How To Do A CrossFit Workout At Home

crossfit at home

OK….now that the holiday’s are over…and we have a few days of the New Year under our belt…it’s time to get serious about those New Year’s resolutions!  Even though I don’t normally make a big deal over resolutions, I do think that a new year can give us a mental kick start to make some changes for the better.

In an effort to help us all make those changes, I’m calling this week “New Year, New You.” For the next five days we’re going to focus on the TOP FIVE New Year’s resolutions that people make, and give you lots of great ideas on how to achieve them!

Survey’s show that the Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions are: weight loss, being more organized, breaking bad habits, budgeting, and living life to the fullest!

Today we’re focusing on weight loss and a new fitness craze that seems to be taking the world by storm….CrossFit. My daughter-in-law & assistant Kaitlyn and my son Erik are HUGE believers in this particular form of exercise, so we thought we would explore it a little further…for MY sake as well as yours.

Please welcome McCall of CrossFit Vapor…who is guest posting today and is going to tell us why she LOVES CrossFit and how to do a simple CrossFit routine at home:


mccall and jaren

McCall and her husband & CrossFit partner, Jaren


Hi Everyone….I’m McCall!

I have a confession to make. I have big knees. Not like super-sized-circus-freak knees, but I’ve always been a little jealous of the gals with narrow, sculpted knees. But 3 years ago something happened to change how I felt about my big knees…. I found CrossFit.

Now I’m sure if you haven’t tried it for yourself, you’ve probably at least HEARD of CrossFit. I’m also guessing you’ve heard the jokes like, “How do you know if someone does CrossFit? Because it’s ALL they talk about!!” I will admit, as a CrossFit affiliate owner, I can be one of those people, but my mission today is NOT to get you sold on CrossFit, it’s to help you find YOUR “fitness match”, and help you get on track to a healthier life.

I believe everyone has a “fitness match” – a form of exercise that gives you the results you want while keeping you motivated and inspired – so have you found yours? My journey to CrossFit didn’t start with an athletic or gymnastics background. I started CrossFit just after I had my 3rd baby. I was a dancer growing up and as an adult I exercised just enough to not be fat. I had tried running, spinning, gym classes… pretty much everything, and while I tolerated it all, I didn’t LOVE any of it. My husband had started CrossFit about a year before, and I had several friends who did CrossFit, and saw great results. I knew I wanted to try it and told myself that, love it or hate it, I would stick it out for 6 months before I made a decision. It only took one class and I was hooked! I had found my match!!


crossfit at home

CrossFit is my fitness match for a few reasons:

  • I am competitive – there are lots of different ways people are competitive, and I am all of them. ;-) I love competing with others, with myself, with my goals, and CrossFit feels like a healthy place to be competitive in a positive way.
  • I don’t have more than an hour TOTAL to workout. With CrossFit I can be in and out in an hour (sometimes less) and feel totally accomplished.
  • I like being told what to do – at least in THIS aspect of my life!! When it was left to me to decide what my workout would be (at a regular gym) I could talk myself out of pretty much anything. At CrossFit if you show up, you kind of don’t have a choice! If it’s on the board, you’re going to do it – in one form or another.
  • I feel accountable. To myself, my coach, my friends at the gym. If I’m not there or don’t do my best, I’m going to have to answer for it!
  • I have seen results!! Not just “lost the baby weight” results, body transformation results! They are measurable results, like increased weight in my lifting, more efficiency in my workouts (ie: faster times), learning & mastering skills I never imagined, like pull-ups, not to mention losing 30lbs. and decreasing my body fat to 13%.


crossfit at home

What IS CrossFit?

CrossFit is an effective way to get fit. Anyone can do it. It is a fitness program that combines a wide variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. We do pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and a host of other movements. Always varied, always changing, always producing results. Kids, cops, firefighters, soccer moms, Navy SEALS, and grandmas all do CrossFit. In fact, hundreds of thousands worldwide have followed CrossFit workouts and fallen in love with not only the workouts, but the results. You can find an official CrossFit affiliate near you by visiting and searching by area.

If you haven’t found your fitness match, or if your resolution is to try something new, I would encourage you to give CrossFit a try. While you won’t get the same effect doing an “at home” CrossFit workout, it’s absolutely better than nothing. There are dozens of websites that offer “CrossFit at Home” style workouts that can be done in 20 minutes or less – just make sure you warm up & cool down properly.

