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48 Items To Have In Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

Stay ahead of any wedding day mishaps by putting together an emergency kit that you can keep close at hand throughout your ceremony and reception. All that’s to it is knowing what to put it in to handle any accidents or oversight’s that pop up on the big day. Then find some sort of handy tote to stash somewhere out of the way but where you can always get to it.

These 48 items will help the bride get through any emergency she might face on her special day…..because a prepared bride is a happy bride! :-)

  • Q-Tips
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mints
  • Benadryl – Especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. You just never know when allergies will strike.
  • Bobby Pins – I would bring black and brown so you have some to fit a variety of hair colors.
  • Granola Bars – Get a high quality one with lots of protein rather than lots of added sugar. That way it will serve as an energy boost for tired and stressed out brides.
wedding day kit

And for those of you more inclined to use a list that is printed out…here is a FREE PRINTABLE for your convenience.

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48 Items To Have In Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

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  • I’ve been married to my husband for only two years, but they’ve been the best two years of my life! Our wedding day happend suddenly when we were sitting in his dorm room picking out engagement rings. I turned to him and told him “Let’s just get married. Now.” He chuckled thinking I was joking at first, but soon realized I was serious. He kissed me, picked up the list of on call priests, we called a few friends, and our wedding happend within an hour at a local park. There was a total of 7 people present (including us and the preacher) all wearing shirts and jeans. We didn’t have our rings yet, but we didn’t care. We got our rings a few days later and moved into a great house and bought a black lab we named tucker. I wouldn’t trade my story for anything. And now my best friend is getting married in a few weeks! :)

  • when i was 8 my great grandma gave me her 6 string pearl necklace i ran around tell everyone i was a princess and the groom (who i didnt know) let me dance on his shoes.

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  • Your idea of bring “fake wedding rings” to the service brought back memories of my daughters wedding—she got married on a beautiful October day, at Glenn Ford mansion on the Delaware river in Pa. My son-in-law was punctual and nervous and so he dressed quickly and then paced the grounds outside waiting for his bride—At the moment when they were to exchange their rings he discovered that his rental tux had a hole in the pocket big enough for her ring to slide through—a friend substituted a stand in ring–and one of the events at the reception was a spontaneous “Ring search”—It never was found–but 7 years and 2 kids later-it is still a good story ( my daughter really is a good sport)

  • The best memory was from my own wedding. We said traditional vows. When I said I would honor and “OBEY” my husband my mom started giggling and then my father in law started and they couldn’t stop!

  • My favorite wedding memory comes from a friend’s wedding. Her ring bearer was her two and half year old nephew, Brody. Everyone adored his bubbly personality has he excitedly walked down the isle to join his dad, who was a groomsmen, on stage. After, the gorgeous bride made her way to meet her awaiting groom and the ceremony began, Brody starts squiring up on stage. So his dad picks him up to keep him still; upon entering his dad’s arms all you hear is Brody yell out four simple words that any parent trying to potty train would LOVE to hear. “I have to poop!” the entire church erupted in laughter, including the bride and groom! A year and a half later we all still laugh at that precious moment!

  • My favorite moment of any wedding is when you see the bride walking with her father, mother, bother, step father, anyone actually, coming down the isle towards her future husband/partner. That moment always makes me tear up and takes my breath away.

  • My favorite memory is of one of our good friend’s wedding. It was their first dance that got me teary eye. They seemed so into eachother like it was just the two of them in the room. <3

  • My favorite wedding memory was being with my closest friends celebrating the love between the newly married couple! Time spent with friends is always the best memory!

  • My favorite memory is from cousins’ wedding reception where my then 2 year old son burst out into spontaneous dance in the middle of the dance floor.

  • I’ll never forget watching the face of my best friend’s husband as she walked down the aisle. He looked so happy, and in that moment, I knew he deserved her.

  • Thank you for this list! This will be so helpful next year for me. My favorite wedding memory was my cousins maid of honor speech given to by her sister. It was so heartwarming and unique and one I will never forget.

