Tuesday, December 10, 2013

31 Ways To Use Labels & Tags This Holiday! Plus, A $200 Staples Gift Card Giveaway!


Back in October I was invited to attend the Click Blogger Retreat in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I learned more about photography in that weekend than my entire life! I also had the honor of planning the closing party for this group of amazing bloggers from all over the country. Have you ever planned a party for 70 people from 2000 miles away? lol.  Neither had I! But with the help of my trusty assistants, Kaitlyn and Britta, we somehow pulled it off!

Since Avery (the label king!) was the generous sponsor of the party, we wanted to incorporate some of their nifty products into the party decorations, which wasn’t very hard because they have so many cool things to work with! Here are just a few!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Make Your Own “Dream Sticks” + An Essential Oils Giveaway!

dream sticks


Good Monday morning everyone! Welcome to DAY 8 of Jillee’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! Over the last week we have given away some pretty amazing stuff! A KitchenAid, a Mini iPad, a Canon DSLR camera, a $500 IKEA gift card….just to name a few! And we still have 5 awesome giveaways to go!  But more about that in a minute…………

Over the last couple of months I have been heralding the benefits of a new essential oil blend called Dream that has been helping me (and many, many others) get a better night’s sleep!

The first time I experienced the magic of this blend was when my sister Rebecca made me some of her Dream-y Sleep Salve. I’d been having a hard time sleeping, so one night I slathered it all over my feet, put some socks on and slept like a baby all night long! I was sold! I made up a batch for myself and have been using it ever since!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

How To Create The Perfect Holiday Topknot + A Canon DSLR Camera Giveaway!

ultimate topknot


Friday night my husband Dave and I went out to dinner to a local steakhouse and were surrounded by several large groups that were having Christmas parties! Tis the season for holiday merriment! I personally went to two parties last week and have 3 more THIS week, including one I’m hosting for my family this coming Saturday!

Since most of us will be attending some sort of holiday party this season, I thought it would be fun to offer a festive holiday hairstyle tutorial for your consideration. And since I am no hairstyle expert, I turned to my stylish friends at Small Fry Blog for some help.

I really admire Emily, Nicole, and Jenna’s fun and easy going style (Emily actually helped me put together outfits for a big conference last year that I posted about HERE.) That style translates to their blog as well. If you have littles ones, or are a Grandma, Aunt, or surrogate Mom to some…..you definitely will want to check out their blog for all things “small.”

Take it away gals!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Home “Refresh” + A $500 IKEA Gift Card Giveaway!

home refresh

Our home turned 17 years old this year and it was time for a change. We didn’t necessarily want to move, because we like our house and where we live, but after more than a decade and a half, the old domicile had seen better days. We weighed our options and decided that for US “improving” vs. “moving” was the way to go. It turns out the economic slump has actually made renovating your home a bit easier. The construction-industry slowdown has lowered the cost of building materials, and many contractors are charging less for labor, to compete for the smaller pool of available jobs.

Of course, you’ll still need to come up with cash to pay for the project, but as a general rule, improving costs less than moving.

Friday, December 6, 2013

25 Ways To Organize Your Gift Wrapping + A $250 Organize.com Gift Card Giveaway

gift wrap organization

Yesterday I talked about how Christmas cards have started arriving and I needed a way to display them. TODAY I’m talking about all the Christmas GIFTS I ordered online that have started arriving. It’s becoming a fairly intimidating pile of boxes in my office and now I am consumed with the thought of wrapping everything. Of course my DREAM would be to have a gift wrapping ROOM in my house….or even just the CORNER of a room would be better than the 5 gallon bucket in my office closet that serves as my “gift-wrapping station” now. (And I use that term VERY loosely!)

So today I decided to get serious about coming up with SOME sort of gift wrapping organization and turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Boy oh boy…did I find inspiration! There are ENDLESS ideas on Pinterest for whipping your gift wrapping supplies into shape…but I had a few criteria in mind that eliminated a good percentage of them.

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