These Are A Few Of My Favorite Cleaners!

homemade Shout

The other day my HUSBAND, of all people, commented on something I was doing “differently” with the laundry. After I recovered from the shock enough to be able to speak…..I realized that if HE had noticed and thought it was a good idea….maybe some of YOU would as well.

It’s not a big thing, but the best ideas usually aren’t. And after all, that’s how this blog was started…as a place where I could share ONE GOOD THING a day. ┬áDidn’t have to be big, didn’t have to be small…just had to be GOOD.

So today I present this good idea #966 (yep, you heard right!) and just to make it a GOODER idea (don’t worry, I know gooder is not a word…but I wish it were!) I’m throwing in a few more of my favorite cleaning recipes in FREE PRINTABLE form.


So here’s the thing that my husband actually commented on with regards to the laundry.

I still use the original Homemade “Shout” Stain Remover that I posted on the blog over two years ago. It works so well I’ve never felt the need to go looking for another recipe. Back in April of last year I posted about a different “application” method I’d started using. But a few weeks ago I made another small tweak to how I go about treating the stained clothes in this house, and the results have been pretty terrific.


homemade shout



Case in point:

My husband sweetly offered me a taste of the hot chocolate he had just made. As he offered me a spoonful, a fair amount of it ended up on my white sweater. (To be honest, it was most likely MY fault. I am notorious for shirt spills!)


homemade shout

Later when I went to wash the sweater I decided that while the chocolate stain definitely required an application of my homemade stain remover, it might need a little extra help as well. This called for the “toothbrush treatment.”



homemade shout

I have a designated laundry toothbrush for situations like this. My squirt bottle happened to be empty, but I still had my large mason jar full of homemade “Shout” in the cupboard so I just dipped and scrubbed. Worked so well it quickly became my new application method. It eliminates the need for the squirt bottle and I end up using less overall.


homemade shout



I told you it wasn’t “big”….but it eliminates a step when doing the laundry and when you think about how often you DO laundry….it adds up! :-)

In case you haven’t tried the homemade “Shout” stain remover yet, I urge you to give it a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

As an added incentive I’ve even made a FREE PRINTABLE for you to download that has this recipe and 3 more of my favorite homemade cleaners!



homemade shout



I’m getting ready to make up a new batch of Tub & Shower Soap Scum Buster right now!




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  1. Meghan says

    I really love all your homemade cleaners and am so excited to replace mine! I’m just worried that I go through bottles so seldom, they won’t last as long as all the commercial stuff I’m used to (those good ol’ chemicals). Basing this on beauty stuff I’ve made too. How long do imagine the shelf life for these are?

  2. Vicki says

    Test garment for colorfastness.–I have two light spots on the front of my favorite sweatshirt! I’ve used the homemade Shout for about six months with no problems, but it seems like if there’s going to be a problem, it will always involve a favorite garment!

  3. says

    I use the “armpit cleaner” (from a different post of Jillee’s) and it lightened some areas on my pillow case. Thankfully no one cares about my pillow case. ;) I agree, spot check. I haven’t had an issue with anything else though, so I’m a happy camper.

  4. Pam says

    I use the tub and shower soap scum buster and it is the BEST! We have extremely hard water and nothing I tried in the past has worked — and I have tried everything. About 6-8 months ago, I tried Jillee’s recipe and will never use anything else again. After leaving it on the shower walls to soak, the stuff just comes off. Finally, something that works! Thank you!

  5. Connie Smith says

    What is the purpose of microwaving the vinegar when making the tub and shower soap scum buster? I certainly wouldn’t use the recipe all up when cleaning and do I have to heat it up before every use?

  6. Shannon says

    Thanks for this post and the printable!

    I have to admit I am probably the WORST at doing laundry! I usually just shove the clothes into the washer… spot treatment. Actually, it is rare that I even sort them, or check the pockets. I know….this is terrible.

    My goal this year is to get better at doing the laundry, to help stretch the life of our clothes.


  7. Carole Lee says

    I have new double pane windows and the directions for cleaning say not to use ammonia on the windows. I have also noticed that store bought glass cleaners are saying “Ammonia Free”

    Love your website. Thank you

    • says

      Hi Jane! Ammonia is another chemical that is great for cleaning. You can usually buy it in the laundry or cleaning aisle at Walmart or the grocery store. Some people don’t feel that it is safe to use in cleaning, but I’ve never had a problem with it.

