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A Natural Remedy for Chapped “Winter Cheeks”

winter cheeks

This week I have been waging my annual winter battle with chapped winter skin! While my trouble spots are my hands and feet…I remember when my kids were little EVERY winter I battled what I call “winter cheeks.”  Chapped, red, sometimes raw skin that made them look like they’d been slapped or sunburned, or both!

Winter is pretty brutal where we live.  Not only COLD, but very, very DRY!  The two combine to play havoc with our skin. I’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun to combat it….including endless tubes of chapstick. As a matter of fact, we have an entire basket in our medicine cabinet devoted just to tubes of chapstick. Unfortunately, they really don’t do much for healing chapped “winter cheeks” or chapped skin in general.


winter cheeks

So yesterday I got what I thought was a brilliant idea! I decided to take all those useless tubes of chapstick we have in our house and refill them with my OWN version of “chapstick”, using all-natural ingredients, including soothing Lavender essential oil.

I started with my sister Rebecca’s All-Purpose Healing Salve and tweaked it to make it solid enough to use in a stick form.

Here is the recipe I came up with:


winter cheeks


“Winter Cheeks” Stick

1/4 cup organic coconut oil

1/4 cup olive oil

2 Tablespoons beeswax pastilles

20 drops Lavender essential oil


winter cheeks

I could have added other essential oils to this formula…but I really believe in the restorative healing powers of Lavender all by itself. (Be sure you are buying pure, undiluted Lavender.)

And if you are new to essential oils…Lavender is a great one to start with. Not only does Lavender soothe and heal damaged skin, it’s really like a ‘first aid kit in a bottle.’




winter cheeks

Melt the coconut, olive oil and beeswax in a warm bath, stirring every few minutes until melted. This will take at least 15 min, you want a slow melt.


winter cheeks

After the oils & wax are completely melted, add the Lavender essential oil and stir.


winter cheeks

Using a pipette (or whatever means you can to pour the liquid into the tubes) carefully fill the tubes with the melted liquid. Allow to cool until hardened.


winter cheeks

This batch yielded 8 tubes, one small tin, and a 1 ounce jar (not shown) of my “Winter Cheeks” formula.


winter cheeks

Now tuck one in your bag, your kids’ bags, your desk, your medicine cabinet, etc and you will be ready whenever winter starts to get the better of your skin.


Now if I could just figure out what to do with a bunch of unused chapstick?? :-)


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55 thoughts on “A Natural Remedy for Chapped “Winter Cheeks”

    1. Cindy

      E B Honey is the cheapest place I know to buy lip tubes, tins etc. They are also very nice people to deal with and very helpful. Not sure if you have to buy in quantities or if they will sell just a few.

    1. sarah

      Try twisting the tube so that the chapstick is all the way out, then cut off. Twist back down and use Q-tips to get gunk out. You could also boil them to get more residue off. If you are repurposing tubes, you might face a little residual buildup, but it won’t be that bad.

      New tubes are fairly inexpensive, and they also make wider tubes that might speed up application, too.

      For those of us with problem skin, also consider using tea tree essential oil. It has really helped my acne. I dislike putting beeswax products on my face without the tea tree.

    1. JR

      “If someone does not like the fragrance of Lavender it may be due to an internal infection that has not been resolved – see if you like the smell of OnGuard (Thieves/Shield) or Oregano and use it on your feet for a few weeks, then retest the lavender” ( this worked for me, I thought I was allergic to it as well; I got headaches the same as you, but I tolerate it fine now.

    2. Regina Leitz

      Do you have problems with your adrenals? Person’s who have no adrenals or adrenal problems cannot use lavender. Try myrrh, it is a skin healer.

  1. kelly mac

    great recipe.. Thanks for sharing!

    Re: Chapstick — products that are mostly wax will lubricate (like putting wax on a car) but does not moisturize. Worse, they prevent your lips from taking in moisture as the wax seals them up. This is what causes the ‘Chapstick Addiction’ – lips feel good when you put the Chapstick on, but it seals lios up so they cant get moisture from air, water you drink, etc, so your lips actually get drier. (Just like when you wax on a car, it’s so water cant just beads up and rolls off.) Then you put more Chapstick on so it feels better, but the problem just continues. Products that have some wax, but are shea butter, coconut oil based, will FIX the problem by providing moisture to lips, face, hands. Thanks again. Cheers to healthy skin this winter!!

  2. Deborah

    Thank you so much for this Jill. I have a couple of grandchildren that can use this. Ok, so all 15 can use it. LOL and so can I. We have a lot of humidity here in Texas, but the winds can be harsh on our skin. I can’t wait to make this.

    1. Gail

      Good idea! Vitamin E is not only good for your skin, but also is a good preservative. It can be used in any cosmetic recipe you make to help preserve it. Can also be added to your diet for its antioxidant value. NOW makes a very inexpensive 100% pure Vitamin E which comes in a small bottle with dropper. I’m guessing for the quantity of this recipe that you would maybe use 5-6 drops.

  3. Mrs B

    I have used the deodorant sized containers. Gets a larger area covered faster. And yes chapstick makes a great fire starter, just rub an little inside a kleenex and light.

  4. Regina Leitz

    Jillie, have you ever tried the essential oil myrhh? It is a skin healer and also works on diaper rash, rashes left from candida yeast overgrowth on skin. Myrhh cannot be taken internally but when mixed with coconut oil takes the sting out of the burn and soothes and heals. I’ve found it to work much better than lavender.

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  10. Catherine's not naturally crafty

    Oh this is such a good idea! Right now we have plenty of humidity, but I’ll never forget last year, visiting Arizona and the Grand Canyon, I got so wind and cold burned that my face actually peeled. And this was despite slathering on sunscreen during the day and lotion at night. I’d like to add a bit of glycerin to aid in moisture retention, about what ratio do you thing might be good?

    I also make a sugar scrub with sugar, almond oil, a bit of lavender oil and a bit of jasmine oil and glycerin and it does wonders for dry, rough scaly hands, elbows and knees. I know what I’m giving for Christmas gifts this year at the office!

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  15. Heidi

    Hi! The beeswax I ordered on amazon smelled horrible. I looked at reviews of other sellers and the all have a significant amount of bad reviews because of smell. Any suggestions for purchasing beeswax?
    Thank you

  16. Jennie

    I thought adding true essential oils to heat damages the therapeutic properties? I love this idea, but just curious if the oils used would really work since you are adding them to heat.


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