J.Crew Knockoff Necklace – My First DIY Jewelry Attempt!

DIY Martha necklace

I have to begin this post with this declaration….“If *I* can do this….ANYONE can do this!” :-) I have never, EVER attempted to make a piece of jewelry in my entire life, but I really, REALLY loved this necklace I found on the J.Crew website and decided I would do ANYTHING to get it….except pay full price! lol.

It’s called the “Crystal Venus Fly Trap” necklace and it really appeals to me because it’s BLING but with a CLASSIC feel to it. I have no idea if that makes any sense, but suffice it to say I just really loved it. But at $98.00, I didn’t love it THAT much. (I really need to stop going to that site…I love practically everything on it but can’t stomach the prices!  So I basically torture myself needlessly. My masochistic tendencies coming out I guess.)

crystal venus flytrap necklace

So I went online and poked around to see if someone who actually has some knowledge of jewelry-making had a DIY version of this.  Sure enough I found Dina at A Splendid Assemblage.  JACKPOT!  She apparently had the same reaction as I did to finding the Venus Flytrap necklace. Liked it…but not enough to shell out 98 hard earned $’s. :-)

Her J.Crew-inspired necklace tutorial made it look SO EASY, I decided I could totally do it! Now normally when I think that it turns out to be wishful thinking on my part and things go very wrong, very quickly. But much to my surprise….it really WAS easy! The hardest part for me was working with the tiny jewelry pieces using these darn fake nails! ugh! If it weren’t for how much I hate to see my stubby, unattractive nails on camera in blog posts…I would have ripped them all off by now!  Luckily I had my nailing-biting daughter Britta to help me with the most challenging parts. (Sorry to rat you out Miss Britta! hehe)

The first thing I had to do was go online and order the parts. While it took me some time, I eventually hunted them all down and they were all very inexpensive.  Most of them I found via Etsy.com.  My grand total for supplies was about $15.00…a LOT better than almost $100.00.  My labor was “free”, although I’m sure Britta will make me “pay” somewhere down the line. ;-)


DIY Martha necklace

DIY Martha necklace



Here is a list of things you’ll need to make this necklace:

  • Clear cabochons (I had never HEARD of a Cabochon before, but I found them easily enough on Etsy.  I bought Clear Acrylic Cabochon Beads, 16mm.)
  • Cabochon settings with lace edge in the same size as your cabochons (mine were 16mm.)
  • Necklace chain (in hindsight I wish I’d bought a little heftier chain, but what I got worked OK.)
  • Clasp and jump rings (again, I had no idea what a “jump ring” was, but Etsy to the rescue!)
  • E-6000 glue (now THIS I knew…and already HAD! yay!)
  • Needle nose pliers (Well, I searched high and low around the house and in the garage and couldn’t locate ONE pair of the dozen I’m sure we have somewhere, so I made do and used some wire cutters.  They worked, but I wouldn’t recommend!)


DIY Martha necklace


Using your pliers (or whatever device you can come up with!) bend down two of the lace “bumps” on each cabochon setting. One on each side, directly opposite each other.


DIY Martha necklace


Connect the cabochon settings together into a strand using the jump rings until you reach the desired length (keeping in mind you are going to add chain to it). I stopped at 13 (why would I DO that!?) It looked like the right length. I wanted it to be fairly short, a little longer than a choker. Make sure to insert the jump rings in the same direction when linking them so the jewels don’t flip over when you go to put it on.


DIY Martha necklace


Now comes the fun part! Once you have connected the desired number of cabochon settings, apply a small dot of the glue on each crystal and push them into the setting. Press down firmly for 5 – 10 seconds. E-6000 glue is very strong…those babies aren’t going anywhere!


DIY Martha necklace


While the glue dries (which doesn’t take long), cut the chain in the desired length and then cut that in half. Using your plying device of choice, attach each piece of chain on each end of the necklace. Then attach a jump ring on one end of the chain and the clasp on the other end.


DIY Martha necklace

And guess what?  You just made a very cool necklace that will be the envy of everyone who sees it! Well, at least those of use who appreciate fine jewelry. ;-)


DIY Martha necklace

Photos by Anna Gleave


Now go put it on and go someplace nice.  You deserve it!


