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hair conditioning

Winter got you down? How about your HAIR? My hair is so dry right now I’m almost afraid to WASH it! When I do, it is a flyaway mess for days until I get enough hairspray in it to weigh it down. Even using a generous amount of conditioner hasn’t been helping.

So I decided to go in search of a more INTENSIVE treatment for my bone dry winter hair and wouldn’t you know it….my search led me right to my bathroom cabinet and my bucket of coconut oil! I really should have known. Coconut oil is pretty much a miracle cure as far as I’m concerned. Here is just one of many posts I have done about the benefits of coconut oil: 39 Coconut Oil Cures.


hair conditioning

Turns out that coconut oil is BEST type of oil for hair!

  • It contains proteins not found in other hair oils and its’ low molecular weight helps it to seal the hair. This helps the hair retain its natural moisture and reinforces the hair fiber, making it stronger.
  • This moisturizing effect prevents build-up of dry skin on the scalp which causes dandruff.
  • The antibacterial properties of coconut oil protects the scalp against itchy and infections, helping hair stay healthy and dandruff free.
  • Vitamins found in coconut oil (E and K) also boost hair and scalp health.



hair conditioning


Here’s how to give your lackluster locks a…..


What you’ll need:



Scoop out a generous amount of coconut oil into a small bowl (approximately 1/2 cup depending on how much hair you have) and (if desired) add a total of 8 drops Rosemary and/or Lavender essential oil.

Rosemary: Cleanses, strengthens and nourishes hair follicles and encourages growth.

Lavender: Antibacterial but also enhances the properties of Rosemary for improved cell regeneration and better penetration. Beneficial for dandruff too!


hair conditioning

Scoop up a handful of the coconut oil and begin to massage into your hair, beginning at the ends. No need to heat the oil, it will melt as you massage it into your hair. Use more oil where your hair is the driest and most damaged (typically on the ends) and less where your hair is healthiest (mid-shaft and scalp area).

Cover your hair with a shower cap.

Now you have two options:

Allow the oil to sit on your hair for 20-30 minutes after application (for very dry or porous hair you can leave the oil on longer).


To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, cover with a shower cap and apply heat with a hair dryer for 15 minutes.



Here’s a handy way to turn your hand-held hairdryer into a salon hairdryer, demonstrated by my daughter Britta who is modeling the latest in pink polka dot shower cap fashion! :-)


hair conditioning

She’s such a good sport! :-) 


Special thanks to my son Kell for donating his Size 13 shoe to the cause!


hair conditioning

Once your time is up, wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Because coconut oil is so heavy, you may need to wash your hair twice to rinse it all out.

For hair that is seriously dry, repeat this deep conditioning treatment about once a week. If the coconut oil leaves your hair feeling weighed down or greasy, try using less or shampooing more after the treatment.


Style your hair as usual and be amazed at the difference a little coconut oil can make!


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  1. Cathy says

    What am I waiting for?!?! I really need to try this coconut oil. Jillee you have given us many great ideas for its use. Thank you for today’s post. Now I have to go shopping for coconut oil AND a cute shower cap.

  2. Rachel says

    Wow! I used to buy coconut oil by the case because my husband’s Chinese doctor recommended it as a moisturizer, then I discovered the cooking merits, now you just opened my eyes to a whole new realm.. hair conditioner… THANK YOU!!! Can ‘t wait to try!

  3. Lisa says

    Definitely going to do this. I wonder if it’s okay to rinse that much coconut oil down the shower drain? Any plumbers out there that can advise? When I oil pull I spit out the oil in a plastic bag.

    Thanks for your useful tips!

  4. brenda says

    I have been doing this, just a little differently. I use a small amount of the coconut oil and rub into my hair, usually when I get home from work, then put my hair up in a clip. Since coconut oil is the only oil that can penetrate the hair, I leave it in overnight. Wash as usual the next morning. I do this about twice a week.

