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9 Purses And Handbags That OGT Readers Love

four of OGT Reader's Favorite Purses

I love a good handbag, so I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for cute bags with practical features (and seeking recommendations from anyone willing to share them!) Lately, I’ve been on a quest to find the best purse for every occasion, so I reached out to my most reliable source: my readers!

After the great response I got after posting on my Facebook page asking for recommendations for comfortable shoes (which turned into a very useful blog post about the most comfortable shoes), I thought I’d return to Facebook to ask about the best purses. Yet again, I received excellent input, and that led to the creation of this post!

In addition to highlighting the brands many readers mentioned by name, the list below also includes handbags that I picked based on features that readers identified as being useful or desirable in a purse. Each of the bags I personally selected has an average rating of over 4.5 stars, so you’re sure to find a new favorite!

Learn my hack for keeping purses organized and looking their best by watching the video at the end of this post!

9 Of The Best Purses And Bags, According To OGT Readers

black messenger bag - the most practical purse

1. The Practical Travel Bag – Travelon Women’s Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

If you’re looking for a bag that’s practical, functional, and durable, this bag is a great option! It’s a favorite for travel because of its thoughtfully designed compartments and security features. Here’s what one reader had to say about it:

  • “This is the perfect bag! I purchased this for a trip, but just continued using it once I got home. There’s a convenient pouch for your credit cards, a water bottle pouch that zips away when not in use, and the main compartment is very roomy. It also has quite a few safety features, like a slash-resistant strap, RFID-blocking technology around the credit cards, and tiny clips that lock each compartment. I love it!” – Brittany
Cute classic little black purse

2. The Little Bag – Roulens Small Crossbody Shoulder Bag

This small bag is perfect for times when you only need your phone, a couple of credit cards, and lipgloss. It keeps things simple, while still keeping your hands free!

Black Aitbags Clutch with crossbody chain - perfect dress purse

3. The Clutch – HOXIS Minimalist Evening Envelope Clutch

This simple clutch would be perfect to carry on a night out. It has a cute chain strap that you can use to turn it into a crossbody bag too!

three-bag purse set in red: a clutch purse, a tote, and a medium crossbody purse

4. The Bag Set – LOVEVOOK 3-Piece Purse Set

Why have just one purse when you can have three? This set includes a large tote, a medium-sized crossbody bag, and a smaller clutch. Use one at a time, or mix and match depending on what you need!

triple zip crossbody bag in green

5. The Pockets Bag – Alyssa Triple Zip Crossbody Bag

This bag is perfect for anyone who prioritizes pockets. It has three zip compartments so you’ll have a place for everything! It also comes in 21 different colors, so you can have a bag to match every outfit.

black faux leather backpack purse

6. The Backpack – B&E LIFE Faux Leather Backpack

Some people prefer a backpack-style bag like this cute, PU leather option. It’s not as large or capacious as a school backpack, so it’s much more convenient to carry around. It will keep your hands free without getting in the way.

brown hobo bag, a practical purse with lots of room

7. The Hobo Bag – Realer Hobo Bag

This is a cute option for those who like roomy, slouchy hobo bags. You can pack all your stuff into it with room to spare! And thanks to the removable strap, you can use it as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

brown leather look laptop purse

8. The Tote Bag – ECOSUSI Laptop Tote

I’ve become more of a fan of totes in the past few years. (As long as they’re not TOO big because that just leads to me carrying around more stuff than I need.) This one accommodates a 15″ laptop, is sturdy and structured enough to stand up on its own, and has a classic appearance that would look great on your arm in any setting.

four high-end Dooney & Bourke bags that OGT readers love

9. The High-End Favorite – Dooney & Bourke Bags

If you’re willing to splurge on an expensive but well-crafted purse, you can’t go wrong with Dooney & Bourke. These bags come in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices, and the brand was the most frequently mentioned by far in the responses to my query on Facebook. Here’s a few snippets from D&B fans…

  • “My big old Dooney bag. I’ve carried it for the better part of five years and will until the strap falls off. Then I’m getting the strap fixed and carrying it until the bottom falls out. Then I’m giving it a good Christian burial in the yard because it is the best bag ever!!!” – Erin
  • “Dooney & Bourke. Cost me $400 but lasted 10 years without even so much as a scuff.” – Lacey
  • “Definitely Dooney & Bourke!!! I love all of mine!!!” – Mary
a bag organizer is the best way to transfer from one practical purse to another

BONUS: The Bag Organizer – OMYSTYLE Purse Organizer

This isn’t technically a purse, but every purse enthusiast should have one! Purse organizers are essential for those who switch between bags often. This felt organizer comes in 5 different sizes and over a dozen different colors, and has plenty of pockets to keep your stuff organized.

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What’s your go-to purse or bag?

YouTube video
I’ve tried many different methods of storing my purses, and this is my favorite by far!

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  • My day-to-day look is very casual, and purse thefts are commonplace in my area sadly. So I decided on an inexpensive small backpack, with cut-resistant straps and only a single zipper opening that faces my back. I put a mini-backpack organizer insert in it, holds everything my purse used to (a lot), is hands free, and stores don’t mind because it’s small and there’s no opening on the outside. Best purse I’ve ever had, should have done it sooner.

