Help For Allergy Sufferers! Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint – The Natural Antihistamine

LLP Blend

Happy Saturday everyone! Did you enjoy the longest day of the year yesterday?? :-)  I know I did!  Now I’m going to enjoy the SECOND longest day. Have a good one! Please enjoy this “blast from the past” for Save My Sanity Saturday!


Originally posted on January 17, 2013:

Today I wish I was a songwriter….because I would totally write a song that sings the praises of this wonder cure I have been using lately.

Just a little background before I start my serenade. ;-)

For a couple of months now I have been dealing with the most random ailments. Things I’ve never dealt with before. But the two most tormenting things have been itching (all over) and swelling in my ankles. No matter WHAT I tried I couldn’t find relief! I would find temporary relief with a few natural remedies for the itching…but since it wasn’t dry skin related they really didn’t last. The swollen ankles were impervious to anything I tried!

UNTIL my sister Rebecca (Camp Wander) recommended I try something new. Through her work and research with essential oils she has become more and more convinced that many chronic medical issues stem from an allergic response our body is having to toxins. Toxins that our bodies are bombarded with every day from our drinking water, to our health and beauty products, to the materials used to build and furnish our homes!

So by following this line of thinking it makes sense that an antihistamine of some sort would help with this allergic reaction. No? YES! And, according to my sister, the combination of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils can create a powerful all-natural antihistamine. These three oils together can cool down body inflammation resulting from the body’s allergic response.


Lavender Lemon Peppermint


I’m going to get technical for just a minute…so bear with me. From what I understand, when an allergen of some kind (which could be a myriad of different things) enters the body, something called IGE antibodies begin releasing histamines that trigger an inflammatory response in the body. Cells start to release fluid and SWELL. The exact symptom I was having.

After Rebecca explained all this to me it made so much sense, and I was eager to give it a try! That was a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been taking the L.L.P. combination faithfully since then and have seen an almost COMPLETE elimination of my symptoms. The itching is MUCH better (with just an occasional flare-up) and my ankles are finally back to their normal size and shape! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am about this!


Lavender Lemon Peppermint


While the typical recommendation for using L.L.P. as an antihistamine is to combine equal parts Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils with 1 part fractionated coconut oil and rub it on your feet twice a day, my sister suggested I try taking it internally. At first I was a bit worried about this because I know how STRONG those oils are! But then she told me about these “gelatin capsules” (which I found at my local health food store) and I was off and running and haven’t looked back! I faithfully fill and swallow 3 capsules a day with 3 drops each of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint in them. For me, it has made all the difference in the world.

Update: June 22, 2012

Thanks to a the new L.L.P. essential oil allergy blend from Spark Naturals, I don’t have to fill capsules from 3 different bottles anymore. One bottle, 9 drops in each capsule. Soooooo much more convenient! I highly recommend it if you are battling any kind of allergies.

LLP Blend

LLP Blend

LLP Blend

LLP Blend


If you would like to read a much more detailed explanation of the power of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint, head on over to Camp Wander and read all about it. My sister’s blog is a RICH RESOURCE if you are interested in learning more about essential oils in general.

I think it’s necessary here to point out that neither my sister or I are doctors and would never suggest you follow our advice without first consulting your physician. That being said, if there is a safe, more effective answer to the chronic symptoms of inflammation, isn’t it worth a try?


If you are looking for an affordable, quality essential oil to purchase, I would recommend Spark Naturals. Use the coupon code JILLEE for an additional 10% off your order!


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  1. Penny Newton says

    Do you have to take the LLP in the capsule form or could you put it a small amount of water and take it that way? Just curious, I’m not to found of the capsules. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Penny

      • Cathy says

        Rebecca, Jill mentioned taking 3 capsules a day. Is that all at once or 3 different times? Thanks!

      • JoK says

        It sounds like she put 9 drops of one of the essential oils in one capsule. That gives you 3 capsules. One for each EO.

      • Dee Gendrin says

        I appreciate your website a lot but to drink essential oils in water is not a good way to take essential oils. Oil & water do not mix so the oils float on top of the water and when you drink them they coat your tongue, get on your lips and coat your mucosa. Clearly not where you want to oils to go and it can inflame the mucosa, even inflame the stomach lining if the oils get that far. If you must take the oils by mouth then the capsule with some edible oil in it is the best way to take them. Because I am an aromatherapist and have information on how essential oils are so powerful we must remember to treat them with care and not overuse them. Overuse will cause another kind of allergic reaction you do not want where you will not be able to ever use that oil again. So by taking this combination everyday three times a day, which is a lot in my opinion. You may be setting yourself up for a sensitization issue which could lead to the allergy reaction I just mentioned. This is something as an aromatherapist we avoid my recommending that people don’t overuse the oils day in and day out and that after a few days they rest for a few days from taking that blend by just not taking any or switching to another blend. Believe me these things do happen and this is a very real threat that can happen to you and all of the people you have advised to follow your advice. I really hope that does not happen. My best wishes to you

  2. says

    Penny, I just drop the oils in water and drink it down. the taste of the oils does not bother me at all. the only thing I put in capsules are the strong oils, like oregano

    • Marisa Moon says

      I think the coconut oil was just to use as a base/lubricant if applying it topically (to her ankle). But since she put it in a capsule, the coconut oil is not necessary.

  3. karen says

    I’ve used this since last November. I used to wake up at night feeling like I wasn’t able to breath. I read about LLP and tried it. When ever I took this the symptoms immediately disappeared. I don’t travel without these oils. When I walk into a hotel room -I get the same feeling where I feel as tho I can’t breathe. I put a tablespoon of water and 3 drops of each oil, drink it and feel better instantly. I will never travel without these oils! Thanks Jillee!

  4. Lisa says

    I started doing this with my hubby and some of his co workers. I tried it before I gave it to them. I love how when you take the gel caps with the LLP that you “burp” lavender. hahaha! I highly recommend to anybody doing this. It will help!!!! So glad that Sparks made this blend. Makes it so convenient!

  5. Lisa D says

    I have been a huge allergy sufferer for years , even doing shots. I have used lemon, lavender , and peppermint for several months now and have found great success with it. I do not take it internally, but roll it on my feet morning and night. (Every day) Since December, when I began using the protocol, I have only taken a Benadryl twice. Great success for me!

    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. CTY says

    Thanks for the reminder. I just bought some steel ball roller applicators and I’ve been itchin’ to use them (pun intended).

    Jillee–BTW when I go to your site it takes me to your DIY Mouse Pad post. I have to go into archives to get your daily post. Do I need to reset something??

    • silverdust says

      I noticed the same thing, except hitting Jillee’s icon on my favorites bar took me to a much older post, even though it was bookmarked on her “home” setting.