Here is one you can try at home!

Many CrossFit workouts have names, so we’ll call it “Vapor 10”:

  • 10 minute AMRAP (AMRAP means as many reps or rounds as possible, in the allotted time)
  • 10 kettlebell or dumbell swings
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 air squats
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 sit ups

Part of what makes CrossFit so effective is the intensity. “Vapor 10” doesn’t seem too bad, right? But if you push yourself to work at your FULL capacity, it’s going to be much harder than say 60% effort. Another aspect that gets results is the full range of motion in all of your movements, so lets break them down a little….


crossfit at home

dumbbell or kettlebell swings:

Start with your knees slightly bent, chest up & butt out. Think about “popping” your hips as you straighten your knees – this will create momentum and the weight will move upward. As your arms extend, think about pushing your armpits to the ceiling, in CrossFit we call it active shoulders. Use your strength to stop the weight when it has reached all the way above your head. Push the weight back down & repeat.


crossfit at home


ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS find full range of motion when you do pushups. Whether they are on your knees or full plank, your chest should touch the floor on the way down and your arms should fully lock out at the top. EVERY TIME!! Start on your knees and work toward plank push ups.


crossfit at home

air squats:

When you squat your weight should be in your heels, meaning no matter what point in your squat you are, you should be able to wiggle your toes. Make sure you squat all the way down so that your hips are below your knees. Stand up all the way to full hip extension at the top. If it’s helpful, find something to squat to so you know you are getting full depth.


crossfit at home


Did you know burpees don’t like you either?! Hehe!! That’s my favorite burpee joke!! There is no special way to do burpees, just get town to the floor, make sure you touch your chest & stand back up. There is NO NEED to do a pushup. Flop if you need to. Just down & up.


crossfit at home

sit ups:

full range of motion sit ups are SO much more effective than crunches. You can use your arms as tomahawks to get momentum to sit up. Just make sure your shoulders touch the floor on the way down & your hands touch your toes on the way up.


Set a timer & go! Leave your result in the comments!! Each time your complete all of the exercises, that is 1 round – how many full rounds can you get? How many reps? Your score should look something like 4+16. That’s 4 full rounds + 16 more reps. Grab you hubby & kids. Have a competition. It’ll be fun!!

My advice to anyone who wants to make “being fit” one of their New Years Resolutions is to search out and find your fitness match. Don’t run because your friends run, or do Zumba because you were a dancer in high school; find something that allows you to LOVE what you’re doing. It should motivate you to eat well, get lots of rest & feel proud of your body. On my journey to improved health, I have learned to love my big knees because they allow me to accomplish things I never imagined, like squatting over 200 lbs., running without discomfort & pushing myself physically like I never imagined. To me, that’s what health and fitness is, becoming the best version of you!
ogt line


Thank you McCall!  So inspiring!  I am definitely going to be giving CrossFit a try. I love that it’s basic body movements and no fancy dance steps to learn! I also love that it focuses on strength and fitness rather than just simply losing weight. After all….STRONG is the new SKINNY!  :-)



Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day Two of New Year, New You when we’ll be taking about great ideas FROM YOU for getting organized in the new year! Plus, a giveaway you’ll want to get in on!




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  1. Patti G says

    So do you do each exercise as many times as you can within 10 minutes then move on to the next one?

    I don’t understand the scoring method. How did you get the example 4+ 16? Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Patti,
      You set a timer for 10 minutes and as soon as you start it you do, with as much strength and effort/energy as you can possibly put into it;
      10 kettlebell or dumbell swings
      When you finish those you immediately do
      10 push ups (hand release)
      And then as fast as you can go into doing
      10 air squats
      Then nice quickly into
      10 burpees
      And then move as fast as possible into
      10 sit ups

      When you finish this round if exercises, you can count 1round completed.
      If your timer has not gone off, move right back without a break right to the beginning and start over again. Keep up as much as possible the effort and energy, do the exercises with as much vigor as you can give them, until your 10 minutes are done.

      The 4 + 16 means that you completed 4 rounds of the whole set of exercises and 16 repetitions into the 5 the round.
      Hope this helps clear it up.
      Good luck!!

