Preorder Notification List for Jillee’s Book

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  1. says

    CANNOT WAIT to order this book! You have saved my house and my wallet on countless occasions. Thank you so much for these wonderful suggestions! XXOO!

  2. says

    Sorry guys…it’s probably a little confusing that there isn’t a send button. Just type in your email and hit enter on your keyboard.

  3. says

    Hi Jan! I don’t actually know how much it’s going to be quite yet :( But I’ll be sure to send out an update when I do know.

  4. di says

    It may be too late but can I suggested a binding that allows the book to be laid flat while reading. I find this very helpful when I’m working on a “recipe”. Those coated wire spiral bindings are great for that.

  5. Cathy Taylor says

    Any idea when it will come out? Also, I posted a question yesterday on FB asking if you have a recipe for homemade Bisquick mix and haven’t recieved a reply yet. Thanks in advance for a reply.

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