Have you ever attempted jewelry-making?  What did you make? Inspire me!



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  1. Sherylin says

    I keep getting these pop ups telling me to subscribe. Then after that another one to do this or that.

    After a while I am now tired of it enough to simply stop coming here. Sorry Jillee but it is simply too annoying for me.

    I did enjoy all of your articles though and have spread the word. I just won’t anymore though.

    Thanks again an bye.


    • Angie says

      You don’t have to leave the website…there are so many browser add ons that will block ads for you. I use AdBlock Plus and AdBLock Plus Pop-up Addon for my Firefox browser and I didn’t even know there were pop ups for this page! It blocks the ads for any site you go to. Just look around and you will find something for your browser…I know Google Chrome has their own version of it, and I’m sure IE and others do to. Just do some research and I promise it’s worth the time!

      • Sue says

        Thanks for the resolution for the ad block. I downloaded mine for google chrome, reloaded Jillee’s page and like magic… Works perfectly – best thing is it is free.
        Thanks again,

      • Kaitlyn Nystul says

        A word about ads…

        Hey ladies,

        This is Jillee’s daughter-in-law. Jill did not ask me to post this, so please direct any backlash you have at me and not at her ;) I just wanted to put in my two cents on this topic. I really would beg of you not to use an ad blocker. I know that pop-up ads can be annoying sometimes but you should always be able to click-out of them. If there are ever any that you can’t get to go away please let us know because that means there is a glitch in our site.

        However, ads are the only way that this blog makes money. If you use an ad blocker any page views or visits you give to the website don’t register on our ad software which takes revenue away from our site. Ad blockers don’t just block annoying pop-ups – they block any advertising on a site including the ads on the sidebar that you probably barely even notice.

        Jillee puts in A LOT of work on this site. I mean hours and hours everyday coming up with post ideas, photographing them, editing photos, writing the content, putting the actual posts together, answering emails and comments, etc. She does not have a job outside of this site, so the revenue from this blog is the only way that she makes a living. Her daughter and I also work full time for her so we rely on the blog revenue to support our families as well. There is also a ton that goes into running a site like this from legal, IT, marketing, to web hosting etc. All of that is expensive and has to be paid for somehow.

        The great thing about blogs is that companies are willing to pay for ad space which means they end up covering the cost of everything I just mentioned and you as readers get all of this valuable content for free! You don’t have to pay anything to get information that in many times helps you to save money, brings you enjoyment, improves your health or your quality of life etc.

        Blogs are amazing tools that are allowing people to find their own creative ways to make a living. That in turn is empowering so many women to help support their families while working from home and doing things that they are passionate about. The only thing that we (I include myself in this because I am an avid blog reader) have to do in order to help all these women make a living is spend a couple seconds of our time clicking-out of the occasional banner ad, and put up with a few side bar ads and sponsored posts.

        With all of that said, I hope you know how much our whole team appreciates each and every one of you. We try to make ads as unobtrusive as possible and we love to hear your constructive feedback. Jill says it all the time but the rest of us don’t really get a chance to say thank you to all of you wonderful men and women. None of us would be where we are today without Jillee’s amazing readers. I absolutely LOVE what I get to do everyday and if nobody read One Good Thing I wouldn’t even have this job. I read through your comments everyday and find so much valuable information. I love to read the stories on Jillee’s “About Me” page from people who have dealt with addiction. I’ve definitely been in tears a few times over the sweet emails and comments that you all write. Thank you for all the positive comments as well as the construction criticism. Please keep them coming ;)

        • Marie says

          Kaitlyn, your point is well taken. Jillee’s ideas are amazing. She answers questions I never knew I had. I like to understand how things work and somehow she pursues things that are of interest to me. I wish there were a way to opt out of all data collection by paying some sort of per click fee.

          Recently there has been a popup instituted on the site where when you first go to it it asks you to subscribe. Maybe supposedly you get more success that way, I can’t really say. I go to a lot of web sites where there is an option on the page you can fill in.

          It’s too bad there isn’t a way for the website to detect that you are clicking through a link from the email. The subscription popup is really large and annoying and comes up each and every time. It takes a while to be able to close it. There may be popups after that but my browser may have blocked them.