  8. Cathy Smith says

    I’m highly allergic to ammonia, so using it is a no go. I’ve found using Club Soda and black and white newspaper works wonderfully well for cleaning my windows. And no more smearing! I also use it on my computer screen and IPad, since that device has very specific directions on what not to use. I checked with Apple about the club soda and the tech was blown away. He checked around and said it was a great idea and was going to share the idea around. LOL

  9. says

    I found you last year and have been using your homemade cleaners since then. I am astounded that each and every cleaner I’ve made works like a dream. Over the weekend I cleaned spots off carpet with the ammonia/hot water/iron and towel method. WOW!! Absolutely LOVE your web site and look forward to using many of your other ideas. Thanks.

    • JG says

      I don’t know if it really matters which dish soap you use—Dawn is just especially good for dissolving grease. While I applaud your efforts to avoid products tested on animals, there may be a reason you could feel OK about purchasing Dawn—it is one of the few products both strong enough and safe to use for animal rescues during oil spills and is donated in bulk for that purpose. The company also donates money for animal rescue during disasters. (Seems like they wouldn’t want to animal test either but I don’t know about their record regarding that.)

  10. Hilkka says

    My husband and I had a small cleaning business and have been using our window cleaner ever since.
    It is isopropyl alcohol and water mixed 1/2 & 1/2. We have found it needs to be isopropyl alcohol and not rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is not as pure as the other. It not only shines windows but does chrome, appliances(small & large), some countertops(always check in a small spot before doing whole surface)
    It seriously makes glass sparkle…. it’s great for all our glass in pictures frames( just doing this looks like you’ve done a major houseclean… we tend to forget about them) and of course mirrors.
    We do up one bottle of alcohol and it’s equivalent with water… makes quite a lot.. and them put into
    spray bottle.
    The alcohol is available in drug stores and grocery stores everywhere.
    And thanks to Jillee we have used several of her cleaning tips…especially love the tub and shower soap scum buster.. IT WORKS!
    Thanks Jillee. I look forward every day to your good advice.. Blessings

  11. Gwyn says

    I wonder why the toothbrush made such a big difference. You had been using the same stain remover for a while right? Just in a squirt bottle…but it was when you switched to the toothbrush that DH noticed…hmmm

    • Ann says

      While I’m not a scientist and don’t play one on TV (LOL) I’m assuming it’s because it gets the cleaner down into the fibers more. I really need to make some of this though since I hate using Shout and OxyClean on my laundry.

      Jillee, is there any way to make this print larger? My older (cough) eyes can barely read it when it’s printed out. Thanks for all you do!!

      • CTY says

        One trick I learned from my MIL is to work on the stain from the inside. She said 1. a brush or heavy rubbing on the outside can leave “stress marks” and 2. You want to avoid grounding in the stain–instead push it out through the other side. Same goes for rinsing–direct the water from the inside to the outside.

        A cleaning challenge for anyone up to it. Two years a go we bought a house that had not been lived on for quite a while. The water in one of the toilet tanks sat stagnant due to no use and grew mold. I cannot describe how bad it was. Any way–I have done everything I can think of and yet I can still smell the mold. I emptied the tank & scrubbed (even used professional mold-be gone formulas). The tank still smells of mold & continues to grow mold. The best success I had was when I used part of a chlorine tablet (the kind for swimming pools). The problem the tablet caused was when ever I turned the corner in the hall, my eyes would tear from it being in the air. Mold still grows in this tank. Naturally, the tank is partially built into the wall so swapping would be a beast. I’m game for almost anything.

        • Telina says

          Here’s what we did in my grandmothers old farm house.

          1) Purchase some enamel paint specifically designed for bathtubs.
          2) Turn off the water to the tank and remove all the gizmos and gadgets inside the tank. There should be nothing left in the tank put the porcelain showing.
          3) Scrub the porcelain down with a mold killer. Bleach worked fine for us.
          4) Be sure the porcelain is completely dry. In our case it was about 24 hours.
          5) Paint the porcelain with the enamel. We applied 2 coats, with 6 hours drying time between each. The coats should be thick, but not so thick that they run.
          6) Wait 24 hours before re-attaching all the gizmos and gadgets, turn the water back on to the tank and refill.