  • My favorite wedding memory was at my sister’s wedding. I was the maid of honor and during the Catholic ceremony in church apparently there was a bug flying around so I was caught on video swatting at it with my bouquet!

  • My best wedding moment was at my parents wedding. I was a flower girl and I knew very little about weddings, but I did know that when you walked down the aisle with someone you would live with them forever. So after the ceremony and my parents were getting into the limo, I realized that I had walked down the aisle.. with the ring bearer.. so this was my parents leaving as I was now going to live with the ring bearer forever now!! So I started crying and my parents asked whats wrong and I said ‘I don’t wanna get married!!!’ and did I cry, I was 5 years old, why would I want to leave my parents. So they explained that it was only them two, my mom and dad, getting married not me. And after that was straightened out, I stopped crying and they were able to leave. Now with my wedding coming up, I know I am going to cry but this time, I do wanna get married and live with him forever.

  • My wedding is still a bit more than a year off but I am always on the lookout for tips and tricks to make everything go as smooth as possible! This is a great, fun giveaway! My favorite wedding memory was for my best friend’s oldest brother. He was really into Star Wars and stuff like that. They had the minister talk like the preacher from Princess Bride for the first part of the ceremony and then when we went downstairs to the reception, the grooms men were standing there with toy light-sabers held up above their heads to create a tunnel! It was something so simple, but so fun and memorable!

  • I haven’t gotten married yet, but I can’t wait to see how he proposes. I wouldn’t have a big wedding because its too stressful. My favorite memory is seeing my aunt and uncle renew after 20 years.

  • My favorite wedding memory was when I was a flower girl. My aunt allowed us to put on her veil and play dress up. That was when I knew I was goi to live weddings !

  • My favorite memory from my son’s wedding was the hug they shared after walking back down the aisle as husband and wife. So much joy and love was on their faces and evident in that sweet hug!!

  • Following on Instagram!

    And my favorite memory about our wedding would have to be that it was over 100 degrees that day! I had made gifts for all the brides and grooms men and added an energy bar and water bottles that helped us get through our outdoor photos! And the brides maids had fans instead of flower bouquet thank goodness because they came in handy while we were in the heat!

  • My favorite would be when my cousin proposed to his now wife, it was sweet and tender I cried (and I don’t cry often). They went on vacation to Las Vegas and right there in the gondolas at the Venetian he proposed.

  • This is an awesome list!! My favorite wedding memory is when my best friend got married and how just truly elated and joyful she was. It was so sweet and so refreshing!! I am so excited to get married the same year as her!!

  • I went to a friends wedding several years ago. During the bride & grooms 1st dance at their reception, one of the brides heels broke off. The bride was much shorter than her new husband. Her husband took off his shoes & put them on his new bride & then started their song over, so sweet!

  • My favorite memory has to be my brother-in-law dancing (kind of like a frog) at my sister’s wedding reception. I hope that he dances like a crazed man at our 10/4/13 reception, too. :)

  • […] broken straps, upset stomach … be prepared with this wedding emergency kit giveaway! Visit One Good Thing by Jillee for the full rules and details on entering this wedding giveaway. Contest ends August 21 2013. Open […]

  • What a robust kit! I was a very laid back bride and while I had some emergency items, I forgot to bring them to the actual ceremony/reception. My favorite memory is standing at the altar with my moments-away-from-being husband and just smiling and giggling at each other out of excitement the whole ceremony.

  • My best friend had homeless people break into her venue after the rehearsal dinner and completely destroy the bathrooms. They luckily didn’t steal any of the valuable items already decorating the reception area or find the cake sitting in the fridge, but the bathrooms were.. umm.. unusable, to put it mildly

  • My favorite wedding memory:
    My first wedding (There was a second in there, and now back with my first husband and couldn’t be happier!) was on Longboat Key Florida in my Grandparents back patio overlooking the canal. 95 degrees, hot and humid as ever! While we were dancing to our wedding song: “I wanna grow old with you” from the wedding singer – it started to rain. My husband Jake yells “We’re gonna be rich!!!!” and everyone started cracking up. The rain stopped within 5 minutes and the sunshine never went away. Was a funny addition to an already dream wedding!

