Hair & Makeup Tips For Lasting Beauty On Your Wedding Day!

bridal hair and makeup 1 My Britta Marie. :-)  Photo by Isaac Wu Photography.   Hair & makeup by Mind Ur Beeswax Salon & Spa.

Good heavens!  Is it Thursday already!?!?  As hard as I try, I just can’t seem to make this week slow down! :-)  Someone commented on yesterday’s post how the week before her daughter’s wedding was so nice because all the big stuff was done and all you really have to worry about is little last minute details and squeezing in your Spanx! LOL.  While that completely cracked me up…I have to say there have been more than just a few “last minute details” to deal with this week. But, unfortunately, that’s because there were things I forgot to do! But, never fear, deadlines are my specialty! :-)  I love the saying, “Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute!” It’s so true!! Luckily I’ve had a week of fantastic guest bloggers to help me keep my sanity as I play the part of crazy mother-of-the-bride!

Today we have another wonderful addition to the Wedding Week team! Megan Moore of The Beauty Snoop who is going to share with us her expert wedding hair and makeup tips.

Take it away Megan…………..


Hello Jillee-readers! My name is Megan Moore and I am so excited to be with you today. I am a hair salon owner and beauty blogger over at and today I am sharing my expert tips for achieving lasting beauty on your wedding day.


Wedding hair and makeup


The Big Picture

When deciding on your hair and makeup for the big day, first take into account the overall ‘feel’ and theme of the event. Your beauty accents should be in-line with the theme and compliment your personality as well. If your wedding is rustic and outdoors, consider hair that is loose and undone, and maybe even skip the veil for a more casual look. Or if the wedding is an elegant black-tie affair, think about a sleek style that is timeless and polished. Although this may seem intuitive, sitting down and planning out the game plan ahead of time will help you get your desired results- and will aid your stylist and makeup artist in achieving the look and feel you are aiming for. A great way to narrow down your style is to not only use bridal magazines for dress shopping, but also to find hair and makeup looks that make you stop and say ‘ooh!’ Tear those pictures out for your planning book too, so you have an easy way to show your beauty team. Or create a Pinterest board specific to your wedding beauty favorites.


Elements To Consider

For the best results on your wedding day remember to keep in mind these important factors.


wedding weather

The time of year, the temperature and humidity, the wind… all mean big consequences if not planned for. If you’re Summer wedding is outdoors- I suggest a style that is up off of the neck so heat and humidity don’t cause a comfort meltdown. Fall weddings often bring wind, so opt for a style that is pinned back near the face keeping strands away from your eyes and mouth. And on that same note remember that wind and sticky lips don’t mix! Keep lipstick matte and goop free, so that you don’t end up with a mouth full of hair in your lasting pictures. Indoor weddings will have more flexibility for style and makeup options, but be sure your makeup is bright enough to stand up to the harsh flash needed for indoor photography.


wedding time

Keep in mind the hours between your get-ready routine until the actual walk down the aisle. Depending on your schedule it may be just a few, or it may be a whole day. Hair and makeup usually looks its’ best within three hours of application. So if possible schedule beauty prep close to the actual event time so you look fresh. Mothers and bridesmaids should be scheduled first, followed by ample time for assisting the bride.

But, in cases where the day is longer opt for styles that have lasting power. Braids, twists and secured curls will hold for days- while loose long curls will begin to droop after a few hours (especially in outdoor settings) so they may not be your best option. Some brides will take a break from their activities in between the ceremony and reception, to change into their dancing shoes and remove their veil- this is a great time for a hair switch as well. You can throw those loose curls into a more casual chignon and forget about any fuss for the rest of the evening.

I also recommend using a makeup primer beforehand and setting spray after makeup application, it will help lock makeup in place through all of the above mentioned elements, so have those on hand for everyone in the wedding party.


wedding dress

Costume Changes
If your event takes you from morning to night- you may be making some wardrobe changes throughout the day. Plan ahead to make these seamless and easy. Start by dressing in the appropriate undergarments before anything else (sounds silly, but you try taking off a sports bra without ruining your hair and makeup, and you’ll know what I mean!) Next, be sure you get your hair and makeup put on while wearing a robe or a button down shirt that can come off without going over the head. Finally practice placing your veil or head pieces in and out a couple of times so you are familiar with how they attach and where they should be placed so they stay comfortable and secure on the head. You’ll want to be able to remove them without disrupting your hair, so be sure you’ve discussed it with your stylist before hand.