    • Maleia says

      I am confused to:
      Many CrossFit workouts have names, so we’ll call it “Vapor 10”:

      10 minute AMRAP (AMRAP means as many reps or rounds as possible, in the allotted time)
      10 kettlebell or dumbell swings
      10 push ups
      10 air squats
      10 burpees
      10 sit ups

      Do I set the timer for 10 minutes and do 10 kettleball, 10 push ups, 10 air squats, 10 burpees, and 10 sit ups and start them over until my 10 mins is over? Or do I do each one for 10 minutes?

      • says

        Maleia and Gwyn–

        I’ve been to CF before, so I’ll do my best to answer :)

        This workout gives us TEN MINUTES to do ALL FIVE of the exercises TEN TIMES EACH.

        Here’s how:
        1) Set your timer for 10 minutes.
        2) Immediately do 10 Kettlebell Swings (DO NOT RESET YOUR TIMER!)
        after you’ve completed ALL 10 swings,
        3) do 10 pushups (DO NOT RESET YOUR TIMER!)
        after you’ve completed ALL 10 pushups,
        4) do 10 squats (DO NOT RESET YOUR TIMER!)
        after you’ve completed ALL 10 squats,
        5) do 10 burpees (DO NOT RESET YOUR TIMER!)
        after you’ve complete ALL 10 burpees,
        6) do 10 situps (DO NOT RESET TIMER!)

        Your timer will probably go off sometime while you are in the middle of a set. After your timer goes off, IMMEDIATELY reset it and start back from the beginning. You can do this as many times as you’d like.

        I hope I answered your questions, okay. Let me know if I didn’t explain it very well. (I have a tendency to do that sometimes! lol)

        • Carrie says

          Do not reset your timer AT ALL!
          You are NOT repeating sets. You are doing ALL 10 of your Burpees, moving on to Situps WITHOUT resetting the timer UNLESS it goes off.

          Hope this helped! :)

      • Kaitlyn Nystul says

        Hi Maleia!

        I thought I would clarify a bit as well – the entire workout would be 10 minutes long. The beauty of CrossFit is that you can get a great workout in that short amount of time. I guess if you really wanted to reset your timer at the end of 10 minutes and do it again you could – but if you put in as much effort as possible for 10 minutes you’ll get a great workout. So for this workout you would set the timer for 10 minutes and do 10 kettleball, 10 push ups, 10 air squats, 10 burpees, and 10 sit ups and start them over until the 10 mins is over.

    • Robin says

      You do ten reps of ALL the exercises, then start over again. Doing ten reps of ALL the exercises is one round. So the 4 is four full rounds of ten reps of ALL the exercises and the 16 is the reps that would have counted toward the next round.

  2. Angela McAvoy-Belote says

    This seems like a great workout, but for someone with horribly bad knees half of these are impossible without throwing a knee out. This is my biggest problem with workouts…I can never find any that are low impact on my knees so I can do them without falling over or injuring myself. :(

    • Rachel says

      My aunt has really bad knees and she found that taking a swimming class helps a lot with pain and stiffness. She said that if she didn’t do her class every week, she probably wouldn’t be able to walk. It helps so much that she does it 3x a week.

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Hi Angela! My husband (Jillee’s son Erik) has horrible knees and ankles and has LOVED doing CrossFit! He was really worried when we started because he’s broken both ankles and had knee injuries in high school. But the more that he works out the better his knees and ankles feel. He avoids a few really high impact exercises like box jumps but he would definitely do everything in this workout. He especially loves squats and says they’ve really strengthened his knees. But that’s definitely just my opinion! Consult your doctor before trying anything knew. You could even find a local CrossFit affiliate and talk to the coaches there about modifications.

        • Kaitlyn Nystul says

          It definitely does Gwyn! That’s probably my favorite part about it. At our gym we have people of all ages and abilities and everyone modifies the workouts to their own level. For example, my husband with the bad knees can’t do an exercise called box jumps where you basically jump from the ground onto a 20″ high box. So he does step-ups that still work the same muscles but don’t put as much impact on his knees. He also has a really hard time running since it’s so high impact, so generally when we have a workout that includes a run he uses the rowing machine.

    • Andrea says

      Have you ever tried Classical Stretch. by Maria Esmonde White. I quite like this full body workout in only twenty minutes and virtually no equipment. You might search for her website. She is canadian.