  • My favorite wedding memory is helping my mom get ready to renew her wedding vows on my parents 25 anniversary. she was so nervous. Their first wedding was at the court house so this was her “big wedding”. She said she couldn’t think straight and needed a distraction. So I told her I was going to give her an early present, her something new, but it would take 7 months for the delivery. It took her a minute to catch on but when she did she was so excited she stopped being nervous and smiled at me through the whole wedding. :)

  • The best memory is the sweetest, my son catching the garter at my wedding. I called it our wedding since he was young and I was remarrying a man who loved my son as much as I do, so in a way it was our wedding, I got a husband and he got another Dad, we say this is his bonus Dad.

  • Friends of our planned their wedding on a shoe string budget. We knew that the bride really, really, REALLY wanted a limo for their get away but it just wasn’t in the budget. So my fiancee, who was the best man, and I told the groom we’d like to book a limo for them as our wedding gift. When they left the reception all of the guests held sparklers and it was such a pretty scene it took the bride a second to realize it wasn’t their old jalopy awaiting them but a shinny new limo! I can still hear the bride squealing and saying ‘It’s a limo-Limo-LIMO!!!’ every time I think about it :) I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so honestly surprised and excited. They both agreed it was the prefect ending to their perfect day <3

  • My favorite wedding memory:

    I had an outdoor wedding in the park. I didn’t have a dad to walk me down the aisle, so I walked down by myself. Boy, I really needed an arm to lean on…I was so nervous!

    I made it to the end of the aisle and before my beloved, but I was still very nervous and weak-kneed.

    The minister began his beautiful ceremony (his first one!). Suddenly, a loose dog ran up and stole the communion bread. I was so shocked, I started to laugh. The horrified looks on guests faces turned to laughter and amusement when they saw me laugh. It was infectious.

    I relaxed, and everyone had fun.

    The best part is the dog returned just in time for the pictures.

    My daughter is getting married next April. It’s killing me not to be able to contribute to the ceremony, but my mom has had a series of hospitalizations (three heart attacks, by-pass surgery, a 9 ft fall down the stairs, and next month vascular surgery on her legs.) Despite that, she’s doing well at 82. Her care and expenses have depleted all my savings, so there is nothing left to give my daughter. She’s doing it all herself (much pride in her there!).

    I would really like this bag to give to her. To contribute in at least this way.

    Thank you.

  • My favorite wedding memory was the first moment after my husband and I got married that we got to spend a second alone…such a great moment to just be happy!

  • I think one of my favorite (although painful) memories of my own wedding was leaning over the bathtub so my husband could brush my hair to get all of the birdseed out. Since my hair had basically been glued into place, it was quite painful, although we did have a good laugh about it. We are now looking forward to celebrating our daughter’s wedding in October. Time flies!

  • My wedding dress burned in a fire 6 weeks before my wedding. I had completed fittings & the bridal shop offered to keep it there as my small apartment wasn’t a good place to keep a hooped skirt wedding dress.
    I married the man of my dreams in a replacement dress but it wasn’t exactly my style. It didn’t matter because I’ve been married for 32 years & we are still going strong.

  • My favorite memory is yet to be made. I am getting married on September 28th. Whether I get the giveaway or not that survival kit will be present on my day.

    Thank you (it has been very helpful having wedding week so close to my own!)

