is the best quality, organic and expressed or pressed in the most ideal way for that oil. A little web search will net plenty of info about oils to choose from. Also you didn’t mention how long you continued with the blend you were using. Often people will have breakouts and what seems like an attack of acne (I guess it is in a way) when they first start because the skin is actually detoxing. The oils are pulling out long embedded toxins and expelling them so while that is causing acne and seems horrible it actually means it’s working and once over the hump you know all that junk has been flushed out. The same thing can happen when detoxing other ways, people often report feeling lousy, worse than ever in fact or in certain bacterial infections like Lyme when symptoms get much worse as the organisms are being killed off with antibiotics (they call it “herxing” or Herxheimer reaction).

    • Julie says

      I use the same blend all year in South Carolina. Usually mildly cold winters that dry skin & extremely hot & humid summers that always left me feeling like my skin was more oily. Since OCM balanced my skin I no longer have those problems.

    • Sally says

      I actually tried the “recipe” version of OCM and had the worst break out really bad acne (actually the first bad break outs of my whole life because I was fortunate my teenage years and during 4 pregnancies). After doing a little more reading, I found people suggesting using straight jojoba oil. Now I put a little bit of that on a cotton ball, wipe my face (you should see the dirt that comes off with it!!!) and jump in the shower and do the steaming part to wipe it off. It’s worked great for me…absolutely no more break outs. I do this about every other day.

  6. Deb says

    I am definitely going to try this. I have been battling my awesome gift of adult acne for months. I am not amused! Gotta love getting older, sheesh. I have a question for anyone who uses this: I have found using toner really helps in my current routine. Do you still use toner after the oil wash?

    • Julie says

      Just be aware that your skin may (mine didn’t & neither did my daughter’s) go through what is called a purging period. From what I’ve read, about a week or two into OCM some people’s acne becomes worse – like the old saying about things becoming worse before they get better. Again, I use OCM (at 41) & my daughter uses OCM (at 15) & neither of us had that happen. If you notice your acne seems to get worse don’t give up. Keep using OCM. It is simply the impurities being pulled from the skin that other cleansers have missed. This should last 2 weeks or less, as the oil cleanses & helps heal your skin. As you massage your face the first month or so you may feel little gritty pieces on your face. Get one on your finger & look at it. You’ll be amazed to see that just by gently massaging the oil into your skin that the black/white heads are lifted from your pores. After a couple of months all of mine were gone.

      My skin is extremely sensitive & has always been acne prone. OCM is the only thing that has ever gotten rid of the acne & all the dry flaky spots I used to have. I love it! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a very cheap way to care for my skin.

    • Lesli says

      Acne-prone skin is the bane of my existence…not fun. I’m definitely a proponent of the OCM, but I’ve found that the castor oil causes nasty cystic pimples for me, so I use just olive, sweet almond or jojoba oil. I also like a toner, and what has actually done wonders for the acne is an apple cider vinegar toner – diluted in equal parts with water. Hope that helps!

  7. says

    You are awesome!!!! I love your Sanity Saturdays :) Where do you recommend buying the two oils?

    I just broke down and ordered ProActive for the first time Thurs. nite for my 14 year old (suffering from pretty bad breakouts lately, poor girl). But we do have 2 weeks until the Proactive is supposed to come… Would love to have an option of which we could afford to buy more than a 30 days/year supply.

    Thank you. I can’t wait to try this method.

    • Julie says

      The measurements will depend on which formula you use & how much you want to make up at the time. I store mine in a clear condiment bottle that I bought in the kitchen section at Walmart. I use the balanced formula since my skin is no longer as oily as it used to be before I began to use the OCM. The balanced formula is 20% castor oil & 80% percent the other oil of choice. I use sunflower oil because it so closely mimics the body’s natural oil & my skin loves it.

      Because I make a bottle full I use ounces as my measurement. So, think of the finished amount as being 100%. 1 is 10% of 100%, 2 is 20% of 100%, and so on. Therefore, I use 2 ounces of castor oil to 8 ounces of sunflower oil. The measurements would be the same if you used teaspoons or tablespoons.

