48 Items To Have In Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

wedding emergency kit

Stay ahead of any wedding day mishaps by putting together an emergency kit that you can keep close at hand throughout your ceremony and reception. All that’s to it is knowing what to put it in to handle any accidents or oversight’s that pop up on the big day. Then find some sort of handy tote to stash somewhere out of the way but where you can always get to it.

These 48 items will help the bride get through any emergency she might face on her special day…..because a prepared bride is a happy bride! :-)


wedding emergency kit

wedding emergency kit

wedding emergency kit

  • Q-Tips
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mints
  • Benadryl – Especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. You just never know when allergies will strike.
  • Bobby Pins – I would bring black and brown so you have some to fit a variety of hair colors.
  • Granola Bars – Get a high quality one with lots of protein rather than lots of added sugar. That way it will serve as an energy boost for tired and stressed out brides.

wedding emergency kit

wedding checklist

wedding emergency kit 5

And for those of you more inclined to use a list that is printed out…here is a FREE PRINTABLE for your convenience.


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wedding checklist




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ogt line

To wrap up WEDDING WEEK…we are giving away the entire contents of this Wedding Day Survival Kit that we put together to one lucky OGT reader! (Not ALL items in the photographs are included.)


wedding checklist




Leave a comment below sharing with us your favorite wedding memory (whether it’s yours or someone else!)



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Winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 21st!


wedding emergency kit


Thanks to Joelle Duff from A Charming OccasionThe Knot and my assistant Kaitlyn for help compiling this list.

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  1. Dorothy Stewart says

    When my best friend got married, I cried through the whole ceremony! I knew she was moving away after the wedding and although I was happy for her, I was also grieving the loss of a good friend. This was many years ago before the internet and e-mail or cell phones! I would love to win this nice giveaway for my granddaughter who is getting married soon.

  2. Mary says

    Absolute essentials. Feminine products and a hair dryer. My sister had an accident at my reception and we rinsed her bridesmaid dress out in bathroom and used hair dryer. No one knew!

  3. Marty says

    I don’t know if I can even narrow it down to one specific memory, but I loved everything about my very best friend’s wedding. I literally cried on the dance floor as it was all ending (I’m so embarrassed about this now!!). My little sister just go engaged last month, and I would love to win this for her. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Tiffany Farish says

    My fave wedding memory was seeing my hubby at the reveal. He looked so good and I was so happy to see him and to know that I was about to marry my bff. I was was speechless and had tears in my eyes that i couldn’t even call his name to have him turn around to see me.

  5. Marsha says

    We were having a very small wedding, on a Tue night but everyone who mattered was there. My mother handled all the details and we just showed up. I just remember it was beautiful and got to marry the man of my dreams

  6. Yolonda says

    My favorite wedding memory is seeing the look of joy on my best friends face and just being able to share in special day.

  7. RuthWW says

    As the bride was putting on her dress on her wedding day, she put her arms into the sleeves and one sleeve lining twisted around her arm like a Chinese finger puzzle. I designed and made this dress for my soon-to-be DIL. She and my son were away at school and I had sent a muslin dress to her for fitting. She thought she wanted short sleeves……for her December wedding. In case, she wanted long sleeves, I made a set of sleeves to replace the short ones. Three days before the wedding she decided on the long sleeves. In my haste to change out the sleeves, I had inadvertently twisted the lining. So……just before she was to wear the dress, I took a pair of scissors and cut the lining inside below the elbow, let the lining twist around, and whip-stitched the lining back together. Wa…la! No one would see the inside of the sleeve! So scissors, needle and thread are a must in essentials on the wedding day.

    • marysue says

      This is SUCH a great list and can’t wait to gather and purchase these items for my son’s bride to be for their upcoming 2014 wedding, thank you!!! So many fav memories of my own as well as others weddings :))) MOST fav and priceless is anytime we have family together, especially when lives become more busy each day. xoxoxoxox

    • Marie says

      Well needless to say there are a lot of memories connected to weddings I could talk about and not all good. The last wedding was at my home for my oldest son. Everyone was here (about 50 guests). My son had forgotten to pick up the best man’s tux. The wedding was delayed over an hour because of this. One of the bridesmaid broke the zipper on her dress before the wedding as well. There is more…but I won’t continue! The couples marriage lasted about 3 months!!