  5. Susan D says

    Here in the Northeast, it has been so cold and dry and it’s killing my hair. I use tiny amount of coconut oil as a leave in conditioner on the ends of my hair. Works great! I just take a tiny little blob and rub my hands together until it liquefies and then rub it into all the hair that would be below the elastic if my hair were in a pony tail. The other night I mixed some white sugar into coconut oil and used it as a face scrub- love it!

  6. says

    We keep a tub of coconut oil by the hearth all winter so it is in its liquid form, ready to use. We both have long hair and love how it conditions. My husband just puts it in his after showering as a leave in conditioner. If I am not going anywhere, I do that too. Otherwise it makes mine look a bit greasy or wet. It is my got-to for face moisturizer. I slather some on after shaving my legs, and use on dry feet before I put my socks on. It is such a wonder treatment!

  7. Leilah says

    I’ve been using coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment for awhile now. Actually, I use a combination of oils: coconut, olive, and avocado. All are able to easily penetrate the hair and each has its own additional benefit. Sometimes I add a few drops of Peppermint EO. A couple weeks ago I melted down some shea butter and add that to the mix. I had some leftover and saved it and after a few days it became thicker and was easier to apply, more like a thin conditioner. The shea butter was a great addition! My hair is so soft after the treatments! I also use a tiny bit of coconut oil after showering, when my hair is still damp, focusing on the ends and roots/flyaways.

  8. says

    I am Mexican and have thick, wavy hair. I also color-treat my dark hair. My hair feels AMAZING after I do this! And I don’t like getting my shower cap all greasy, so I wrap a plastic shopping bag (like from Target or somewhere) instead. I only do this once a month, if that, usually a few days before I re-color. I have found that it fades color. Also, my hair is really hard to curl the next because it is so soft. Not a complaint, because it really does feel amazing! But just letting you know in case you curl your hair daily. Maybe do this on the weekend.

  9. vickie says

    I grew up in Hawaii in the 50′s and 60′s. Coconut oil was used all the time by gals. All the women on my canoe paddling team used it regularly to protect against salt water damage. We just glopped it on right out of the bottle and onto our hair and shampooed afterwards. I wonder why only now that coconut oil has become such a go to item? It’s been used in Hawaii for ages.

  10. Kathy says

    I have done this with olive oil, but I’m going to try coconut.
    Also, I use Desert Essence shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, coconut fragrance. Sulfate and silicone free, it does wonders for my hair. Other curly haired gals ask me how I keep my curls frizz free.
    Thanks, Jillee! Now I’m going to go back and read your other coconut oil post …

  11. Stephanie A says

    Because of one of your posts a long time ago, I started using the coconut oil and olive oil mix on my face, on my friends head for his severely dry scalp problem, I use it plain on my face every morning for moisturizer. I very rarely wear foundation, but when I do, it goes on smoother. I haven’t bought regular commercial face moisturizer for well over a year or more. I never will again.

    I got a kitten in August. He started licking my face at night, like crazy! It’s the coconut oil! So I give him a little blob each morning and night when I’m getting ready for the day or for bed and he can’t get enough. If I’m late getting ready, he’s in the bathroom at the cabinet meowing for me. I asked my vet about it, and looked up online and coconut oil is very safe for animals. You wouldn’t believe how very silky soft his coat is! I’m such a fan and firm believer in coconut oil. It’s natures simple miracle. Coconut oil and Olive oil. I can’t sing their praises enough. And I do love it in my hair too. :)

  12. says

    I began doing this last week and have had great success. My scalp was so itchy I thought I may have lice but it has been below zero in my neck of the woods for weeks and it has taken its toll on my hair. I rub some coconut oil in my hand to liquify it and than massage on my scalp as well as some on the ends of my hair. I was amazed that after the first treatment the itching was about 60% better, I waited a few days and did it again and it is about 90% gone!!!! I had a hair appointment this morning and my hair dresser said my hair was in great condition and very healthy. I will keep doing this once or twice a week until winter is over. I leave it on for about an hour than shampoo and condition as normal. Love coconut oil!!!!