    • Rachel says

      I got a 3 oz. flip top bottle in the travel hygeine section to store my mixture in. I use the balanced skin formula (20/80), so that roughly comes out to 3 1/2 teaspoons castor oil to 14 1/2 teaspoons of grape seed oil.
      I haven’t tried OCM before but I am anxious to see how it does since it was less than $10 for 30 oz. of oil and my flip top bottle. Much cheaper than my cleaners and moisturizers as well as chemical-free!

  8. Krystal says

    This facial cleaning method is great! I have been using it for a couple of months – no more blackheads! No need to moisturize afterwards as I have a light layer of the oil left on after wiping off my makeup. I use extra virgin olive oil or grapeseed oil (sometimes both mixed) with the castor oil. My skin feel wonderful!

  9. Celeste says

    As a middle aged women, I’m going to be trying this oil cleanse for sure. Another GREAT alternative to Pro-active is an aspirin mask. Basically, you soften up some aspirin tablets and pack it into your skin and let it sit for a bit (I do this in the shower). It’s also a great exfolient because it’s a bit gritty (if you scrub your face with it). Aspirin shrinks pores and blemishes because it’s an anti-inflamitory. Aspirin is also one of the main ingredients in Pro-active, and a giant bottle of aspirin can be purchased or a couple bucks….just ‘sayin.

  10. Emily says

    I’ve been using this method for about 6 months. I LOVE IT! What a difference it has made. I still get the ‘monthly breakouts’ but they are far less severe and clear up FAR more quickly. I use Sunflower Oil (80%) and Castor Oil (20%) with a very quick, THIN swipe of coconut oil afterwards, especially if I’ve been out in the sun and need a little moisture. I will never go back to the chemicals and junk from WM and the cosmetic companies :)

  11. Shari says

    I started doing this when I read the post the first time and I love it. I just use the grapeseed oil. For a moisturizer I use coconut oil. I have a container of grapeseed oil in the shower also and when I am done showering I rub the oil all over my body before I towel off.

  12. Sharon says

    I am soo trying this. Do you rinse it off with warm water only then just pat dry? Does it shrink pores? Has anyone had problems with their drains or septic system after using oils for a while?

    • says

      I like to take a warm wet wash cloth and kind of massage that over my face to remove…re-wet and repeat where I want less oil left on my face. It really removes much easier than I first thought it would, and leaves my skin feeling clean. Hope that helps :)

  13. Shelly says

    About six months ago I had heard about all of the various benefits of coconut oil and started using it to wash my makeup off at night. It gets my face so clean and feels so soft afterwards. Recently I’ve had some various encounters with some old friends and family and they’ve all commented on how great my skin looks and ask why they’ve aged and I haven’t. I was using coconut oil because of how inexpensive it is (it takes so little) and how effective it is but having it make my skin look so much better that others noticed is a great “side effect”.

  14. Debbie J says

    I wonder if you can use olive oil instead of the sunflower oil. I prefer using olive oil in my beauty products.

    I do find this very interesting and am wanting to try it.

  15. says

    I love oil cleansing! I use castor oil and coconut oil. You don’t have to warm up the coconut oil because it turns to liquid very quickly if you just rub it around the palm of your hand a bit. Some people have said coconut oil breaks them out but that hasn’t been the case for me, and I have combination skin. Thanks for helping to spread this wonderful idea!

  16. Stacia R says

    I’ve been doing this for almost 2 years and my skin has never been clearer in all my life. I had horrible acne as a teen and it stuck around into my twenties. I tried everything out there, and while some products did work, they lost effectiveness over time and I had to start the search over.

    Now I wash at night if I’ve worn makeup, apply coconut oil as a moisturizer after, and then just rinse with water in the morning shower. If it’s a day I don’t wear makeup, I don’t wash. The only time I get breakouts now are right before my period and they are very mild compared to how they used to be. I recommend this to everyone.

    • Jamie says

      I would pick one or the other if this is all new to you since your face may need time to adjust to using a more natural approach. Once your get thru the transition period it should be fine.

