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Happy Monday everyone! I am SO happy to be home after having SO much fun at BlogHer ’13 in Chicago. I was actually feeling kind of depressed last night about it being over after having been anticipating it for so long. Ever feel that way?  Like at the end of a really great vacation? Well, today is a new day, the beginning of a new week, and I for one am going to make it AWESOME! Because I’m really the only one that can. :-)

Sorry, for some reason I’m feeling philosophical today. But today’s post has nothing to do with philosophy….so let’s get to it! Today I present to you the TEN FINALISTS and ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER of our 5th “One Good Thing By YOU” Contest!

Once again, myself and my “distinguished panel of judges” agonized over picking the winners because you all just have TOO many GREAT ideas! :-)  But we persevered and have come up with a few gems I think you’re really going to like!

Let’s begin with our GRAND PRIZE WINNER who wins a $150.00 Amazon Gift Card!

milk jugs








And here are your TEN FINALISTS who each win a $15 Amazon Gift Card!


faux febreeze


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Empty toothpaste





teaching kids about money




pocket page protectors





kids doing chores




goop hand cleaner





butter wrappers




removing strawberry stems




Frozen dinners




Thank you so much to ALL our winners AND to all of you who contributed hundreds of OTHER good ideas. To check out the rest go to this post:  http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2013/07/11-marvelous-marinades-made-in-minutes.html#comments


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  1. Lesa Pierce says

    Instead of buying paper to line drawers, I get free Chinese newspaper from the Chinese market. Does the trick, and it is attractive to anyone like me who can’t read the language!

  2. says

    I wholeheartedly agree with the comment regarding the toothpaste tub. So much product goes to waste in bottles. I have been know to cut open icy hot bottles, hand lotion bottles, toothpaste tubes, shaving cream gel bottles’ etc. There are at least three more uses’ if not more, in those bottles. Consumers waste so much product that its no wonder that prices are high, commodities are precious and scarce. It is too bad, really. Personally, I think it is one big pyramid scheme lol. :P. he he. ;)

    • CTY says

      So glad to hear others do that too. Waste is so rampant and not just the little stuff. When I was going to school for my master’s degree a colleague was complaining about how low the reimbursement was for schooling from the company (it was $750.00/yr). He said that it was such a small amount that if he was going to school he wouldn’t even bother turning in the form. It made me think–its stuff like that which is probably the reason why he couldn’t afford school.

  3. judith says

    What a great collection of household tips. I especially like the windmills to keep the little critters out the garden. I use the plastic sheets to hold knitting patterns and recipes. The only thing I do different is I do not throw them away if I do not like them. I write YUCK on the recipe. This way when I find what I think is a new recipe I can look back to make sure I have not made it before.

  4. Tabitha says

    I tried the pinwheel thing as soon as I read it in the comments a few weeks ago. I had a bed of baby’s breath that I had been growing and saving seeds from for 4 years. A rabbit kept getting in there and eating off the buds and tender shoots. I thought my plants were mostly gone but went ahead and put 5 shiny dollar store pinwheels out there that my kids got from their greatgrandparents. It rained, the plants shot up again, and I am happy to report that there are buds and tender shoots again, and no sign of the rabbit, even though I have seen it around my yard. I am really hoping at least one plant will produce flowers so I can collect seeds for next year! Thanks, Vicki! I also shared your idea with my mom, who is going to try it next year with her blueberries, and on Pinterest, with a link to the original post with your comment!

  5. Heather says

    I have a question about the allergy-free febrezze you make and spray. Do you spray that around your home and your godfather is not affected by the dog allergens in your home as a result of the spray? My son has the same problem when we visit family and friends homes with dogs. I have never heard of this before.

  6. Juli MacEachin says

    I too hate to waste whatever is left in a tube or bottle. Pump bottles are my biggest pet peave because you know there is still plenty left but the pump won’t bring it up. In the past I have turned the bottle upside down over a paper cup until all the lotion/soap has emptied out then use it up. One day while cleaning out a drawer I found a small tube that was used to syphon water from a fish tank. I was getting ready to toss it and thought of an idea! I removed the top of my lotion with the original tube still attached and measured it and made sure that my tube was able to fit around it. I slid the larger tube over the original and cut it so it would about an inch and a half longer than the original tube (this depends on the size of the bottle) so it bends. Make sure it’s a bend and not a kink. It works great and now I get almost every drop of soap or lotion left in the bottle.
    I emailed Jergens and was surprised to receive a reply in a few days. They thanked me but my idea wouldn’t work because it would take up too much space. I don’t understand that at all but I saved the email just in case they ever decide to try it!
    Jillee, I’m sorry this is so long but I was having a hard time describing the process.