Makeup can wander from your face to your dress if you aren’t careful- so always use a towel to place over your face while sliding in and out of your dress if it goes on over the head. Likewise if you are adding any makeup to your chest and neck, tuck a towel in at the neckline and shoulder area of the dress to protect it from transfer during application.


Wedding hair and make up

True Beauty

When I am consulting with a bride, I always recommend to them that they choose hair and makeup that is consistent with their everyday selves. You should never show up to your wedding looking like someone else. Your groom loves you for the way you look everyday- so walking down the aisle looking like a plastic version of yourself may cause him to be surprised in a not-so-good way. Although you should amp up the volume for pictures and because hey, it’s your wedding after all – stick with colors that you already wear, just add a little more drama.

If you are more comfortable wearing your hair down near your face every day- there is no reason for you to have a giant updo at the wedding. If you are a ponytail wearing sportster, please don’t feel as though you need to wear spiral curls and rosey cheeks. And just because your mom imagines you wearing a cathedral veil and a tiara, you may feel more beautiful and true to yourself wearing a pearl broach behind one ear (sorry mom).

A bride who is confident and glowing from the inside will always look stunning on the outside. So stay true to yourself, keep the feel consistent with the theme of the wedding, and wear a little more lipstick than usual- and your wedding day will be nothing but successful!

Thanks for reading, and please stop by my blog for a dose of honest and fun beauty. I share my expert tips and favorite beauty finds, plus lots of inspiration and giveaway madness.

xoxo, Megan


ogt line


Thank you so much Megan. Such great advice on being your true self so that you’re glowing from the inside out on your big day!


Jillee giveaway

Megan has been kind enough to offer a giveaway to one lucky OGT reader. The winner will receive a Verge Spiral Wand for red carpet-worthy curls…and the new Pureology Highlight Stylist System that texturizes hair while protecting highlights and enhancing color.

Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment below telling us your favorite beauty secret! (We promise we won’t tell anyone!)  :-)

For extra entries:

“Like” Beauty Snoop on Facebook and leave a comment saying you did so.
Follow @beautysnoop on Instagram and leave a comment saying you did so.


Be sure to check back tomorrow for a topic *I* am going to be VERY interested in….How To Look Your Best In Wedding Pictures! :-)


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  1. Lori says

    Enjoy the special day!!! So happy for you and your family…..I’m sure it will be a wonderful wedding…. Best Wishes and Congratulations to the bride and groom!!

    This was a great post….lots of good suggestions!!!

  2. Sharon says

    Thank you so much for sharing this Wedding Week with you.
    My wish for your daughter and her new husband is that they will enjoy the day and that their life together will be long and joyful.
    Congratulations to you all.
    Love and blessings from Cape Town, South Africa. xx

  3. Angie says

    I loved the trick to do with the towel to protect your makeup from getting on your dress. And I love the curling wand that is being given away! I had just decided yesterday that’s what I want to do with my hair for my wedding in October. If I win, that’ll help save me some money from having to buy it!! :D

    I also Liked the FB page.

  4. Lisa N says

    Congrats to your daughter and her new hubby-to-be, all the best in life to them. Also this weeks post have been great as I plan my own wedding for nest year.
    My beauty tip is one for overall good health, Drink Water! The better hydrated you are, the better your body works flushing everyday toxins which leads to clearer and healthier skin. It also helps you keep your energy up during the long days we all have even better than those so called “energy” drinks.
    I drink alkaline water since nasty things like bacteria and cancer doesn’t like an alkaline environment and bottled water isn’t regulated and I never know what’s in it.
    Thanks for all the works!

  5. Jen S. says

    A simple trick to extend the life of mascara is to add a few drops of liquid eye makeup remover (or saline works, too). Put the wand back in, pump once, apply, and you’ll find that your dried out mascara is almost good as new.