      I know several peeps that use the OCM to remove makeup and cleanse and then use the honey cleanser on days that they are makeup free.

  17. Nancy says

    I’ve used this method for about a year and love it. I use castor oil and sunflower oils but I also add a couple drops of vitamin e oil as well, and I use a few drops of Thieves essential oil. It smells great and it’s antibacterial. I rub the oil on as a little mini massage right before a shower, and let the steam do it’s work, and then grab a clean white facial cloth. Sometimes I’ll mix a drop or two of oil in my hands and reapply when I get out of the shower while my face is still wet – and at 53, I love how it makes my skin look and feel. You can play around with the amount of castor to secondary oils – depending on what your skin likes. I also mix this oil with baking soda and use as a scrub, particularly on my kids’ back acne – prone spots and wherever you have dry skin patches. It’s an amazing buffer. Only do that once in a while though. All in all, it’s a completely inexpensive and effective facial treatment.

  18. September says

    I have been washing my face exclusively with coconut oil for 8 months now. I used to have oily skin but don’t anymore. It rarely breaks out anymore and looks and feels great. I wouldn’t consider switching back to anything else.

  19. Jamie says

    I have been using the OCM for over a year now and I just use a basic castor oil/olive oil mix for dry skin (1 part castor/3 parts olive oil) and I have not had any issues at all. My skin has looked the best it ever has. It’s easy…one step/bottle to remove makeup and eye makeup so it’s just that simple and a 2 oz. bottle will last several months before you need to refill. :) One of the main things is DON’T FORGET TO STEAM your face with a hot wash cloth after wiping off most of the oil. This helps to pull the impurities from your skin.

    All oils have a tendency to clog pores except a few and they are is safflower, hemp, sunflower oil and shae butter. And since this is CLEANSING and not MOISTURIZING, it is not as big of an issue. I do also moisturize with oils as well but the majority of oils in my mix is safflower. I may have dry skin but I don’t want zits either. ;)

    Here’s is a great link to the comedogenic ratings of several oils:

    This is the fun in using the OCM and moisturizing with oils…you can make up whatever combo you want…and know exactly what is going on/into your skin. :)

  20. Teree says

    I used this back w/the original posting. I have very oily skin. I started out w/a 50/50 blend of castor oil & extra virgin olive oil (as recommended then). After about 1-1/2 mo my face broke out worse than it ever did in high school. I had pimples from my neck up into my hairline. I researched & changed my oil blend, cut out the EVOO & used jojoba & grapeseed oil. I eventually went to 25% castor oil/75% grapeseed. All told I gave it almost 3 mo before I gave up & had to go back to using neutrogena to wash my face. I was not happy, to say the least. I still use grapeseed oil to moisturize my face at night after cleansing. I’ve really wanted to go back to the OCM, but have been afraid of looking like a 13 yr old w/a greasy food fetish again. I will look for the sunflower oil Jillee recommends & cross my fingers. Would love to hear from anyone else w/similar experience & hopefully eventual success.
    Also, any tips for wrinkles?
    Thanks for revisiting this Jillee! You rock!

  21. silverdust says

    Never tried the oil cleansing method, but have used jojoba oil as my winter moisturizer and love it.

    Jillee, your comment about the outrageous prices, even for generics, leads me to tell you about one of my greatest finds for my (all-over) dry skin. Did you know you can get the Dove soap knock-off at the Dollar Store for $2 per 4-pack? That’s .50/bar of the same stuff that keeps me from flaking out all winter long, and you can’t tell the difference!

  22. Lisa says

    I tried this a few years ago, and while I was happy with the results on my face, I had trouble with getting oil in my hair. I wash my face before bed (and need to do so, in order to remove makeup), but I don’t wash my hair, and I didn’t like the oil residue that was left in my hair (and then on my sheets). Has anyone else found a way to deal with this?

    • Jamie Lynn says

      i do the OCM at night too, to take off my makeup. Have you tried just a plain cotton headband? the kind that goes all the way around your head. I just put it right at my hairline and have never had problems getting oil in my hair! hope that helps!!