          I use NoScript. When I turned it off it showed what appeared to be 36 or 40 third party trackers and scripts, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, the usual. I am fine with having ads interspersed through the page but I am not comfortable with all the data aggregation that is occurring, even if it is anonymous. Again, duly noted Jillee and all of you do a lot of hard work. I will keep that in mind when I see ads on the page. Thank you.

    • Dani Nelson says

      I’m on an iPad and I keep getting pop up ads that just keep floating in front of Jillees post. I hit the x but it never goes away, ust keeps ratcheting down in the way as I read.
      I have stopped coming for awhile and didn’t even realize why until Sherylin said it. I’m tired of fighting to read the posts.

      • Liz says

        I have the same problem on my iPad. Since I don’t have a PC but only my iPad and iPhone, I’m not sure how else to turn these annoying pop up’s off besides what I have already done. This is getting really ridiculous unfortunately. Love the neckless but since I’m allergic to anything but Gold it would get pricey :(

      • Kaitlyn Nystul says

        Hey Dani! Thanks for letting us know! The only ad that should be showing up on mobile is one at the very bottom of the page. It should remain on the bottom of page as you scroll down but it shouldn’t block any of the text. Is there any chance the next time you see the floating one come up that you could take a screen shot and email it to jill@byjillee.com? Our IT guy wants to look into it but he can’t do much unless he knows exactly what ad is coming up.

    • Gwyn says

      Angie is rite. I didn’t even know there where annoying pop-ups, I’m using Chrome and sometimes use Explorer. I’m not sure if it’s Norton or the browser that is blocking pop-ups since I always turn on pop-up blocks when given the chance but something must be working. Sorry you are having the problem I know what an annoyance it can be but you must get it on many sites if you are here a blocker will resolve that for you…

    • Trixie F says

      Are you on a pc or laptop? Check to see if you have any new “extensions” that have been secretly added to your web browser. That happened to me with Google Chrome. I had visited a site that had installed an “extension” on my browser without my knowledge and it was a holy mess. Thankfully I found it and removed it and life is good again.

      • Kaitlyn Nystul says

        Thanks so much for this info Trixie! We have the occasional pop-up ad but we don’t use them very often. It’s good to know that they aren’t necessarily coming from One Good Thing.

  2. says

    I have made horsehair bracelets, feather earrings, dangling beaded earrings, stud earrings, necklaces, hemp jewelry, wire jewelry, chain head pieces, slave bracelets, embroidery floss bracelets and anklets, boondoggle jewelry…I have made a lot over the years. ツ Nice piece, Jillee. Very well done for your first time. Kudos! ツ

  3. Katrina says

    Bravo! Looks stunning. Can you please look into the banners that come up every time I come to your site, which is everyday. Every time I touch the page the move and then you accidentally load their page, very frustrating. Thanks.

    • says

      Thank you Katrina. And thank you for making me aware of the popups. I am currently looking into it. I don’t want coming to my page to be a lesson in frustration! I personally don’t ever see them so I’m a bit at a disadvantage, but rest assured I will find out what is going on.

    • Gwyn says

      I use the left side of the page to scroll so I’m not near the banner adds and it isn’t an issue. If that helps at all. I remember someone mentioning pop-ups or banners as an issue for them before but figured it was fixed since I didn’t notice a problem. It must have something to do with different set-ups or maybe browsers but I’m guessing some of the changes happened when the web page was revamped if that helps Jillee investigate at all. The “your posting too fast” note is the one that gets me…sounds like I’m doing something wrong but I think it’s talking about the group. But frustrating to have to go back and try again all the time…

      • Kaitlyn Nystul says

        Hey Gwyn! I’ve heard this from a few people but haven’t ever seen it pop-up for myself until today. I usually use Safari, but was using Google Chrome today and I totally got that message when I went to comment. I think it might just be a weird glitch with Chrome.