  6. Ashley says

    First congrats to your daughter and her husband :) this is the first week of the rest of their lives together !
    My beauty tip would be drinking “green” organic juice. It clears all toxins and everything out leaving you healthy, beautiful, and glowing.
    And of course hairspray but that’s not a tip it’s a necessity hehe

  7. Gwyn says

    Great tips from this blogger and all the “guest” helpers this week. Congratulations to you and your family Jillee. I know it will be a wonderful day…few days…know that you all have a world of love, happy thoughts and positive energy coming your way. A bubble of love if you will around the festivities. Sit back (yea rite) and enjoy!

  8. Michelle says

    My favorite beauty secret is a primer, not only for moisture, but for all day hold. Even in this Mississippi heat and humidity. Nothing will make your make-up melt faster than hot, wet air! ;)

  9. says

    Congratulations on the wedding!! My favorite beauty tip is for my eyebrows: I spray hair spray on my brow brush, and them brush them into style. The brush puts them into place, and the spray keeps them there! I have had lots of gals ask how I do my brows, so I guess they must look pretty decent ;) Thanks for the great tips everyone!

  10. Nancy says

    Don’t throw away that lipstick tube! A lipstick that I have worn for years and had told scores of ladies what the brand and color was, was discontinued. There is never any warning, you just go in to buy and the darn thing has been pulled from the shelves. Fortunately I had two tubes in varying degrees of fullness. I sat looking at an empty tube one morning and it hit me! there’s more lipstick in this tube. I grabbed a lipstick brush and applied lipstick. That was two months ago, and I still have lipstick in the tube. My discovery? There is as much lipstick below as there is above.

  11. Rachel says

    A little highlighter goes a long way. A light shimmer on those areas will give you a little sparkle…and also look dewy.

    Areas to highlight, top of cheekbone…brow bone.

    Congrats…and have fun!

  12. Amanda R says

    Two “secrets”: 1. Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel (love that stuff) for the face. 2. I put a touch of jojoba oil on the ends of my hair (especially before straightening) to keep frizz away and protect the hair from the heat.

  13. lisacb12 says

    My best secret? I use plain cornstarch powder on my face to stop shine. I do h
    this for touch-ups once to keep my makeup from getting darker than I want with additional tinted powder. I especially use it on a clean face when I want a shine-free base on a non-make-up day!

  14. says

    Wow this week has gone by fast hasn’t it? Congrats to your family. Unfortunately the wedding will go by so fast, it will be hard to remember everything. Thank goodness for pictures. Can’t wait to see some.
    I liked beauty snopp on facebook and instagram.
    My beauty tip is a primer under foundation. Not only does it help your makeup last longer. It also makes your skin so soft feeling.
    Have a great wedding day.

  15. Tanya says

    My best secret for keeping young! Always wash your face before bedtime and lotion up with your favorite cream, mine right now is Clinique. I also love BB Cream, haven’t tried the new CC cream just yet.

  16. Robin says

    Great tips! I’m passing this on to my future Daughter in law. Keep some make-up blotting papers on hand and put your Bridesmaids in charge of “Shine Patrol” to keep you face shine free during the reception. No awesome candid shots with an oily face!

  17. Amber says

    Get your sleep, drink lots of water, and always get hair and makeup done before dressing on a daily basis. You never ruin clothes and if you have to use a blow dryer in the summer you don’t die of heat!

    Congratulations!! Have a wonderful day!

  18. Laura S says

    If you are planning to start good skin care habits before your wedding (drinking more water, washing your face twice a day, using moisturizer twice a day, etc), start at least a month before the big day. The added pampering of yourself could help de-stress you, plus if it’s a habit, it won’t be hard to remember to do the week before your wedding. There is plenty of things to do the week before your wedding and starting a new skin care habit shouldn’t be one of them!

  19. Carol says

    These guidelines could not have come at a more perfect time! My daughter’s wedding is in two short weeks and I plan to incorporate many of these into our wedding prep!! Thank you Jillee and Beauty Snoop.

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