          Hope this helps. Good luck.

  12. Carol Oppelaar says

    Hi Jillee, Love your recipes and especially love when you give us prinatbles! I print them on index cards and put them in my “Jillee file” for quick reference. Please keep them coming!

  13. STACEY says

    I do love to use my “old” toothbrush for cleaning and have been ever since I was young. My Mom hooked me on toothbrushing, more than just for brushing your teeth………………………..I’ve been using the toothbrush method for 50 plus years………..

  14. Anna R says

    I too don’t use dawn or other soap “commercial” brands and wonder if it matters. Would Dr. Bronners work as well?

    Also, for windows and mirrors I use a microfiber cloth. I usually use it dry but if there is a “spot” that is not coming off I just dampen the cloth, wet the spot and then wipe with a dry cloth. I am amazed how they clean my mirrors. To clean my very dirty windows I used another cloth and used plain water to remove the grime and once that was gone I used the microfiber cloth to finish the job for a really clean window. I am very particular about my eyeglasses and am always cleaning them. I find this is the best way to keep them clean and spot free. Just remember never, ever used fabric softener when washing them.

    I really love the “clearprint” makes it easy to save all of your blogs – I actually have a Jillie folder on my computer :-)

    • Telina says

      I don’t know if anyone has ever experienced this or not ….

      I learned the hard way not to dry my microfiber cloths in the dryer, I hang dry them now. Apparently over time the fibers bind and create little tiny balls that harden and could cause scratches in certain surfaces. Ask me how I know this. :(

      I’ve had this happen with both cheap and expensive ones.

      This is not to say that it will happen to all microfiber cloths. This is just an in case post. ;)

  15. kim says

    I’ve been making my own glass cleaner for as long as I can remember. Rather than mix up a big batch and have one more thing to store, I marked lines with a sharpie on the side of the spray bottle to show where to fill with the alcohol and the ammonia. Then I fill to the top with water and add a squirt of the dishsoap.
    Thanks for the printables as well. I find it so handy to print the recipe and tape it to the bottle/container (with wide packing tape) so that when it runs out, I don’t have to search for the recipe.. it’s right there and I can whip up a new batch in a snap.

    • Patty says

      Don’t waste your money on the scented ones. Even if it does have a “scent”, you will still gag on it if your anything like me. I never actually even smelled a scent. I made the Shout and after trying to mix it I couldn’t stand it any longer and threw everything down the drain–the bottle of ammonia and the bottle of Shout. (and I can’t afford that) My daughter made some up for me but I still gagged when I used it. Plus out of the load that had two shirts stained, both stains came back so bleached out that I put the two shirts back in by themselves with the rest of the bottle hoping to match the colors. Now they look tye-died. Jillee-PLEASE find us non-ammonia toleraters some alternatives!

  16. Gail says

    My friend applies tints to windows in vehicles, homes and businesses. He uses a small amount of Ivory dish washing liquid diluted in warm water. No rinsing, works great. Apply the solution with a clean soft cloth and dry with a clean microfiber cloth or flour sack dishtowel. He puts his mixture in a spray bottle as he uses the cleaner on each job. I just mix a little at the time I wash windows since it doesn’t happen very often in my house.

  17. Barbara says

    I really……… your web site and all the wonderful information along with humor that you blog about. I have a problem, however, with your web site. First, it does not print well. Clean print is not what I get when I try to print. Also, the templates that you offer are often missing after the letter. Like the template for today all the top half of the letters are not showing. It is your website only that I have this problem with. My printer is the HP OficeJet Pro 8600, so it can fix almost anything, but not on your web site.
    Sorry I thought you might want to know. Your web site is only 1of 5 blogs that I look at.

  18. Monique says

    Does anyone know how to clean a pebble textured bathroom floor that has been sealed? The “grout” (actually the pebbles are set in this stuff) has been stained by something and I cannot get it to come off. I have tried bleach, scrubbing, baking soda with vinegar–nothing works. Help, please!