        • Gwyn says

          Hmm, may very well be. I have no idea if I have been in IE when it’s happened but I know it happens in Chrome since it’s what I tend to use most now. It’s a nuisance but that’s all really.Sometimes I just give up and don’t post but it won’t stop me from frequenting the site. Thank you for your note about pop-ups. I had no idea that was how the blog made money, I always thought it was about clicking on adds and din’t know pop up blockers blocked your revenue avenues completely. I will allow them for this site in that case since I have that option, assuming of course that my system is blocking those things on your site. Appreciate you taking the time to be clear about it all, amazing how different things can look when we take the time to ask and listen! :) Thank you for all you do as well. No doubt Jillee voices her appreciation but we (her readers) rarely if ever do, mainly because you are behind the scenes and we just don’t know all you do. So thank you Kaitlyn for all you do to help bring us this wealth of sharing and information. Now I need to go hunt for this other section you mentioned….

    • Katrina says

      Hhi, from Australia. The last couple of days it has been a Target advertisement, before that a catalogue for K Mart. I am on an ipad. It is full width across the bottom of the screen, and it moves up the page and back down when you are “scrolling”. It is very hard to avoid it and you end up accidentally touching it then it loads up their site taking you out of Jillee’s. There is no x button on the banner to close it. Hope that helps.

    • Angie says

      There are so many browser add ons that will block ads for you. I use AdBlock Plus and AdBLock Plus Pop-up Addon for my Firefox browser and I didn’t even know there were pop ups for this page! It blocks the ads for any site you go to. Just look around and you will find something for your browser…I know Google Chrome has their own version of it, and I’m sure IE and others do to. Just do some research and I promise it’s worth the time!

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Hi Devra! Can you tell us what pop-ups you are seeing? We have one for email sign-ups that should only come up one time but I don’t think we have any other pop-up ads running right now. Our IT wants to look into the issue but he needs to know exactly what you are seeing. Thanks!

  4. Nikki says

    I made dangly bottlecap earrings before, and after that experience, I put my tools away and said no more! lol. I got so frustrated working with those little jump rings. Also, in reply to previous comments, I never get any popups here. I’m using Chrome with popup blocker enabled.

  5. Krystal says

    I have repaired a few pieces of jewelry but I haven’t “made” jewelry per se; unless you count making hip belts for a belly dancing class when I was (much) younger and I used scrap necklaces for the parts. (I even remember a few of the “moves” – LOL).

  6. JA says

    Why would guys have pop-ups???? Spend a few minutes to know your browser, and turn off the pop-ups…I don’t have them because I turned them off. They can be very annoying!

    “One Good Thing by Jillee” is worth the effort!

    • says

      I simply love this site. However I too have been getting a pop up to sign up with One Good Email from Jillee’s site. I am already signed up, but it keeps popping up. I do have pop up blocker on and active. This is the only pop up I get everytime I come to this site. If I am doing something incorrectly please advise. Thank you

      • JenW says

        Ditto! I don’t get any ad pop-ups…just the one telling me to suscribe to the email list…every. single. time. I. open. a. page. So once when I open the OGT homepage, then AGAIN, when I click the READ MORE link to actually read today’s post. Then AGAIN should I want to read any older posts (like I do almost daily for a cleaning or food recipe). I’ve started just writing down the recipes so I don’t have to bother with the website as often. Which is a shame…because everytime I poke around I discover another wonderful thing to try…but it’s just so obnoxious now that I hardly poke around anymore.

        • Kaitlyn Nystul says

          Hey Ally and Jen! I talked to our IT guy about this today and he told me what he thinks the problem is. The email sign-up should only show up once per week. However, if you have cookies blocked on your browser it will pop-up every time you go to a new page. The reason for that is that the pop-up puts a cookie on your browser the first time it comes up so it knows not to come up again for a week. But like I said, if you block cookies then there is no way for the information to be registered and it will just keep coming up.

  7. Millie says

    My daughter, son & their spouses had started a side business making jewelry and have made some very nice necklaces, bracelets etc. They are no longer doing it and are selling what they have left plus all supplies if any one is interested. If you are, you can contact me and I can send you my son’s email address ~ millie0627@verizon.net.

    Your necklace turned out great Jillee!

  8. Megan says

    Could you post a picture of what the necklace looks like when you’re actually wearing it? You only show it laying on the table or you holding it up to your neck, but not what it actually looks like when being worn. Thanks!

  9. says

    As someone who sells the jewelry I make, I can positively tell you. Great job!
    Now be careful, being able to make your baubles is extremely fun and quite addicting. Have fun with it and wear this with pride!