    • Amanda R says

      Thank you for posting about the BBMC! I saw your comment here on OGT on day 1 of BBM and I decided on a whim to do it. I’m glad I did! It is Day 25 and I feel awesome. I haven’t skipped any days, and my body has changed for the better. For anyone who needs a relatable instructor, visit Bikini Body Mommy Challenge on fb. you don’t have to be a mommy or even a woman to do it. Briana, the founder/instructor is amazing. You can start on Day 1 and go from there. :)

    • Amanda R says

      I’m back! It is Day 3 of BBMC 2.0 and I have an accountability group (International Bikini Babes) set up on fb to support women (some moms, some not) from all over the world. We are checking in daily with the our nutrition and workouts. Thank you again for posting about BBM way back in January. I’ve lost weight and inches, and I feel amazing!

  3. Lena says

    HELP! Your story caught my eye (as soon as I read about your knees), because I have HUGE knees! Please tell me if this has helped your knees! (I looked and yours look wonderful) I’m wondering if this helped, or have your knees always looked like that lol.

  4. says

    Hey everyone, it’s McCall from CrossFit Vapor!

    I’m loving reading your questions, concerns as well as interest in CrossFit. Let me touch on a few things….

    1. Here is a GREAT article from a highly reputable source on the value of squats – especially pertaining to knee injuries or issues.

    2. A good warm-up is 5min of light cardio ie: walking or jogging, using the elliptical or stationary bike, jump rope, etc. Really anything that gets your heart rate up a little and allows you to stretch without discomfort.

    3. Dumbell weight is up to you and is one of the beauties of CrossFit. If I was doing this workout, I would use a #35 dumbell, but for a beginner I would suggest at #10 or #15 dumbell.

    4. Karen answered the question about how to do the workout perfectly. Thanks Karen!!

    5. Lena, CrossFit ABSOLUTELY helped my knees. They are slimmer and tighter. In addition, my calves have developed nicely so they appear more balanced as well.

    6. Gram, don’t underestimate yourself!! Go slow. Modify your movements. Use lighter weight. You will surprise yourself!!

    Good work guys! I’ll try to check back to answer any other questions :)

    • Tab says

      I just wanted to ask about how you lost the baby weight – Did you do crossfit along with paleo? I know so many crossfitters who do paleo or was just about getting active and food diary and just watching what you eat. I’m in the midst of losing 30 lbs of baby weight (seriously – 3 kids in 4 years took it’s toll :) ) – – oh and that’s a parentheses around a smiley – not my depiction of a double chin ; )

  5. Gianna says

    Thank you for posting this! All of my friends back home are doing Cross Fit now and it’s all they talk about. I’ve been interested in trying it myself but can’t really afford the membership fees.
    Not to mention that I am literally a Fitness Loser – I think it might take me the entire 10 minutes to do one of those Burpees. I can’t get up off the ground like I used to. lol

    But I will definitely try this At Home Cross Fit regimen!! I don’t really get the calculating part of the reps, either, but I figure at least if I start, the math part can come later. I’m definitely going to start this tonight.

    I’m also interested in your recommendations for warm-ups/cool-downs…

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Hi Susan! You don’t actually reset the timer at all – the entire workout will be 10 minutes. The beauty of CrossFit is that you can get a great workout in that short amount of time. I guess if you really wanted to reset your timer at the end of 10 minutes and do it again you could – but if you put in as much effort as possible for 10 minutes you’ll get a great workout. So for this workout you would set the timer for 10 minutes and do 10 kettleball, 10 push ups, 10 air squats, 10 burpees, and 10 sit ups and start them over until the 10 mins is over.

    • Gwyn says

      So Susan as someone who wasn’t completely clear at first maybe I can simplify a little more even. At least the way I am understanding it; you set the timer to 10 min and then just keep doing 10 kettle-bells, 10 push-ups, 10 air squats, 10 bur-pee’s, 10 sit-up’s (keep cycling through 10 of each in the same order) as quickly as you can without stopping until the timer goes off (10 min is up) and that’s it your done! Now you might figure on a 20 min work out and give yourself a 5 min warm-up before you start the reps and a 5 min cool down after the timer goes off or there about (I think I read 5-10 min warm up and the same for cool down) depending on what works for you. How many times you actually do the 10 sit-up’s isn’t important, just go at the fastest pace you can and you will find that as your body get’s into better shape you will go faster and get more reps in or get to more cycles of 10 sit-up’s for instance. It’s a great plan because it gives you 10 min of cardio and works all your muscle groups (the different exercises work different muscles so the rotation rests one group while working another, which is also why they want you to do them in the order written I’m guessing) with rest in between at the same time. At least that’s the way it sounds to me, genius! Wow, the explanation is more complicated and longer than I figured!

