Help For Allergy Sufferers! Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint – The Natural Antihistamine

LLP Blend

Happy Saturday everyone! Did you enjoy the longest day of the year yesterday?? :-)  I know I did!  Now I’m going to enjoy the SECOND longest day. Have a good one! Please enjoy this “blast from the past” for Save My Sanity Saturday!


Originally posted on January 17, 2013:

Today I wish I was a songwriter….because I would totally write a song that sings the praises of this wonder cure I have been using lately.

Just a little background before I start my serenade. ;-)

For a couple of months now I have been dealing with the most random ailments. Things I’ve never dealt with before. But the two most tormenting things have been itching (all over) and swelling in my ankles. No matter WHAT I tried I couldn’t find relief! I would find temporary relief with a few natural remedies for the itching…but since it wasn’t dry skin related they really didn’t last. The swollen ankles were impervious to anything I tried!

UNTIL my sister Rebecca (Camp Wander) recommended I try something new. Through her work and research with essential oils she has become more and more convinced that many chronic medical issues stem from an allergic response our body is having to toxins. Toxins that our bodies are bombarded with every day from our drinking water, to our health and beauty products, to the materials used to build and furnish our homes!

So by following this line of thinking it makes sense that an antihistamine of some sort would help with this allergic reaction. No? YES! And, according to my sister, the combination of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils can create a powerful all-natural antihistamine. These three oils together can cool down body inflammation resulting from the body’s allergic response.


Lavender Lemon Peppermint


I’m going to get technical for just a minute…so bear with me. From what I understand, when an allergen of some kind (which could be a myriad of different things) enters the body, something called IGE antibodies begin releasing histamines that trigger an inflammatory response in the body. Cells start to release fluid and SWELL. The exact symptom I was having.

After Rebecca explained all this to me it made so much sense, and I was eager to give it a try! That was a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been taking the L.L.P. combination faithfully since then and have seen an almost COMPLETE elimination of my symptoms. The itching is MUCH better (with just an occasional flare-up) and my ankles are finally back to their normal size and shape! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am about this!


Lavender Lemon Peppermint


While the typical recommendation for using L.L.P. as an antihistamine is to combine equal parts Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils with 1 part fractionated coconut oil and rub it on your feet twice a day, my sister suggested I try taking it internally. At first I was a bit worried about this because I know how STRONG those oils are! But then she told me about these “gelatin capsules” (which I found at my local health food store) and I was off and running and haven’t looked back! I faithfully fill and swallow 3 capsules a day with 3 drops each of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint in them. For me, it has made all the difference in the world.

Update: June 22, 2012

Thanks to a the new L.L.P. essential oil allergy blend from Spark Naturals, I don’t have to fill capsules from 3 different bottles anymore. One bottle, 9 drops in each capsule. Soooooo much more convenient! I highly recommend it if you are battling any kind of allergies.

LLP Blend

LLP Blend

LLP Blend

LLP Blend


If you would like to read a much more detailed explanation of the power of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint, head on over to Camp Wander and read all about it. My sister’s blog is a RICH RESOURCE if you are interested in learning more about essential oils in general.

I think it’s necessary here to point out that neither my sister or I are doctors and would never suggest you follow our advice without first consulting your physician. That being said, if there is a safe, more effective answer to the chronic symptoms of inflammation, isn’t it worth a try?


If you are looking for an affordable, quality essential oil to purchase, I would recommend Spark Naturals. Use the coupon code JILLEE for an additional 10% off your order!


