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My heartfelt thanks goes out to Danielle at Today’s The Best Day for helping me out with today’s blog post while I am in Washington, DC for the United Nations Foundation Global Issues Fellowship & Shot@Life Champion Summit. I’m back later today! YAY!!

This post has some great tips for how to keep things in perspective. :-) Take it away Danielle……..


Pinterest is one of my FAVORITE websites! I love going on to get ideas and to see the next fun thing that I can do for my family. For me, it is a place I can go to get my creative juices flowing and to get that little push to make me do better.

For those of you who do not know what Pinterest is, allow me to explain. Pinterest is a website where you create “boards” of different subjects that interest you. For example, if you like to cook you would create a Cooking Board. Or if you like to travel, you would create a Travel Board. On these boards you “pin” different visual ideas that interest you. It’s a lot like what we used to do with bulletin boards and magazine clippings. For example, if you see a yummy recipe that you HAVE to try, you would pin the recipe to your Cooking Board so you could save it. It’s an easy way to organize what inspires you.



I have heard from a few friends that they don’t go on Pinterest anymore because it makes them feel “not good enough” or it is full of “unrealistic ideas.” To them I reply, Pinterest isn’t about what we can or can’t do and it isn’t about how great of a cook we are or how many fun things we do with our children. It is about challenging ourselves and making us better. Often, in my own life, I feel like I plateau. I am happy, content and feel like I don’t need to improve myself. Pinterest has helped me recognize there is always room for improvement. We can have dreams, goals and things we want to become or achieve one day.

Recently I had the thought – what if my life had it’s own Pinterest board? What if someone logged into my life and saw all of my memories as boards? Would it be interesting? Or would they just exit out and think my life was boring? What if with each chapter in our lives, a new board was created? A wedding board for when you tie the knot, a pregnancy board for when you feel that baby kick for the first time, a kids board for when you have a family of your own.

What do YOU want on your board of life? You may want a board for your husband with pins of love and devotion. You may want a board for your baby with pins of play times, laughs and memories. You may want a board of service with pins of things you do to help your family, friends, neighbors and even strangers. You may want a board for your religion with pins of moments that you were comforted and felt peace. You may want a board for your house with pins of cleanliness and happiness. You may want a board of world travels with pins of experiences and other cultures. Or you may want a board of love with pins that have simply made you happy.


Pinteresting life


I have come up with three things to help each of us create a PIN-teresting life:



Set realistic goals – big and small. You can think about things you would like to achieve today and things you would like to achieve in ten years! There is always room for improvement and growth. We should always be working towards becoming better.


Pinterest boards are very organized. You have your topics and then you have your ideas. Do just that. If you would like to focus on being a better wife, make a list of ideas on how to date your husband or fun things to do to show him that you love him. If you would like to focus on becoming a better cook, gather recipes that sound delicious to you and put them in a safe place. Being organized will not only help you achieve your goals, but will help you SEE your goals. When our goals are right in front of us, we are more apt to work towards them.


Anything is possible. We can’t do everything, but we can do anything. Don’t get distracted and always remember your passion. I have learned that if I am working on something that I truly want to accomplish, I can do it. As long as I focus. Oh and don’t forget to have fun while doing it! :)

I wanted a way to keep track of my “pins” of life without taking up too much space in my home, so I made A Pinteresting Life Bowl. Every day I look back on the things that I have accomplished and write down at least one thing that I was proud of that day. Sometimes they are small things like, “I read a book to Laila.” I would pin that under my board for my baby. Or “I went on a date with Tyson and we tried Indian food for the very first time and loved it!” (This really happened this past weekend!) I would pin that under my board for my husband. I keep the bowl by my bed and I am reminded every time I wake up and go to sleep of the life that I am creating.


Pinteresting life 2

May we all create a PINteresting life. One day we will look back and see the boards that we have created in our own lives. We will see boards of challenges and trials. Possibly boards that brought us sadness and heartache. We will see boards that make us smile and probably see boards that make us laugh.

Look at your board of life on this day…at this very moment. Is it what you want it to look like? Maybe you want to delete a board and create a new one. It is never too late to change. We can always start over again. Start pinning today and experience your life, so you can look back and be proud of the boards and pins of memories that you have made.



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  1. Carol says

    I agree with your comments about why to have a pin board, but I don’t know exactly how to physically create one. Can you someday post a step by step how to do it?id love to create one.Thank you.

    • Lisa says

      In the upper right corner of Pinterest’s webpage, there should be a square box with a plus sign in it ( + ). Click on that plus sign and three options should pull down: Upload a pin, Add from a website, and create a board. Click on Create a Board and your options for naming the board and what category it belongs in will pop up. Hit save and you are good to go!