    • Susie M says

      you can relax – for every one out there who has kids in school – and you know what I mean – every once in a while there is the dreaded lice invasion – they go for clean hair!!!! The commercial lice killer is so toxic, you never want it anywhere near your dearly beloved little one’s head – but what can you do? Ugghhhh – Lice – Coconut oil to the rescue – yes! it will smother the #@*^ lice!! killing them and their eggs – but more importantly – it is non – toxic –

      So while your post only had you itching as tho’ you had lice (but you didn’t) it did remind me of a very important use for our wonderful coconut oil to save the day yet again…

      Taaa Daaaa!!!

  13. Wendy says

    Eventually, I would think there is going to be a big problem with coconut oil going down the drain. Especially, if you live in a cold climate as coconut oil solidifies at around 76 degrees. I oil pull with coconut oil every morning and read somewhere to NEVER spit it out in the sink or toilet due to the fact that it will eventually clog the drains. I would love to use this on my hair, but too afraid of the repercussions ….even living in Florida Any thoughts or solutions to my concerns are welcome!!

  14. Sheilasu says

    Hi – I add the coconut oil to my hair, then wrap it in a hot towel, and cover it with a plastic shopping bag….it may not look great; but my hair does when the process is all over!!
    Thanks, Jillie, for this wonderful site. I know you have mentioned before the names of your sister’s sites, but, could you please tell us again?

  15. Angela says

    Does anyone know how to use this effectively with the no-poo method? My hair is super dry but I’ve heard that using baking soda and vinegar rinse does not get all the coconut oil out. All suggestions appreciated,

    • The Other Angela says

      I do the no-poo also, and I think it would end up in a sticky, icky, gunky mess. I do have a bottle of Trader Joe’s Tea Tree shampoo, as it is considered “low poo”. I may try that with this ;0)

    • Stacey says

      I do the baking soda with vinegar rinse, and I have to do two applications, but it seems to get most of it out. I find my hair will feel a bit greasy, but I think I’d rather have a bit still on the hair. Can’t hurt. I don’t do this often but since I only use about 1-2 tablespoons I don’t see that would clog the drain. I can’t imagine putting a half cup on my hair!

  16. Stephanie says

    Greta idea! I love coconut oil and use it for many things including cooking,baking, my baby boy’s bottom and my own skin. I have just discovered 5 pretty good size blad patches on my scalp. My hair is literally falling out and I have patches of missing hair! Hoping this might help with my hair and scalp. Any other ideas?

    Thanks so much for all your ideas!

  17. CTY says

    Will pass this information to DH, whose hair is so unbelievably dry this year.

    Also wondering how to subscribe and get my daily dose of OGT via e-mail. I fill out the subscribe form & it even says success, but nothing in my inbox. It is not in my SPAM box either.

  18. Moki says

    Hooray for Coconut Oil! We love it – cook with it, clean with it, moisturize with it and use if for our hair sometimes…. *Hawai’ian friends of my daughters told her that they use coconut milk (canned) on their hair – same sort of routine…

  19. STACEY says

    I had to laugh when I read about a kitten licking the coconut oil on her face. I have been feeding coconut oil to my 8 year old cat for about 2 years now. It started when I started using coconut oil (only) for brushing my teeth. It makes my teeth feel like they’ve just been cleaned by the dentist. My cat was watching me so I offered him (Tiggers the cat) some oil on my finger. Since then, he’s had coconut oil almost every night. His fur is beautiful and soft and I’ve noticed almost no hairball problems. So, I consider it a WIN-WIN !!!

  20. Shelley says

    Been using olive oil for years and coconut oil on my skin, never dawned on me to use it in my hair.

    Put the oil in your hair, wrap it in a shopping bag, then wrap the works in a towel and relax for an hour, or you can do as you wish. Bypasses the blow dryer (it is part if the problem) and helps warm things up.