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  1. Penny Newton says

    Do you have to take the LLP in the capsule form or could you put it a small amount of water and take it that way? Just curious, I’m not to found of the capsules. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Penny

      • Dee Gendrin says

        I appreciate your website a lot but to drink essential oils in water is not a good way to take essential oils. Oil & water do not mix so the oils float on top of the water and when you drink them they coat your tongue, get on your lips and coat your mucosa. Clearly not where you want to oils to go and it can inflame the mucosa, even inflame the stomach lining if the oils get that far. If you must take the oils by mouth then the capsule with some edible oil in it is the best way to take them. Because I am an aromatherapist and have information on how essential oils are so powerful we must remember to treat them with care and not overuse them. Overuse will cause another kind of allergic reaction you do not want where you will not be able to ever use that oil again. So by taking this combination everyday three times a day, which is a lot in my opinion. You may be setting yourself up for a sensitization issue which could lead to the allergy reaction I just mentioned. This is something as an aromatherapist we avoid my recommending that people don’t overuse the oils day in and day out and that after a few days they rest for a few days from taking that blend by just not taking any or switching to another blend. Believe me these things do happen and this is a very real threat that can happen to you and all of the people you have advised to follow your advice. I really hope that does not happen. My best wishes to you

  2. karen says

    I’ve used this since last November. I used to wake up at night feeling like I wasn’t able to breath. I read about LLP and tried it. When ever I took this the symptoms immediately disappeared. I don’t travel without these oils. When I walk into a hotel room -I get the same feeling where I feel as tho I can’t breathe. I put a tablespoon of water and 3 drops of each oil, drink it and feel better instantly. I will never travel without these oils! Thanks Jillee!

  3. Lisa says

    I started doing this with my hubby and some of his co workers. I tried it before I gave it to them. I love how when you take the gel caps with the LLP that you “burp” lavender. hahaha! I highly recommend to anybody doing this. It will help!!!! So glad that Sparks made this blend. Makes it so convenient!

  4. Lisa D says

    I have been a huge allergy sufferer for years , even doing shots. I have used lemon, lavender , and peppermint for several months now and have found great success with it. I do not take it internally, but roll it on my feet morning and night. (Every day) Since December, when I began using the protocol, I have only taken a Benadryl twice. Great success for me!

    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. says

    Jillee, do you fill more than one capsule at a time? I always fill just the one I am taking. It would be wonderful to fill several at a time and store them in something. Would they disinigrate if stored?

    Also, I had no idea you do take it 3 times a day! I have been doing it 1 time a day, and the reduction in my ankle swelling has been good, but they still do swell, but only half the size they used to. I will now ingest 3 times a day and see if ALL of the swelling goes down. This combo and regimen has truly been SO wonderful for my HUGELY swelling ankles and feet!

  6. Brooke says

    I bought the lemon,lavender and peppermint essential oils. I also bought coconut oil. It is like a lotion type oil correct? I guess I was wondering how to get it into the tube and then on your feet. The stuff I found is white and part oily but part thick too.

  7. Rhoda says

    What size capsules work best? I looked at Amazon & they come in different sizes. I’ve already been thinking about buying some capsules and filling with turmeric. Turmeric really helps with inflammation too.

  8. says

    Hi Jillee. I read your post tonight and immediately had to try this for my headache. I think most of the headaches I get this time of year are because of allergies. I made some up and what an amazing result. My headache was going away as I rubbed it on. I was so thrilled I had to go share it with my friends and family in my blog.. hope you don’t mind that I shared your info. You and your sister are both amazing.

  9. says

    OMG!!!! Girls, I am so excited to try this oil for my three children who suffer from “aaaahbergeeze” as they say it. I know that it is much more healthy for the kids than the medication I am giving them. “Best part is I already have the oils on hand that I need. I use the lavender and rosmary to help my teen daughter with her cramps. Just rub on lower abdoment and it really helps.

    Love you and your site! Can’t wait for the book. Make sure it’s a nook book too ok!

    From the evergreen state.

  10. Susan says

    I bought oil roller bottle and coconut oil . I need help. How much oil do I put in roller bottle. Then how much coconut oil? This is my first time doing this and I have no idea. Thanks for any help.

    • NP says

      THANK YOU!!! I read this myself and thought OK this really isn’t good and this person should NOT be giving people information like this. It’s not so much CHF, but right-sided heart failure, where blood is backing up into the lower extremities. Please get yourself to a doctor and do not give medical advice!!

  11. Cathy says

    Since most gelatin capsules are water-soluble and not for use with liquids, I assume pre-filling with oils is out of the question? Also, do you take all 3 LLP capsules at once, or one 3 different times daily?