  • The only thing about Dooney is they have terrible customer service. My husband tried surprising me with a bag they had on sale. I have 3 other Dooney bags but this one was special because it was during the pandemic and probably outside of our budget. He wanted to cheer me up. He ordered the wrong size. They have a bag with the same name in 3 difference sized. I called them and asked if I could exchange the bag paying the difference for the next size up at the sale price. Because I received the bag one day after the sale ended they said NO. I could not control when I received the bag and I explained what happened. They refused. Also I have a bag that needs repair. When I contacted them about that they said I could send it in and get it fixed and I would pay for it (which I am FINE with) but if they felt it couldn’t be fixed they would keep the bag. I thought that’s insane. No more Dooney for me. As tempted as I am, those two experiences taught me nope. Customer service is everything. My husband took me to Kohls and bought me the cutes bag and at 1 quarter of the price and I get compliments on it everywhere I go.

  • Travelon makes all styles and colors of bags. They have straps/handles with metal mesh inside so virtually impossible for anyone to “cut and run”. Zippers have lobster claw for fastening. Great for travel, especially in areas where pick-pockets prevail.

  • I purchased my first Dooney & Bourke several months ago & have to say that it is the best constructed bag that I have ever owned. My only problem with it is the weight. That bugger is heavy! Does anyone else have a problem with that or is it just the style of bag I chose?

  • After the umpteenth time grabbing my purse and running out the door just to later find I had left my wallet, phone, etc., I now have a see-thru purse (aka stadium bag). Maybe not the most stylish, but it is all about convenience and practicality for me. I just hold it up for a quick inventory, then I’m out the door. There are tons of styles from messenger to tote to muti-pocket. Best thing ever!

  • Another great bag is the Duluth Trading Oil Cloth Sling Bag. Regularly $54.50 but can be found on sale for less. This has a wallet section built in and large covered section for larger items, which is accessible with the top zipper in the flap. Also an open pocket area on the back which I put an ipad into. If not the ipad, keys, iphone etc.

    I have it in several colors. Mine are a couple of years old but don’t look it!

  • The best bag I’ve EVER owned…. I won’t even give it up for summer styling (it’s black). It’s made by Coach and it’s also the most expensive purse I’ve ever purchased, but worth every penny!

  • I like Baggalini and Multi-sac for great function. These are great for traveling. I’m not into printed handbags that much, but one of the very best bags I have ever bought was a Vera Bradley black quilted nylon bag. I have used it a lot and it still looks great.

  • Just a little FYI-I clicked right through on #1-the Piazza Daybag-it just so happens to have a 20% off coupon RIGHT NOW through Amazon. Click to redeem as you add it to your card! Thumbs up! I am getting it in black. Perfect bag for my lifestyle! Thanks for this-I found quite a few I’d like to try.

  • I love my MultiSac backpack purse. It has seven zippered compartments on the outside alone. Inside, there are two 3” x 4” drop in pockets on one side and a 5” deep by 6” wide zippered pocket on the other side. I never wear it as a backpack, though. I prefer to wear it over one shoulder or as a crossbody when I’m shopping where I’m bending over and picking up things to keep it from swinging around and getting in my way. Maybe I SHOULD wear it as a backpack after all.

  • I challenge you to go without a purse. I have witnessed so many women leave their purse on a chair or table in a crowded room and walk away. Not safe in my mind. I make sure that my clothes have pockets. I mostly just carry my wallet, phone and keys. Think about what items you have in your purse; I bet many are just in case items that could be left in the car or a desk drawer at work.

    • Sorry, but I have my phone… which keeps getting LARGER, my money and credit cards, photo ID, sunglasses, tissues and mints for myself, husband and grandkids, lipstick as well as mace and keys…. nope, my purse is a MUST-HAVE everywhere I go because I wouldn’t be able to keep my cargo pants up if they held all my ‘necessities’!

  • I carry Vera Bradley handbags and matching wallets. I like the variety of handbags Vera Bradley offers and the price points. I love the overall variety of patterns, colors and styles that Vera Bradly offers. I change handbags sometimes weekly, monthly, or on a whim, almost like shoes.

  • I’m glad that some of these are actually affordable. For work I just use a tote because I have to bring certain stuff. And also we have to wear aprons, so I keep a plastic bag in my tote for when I take if off after work.

  • For safety, I use only a fanny pack especially when shopping. It holds glasses and sun glasses, keys and checkbook/money and tissues. It is always with you so you can walk away from your cart without fear of someone snatching your purse. And it is hands free. I just turn it around and put the pack in front so no one can open it without my knowledge.

  • I have bought soo many purses and swear by my Dooney bag. Never have I had a bag that kept its shape and looked new for years. I will not purchase another bag unless its a Dooney. I am fortunate to have a Dooney and Bourke outlet close so I am going this week to get my new spring bag!

  • I love a crossbody handbag and it has to be 26 to28 inches on a strap cause i usea cane for walking and i need my hands free so i bought several good bags the best i like are shariff, he makes very awesome bags , i am using one that i purchased several years ago but not i am looking for something liter weight cloth maybe i like nocole miller too.

    • I’m a Coach girl, too! Vintage Coach can be found gently used on eBay (check seller ratings) at good prices, plus the older bags are often made with better quality leather. I’ve paid about the same for a good, used Coach purse as for a cheap discount store bag that starts looking shabby after a few months.

      That said, if you tend to go for super-trendy styles – get the knockoff. A classic, timeless, quality handbag is worth the investment, but it’s ridiculous to spend big bucks on something that will be hopelessly dated by next season. Buy cheap, enjoy it for a while, then get rid of it guilt-free when the fad has passed.

    • I agree! I have a Coach bag that I’ve had for 40 years (Seriously! even though that couldn’t be- because I’m not that old, lol ;-P) and it looks better than the day I bought it. I LOVE Coach originals.

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