  10. says

    Great idea! I too love brands like J Crew but more and more struggle with purchasing their product_ the price is VERY hard to stomach, knowing that the products are not made here and the people who actually make them are paid very little. I fully support making your own jewelry- and you never know what new styles you’ll find that you LOVE! (PS- check out my website, it’s my Etsy store where I sell vintage stuff & handmade jewelry).

    My only caveat would be this: while the supplies were inexpensive, if you love the necklace you may find it necessary to remake the necklace with real silver or gold hardware (the settings, jump rings & chain). Because the inexpensive metal pieces will breakdown over time, they will turn copper and will start to leave marks on your skin. The good news is you can find silver or gold hardware at Michaels, A C Moore, on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc.- just look around for the price in your budget and you’ll have a long lasting, beautiful piece that people will envy! If you’re just looking for a necklace for a season or two before moving on- the fake stuff will do the trick nicely as well.

  11. janice says

    The necklace is beautiful! Definitely worth trying. I, too am bothered by annoying pop ups, and this site is the only one it happens on. I also feel like Jillee is bored doing her blogs, so don’t think I will stay here long. This necklace was the most enthusiasm I have seen.

    • says

      Janice, I assure you my enthusiasm for this blog has not waned in the slightest! I love this blog with all of my heart and soul! That being said, this summer I have been planning a wedding and writing a book and there are only so many hours in the day. :-)

      good luck to you!

  12. krystina says

    great job on the necklace. It is absolutely stunning. Almost an exact match!! As far as the pop ups go, its really not that hard to click on the little “x”. No big deal really. I love your blog so much somthing so petty as a little pop up will not stop me from following it. Keep up the great work Jillee!!

  13. deb says

    Great first necklace, Jillee. I have been making jewelry for several years because I am allergic to nickel and it was hard to find affordable jewelry (and very few makers list if it has nickel in it or not). What I have found is that when jewelry starts to lose its sparkle or is discoloring your skin, you need to clean it. A few drops of Joy, a teaspoon of vinegar, and a teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of water- swirl the jewelry in it for no more than a minute, rinse with water, dry with a soft cloth, and gently rub it as you dry. This will clean tarnish off of silver and copper but don’t leave them in vinegar for more than a minute- it causes micro pitting of metal that will cause it to tarnish more quickly. You can brush it with a soft brush (old toothbrush) and soap solution for tougher tarnish.
    Sparkle on!

      • Gwyn says

        Oh Jillee! Don’t look at today’s dialogue as a negative (though I know a couple come across that way) see them as an opportunity. Use that optimistic zeal you have. My guess is it’s coming out because people have been bothered but didn’t want to lay more on you this summer with all you have going on and when someone mentioned it today (all be it strong) everyone wanted to help, as they always do. Not so many complaints just information they have been saving up. Who knew a change in the site would have such varied effect on the different set ups! At least the word is out that it isn’t something you knowingly created now or are gaining a benefit from and I think that was the concern for some. One of the major draws is that the lively comments are encouraged here! Keep up the good work and great necklace!

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Hi KL! Are you seeing the email pop-up more than once? I talked to our IT guy about this today and he told me what he thinks the problem is. The email sign-up should only show up once per week. However, if you have cookies blocked on your browser it will pop-up every time you go to a new page. The reason for that is that the pop-up puts a cookie on your browser the first time it comes up so it knows not to come up again for a week. But like I said, if you block cookies then there is no way for the information to be registered and it will just keep coming up.

  14. km says

    I agree about the POP ups….I realize that this is a business and you make money from those advertising POP ups, but it is sooo annoying ( and not worth the hassle for me)…unless there is something in the heading that peeks my interest I delete the post without opening it…sorry Jillee. I follow you on pinterest and just today got on here to unsubscribe from your blog….good luck…Kim

  15. Sharon H says

    I agree, Jillee, you did a great job on the necklace. But somebody should’ve told you WHY you needed those needle nose pliers, and HOW to open/close those jump rings!

