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25 Reasons To LOVE Citrus Essential Oils!

Yesterday morning when I was making up the marinade for my Carne Asada that we were going to have for dinner, I realized that I didn’t have any oranges or even any orange juice on hand. The recipe calls for lemon juice and orange juice and while I love the orange, the lemon really gives it a special kick.

So I was a weighing my options about how to proceed when I remembered the Lemon essential oil I had in my collection and decided to give that a try! Since essential oil is highly concentrated I only added a couple of drops, but the result was perfection! It gave the carne asada just the right flavor!

After dinner I got to thinking about how great essential oils are…and especially citrus EO’s. I just love them all. Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit….they all make me happy. And they are SO versatile!

Here are just SOME of the amazing ways you can use Citrus Essential Oils:

Lemon Essential Oil

  • Energy boost – Add lemon to a glass of water and drink up!
  • De-Gummer – Got gum in your hair? Lemon oil will save the day!
  • Dishwashing Brightener – Add some lemon oil to your dishwasher soap container. Your dishes will sparkle!
  • Respiratory Rescue – Add some lemon oil to your humidifier to ease colds, coughs, and other upper respiratory problems.
  • Mental Pick-Me-Up – Diffuse some lemon essential oil when you’re feeling a little blue and your disposition should turn sunny before you know it.

Citrus Essential Oils

Lime Essential Oil

  • Deodorant – Mix one drop of lime oil with 2 drops of coconut oil and apply under the arms. It’s not an antiperspirant but it does make a great deodorant.
  • Dry Erase Board Cleaner – One of the coolest aspects of lime is its de-gunking abilities. Add one drop at a time to a gunky dry erase board and rub with a rag to remove marker, crayon, and buildup.
  • Flavor Enhancer – Hate the taste of plain water? Add a drop of lime to zest it up and promote your health at the same time.
  • Sore Throat – Add a drop of lime and a drop of lemon essential oil to your hot tea, or add to warm water to gargle and alleviate soreness.

Citrus Essential Oils

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

  • Anxiety Relief – The aromatic use of orange can calm the nervous system and the mind. Try rubbing a drop between your hands and cupping to your nose in times of stress.
  • Calm Constipation – Massage 2 drops of orange oil with 2 drops of coconut oil in a clockwise rotation over the entire abdomen 2-3 times a day.
  • Add Taste to Cooking – Add a drop to a smoothie, or a drop or less to frosting for flavoring. Or add to carne asada marinade. :-)
  • Tummy Troubles – Massage into the belly counter-clockwise 2-3 times a day to ease an upset stomach.
  • Sleep Aid – Sweet orange essential oil can be uplifting and stimulating to some, but usually has a calming effect which can decrease worry or restlessness and help you sleep.

Citrus Essential Oils

Tangerine Essential Oil

  • Massage Oil – Massage into the skin to treat muscle cramps and stiff, painful joints.
  • Corn Remedy – A drop of tangerine a day for 30 days or less will remove corns from your toes.
  • Water Retention Aid – Helps reduce levels of water retention and can improve blood circulation. Add to water and drink.
  • Prevent Stretch Marks – Add a drop or two to a quarter-sized amount of lotion and rub on abdomen. You should always check with a doctor or natural health professional before using any essential oil when you are pregnant.

Citrus Essential Oils

Grapefruit Essential Oil

  • Appetite Suppression – Curbs cravings and emotional eating or binge eating when used aromatically.
  • Sugar Cravings – Inhale grapefruit essential oil from the bottle whenever you’re craving sugar, and considering taking as a dietary supplement 1-3 times a day by adding it to your water.
  • Jet Lag – Use grapefruit while traveling to help elevate your energy levels. Add it to your water bottles or inhale from the bottle.
  • Hair Tonic – It stimulates the hair follicles and aids in hair growth. It also helps encourage thick, strong hair and treats dandruff.

Citrus Essential Oils

Bergamot Essential Oil

  • Scar Fading – Bergamot is used extensively in cosmetics and skin-care products because it contains an agent which makes the distribution of pigments and melanin even and uniform, resulting in the fading of scars.
  • Ease Muscle Tension – Mix a few drops of bergamot essential oil into your body lotions or massage oils, helping to relieve muscle tension and inflammation. Add just 1 to 2 drops at a time, mixing well and testing the aroma until you reach your desired strength.
  • Acne Remedy – Create your own acne solution by mixing one part bergamot with 5 parts aloe vera gel. Because bergamot is naturally antiseptic and anti-fungal, it can be used on acne, athlete’s foot, eczema, fungal skin infections and more. Apply the solution twice a day, diluting further if you experience any skin irritation.

An important word of caution: Some oils, especially the citrus oils, are photosensitive. When using photosensitizing oil, wait a minimum of six hours before exposing skin to UV rays. The stronger and more lengthy the UV rays, the longer the wait should be.

What essential oils do I use?
Have a question about essential oils? Curious about what brand of essential oils I prefer? Find the answers in my Essential Oils FAQ!

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