• When dining at restaurants known for their jumbo portions, split an entree or take half home for later.
  • Be mindful. Pay attention to how much butter you slather on bread and to the dressing you pour on your salad.
  • Eat off smaller plates and bowls.  A serving of pasta can look pathetic on a 10-inch dinner plate, but appears much more satisfying on an 8-inch one.
  • “Cheat” with vegetables. If you must super-size, do so with salad, broccoli and other low-calorie, nutritious produce.
  • Eat slowly. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the signal that your stomach has had enough.
  • Practice makes perfect. Measure out a cup of cereal and half cup of milk for a few weeks. Eventually, you will be able to eyeball the correct amount.
Source: Arizona State University


It’s really all about having a visual in your head of everyday portion sizes so that it becomes second nature. Now you have all the ‘tools on hand’ whenever and wherever you eat.


What’s your worst portion control buster?  Mine is potato chips! :-(