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“Homemade Cleaners” Class Information


Welcome MECCA Attendees! Here are all the details about the cleaners I demonstrated in class today, as well as a few others that I wanted you to know about!! :-) We've included the price breakdowns under each product for your reference. To get the recipes for each product, simply click on the name! - Jillee Note: If you would ... Continue Reading

Ten Good Things By You!

removing strawberry stems

  Happy Monday everyone! I am SO happy to be home after having SO much fun at BlogHer '13 in Chicago. I was actually feeling kind of depressed last night about it being over after having been anticipating it for so long. Ever feel that way?  Like at the end of a really great vacation? Well, today is a new day, the ... Continue Reading

Homemade Fabric Refresher That’s A “Breeze” to Make!

fabric refresher 6

This is another of those "good things" I've been meaning to try for....forever!  I was reminded I hadn't done so the other day when someone emailed me asking about it...again! I figured it must be time! So I went into my vast collection of bookmarks and pulled up some recipes I had found online that looked promising. Problem ... Continue Reading

Giving "Bounce" Dryer Sheets the Bounce!

At the risk of annoying you with yet another "tale from my laundry room", I have one more D.I.Y. laundry idea I have been using for a couple of weeks now that I just have to share. I'm hoping you will humor me. :-)I have been buying Bounce Dryer Sheets as long as I can remember. LOVE the smell! Never really even considered an ... Continue Reading