  6. STACEY says

    I don’t mean to be a downer, but not only do I have bad knees; I also had blown out a blood vessel in my upper left thigh (that was excruciating painful) during bowling (I’m on a winter league) and because of it, I’ve had to wear support pantyhose (a royal pain-in-the-butt to get on) This blood vessel issue had left my left side weak (as in I can’t balance on my left foot much) I’m also 5’5” tall and weigh about 228 lbs. I would like to try crossfit, but it would have to be heavily modified……….OTHER THAN THAT, I;’m perfectly fine. No high blood pressure, diabetes or heart problems………YAH

    • Karen says

      As with most exercise programs, check in with your doctor before starting. If lots of modifications are needed, it is probably best to consult with either (or both of) a medical professional and/or exercise professional. You know best what your body can handle, and not all exercise programs out there are for everyone, but if CrossFit is something you really want to try, take precautions and make sure you’re getting as much as you can out of it while keeping yourself safe.

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Hi Katie!

      You actually only do one round of the 10 minutes – so your whole workout (not counting a warm-up) would be 10 minutes. If you don’t finish all the reps in 10 minutes you would still stop at 10 minutes – but I would be you can get through it all in 10 minutes :)

  7. Kara says

    Um .. full range situps are HORRIBLE exercises, put undue pressure on your lower back and your hip flexors and are damaging overall.

    Seriously, this is why Crossfit is such a crock and so damaging to so many people – Crossfit nazis push damaging workouts to people who are in no way ready to do this kind of workout.

    • Kaitlyn Nystul says

      Hi Kara! McCall will probably have some input on the full range sit-ups. I don’t know much about the actual mechanics of full range sit-ups vs. crunches, but I will say that before starting CrossFit I always did crunches and I like doing full range sit-ups much better. I don’t get a crick in my neck like a did with crunches and I’ve never had pain in my back or hip flexors.

      I will also say I’ve heard horror stories of horrible CrossFit coaches, but I don’t think that is the norm. I’m a little biased because I think McCall and Jaren are great but I have never felt pushed to do anything I’m not capable of. All of the workouts are tailored to my individual capacity. I was definitely a beginner when I first started and could not lift much weight. I modified the workouts to what I could do and have only added weight as I’ve gotten stronger.

    • Gwyn says

      I am not even close to being an expert so can’t speak to the actual facts or mechanic’s of sit-ups vs crunches but I have heard that there is a new school of thought that crunches aren’t as good or productive as we thought (or have been told). My guess is that what is best for one person is not necessarily best for everyone and it depends on the individual as well as what they are trying to accomplish. Exercise isn’t cookie cutter our bodies are different and our goals are different so ideally work outs should be individualized. Cross Fit seems to offer that mold-ability. I also think it’s unfair to judge any method of exercise in such a broad blanket fashion. Cross-fit may not be best for you but that doesn’t make it bad for everyone and like all “programs” exercise and anything else there are bound to be “bad” or inexperienced people passing themselves off as knowledgeable instructors or simply instructors and students who don’t work well together so people have bad experiences. This doesn’t mean all the instructors or the program itself is bad it just means humans are involved (we aren’t perfect). Haven’t we all known people that were so excited about something they seemed to be “shoving it down everyone else’s throat” without realizing it? I think the logic in what this program does makes sense and the ability and ease for many different people to participate at different levels makes it a worthwhile program to try. and I thank Jillee, Kaitlyn and McCall for introducing it to me.

  8. Trish says

    OK, oh my goodness!! I didn’t think it was going to be that hard, but boy was I wrong. I know Crossfit is a hard workout, but surely 10 min isn’t going to be that big of a work out:) HAHAHA! I did 3+10. YAY!! I’m all tired and sweating like a work horse. Next time I will make sure I do a warm up and cool down. I like the new skinny is strong because I have always had muscle legs and you didn’t used to see that on the thin pretty women. And I have always just done me and loved my legs (once my orthopedic dr told me his daughter would love my muscly legs since she couldn’t walk and had very weak legs – I was 16) Anyways, it was great and I really want to do it again:)

  9. CTY says

    Late to the party–was out of town yesterday. Hope there is still some follow-ups going on. Is there something I can do instead of the push ups? I physically cannot do even one, not even on my knees. I don’t think my arms can bend like that. My fitness level is pretty good, my overall strength is excellent–I think I must have an odd genetic problem or something–never in my life could I do one. I guess I could just skip the push ups.