  7. says

    Congrats on your Blog convention.. you asked if anyone else got the blahs after an exciting event? I do think the adrenalin rush of the days spent communicating, learning and just having fun with your passion wears off.. then down we go.. We, my husband and I, just took our new business to our first National Pet Trade Show in Las Vegas.. to launch our product line and company Nationally!.. Several months of preparation, post cards sent out, web site utilized, emails sent.. booth designed, signs. order forms.. whew.. and then three intense days of meeting retailers.. it turned out.. from around the world!.. hiring a Canadian National Distributor for our line and many opening orders from retailers.. WOW! Yes. this past weekend .. a total bummer! LOL Even with all the success.. we were pooped.. working hard to get ready to go this Monday morning.. The event was indeed anticipated too long.. you know. .like a Holiday meal with family.. at your house.. so much prep.. then. over in an hour!! LOL Anyhow.. wanted to share!!.. these are great times!!

  8. Kim says

    Hi Jillie. I want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I read it regularly. Have you had others mention that the photos don’t download onto an iPad? On this particular post I can’t see anything except for your first few paragraphs. I don’t know why that is and wondered if you might have a suggestion. It is the same if imopen it using bloglovin or go directly to your website. :( Thank you and keep enlightening us all out here in blogland. :)

  9. KK says

    I just ran across that same problem with a squirt bottle (putting my newly made citrus vinegar in it, Jillee:). There was about a 3 or 4 inch space after the tube stopped….absolutely silly!! I grabbed a straw, cut it and put it over the end of the short tube. Now it works like a charm! I tried it with a lotion bottle as well, but unfortunately the tube and the straw were the same size so it wouldn’t fit over. I think that was planned…part of the pyramid scheme, Serenity:)
    Loved all these great ideas…thank you!

  10. Sarah Timmins says

    I love your blog. You have become my “go to” for everything related to home and family organization and money saving. Have you ever researched STTP (Sodiumtripolyphosphate) as a laundry aid? I ordered it online and my whites are popping they are so bright.
    Thanks for all you do.

  11. Becca says

    Thanks so much for picking my idea! I also like Judith’s idea of writing “Yuck” on the recipe. I do that in my cookbooks but hadn’t thought of using it for loose recipes. I have learned a lot that has improved my life from you and the other readers on this website. Thanks for all you do.

  12. says

    Those are great! I will have to buy some GOOP ~ and try it.

    I’ve done the single serve meals. I do them for my mom (who is a widow) and she doesn’t cook large meals for just one. When I make soup, or lasagna or spaghetti or something similar ~ I freeze meals for her.

  13. Lyn says

    WOW all great ideas !! I am getting some GOOP ASAP!! I already do the butter wrapper thing (I LOVE that one!!) and the strawberry huller idea is another I will definitely use when I get another case at the farmers market!! the first one about buried bottles for water is an excellent trick!!!!!!!!! ALL OF THEM ARE GREAT!!! Congrats to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anissa says

      My kids love to eat the strawberry hull that comes out of the straw too. I think kids just love anything cut in a fun shape. Thanks for the contest, the $15 will be put to good use! So many wonderful ideas!

  14. Bonnie says

    Years ago, I was given a kitchen gadget called drip-it. It is a funnel that you place in the new bottle of ketchup (or anything else) and attached to the funnel is a clip, similar to a clothes pin but it can accommodate round objects. You place the old ketchup bottle upside down in the clip, so the bottle can drain into the new bottle. I use this for everything! Set a bottle in the clip and let it sit, the contents will gradually drain out. I can’t imagine how much money this little contraption has saved me.

  15. Alicia Sparks says

    Yay! Thanks for picking me! Now I can buy the stuff in my Amazon cart that’s been there for 3 weeks, waiting for a sale! (And making sure I really, really wanted it… my parents taught me well.) :-D

  16. Telina says

    Love all these ideas! Money and time savers … the best combination.

    I do have a question unrelated though … and maybe it’s just my browser … but I can’t seem to find the link for your forum anymore. Is it gone?

  17. Kim says

    Thanks Jillie and Stacey. I’ll keep reading and will try to catch the photos when I’m connected to a faster system. I use a satellite connection for Internet and perhaps it’s just not fast enough. :)

  18. Romy Greenwood says

    Goop! I tried it, and it worked! The color of my T-shirt was chocolate brown. It was splattered with grease while making tacos. I let the Goop sit for about 5 hours. It dried actually. When I rewashed it, yay! it was stain-free. Unbelievable. Thank you Jillee and contributors!


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