  2. Susan D says

    I’m with Carol….I’ve seen people’s pin boards, and I understand the concept, but WHERE do these things that you’ve pinned COME from??? I don’t get it! Do they have to be re-pinned from other people’s boards? Can you pin anything from any web site? There’s like a bazillion web sites to get ideas from! Sigh. Maybe I’ll just keep doing things the old fashioned way- I have different folders of ideas (Crafts, Holidays, Outdoor, Decorating etc etc). I like holding the piece of paper in my hand. I subscribe to a lot of magazines and when I see something I like I rip it out and put it in the appropriate file. I guess I’m just a “paper” girl.

    I like the idea of making lists of what you’d like to achieve, goals, etc. I have a saying on my fridge:

    “When’s the last time you did something for the first time?”

    • says

      I used to clip magazine articles too. I drove my husband insane, especially since we moved all the time. LOL I find Pinterest SOOO much easier! You can repin anything you see on the Pinterest website. To pin things from a website, go to your Pinterest homepage. In the right hand corner it says “more”, mouse over it & find where it says SHORTCUTS Get the Pin It Button. Click on that & it will give you instructions on how to add a Pin It button to your toolbar. Then when you see something anywhere on the web (except Facebook :( ) you just click the Pin It button & it will bring up all the pinnable pictures to choose from. It makes it simple to pin from anywhere! Hope this helps!

  3. Kim says

    I used to be such a Pinterest addict, but then I think I became overwhelmed with everything I had pinned and had not done. Now I just get on Pinterest when I need something. With that being said, I have found tons of new dinner recipes for my family, snack ideas for my kids, crafts for my preschool class, cleaning tips, and even crafts/decorating ideas for my home, and I’m not crafty in the least bit. Pinterest is an awesome tool. Thanks for the reminder to keep things in perspective!

  4. SK says

    Interesting idea…. unlike as mentioned by another reader above, it is NOT depressing. Just gives you another prospective, rather than feeling inadequate, which I must agree pinterest makes me feel when I look at all the wonderful things people can do or have done…. but rather than feeling unaccomplished or under accomplished, I have started incorporating ideas from the boards, be it recipes, crafting ideas or organization. Life is too short, why waste it by thinking what you could have done, rather focus on what can be done and do it, even if the idea is not yours. I have finally accepted the fact I am not a genius (sigh! Alas!) but that doesn’t mean I cannot learn things from others and do it myself. :-) setting realistic goals is what is most important and figuring out what your priorities are …. dont get bogged down by what others are saying or doing. Happy day everyone!

  5. Crystle says

    I really enjoy Pinterest and have found some awesome recipes. The corndog casserole is great for potluck at church. There is also an out of this world no knead bread recipe, not to mention your mom’s English muffin bread. My family LOVES the English muffin bread.

  6. Sheryl Adkins says

    Sounds wonderful. I can’t seem to find the app anywhere. On my phone it says to download now, but not on my ipad. Can you explain how I get this on my ipad? Can’t wait to try it!

  7. says

    I have always been a “clipper” but after years of this had been drowning in paper , despite using notebooks . Pinterest has solved this, BUT they really need to offer the ability to get to the BOTTOM of pages instead of just going up. Many boards have thousands of entries and if you find a good one, you like to get into the older entries.

  8. says

    I loved this article, thanks for sharing it! It’s sad that we always feel the need to compare ourselves to one another, but it’s something that we all do in all areas of life, not just Pinterest. We can feel inadequate in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, churches, social groups, reading other’s blogs & looking at Pinterest. This doesn’t mean we can just stop going to work! It just means we have to change our perception. Remember what we are good at & draw from others who excel in areas that we do not. Like everything in life, you get out of Pinterest what you put into it. I have well over 10,000 pins & am content to have tried less than 50 things. I enjoy having things at my fingertips when I need them.
    I think your idea of a Pinteresting Life Bowl is great way to help us remember that what we do is pin-worthy too! Every day in our lives has at least one interesting thing, we just need to recognize it! I pinned it! :)

  9. Cris K. says

    Thank you, Danielle, for this inspiring article. I really like your “Pin-teresting Life Bowl” idea, whether it’s a physical ‘bowl’ or ‘bag’, or even as a board on Pinterest! We tend to forget or downplay our daily accomplishments, especially the smaller ones. I’m in my 60′s and got interested in Pinterest a couple of years ago, and absolutely love it! I recently made a board of books I’ve read and wrote a short review of each one. I have a secret board called my “Bucket List” of things I want to do or accomplish. My recipe board is full of wonderful recipes I want to try and have tried (it’s the first place I go to search for a recipe I want to try), even though I have physical binders I’ve made of recipes I’ve torn out of magazines – years’ worth, exactly!!) I have a ‘Crafty’ board (tons pinned here) and a ‘Hallowe’en’ board (I’m crazy about Hallowe’en) to inspire me to create! For anyone feeling that Pinterest is depressing, take one area of your life that you want to build on or change (maybe it’s a garden, maybe it’s a child’s room, maybe you want to try sewing, maybe you want to change a certain behavior, etc.), create a board for that area, and pin things to of interest to YOU relating to that area…when you’re ready, start with ONE thing on that board, even if it’s a small one, and you have started to increase your self-esteem one step at a time. Everyone can find a reason to have a board on Pinterest….AND you can check it anywhere (not just on your computer). Danielle, you’ve inspired me to start a daily accomplishment board – thank you!!

