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Bahn Mi Inspired Dump Chicken Tacos

Bahn Mi Inspired Dump Chicken Tacos

We have a Taco Tuesday tradition at our house...but this week I'm making an exception because you're going to want to make these tacos that Kaitlyn is sharing as soon as possible! :-) Kaitlyn writes..... Last October, Jillee did a post on Lemon Garlic Dump Chicken. In the 8 months since she posted that recipe it has been ... Continue Reading

How To Make “Brick Chicken”

Brick Chicken

I love roast chicken! It seems like I pick up one of those rotisserie chickens at the grocery store at least once a week for dinner. While this is a quick and convenient option, I pay a premium for the privilege and they're not nearly as good as the slow-roasted chicken I make at home! Fortunately I have discovered a way to ... Continue Reading

One Of Our Favorite Dinners – Chicken Casserole & Creamed Corn

Chicken Casserole 21

It's your lucky day! Your reward for stopping by today is not ONE....but TWO delicious recipes! Well, at least WE think they are delicious! As a matter of fact...they are two of our family's FAVORITE dishes! In honor of my mother-in-law Dorothy...I'm sharing HER recipe for Chicken Casserole. I've been meaning to post this for ... Continue Reading

Hearty White Bean Chicken Chili

Chicken Chili Soup

Even though we are starting to see light at the end of the long, cold winter tunnel, in my opinion, a good chili recipe can be eaten any time of year! Especially my FAVORITE type of chili! I have tried several different recipes for White Chicken Chili, from a simple "dump it all in" crockpot version with black beans to a very ... Continue Reading

Chicken Enchilada Lasagna For A Crowd!


A couple of weeks ago I got a surprise text message from an old friend I used to work with when I was producing a television talk show in Salt Lake City. Julie was the director of the early morning news and occasionally directed my show as well. One of the fun things about working the early morning shift was the sense of ... Continue Reading

A Bowlful Of Love! Cafe Rio-Inspired Chicken Tortilla Soup

chicken tortilla soup 2

Today I am confessing my undying love for chicken soup! I don't know if it's this time of year, or what, but lately I have been obsessed with the stuff! There is just something so magical about the steamy broth combined with tender chicken, vegetables, and whatever else your palate desires! That's another thing I love about ... Continue Reading

Chicken Roll-Ups + 40 More New Years Appetizer Ideas

Chicken Roll-Ups + 40 Other New Years Eve Appetizer Ideas

Is anyone sick of holiday eating yet? Me either! :-) Especially since New Years Eve and New Years Day often involve appetizers, or "small bites" as I like to call them. I am a big fan of small bites! This recipe we are sharing today is absolutely perfect for whatever type of celebration you have in mind this week. And of course ... Continue Reading