  23. Linda says

    I used to be a makeup artist and found this was the best way to clean one’s face – bar none. But Ladies, please please please remember to use sunscreen on your face either in your moisturizer or in addition to it. This goes for you all in dark, cold climates! I live in NW Washington and believe me, the damage the sun does to your face even in rainy Seattle is incredible. It won’t show up for 10 or 15 years but you will wish you used sunscreen every day! Make sure its specifically for your face if its not already in your moisturizer. Otherwise it will clog your pores and you’ll be back to square one.

  24. says

    I have used the oily skin recipe for about 6 months now and have given up all other cleansers. I am SO pleased with the results. I will still get breakouts (darn hormones) but they clear up quicker and are less frequent than before. What’s even better is that the oil is a great eye makeup remover too!

  25. Jeanne says

    I have used the oil cleansing method for several months. I found it at Crunchy Betty! (crunchybetty.com) There are many oils to choose from to combine with the castor oil. I use jojoba and almond oils because I have very oily skin. No matter how many pricey methods of cleansing I used, my face became even oilier because I was essentially stripping the natural oils away. So my face just kept producing more oil. With the oil cleansing method, the dirt and makeup completely are removed and my natural oils aren’t stripped away. My face is clean, not dry or oily before bedtime and remains that way. Here are the suggested oils:
    Good Oil Cleansing Varieties
    •Jojoba (all skin types, but very desirable for acne-prone skin)
    •Sweet almond (all skin types, especially oily)
    •Grapeseed (all skin types, especially oily)
    •Avocado (dry and aging skin)
    •Sunflower Seed (all skin types)
    •Olive (all skin types)
    •Apricot Kernel (dry, aging, and normal skin)
    •Argan (all skin types, especially aging skin … very pricey)
    •Tamanu (all skin types … very pricey)

    My daughter now uses it too and she loves it! No more pricey makeup removers!

  26. Dandylyon says

    Grapeseed oil is what I put on my face after getting out of the shower, instead of moisturizer! I use to have flakey skin and breakouts once in a while, but I swear by the stuff now, I also use it to remove my eye make up! Not to mention that I mix it with coconut oil for my whole body…. Gotta love the oil! It really is a great astringent. Plus it really does work for breakouts!

  27. Lori says

    I have only tried the Coconut Oil and loved it. I am definitely going to try the OCM. I have had acne ALL OF MY LIFE and am so sick of it! I think I’m going through the beginnings of menopause (at 47) and my skin still breaks out…I now know it’s stress acne.

    I have a question about OCM. My son is 20 and also has problems with breakouts. Do you think it would work for him (if I could get him to try it)?

    Thanks so much to all of you for adding to Jill’s post.

  28. Annie Whitlocke says

    I have been using grapeseed oil as a face cleanser for a decade, I am 61 yrs young and my face is unlined and skin is soft. I have medium skin in that sometimes it can get oil and in winter gets dry.My mum, who is 83 now, has always used olive oil as a ace cleanser and her skin is amazing.

  29. Diane says

    I tried OCM a few times, but for me, the hard part is doing the steaming with the washcloth. Can I just massage the oil in and then wipe it off with a hot cloth instead? The needing to steam is what made me quit trying before I could even see a change in my skin.

  30. Vee says

    Hi I have just been reading all about OMC and Im so impressed… I cant wait to go out to get the oils…. Im 61 but still have a nice skin, not really due to using any expensive products but have been fortunate to be able to use any whether cheap or expensive products. I just find that everything is now so expensive and I am just wanting to find out once the oil is massaged into the face and wiped with clean cloth … do I then put on a oil to moisturize my skin?

    thank you Jillee and all the other guys who put on their comments.