  10. Janet says

    I don’t think I need a bowl of papers to remind me of my accomplishments. I know if I did something new, or achieved a goal.

    And, I don’t find Pinterest depressing at all, it gives me creative ideas. I get gardening ideas, sewing hints, and of course, recipes.

  11. Kathleen says

    Awe Barbara….you could have bowed out quietly and gracefully and enjoyed the blessing of not contaminating others with your negative comment.
    Thanks Karen for escorting her out.
    I LOVE this site and find it very fun and helpful!
    Keep up the good work, Jilly and Co.

    • Sk says

      Thanks for your comment… Completely agree with you. Seriously what is wrong with people, why does everyone have to be rude and negative. I know it is a free country with freedom of speech…. But people are forgetting their manners and politeness. If you don’t like something, how about just keeping it to yourself…. I know you don’t have to say something nice all the time…. But if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all (rather than be rude and hurt someone).

  12. CTY says

    Using pinterest as it is in the context of this post seems like another way of keeping a journal (which is cool). It seems like it would be particularly useful for someone who wants to start keeping a journal but doesn’t know where/how to start. The bowl with its slips seems like a very good visual reminder of the good things in life that “pile up” and not just the “other piles” we contend with e.g. kitchen garbage, papers to file, laundry. I can see it helping when someone feels overwhelmed/depressed and would otherwise overlook some of the good things in their life.
    Thanks for the perspective.

  13. Carol says

    I’m fairly new on Pinterest after resisting for months. I have boards for sewing, knitting, gardening, Czech heritage, backyard chickens…other stuff. So far I haven’t actually made anything from the sites I’ve pinned, but I love snooping around and dreaming about what I’ll do “someday.” I do have to get a grip, however, because it can be a very deep time pit!

    I have a question about Pinterest etiquette: I am occasionally notified on my email account when someone pins something from one of my boards. Am I supposed to respond in some way? Or just think “Well, OK,” delete, and move on? I’ve been taking the latter course, but I have this lurking question about why I’m sent these messages if I’m not supposed to take some kind of action.

    I think the idea about a Pinterest approach to one’s life is intriguing. I’ll spend some time thinking about that…”someday.”

    • says

      Carol, I don’t think you need to feel like you need to DO anything when you get a notification that someone has pinned something from your boards. You can actually get those notifications turned off if you want. Just look under your Pinterest settings. Hope this helps!

  14. Sue says

    I have never walked away from Pinterest feeling anything less than entertained. My Pinterest boards are about things that make me happy: quotes, pictures, humor, whatever. I even have a board about my favorite color, pink : ) Much like all of life, Pinterest is what you make of it. Enjoy it!!

  15. Lynn says

    Pinterest is an evolving thing for me. When I’m working on a project or hobby, traveling etc. I do a lot of Google searches on the topic. Then I Pin an image from a web page that I’ve found something on. Once the project is completed I can delete the board from my page. It’s so much better than bookmarking a page because of the visual reminder you get with the pin. I also love search Pinterest for other pins that people add to their boards. It is a wealth of ideas and answers!
    I wish I could sort my Pinterest boards after they have been added. The last board you create is also the last board on your page so there’s a lot of scrolling down to get to it.

    • Darlene says

      Just found out you can move your boards around. Go to the screen that shows all your boards. Click and drag the board where you want it to go. It can be time consuming if you have lots of boards. Hope this helps.

  16. Wanda Borup says

    Jillee, I just want to say, I LOVE being subscribed to your website. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into it giving such good advice, tips, recipes and sometimes, humor. I can’t imagine anyone who is subscribed wanting to opt out. When I open my email in the morning yours is one of the very first I look for before going through the others. Thank you so much for making my days so much brighter and giving information I can share with my friends and family. God bless you and yours…….

  17. Alexis says

    Day One is a terrific app for creating a Pintersting life. 1000 gifts is also a great read and resource. Pinterest is awesome! I love all of the wonderful teaching ideas teachers post as well as food, crafts, beauty, how-to, DIY, etc.

  18. Donna says

    I’m new to pintrest only joined a few months ago. I LOVE it. As a creative soul I find inspirtation as well as endless tutorials, for free!
    I’m also gluten intolerant and find many ways to enjoy finding new ways to prepare old favorites
    It also keeps me organized. Another bonus is that my “favorites” list on my browser is much smaller and managable because all the visual sites I love are on pintrest now.

    Nice blog thanks for sharing.

  19. says

    I don’t understand why some readers react so negatively to a person who is no longer interested in this site. I didn’t find her comment rude. She simply wanted to know how to unsubscribe. She even said “sorry”. The only negative I read was in readers response to her. I am surprised and saddened at how quickly some people strike out and indulge in name calling.

  20. says

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