    So much easier to open them sideways….think left half toward you, right half away from you…or vice/versa….but,.not pulled straight apart…and with the needle nose pliers holding the little buggers! Bet you’d have more fun and much more quickly! ;))

  16. Rene says

    About the pop ups….I use Google Chrome. I just went to my settings, then to extensions, then clicked the link to add more. In the search box I typed in ad block. It is there for Google Chrome and it’s free! So I closed the window and reloaded Jilee’s page again. No Pop Ups!!! Yay! I love your site Jilee, and I want others to be able to enjoy it as well as I do.

  17. Kim says

    Thanks Rene – I love it when the computer cooperates!! All I needed was the Chrome info – now I can continue to enjoy Jillee ad free :-)
    Great necklace and so simple – love it!! Great way to save money too. I love the bling without the high price tag.
    Can’t wait to see what you try next!! Thanks for all the great tips Jillee.

  18. Ann says

    GREAT looking necklace and great job making it!! I laughed out loud at your comments about the “fake” nails. I feel the same way. It’s a love-hate relationship. lol Going today for a fill-in on mine. They’re driving me nuts because I’m constantly dropping things. Grrr! But I hate my stubby nails when I don’t wear them.

    As far as the pop-ups, I don’t have them either but then I use FireFox browser and it has strong pop-up blocking capabilities. I think your other posters that are complaining may need some browser lessons/tutorials. Think “future blog post”! lol Have a great day and don’t let the complainers get you down. :)

  19. Linda M says

    The only pop-up I get on Jillie’s site is one asking me to sign up for her newsletter when I’ve been a NL subscriber for over a year. That does miff me a bit b/c there should be a filter that keeps current NL subscribers from getting that pop-up. Chrome user here.

    • Gwyn says

      Wonder how it would know you are a subscriber with no log in…I think I get it sometimes but not all the time (just the subscription offer) wonder if it has to do with how I access the site.

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Hi Linda! I’m sorry about that. Unfortunately we use a third-party service for our email list so there is no way to filter out that pop-up. But it should only pop-up once a week so hopefully it’s not too much trouble to just hit the little “x”.

  20. Cassandra says

    Love the necklace but I just have to chime in about the ads. I’m not trying to be negative but I used to come to your site everyday but now I just can’t. I’m on an iPad so there is nothing I can do as far as blocking it and they follow me as I scroll down the page. I’ve had problems on my apple computer too. And for anyone who wants to tell me just to go get a pop up blocker- I have one and never have problems with unclosable ads on any other site I visit. It is definitely a change that happened with the redesign and I think that is why a lot of people did not like it. I know I rarely come by anymore even though you are one of my favorites.

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Hi Cassandra! Is there any chance that the next time you see a pop-up that you can’t close out of that you can take a screen shot and email it to jill@byjillee.com? We do have the occasional pop-up ad but we actually don’t use them very often, and you should always be able to close out of them. There is one ad on the bottom of the mobile site that will scroll down as you scroll, but it shouldn’t be blocking any text. Our IT wants to look into all the complaints but he isn’t see any of these pop-ups and neither am I. If we had a screen shot it would help us to improve the site. Thanks!

  21. Karen says

    I love the necklace Jillee, you did a great job!
    I don’t have a problem with pop-ups or the sign-up page, using Firefox with ad blocker. The problem I have is the “your posting to fast”. Don’t know how to do it any slower, LOL!!!

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Hi Karen! I’ve seen a few comment in a past about the “posting too fast” page that comes up. I have no idea why that happens. We’ll have to look into it! I had it pop-up for me for the first time today.

  22. Paulette says


    Those fake nails are not ecologically sound practice, are they? Maybe you should reconsider. My nails are really ugly, too, so I understand. However, I’ll bet we would all still love you, even if you have regular nails!

  23. KarenMO says

    I also make lots of jewelry, but I DO love this necklace. I’m wondering if you used gold tone or silver tone hardware? I’m a silver/white gold girl all the way, but you being blond, maybe you are a gold girl? I think I will just make myself one of these in silver. Not sure where I will go to wear such bling, but maybe just such an occasion will pop up in my life, and I’ll already have the perfect necklace! Jillie, love your site, and although I’ve made many of your cleaning products, and love them, it’s always nice to have a recipe or craft project thrown into the mix. I think you know just what we ladies want; a little variety!