  31. says

    Thanks for this post! I love OCM but I haven’t used it in a while now as I tend to wash my face either with a konjac sponge or african black soap. But when I did use it I noticed my face clearing up a lot.
    There’s also a whole bunch of other things you can do with castor oil, at the moment I’m experimenting with thickening my eyelashes with it. You can read more about the benefits of castor oil here: http://hildablue.com/2012/02/06/the-wonders-of-castor-oil-oil-cleansing-method-ocm-and-6-other-uses-for-castor-oil/

  32. Karen says

    It’s great you have put this on your site. I heard about this method two years ago, and very scepticaly tried it out. Wow! I love it! I am 62, now, and only clean with this method. I used to have to slather moisturizer on after showering, but do not need anything, now. My dermatologist was gushing over my beautiful skin, but didn’t ask what I used. I really don’t think I would have told! People are just too used to oil being the ‘bad guy’ for the skin. I will never use anything else on my face. I used half castor oil and half sunflower seed oil. It is far cheaper than any facial cleanser and I never run out.

  33. Sharon B. says

    My daughter has been using this method for almost 2 months now! We are so impressed with the results! She has dealt with terrible acne for years now. Her face is almost completely clear now! Love how this natural method works so well. The Dr. surely didn’t want us trying it, said it wouldn’t work. Well the proof is in the pudding as they say! This is one method that we will be sticking with for years to come!

  34. Chris says

    Jillee, You and your daughter made a beautiful pair! I also love your cute necklace. Thank you for all your hard work. I’ve learned so much from you and the other ones that comment. I’m really looking forward to your book next year.

  35. Rebecca Ednie says

    I have to say this. Your skin will never look as lovely a the lady in the photo’s as she is almost certainly retouched!

    I wonder if this will work for me? I never use any type of base makeup or foundation of any kind. And very little blush. So nothing to hold dirt on my face except my own oils. And right now I use only super mild baby wash to clean my face every couple days and water in between. And physical (as opposed to chemical) exfoliators. This is all about removing dirty oils, I wonder if this would work since I don’t have make up to take off…

  36. says

    I am so intrugued by this and ready to try it!…Thanks so much for sharing. I do have a couple of questions though….I read through the linked article and she says not to do this deep cleansing method every day. If that is the case then do I use my typical store bought cleanser in the meantime? Also…she said not to clean your face in the morining…but I always clean my face in the morning as I go to the gym and sweat like a pig! I have to have a clean slate to put my makeup on! Help with this confusion! LOL

    Thanks!….always love your blog entries and save most for future reference! :)

    • Camille says

      From what I understand in the linked article, she is saying don’t do it in the morning when you wake up (some people wash their face with their face wash both morning and night). I think she means that you don’t need to use this method in the mornings, too. Like maybe that after just sleeping, you don’t need to cleanse your face. However in your case, I would say absolutely do it after you work out! (That’s what I got out of it at least.)
      And I think the warning about daily use is when you’re using a lot of castor oil, because it can be very drying [who would have thought an oil would be so good at drying you out!] I do use the OCM every day and I have never had a problem (reading through the comments, it seems like a lot of people do it every day). I will say that when I started, my ratios were off and I was using too much castor oil (about 40% since I am prone to breakouts) and it left my skin tight/dry, but since I lowered the ratio (to about 25%), I’ve never had a problem with the castor. And the person that said castor oil makes hair grow is right, BUT I think that only works if you leave it on. So when you’re trying to grow out your eyelashes or eyebrows, you leave the castor oil on for several hours (like overnight), but when you use the OCM, you’re steaming and then washing it right off. I think you’re safe from unwanted facial hair if you’re washing the castor oil off. I have been using the OCM for almost a year now and I haven’t had any problems with hair growth.

  37. Alysia says


    I’ve been obsessed with your site for weeks now and been trying out a lot of the homemade cleaners (LOVE) and saw this post. I have started my regiment of oil cleansing. Only been one day but my face felt fantastic after the first time. Didnt feel oily, felt mosturized and soft. Hoping to see an improvement in my skin in the next coming weeks. Since having my first child I’ve been having more issues with acne and my skin just feels like a wreck. I’ve tried a ton of different things and nothing works.

    I’m excited to see if this works for me.

    Keep up the great work and I’m excited to try out more things.

    Take care,

    Alysia (Toronto, Canada)


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