    To get it out, I dilute my shampoo 1/2 & 1/2 with plain water and rub that through my hair first THEN get it wet. I’m sensitive to many of the chemicals in shampoo so diluting it works. The hairdresser says I’m doing the right thing…most shampoos are bad for your hair one way or another, anyway.

    Will give the coconut oil a shot this weekend! Should be fabulous!! Everything else you’ve posted is wonderful, can’t see why this would be less so. Thanks, Jillee!!

  21. Diane says

    On another pet related question, is there something that can be used for an antibacterial wipe on a dogs feet? We have a Westie with skin issues and that would be so helpful. Thanks to anyone who can help.

    • says


      is your Westie on a quality grain free food? I’ve fostered about 90 Mini Schnauzers over the past nine years and many have had skin issues. I immediately put them on a grain free dog food (well soaked with water or broth) and within 2 weeks the dry skin is gone or mostly gone. My own dogs have also been on raw/grain free/or grain free canned for a very long time and have only had positive results. Also, my vet always reminds me to give them Nutritional Yeast because dogs don’t get enough B vitamins. (Brewers Yeast will do the same but doesn’t include the B12 vitamin.) I also regularly give them raw egg and coconut oil. Searching ‘natural healing for dogs’ or something similar will get you some great information. You may even find a group that is a “natural Westie” group in Yahoo Groups, I know there is a Mini Schnauzer one.

      As far as coconut oil on it’s paws, it would probably help, but they’d have to be covered, I think, because I’m pretty sure he’d just lick the oil off and that may irritate the pads even more.


  22. Rachael says

    Okay, I tried this today and I’m on my 7th hair washing because I look like a complete grease ball!! After the third and fourth shampoo my hair was still SSOOOO greasy and oily that it wouldn’t even dry using the hair dryer. What did I do wrong?! I followed all of the instructions to the letter..

    • Melanie says

      Rachael, I tried coconut oil a few months ago, and had the exact same problem. I have fine, normal-to-oily hair, and not only was the coconut oil awful to get out…by the time I was through with all the rewashings, my hair was horribly dry (which is unheard of, for me).

      Coconut oil is supposedly good for lips, too, but it just burns mine and makes them dry.

      I’ll use the coconut oil for removing labels and cooking. Beyond that, I’ll stick to regular shampoo and conditioner. :)

    • Stephanie says

      When I use Coconut oil in my hair, i give an initial rinse with apple cider vinegar (which is also very good for your hair). that seems to help cut most of the oiliness. then i shampoo twice and a light conditioner. my hair comes out great and i have fine/oily hair.

  23. Lisa P says

    My daughter is half black with gorgeous ringlets, but of course she wants straight hair. She has Asperger’s (high functioning Autism) with lots of sensory issues. After spending fortunes on hair products and non-chemical straighteners I looked up the ingredients to these products. I’m like, ok, I can make this for a faction of the price. I use organic, pure, raw materials. My hair treatment for her is: coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil or other such oils (or you can leave this one out), EO – rosemary, lemongrass, tea tree (if I had lavendar I would use that too), and honey if I want to give her a straightener. Be careful with the shea butter as this will leave a gooey ring in your tub/shower. I use more coconut oil then shea butter. Mix well together until creamy. I rub together in my hands until melted and apply to her dry hair but you can wet it first. I bought a special comb/brush at Walgreens in the black hair care section. It looks like a barbers comb but with about three to four rows of tight together bristles; it’s very slender. I use that to distribute evenly through her hair plus it messages and itches her scalp. I put a disposible shower cap on her (you can get 12 for a dollar at DollarTree). She sits a minum of 30 minutes with it in her hair. She doesn’t like blow dryers or dryer caps. Hot towel wraps over the shower caps helps too but she doesn’t like the heat. Some can will leave on overnight but she manages to get the cap or a scarf off her head in a couple of hours so I never let her sleep in it. Wash, I use a coconut shampoo soap from Tropical Traditions and do a final rinse in apple cider vinegar and/or lemon juice in water (bucket). This helps the scalp, itching and rinsing out of the oils. I’ve never had a problem with my drains. I don’t know if that’s because I use the ACV rinse or what. This treatment makes her hair healthy, shiny, soft and mositurized plus helps relieve itching. It also protects her hair when I flat iron it.