    • says

      thank you Karen. I’m so glad you liked it. :-) It IS fun to mix things up once in awhile. As far as having somewhere to wear it to, more and more I’ve just been wearing my “fancy” stuff with casual clothes like jeans, etc. Try it, you’ll like it! :-)

  24. KK says

    Thanks Jillee, you continue to inspire!! I am wondering if most/all of these supplies would be available at a store like Michael’s or JoAnn’s? I personally am not an on-line shopper as I hate shipping costs. Bekah M, do you have any thoughts on supply options? Jillee, ENJOY your day…it is a gift:)

    • Liz says

      It is turned on and I still get those banners. This is the only site they ever show up but I want Jillee to know that I won’t stop reading her blog because of them. I was just wondering why I was getting them. They never used to show up until recently. Thanks for your wonderful post Jillee :)

  25. Kim says

    Jillee, I have always read your blog, but have never left a comment – but I just had to comment today.
    Firstly, I LOVE your blog – so MANY wonderful ideas (my washing machine has never been so clean, lol! Who knew?!)
    Next, if YOU don’t have enthusiasm, then I don’t know anyone who has!! You are ALWAYS so well researched, so accepting of corrections or different suggestions (and criticism…..), so warm and ENTHUSIASTIC, so helpful and open and inspirational!! I, quite frankly, am at a loss when I read that someone thinks you’re bored!!! Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?! Well, everyone has an opinion – I know that, but REALLY??? Trust me, you do not come across as unenthusiastic, lol!!
    Next, no pop-ups here. I think people are mistakenly pinning that on you and your website, instead of checking out their computers and their computer settings. I’m pretty sure you can’t help them with that! (I could be wrong, though…)
    Lastly, LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace. I have never made jewellery and I do believe you have inspired me!
    Thanks for everything – you have an amazing blog and I always look for it in my inbox and know I’m going to learn something new!!
    Have a GREAT day!!!!

  26. says

    Oh, Gosh, if only we all were such talented masochists ;) I’m just kidding. You did great job with this necklace. I am lazy one so I really appreciate such needlewomen. I wonder will you try to do a bracelet to match this cool thing. If I were you I’d try to do the whole jewelry set, really. Good luck)))

  27. peggy busch says

    if you would have spent more and gotton real crystal swarovski rivolis, at inm for size 18 they are $2.44 for 2 if you order 10 or more. you would’ve been able to make earrings as well, and you wouldn’t have plastic jewelry. if you saw them side by side you would be embarrassed to be wearing it. yes i am a bead weaver. for 10 years. but you are too classy a lady to be wearing and recommending plastic jewelry. would’ve cost under 40 for the real thing along with earrings. take a few classes at your local bead shop. they will teach you. joannes and michaels won’t. keep small businesses going, and America strong. you probably won’t post this. just saying, plastic vs real crystal. which would you want on your dining room chandelier if that was your taste?? love your site! peggy

  28. Mari Chapa says


    I have to give you an A+, not necessarily for the necklace, but for your perfectly detailed instructions with sequential photos. If other DIY jewelry instructions were as well written, novices like me would be making more jewelry. Thank you-you are the BEST!

  29. Alana says

    Love this necklace! Actually, if you ask me, I like it better than original because I’m not a big fan of gold jewelry. And I LOVE the price! Thanks formthenidea to you and the original poster! :)

  30. devra says

    dear jillee and commenters trying to help us with popups:

    i use safari on an ipad. i googled (as i have in the past) and this is the answer:

    “Reply to: How to block pop-up sites on Safari (iPad)?

    settings -> safari (on the left column) -> block pop-ups -> on”

    i just checked my ipad and i have that setting enabled. i just went to the page on the ipad, and right now there are the following popups:

    2012 jeep compass locate a dealer

    make denim history, rock your walk, show your style

    as i scroll down the page, these two banners follow me and are over the text.

    i love this site, jillee. just can’t access it on my ipad! so i’ll continue on my mac.

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Thank you so much Devra! There should only be one ad on the bottom of the mobile site that does follow you down the page but it should remain at the bottom and not block any of the text. I soooo appreciate you telling us what is popping-up for you. It’s a huge help in getting the problems fixed.

  31. Cory says

    I to have the same problem with the pop-ups. They just started within the last few days. On the iPad they keep following as I scroll down. On the PC, I can “X” them and they stop. Yep – Jeep and denim ad…I really don’t mind ads – I find a lot of interesting things I wouldn’t have found, but the pop-ups….no thank you.