    Also wondering if this type of workout,” as fast as possible, don’t worry about form” is recommended for a novice or someone with a low fitness level. Just flop down sounds like an injury waiting to happen.

    • Gwyn says

      So CTY I’m not an expert or anything and am also just learning about Cross Fit but based on the way I’m understanding it you wouldn’t want to just skip the push-up section you would want to replace it with something that works the same muscle group at least. I would guess that someone knowledgeable about the program (MaCall for instance) could help you restructure that section with something that accomplishes the same goal. I wasn’t taking the “don’t worry about form” and flop down quite so literally. My interpretation is not to focus so much on perfect form just do the best you can getting as close as possible to that exercise, don’t get hung up on being perfect. As fast as possible isn’t about the actual speed it’s about maintaining the cardio and keeping your heart rate up. They don’t mean do whatever you have to, flop to the floor in order to go as fast as you can they mean don’t worry about getting to the floor in the correct form just do what you need to to get to the floor quickly and safely without letting up the intensity. Don’t make it a break while you move to the floor and set up for your push-ups or whatever. The object is to maintain your increased HR while moving from one exercise to the next and not letting up. Someone who hasn’t been exercising or working their cardio is going to maintain an elevated HR while moving much slower than a person who has been doing cardio workouts and is in better shape. The goal is to push yourself not kill yourself, my pace is not going to be anything close to Kaitlyn’s for instance but I will get just as good a work out relative to my level of fitness which will increase as I continue and as it does I will need to speed up in order to maintain that HR level. Hope that makes sense. That’s the way I interpret the process anyway, I may be all wrong.

  10. clarissa eggers says

    okay. I was doing exercises in october. xbox kinect active fit training. of course it tells you when doing squats not to let your knees go over your toes. I had done them before many time swithout problems. The next day my hamstrings and legs were big deal. Until I went to work and sat down on the toilet of all places and felt a pop in my knee. I had to have arthroscopic knee surgery and they had to shave down a piece of torn cartlidge (beside the meniscus, not the meniscus itself). as part of my home exercise after surgery they gave me squatting part way against a wall or door. I was wondering if this would be an okay modification. I am six weeks out from surgery and was doing great but am having a lot of problems again because i overdid it at christmas. i felt another pop not as bad two days after. I feel so worthless not being able to workout before and now my husband wants to work out. I cant kneel yet either, but I love weights and lifting them. any help would be appreciated.

  11. kim says

    “Big Knees” – i thought I was the only person with that condition! I was skinny well in to my early twenties. the true skinny that equates to gangly without much body muscle. As I aged, my weight and size went up but without increasing muscle. It was pretty much fat increase – that’s where I grew those big knees that continue to this day. Add to that the fact that I have worked in an office with a desk job for 8+ hrs a day for the last 30 years. My body just doesn’t have the muscle it needs. I’m now reaching the age where my metabolism is starting to slow down so its becoming a vicious cycle. This post of a 10 min workout sounds terrific to me! i think you just took away my excuse of not having time :) plus it will increase my muscle and work on big knees. How can I NOT give this a try.

  12. Emily says

    Thank you so much for this post. I feel excited by this! I’ve been searching for some kind of exercise that I can do quickly before my son wakes up and before I go to work without having to pack a gym bag and schlep to the gym. My first time I did 2+27. But I did it again 2 days later and I was so sore still I only did 1+49. But I’m motivated and I’ll be doing it again tomorrow!

  13. Melissa says

    Just finished doing this with the hubs, we both got 3+32…loved how functional all the movements felt and are definitely getting hooked on crossfit, thanks so much for posting this introduction for us!!

  14. Laura says

    Day 1: 1+49
    Day 2: 2+20
    Day 3: 2+28 (just finished)
    Thanks for this! I’ve always made an excuse about not having time, but 10 minutes? I couldn’t say I didn’t have 10 minutes, I just get up a little bit earlier.


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