    My dogs love this and lick my hands clean when I’m done doing her hair. They hover around looking for dropped pieces or drips and my big guy doesn’t like to lick your hands so he cleans the bowl out. Coconut oil is good for their skin and allergies, it has omega 3 in it and ACV in their water helps keep fleas and ticks away plus is good for their overall health.

    I love Tropical Tradition products and I use Bulk Herb Store. I’ve added your site to my repertoire and I’m searching for the most cost effective pure EO site. I will try your EO recommandations.

      • Susan says

        Lisa, check out Spark Naturals. Jillee has a referral code that you can use and their products/prices are very good.

        Your daughter sounds so cute and like she probably has very healthy hair. And the dogs are funny. Our newest kitten has decided that he’ll sleep on our pillows and snuggles up and licks my nose. think I’ll just start giving him a bit every night.

        • Lisa P says

          Thanks Susan. I saw that on the site. I need some other EO’s so I will try it out.

          My daughter is amazing. She’s 19 and started college. I have full guardianship of her and am soooo glad to have her out of the public schools. 15 years of fighting with them to do what is right for her and her proving them wrong everytime. The dogs are like little sharks waiting for a tidbit to drop. They are a joy (all rescues) and the female is my daughters therapy dog. All natural/instinct, never trained her for it.

          She and the dogs, with allergies, are why I started my natural and holistic search for solutions.

  24. Angie says

    Has anyone had a problem with their hair “frying” with a flat iron after this treatment? I know that’s the reason my hair is dry, but I’m addicted to my flat iron. I’m afraid of literally frying my hair if I use coconut oil.

    • says

      Hi Angie! I’m wondering if you’re maybe referring to your hair “smoking” when you use your flat iron? If that’s the case then I wouldn’t worry! My hair dresser told me that many times when you use products on your hair the heat from the flat iron will burn the layer on product and create smoke. That’s actually a good thing because the product is burning instead of your hair.

  25. Dee dee says

    What I did since finally going platinum with my hair. My scalp was very dry with cradle cap looking spots. So I figured I would change up the oils in Jilliee’s hair mask a bit. I used coconut as well, with oils to soak on my head all night. I used lavender and melaleuca (Tee Tree) oil. I really massaged it into my scalp real well. I have not used the hair dryer, I will next time and then just leave it on my my hair and scalp all night.

    You will need to lay a towel over your pillow, so your pill

    • Shayna says

      I used it as a treatment yesterday and afterwards I used a little as a leave-in conditioner. I have my hair dyed a really bright auburn red and my colour is just as vibrant as ever! I have naturally wavy hair and I scrunched it after adding the oil and it worked way better than gels with less stickiness. I’m sold!

  26. Edie says

    Whoaaa, 1/2 cup of coconut oil seems like a lot! I have mid-back length, thick hair and even 1 heaped tablespoon can be too much for me.
    If I may…My advice is to start out with a small teaspoon or tablespoon sized solid chunk. (Depending on how much hair you have.) Rub it between your palms — don’t melt the whole thing at once! Just get your hands coated, and then spread evenly & scrunch through your hair. If that’s only enough for a small section then rub more oil onto your hands and keep repeating on other sections until you’re done. Your hair should feel greasy to the touch, but not extremely heavy or dripping with oil. Then you can put a shower cap on. Wash with shampoo after at least 30min.
    If you like how it turns out but still think you can take more oil, then increase the amount next time — but in general start small. Your hair should never feel hard, limp or greasy after washing and drying. That’s a sign you have used too much.
    After many tries over the years I’ve found that 3/4tbsp on pre-washed (wet) hair gives me super smooth results. It turns my waves/curls almost straight, though, (over-moisturizing?) and I can run my hands through from root to tip without hitting any knots.
    Sorry for the long comment! Hope it helps someone.


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