    Love the blog though. Use it and refer to it all the time.

  32. Sam Turley says

    Jillee and followers,

    First off, Jillee, thank you for saving us thousands of dollars! We have transformed our household into a money saving, laundry soap and a dozen different household cleaner making machine. The time we spend making products together doubles as our night out, or our date and we are happy as can be for it. We still go out on dates once in a while, but they usually involve stopping by Wal-Mart to pick up more Fels, or something :) Christmas gifts to the extended family have been your laundry soap, fabric softener, dryer sheets, ect. and we happily point our family to your site and encourage them to search for new ideas.

    As appreciative as we can be, the best way we can begin to give back is to follow any advertisement link on your site. Even if it is something we are not interested in, I will still click them and let a new tab open up as the original page never goes away anyway. Before being critical about any ad on this site, take the half-second and click it and what you will notice is that when going back to Jillee’s tab, the ad is gone. A simple gesture which benefits Jillee is easily worth a few free seconds of our time.

    Thank you so much for all you do Jillee!

  33. Shanon says

    Hi Jillee,
    You did a great job on your first necklace. Now that you know how easy it is to make your own, please check into making more. There are so many really pretty and really easy things you can make for almost nothing. I would like to suggest a place called Fire Mountain for supplies. They are a good place to buy really quality beads, chain, rings, etc for a really small price. Their customer service is excellent and they will help you with any questions you have. I have only been beading for a little over a year now,, and just won’t buy anything in the store anymore because I can make so much better for way, way less money. I can help you find other places if you would like, just let me know.
    I have been a follower for quite a while now, enjoy all your stuff from the DIY to the receipes. Thanks for much enjoyable reading.

  34. Comet says

    I too got the post three different times! LOL! I did have that annoying pop up prob but Tech Support ie some kid who wandered by too slowly fixed it by installing AdBloceker (I think) for me.

    I don’t mind the “side bar ads” but I do mind the center of the page follow along like a wee dog ads—these are IMPOSSIBLE to click out of and completely COVER the content–which always makes me wonder if the blog owner KNOWS about this cause after all–is not the whole POINT of this to–display content? I have not had one here for a while tho—fingers crossed!

    I wonder—is there an opportunity for some clever IT person to figure out a way to count ALL looks and subscribers WITHOUT the over laying ads? I do click on the side bar ads for things I am interested in here and on other blogs tho.

    As to the fiery gems! A few hints—yes do practice on the jump rings–in a few they will be come second nature. Buy yourself a few pairs of the different needle nose (chain link etc) pliers—you will NEED them–and get the kind with a small SPRING in between the handles–these will help ease your hands and those nails! Then LOCK THEM UP so no one ELSE can come along and “borrow” them!

    You can use hair spray or clear spray paint to seal the metal pieces when they are new and they will STAY new looking for far longer. And yes–”real” crystals will look nicer but–for a beginner—this is just fine! I am sure as you go along you will buy better materials as you learn what you like and want to work with. I can see a pair of earrings with these–either just bend one of the little loops and add a jump ring and an earring wire—done! You could even add a smaller dangle by bending the opposite loop and adding a crystal drop—-as you could with the center piece of the necklace—

    See? this is easy to become addicted to! I was “doomed”–both parents and grand father were jewelers—mom owned a bead shop—yeah–there is NO escape!

    • says

      Hi Comet – I apologize for the multiple emails yesterday! We were implementing a new email template yesterday afternoon and apparently when you put in a new template on our email server it sends an email out to your whole list. I hope that wasn’t too annoying :) We definitely should have ads that cover the content. Please let me know if you see those again…I can almost guarantee the blogger doesn’t know when those are popping-up.

      And thank you so much for all the jewelry tips! I can see that I still have a lot to learn ;)

  35. Christy M says

    Great job on the necklace! I have never tried making jewelry but you piqued my interest! By the way, I read someone’s comment about your lack of enthusiasm on the blog. Not true! I have never thought that about your posts. Also, I use Chrome but have never had the pop up issue. Hopefully people can get their browsers fixed now that everyone is aware.


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