Meet The Team!

It is with great pride and (a even little bit of giddiness) that I get the distinct honor of introducing you to “The Team” here at One Good Thing By Jillee. After reading everyone’s bio’s (that I had to repeatedly threaten them with bodily harm to get them to do!)….I am practically bursting at the seams with pride and gratitude. :-)  I am very fortunate to have such a talented, and dedicated bunch (not to mention DARN good-lookin’) to work with and I wanted all of you to get a glimpse of who is “behind the scenes” making One Good Thing By Jillee tick!




Scott Warner

Scott has been an entrepreneur from a very young age. All the old adages apply, he could “sell ice to Eskimos” and “charm the fuzz off a peach.” As the oldest of five siblings, he is a natural in the leadership role. In addition to his role as One Good Thing by Jillee’s President, Scott is also currently CEO of GIGG, and has served as the VP of Sales at Pinnacle Security, a leading home security provider, for the last 11 years. Scott’s business philosophy is to always go with your gut when it comes to business, because 99.9% of the time your gut feeling is right! That philosophy has served him and One Good Thing by Jillee well.

Besides being the marketing guru behind One Good Thing, Scott is also Jillee’s nephew and an avid sports fan. Maybe more like a sports NUT. He lives for Dodger games and has been to every Major League Baseball All-Star game since 2007, a tradition he plans on continuing with his two (soon to be three) boys until the day he dies. He is married to the lovely Mickell who is expecting their 4th child in March. Scott’s favorite Jillee posts are the one about his Super Simple Championship Chili and How to Make Your Own Altoid Mints.



Andrew Pincock

While hailing from the D.C. area, Andrew Pincock has lived around the world—including France and Russia! He graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Economics and Accounting and has spent the past ten years in the internet industry, currently CEO of Trafficado and advisor to Rare Media. His experience in online payments, web-based software applications, online media, consumer internet tools, and search marketing has helped One Good Thing’s internet marketing and IT related efforts. Basically he’s the one everyone runs to when there is a technical issue and the person that Jillee is most likely to call with “S.O.S.”!   When not exploring cyberspace, Andrew enjoys reading and spending time with his wife and four kids.
A couple of his favorite posts include the bathroom cabinet makeover and the super simple championship chili.



Rich Goates

Working through college by selling alarm systems across the country, it’s no wonder Rich Goates chose a profession where his job is keeping people safe. Currently an attorney specializing in compliance, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University and went on to earn his Juris Doctorate from Creighton University.
Rich gets the privilege of doing all the fun stuff on Jillee’s site—the Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use, the fine print, and just all-around keeping Jillee out of trouble.
Having graduated from two Universities without football teams, he has never been a big college sports fan. Instead, he is a passionate Utah Jazz fan and loves the NBA. He is also great at stupid human party tricks with his double-jointed hips, fingers, and one big toe!
His favorite Jillee post is any post not involving the unauthorized use of a registered trademark. But, trademarks aside, Jillee’s food posts always seem to be his favorites.



Kaitlyn Nystul

Kaitlyn Nystul is a native California girl who grew up in sunny Orange County. She moved to Utah for college and graduated with a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Brigham Young University. After graduation, she married Jillee’s oldest son Erik and made beautiful Heber City, UT a permanent home. They recently enjoyed a first addition to their family, a Boxer puppy named Milo. Kaitlyn loves spending time with family and friends and going on dates with her husband. She and Erik have been known to divide their date-nights between a movie/shopping trip, or a Real Salt Lake match.
Kaitlyn is the Executive Assistant to the Jillee team and loves it! She does anything and everything that needs to be done for the blog. She is a blog-addict herself, and loves being involved. Her interests vary greatly; she is quite the ‘fashionista’, but can also be found glued to “The Walking Dead” – her favorite T.V. show. She can sing you every Garth Brooks hit and every song from the musical ‘Oklahoma!’
Kaitlyn’s favorite Jillee post is “Goodbye to Yellow Armpit Stains.” She tends to be a bit of a klutz and has used the cleaner to remove everything from blackberry smoothie to hair color off of her clothes.



Britta Nystul

Recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Utah, Britta Nystul oversees social media for One Good Thing. She helps Jillee to make sure everyone’s questions are answered and plans strategy for spreading the word about the website far and wide!
Britta is proud to call herself a nerd and loves Harry Potter, geeking out over sci-fi TV shows, and spending way too much time on sites/blogs devoted to these things. She also likes taking naps whenever possible.
Britta’s favorite One Good Thing by Jillee post has to be the recipe for English Muffin Bread for two reasons: the bread is seriously delicious, and because she thinks it really encapsulates the spirit of One Good Thing: doing things yourself, whether making a cleaning solution or baking bread, can be simple, affordable, and fun!




<Insert Your Name Here>

While I can’t write a bio for each and every one of you who spend time with us on this website, I did want to point out that I consider ALL OF YOU part of “The Team” as well. I have maintained from VERY early on in this journey that it’s the readers and the people (like yourselves) who contribute to the dialogue on this website and the forum who make it such a great community! So THANK YOU….for being part of “The Team”. :-)