DIY Infinity Scarf from a Sweater

diy sweater scarf 1

With the cold weather setting in, Megan with Brassy Apple is here to teach us how to transform a sweater into several new pieces for your wardrobe. It’s easy with this NO SEW sweater refashion project. From sweater into an accessory. And it just takes a few snips!

You will need:

A sweater & scissors


Here’s what the sweater looked like before. Snatch one from a thrift store, your closet or from your donate pile!


diy sweater scarf 2 


1. Lay your sweater flat and cut right under where the sleeves start. You will be working with the body of the sweater.


2. Run your fingers along the cut edge to strip away any loose fibers. Fold the scarf in half or in thirds (with both ends folded toward the center). You have a ready made “circle” scarf with one simple cut!


3.It’s ready to wear! A stylish way to add texture, volume and possibly color to your outfit. It’s great worn alone or with a coat!


You can do more with a sweater than just create a scarf! Save the sleeve and neckline. Check out these other sweater refashion projects!

Sweater skirt

Headwrap/earwarmers – no sew

Bootwarmers/Legwarmers – no sew

Fingerless gloves - no sew


diy sweater scarf 3 

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  1. Ronda says

    I agree with the previous comments. I am glad that I wasn’t the only one who would see how it would not unravel. I can’t visualize where I should cut either. Could you put step by step pictures with each step. That would be great. I would love to make a few of these.

  2. Jennifer says

    I believe she means cut horizontally across the sweater just below the armholes. At least that is how I picture it. Then fold in half(rough edge inside.) As far as the unravelling I would worry about this as well but I love the idea of it and it’s super cute.

  3. Christine says

    I think she means cut the sleeves off right where the sleeve and the body seam is. But cut on the sleeve side of the seam so it won’t ravel. But after that I am lost and can’t picture the finished product turning out like the picture she shows. Would love to know because I love the idea!

  4. says

    Sounds like a no brainer. Cut horizontally from arm pit to arm pit. I would then use “no fray” liquid along the cut line to stop any fraying. Let it dry completely, then roll the cut side ‘inside’ so it can’t be seen. Wear & show off!
    Get the no fray/stop fray from a craft store or sewing store.
    I use no fray on all sorts of things, even sweat shirts when I cut designs out for a ‘see-through’ look. (Yes, I always wear a shirt under what ever I cut out)

  5. Andrea Rayna says

    I suppose you could run a stitch line around the cut edge (even before you cut it) to keep it from unraveling. I’m more likely to have some thread around that a bottle of no-fray…..I assume a bit of fabric glue along the edge would also work?

  6. says

    Maybe I’m just old and cranky, but I’ve seen this idea many times and it always looks like someone was either putting on or taking off their sweater, got distracted, and forgot to finish the process, thereby leaving a sweater hanging around their neck. It’s kind of like the Emperor’s New Clothes story, we all know it’s a bunched up sweater around the neck, but no one wants to say so. I’ve seen something similar with a couple large buttons sewn on and worn to one side, this gives it a more “finished” look and not so much the bunchy sweater look. Just a few thoughts from an old crank.

  7. jlj says

    I think I would use either a very lightweight sweater or use a narrower section of the heavy sweater for a less bulky scarf. Also, I would definitely finish the raw edge with a blanket stitch, using matching yarn, since the edges get folded in and no one would see it anyway.

  8. Amanda says

    I believe this may be the sweater with buttons that the “old crank” Gloria is talking about:

    I think this (though it would take a little more effort) looks much more polished and sophisticated than a plain sweater. And Gloria, you don’t have to be an old crank to have that opinion as I’m only 27!

    Disclaimer: yes, everyone has his/her own sense of style. yes, this is just one idea of many. yes, it’s not the most important topic ever. All that said, the “tutorial” was definitely lacking and I’m glad Jillee’s readers caught that and spoke up. Jillee’s blog is of great quality most of the time, and I think the content of guest bloggers’ posts should match or surpass that.

  9. Gail says

    Without looking at the video, I just assumed to stitch the cut side to prevent unraveling. It will be hidden. And it already mentioned to cut below where the armholes start. You just want to use the straight part or main body of the sweater below the armholes. The legwarmers would be the sleeves; and again, just stitch around the cut edge.
    Sounds to me like a quick and fun way to repurpose an old favorite sweater.

  10. Angela says

    I was very confused on how this worked until a few of your comments really helped me out! Cutting the sweater horizontal makes so much more sense. lol And depending on the sweater you might have to cut off the neckline.
    And I would juft use some fabric glue to keep it from fraying then fold it so it would stay.
    Thanks for the idea!

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