    • Cathy says

      I read your update about using the LLP Allergy Blend….one bottle, 9 drops in each capsule. So, do you take 3 capsules with 9 drops of the blend in each capsule? All at once or one 3 times a day? Sorry, just need clarification :-)

  12. NP says

    This is ALMOST correct:
    “I’m going to get technical for just a minute…so bear with me. From what I understand, when an allergen of some kind (which could be a myriad of different things) enters the body, something called IGE antibodies begin releasing histamines that trigger an inflammatory response in the body. Cells start to release fluid and SWELL. The exact symptom I was having.”

    Cells trigger either a systemic or localized inflammatory response. If you have a cut, it hurts and swells, triggering a localized response. The fluid that is released is your immune system coming to the area to help fix it, in the form of white blood cells, sometimes even red blood cells and other components if you have a cut (to coagulate). IgG or IgE responses sometimes trigger a systemic response in the form of anaphylaxis OR in some cases, allergens will trigger a response where a person has an asthmatic attack. The asthma attack is still localized to the respiratory system.

    Where your symptoms differ — your ankles have nothing to do with an allergic response. This is a symptom of something much different. The swelling in your ankles is a sign that your body is retaining too much fluid and your veins or heart (specifically the right ventricle) are not doing their jobs sufficiently to circulate the blood in your system. Usually our bodies swell when we have too much fluid or even too much sodium (because water follows sodium).

    Sometimes people might notice that if they’ve been on their feet for too long, their feet and ankles tend to swell — usually a sign that there’s a problem. Just because this also happens to Joe, Kathy, Earl, etc. doesn’t mean it’s good.

    If I were you, I’d get myself to a doctor, tell him/her what’s been going on. Don’t web MD this or try and self-diagnose. Most importantly, you obviously have a lot of followers — make sure THEY have the right information.

  13. Linda says

    I went to our local Health Food store to buy the oils and asked for help finding everything. The clerks told me you are not suppose to ingest the oils. So I wanted to be sure I understood that you do and others do with no problems. I really think this could help our adult daughter and myself so want to do it. Thank you

    • Stacey says

      Linda, some EO’s, like doTerra, are so pure you can ingest them. The oils that you can get at the health food store are not to be ingested unless specifically stated on the bottle. Hope that helps. :o)

  14. chris says

    What is CHF? I recently had an episode of really swollen ankles. I take blood pressure meds & a water pill and had taken both, so was a little concerned. We were, however outside all day in 90 plus heat. I drank alot of water and when I got home, elevated my feet. By the next morning I was back to normal. It was strange! I would like to try this also.

  15. Passer-by says

    That’s an awesome tip! But even though you’ve found relief, I just wanted to pass along a little alarm bell that sounded in my head reading this: Itching all over and swollen ankles can be among the many symptoms of hypothyroidism. Might be worth a test at your next checkup! I have it, and have experienced both annoying symptoms in the past. In fact, my doc regularly checks my ankles for signs of fluid retention.

    It may simply be allergies, but I felt compelled to at least mention this, FWIW.

    Great blog! :-)

  16. Brooke says

    I’m wondering if this blend would work on hives. That is about the only allergic reaction that we have in our family and my husband has been taking the meds from the doc for it. I’d much prefer to rub him down with this blend.

  17. says

    Jillee, I’ve heard that for allergy sufferers taking two tablespoons of LOCAL honey every day will help. It’s more for prevention than the symptoms, we do it every day starting in spring as soon as we can get the honey, it gets hard to take after a while because the honey is so sweet, but it works like a charm!


  18. Rachel Loveridge says

    I have lemon and peppermint oils, but I’m allergic to lavender. I’m hoping it will still work with just the two! Has anyone else had experience with this? I’ve also been putting some peppermint oil on my forehead at night and my chest, and it does seem to help. If nothing else, it helps relax me. :) Thankfully fall isn’t as bad for me as spring, but I do have allergies year round. My kids can’t seem to do lavender, either.


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