  19. Rebeca Garcia says

    Hi. I love your website and ideas. This time
    I’m very concern with using ammonia.
    I always do my own cleaners and really need
    To try something new for my shower. But never before I have used ammonia and I’m afraid of the smell, the allegies, ect. Can someone tell me if the smell is strong? Thanks!!

    • says

      Hmmmm…do you have to avoid certain cleaners with a vinyl shower? The shower cleaner listed in the post is my favorite thing to use. That’s what I would recommend unless the ingredients can’t be used on a vinyl shower.

  20. KarenJ says

    Just a quick question about Dawn. I live overseas and Dawn is an unknown quantity here. (Tide does show up.) Is there a particular element in Dawn that’s not in other detergents? Is there some quality I should look for in alternative detergents that would fulfill the same function? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  21. Tracy says

    I’ve always kept a nail cleaning brush in my laundry center….mainly because I keep a bar of Fels naptha soap there to eub on stains, and for an extra boost, I rub it in with the brush. I will be making some of your stain remover recipe to try…… In my house of boys, I’ve always needed the nail brush for those LARGE grass and “boy” stains….but the use of a toothbrush would be useful for the smaller ones! Thanks again for another good thing!!

  22. Linda says

    If you have an electric toothbrush, save the old toothbrushes & use them on your electric toothbrush for cleaning & laundry. It really helps a lot! You can also get a battery operated brush at Dollar Tree that should work also.

  23. Emily says

    For anyone with issues with colors fading I thought I would share what I use, which is not much different. And I only mix up enough for that particular load of laundry. Also I don’t measure I just eyeball it! I have a little bowl it’s one of those kids/toddler colored throw away or reuse bowls that come with matching lids. Perfect for this home remedy.
    For WHITES ONLY this is what mix up:
    Baking soda
    A dash of borax (I just started using since making my powder detergent. Worked with out but figured this might give it a boost)
    enough dawn (blue dawn) to make it like a paste
    Then maybe a cap or so of hydrogen peroxide

    I mix up an take a toothbrush to scrub spots. Sometimes I let it sit but most of the time I add to right to washer. I swear by it an never buy stain spray.

    For colored clothes I just don’t add the peroxide and instead at a little water. I like it kind of between a paste and watery, it scrubs nicer. If I have a problem with it balling up from the baking soda I just add a little bit more dawn or water. It’s easy and fast to make sometimes I have a little leftover which usually dries up to a thick paste so I just add my new stuff over the top and the thick stuff mixes in.with no problem. It’s easier to switches between color an white loads.

  24. Emily says

    For anyone with issues with colors fading I thought I would share what I use, which is not much different. And I only mix up enough for that particular load of laundry. Also I don’t measure I just eyeball it! I have a little bowl it’s one of those kids/toddler colored throw away or reuse bowls that come with matching lids. Perfect for this home remedy.
    For WHITES ONLY this is what mix up:
    Baking soda
    A dash of borax (I just started using since making my powder detergent. Worked with out but figured this might give it a boost)
    enough dawn (blue dawn) to make it like a paste
    Then maybe a cap or so of hydrogen peroxide

  25. clair says

    Hi Jillee, just tried something successfully and wanted to share it with you. I have enjoyed so many of your tips, and figured I would just pay something back in the same way.

    I have had a nasty, tacky yellow stuff on my formica countertop in my kitchen. I can only think it was something that leached out of a container at some time.

    I had tried everything I could think of to clean it, including an old steak knife to try to dissolve, wash, wipe, or scrape it off. I had used cooking oil to clean some other things but it seemed not to work on this either. Tonight I pondered whether warm cooking oil might not perhaps dissolve it enough to wipe it off? It helped, but when I sprinkled salt over the warmed oil in the counter, took a paper towel doubled over, it simply wiped off with a little pressure and circular wiping. The gunk is gone completely!! I am so delighted!! So…. 1/4 cup of vegetable oil, wamed up 14 secs in microwave, poured on gunk, cheap sea salt scattered liberally, wiped firmly in circular motion to ensure the salt is scouring the gunk off, wiped after. Please feel free to share this once you have tested it to your satisfaction.


    Clair Wall(Mrs.)

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