  • My own wedding day was quick & crazy! 1 mo from my due date & we were squeezing in a wedding!! My almost-mother-in-law was supposed to meet us afterwards, but instead called the courthouse to get us to wait, so she could make it with the video camera! We were already done, but we went through the ceremony again, for her (or so I thought). We were POOR at that time, so I had a discount ring on, I mean, less than $10 costume jewelry. But he’d been (unbeknownst to me) paying on one for me to get for Christmas (we got married Dec 19). His mom paid the last payment for him & snuck the ring into his hand so that we got married WITH the ring! You could tell from the look on my face that I was flabbergasted! And so happy too! First words I said to him afterwards set the tone for the rest of our marriage…”you stinker”
    To top it off, when we watch the video, we have to laugh, because my mom-in-law was set on following us & beeping her horn & yelling just married. But her horn didn’t work, so she was yelling beep beep out her car window! I love that woman dearly for making that day so special to us & welcoming me into their family! Especially as I was marrying her “momma’s boy” ;-)

  • Well, my memory is yet to be made! But the planning sure has been fun! We have done it all together (except picking out my dress). Would love to have this kit for the big day!

  • The sun shining during the outdoor ceremony and then the rain/hail coming down immediately after the I do’s, the photographer had to take pics in between the sun/rain/wind/hail. all in all a beautiful wedding.

  • My favorite wedding memory was at my youngest daughter’s wedding in December. I will never forget the moment when her groom sang to her after her daddy gave her away. He sang “Beautiful as You” by Jim Brickman. I promised them I wouldn’t cry and I didn’t! At least until they drove away for their honeymoon.

  • This would make a fantastic shower gift for a bride-to-be. What a wonderful idea. Wish I had had some of these items when my daughter had her wedding.

  • Well my wedding isn’t set until November of 2014, but we are excitedly planning right now anyway. I think it helps to cut down on the stress level to have as much done ahead of time as possible. When we attended my fiance’s brother’s wedding, I cried the whole time. I don’t even have to know the people to cry–all that happiness is infectious. Perhaps this kit should come with waterproof mascara? ;)

  • My favorite wedding moment wasn’t one I saw at the time – since I was the one getting married. But I saw it later on the video. Our niece was 4 at the time she was a flower girl – and painfully shy. She kept her eyes on the ground and refused to hold hands with the ring bearer as she walked up the aisle. But once she got up there, we got to see her turning around and waving at her mother who was video taping in the balcony :).

  • In 2001 at the age of 19, I married the man of the life. We have now been happily married for 12 years! My best memory at our wedding was watching my mom, who was my matron of honor, bust out crying when we both said I do and then start laughing when we kissed. She was an emotional rollercoster!

  • It is so hard to pick just one memory from a day as special as your wedding. So, instead I decided on something that happened at a good friends wedding…. My friend opted for a large, traditional wedding with the numerous bridesmaids. However what no one of the 10 women seemed to notice was that as my friend began to walk down the isle, the back zipper of her dress was undone! All the way down to the waist! A few steps up the isle and one of the guests noticed, ran to my friend, stopped her and zipped the dress up. She was mortified! However, to her credit she just kept walking right up to her soon husband and had a beautiful wedding. She just celebrated her 15th anniversary, so i figured dress snafu and all, things seemed to work out! :)

  • My favorite wedding memory was in September of 2009. I had the privilege of being the Maid of Honor in my good friends wedding. Being the Maid of Honor is a lot more work than I would have thought….from helping her get everything ready for the big day to running around like a crazy woman on the day of, I was happy when that day was over. HA! We had a blast! And her wedding turned out beautiful.

    I also follow you on instagram as JeniccaMarie

  • My favorite wedding memory is in the works now…I am a soon-to-be bride and in the middle of wedding planning and enjoying every minute of it!!! This kit would definitely be put to good use next year on my big day.

    My second favorite (for a wedding that has actually happened) was my best friend’s wedding when her Dad sung to her after giving her away. It brought me to tears.

  • Getting ready to make memories at my own wedding early next year. This would be a great addition to my wedding preparations! Can’t wait to see more pictures from the wedding this weekend! :)

  • My best memory was when I got married(first marriage) almost 13 yrs ago my daughter at the time was 6. She not only was a bridesmaid but my husband and I took family vows which included her and she recieved a ring to symbolize a unity of all of us. Which in my opinion was original. Three yrs later my husband officially adopted her. As she grew a little older she expressed to me how much it meant to her to be totally involved in the whole ceremony,and that knowing a man whom at the time wanted her to be a complete part of the whole thing. He not only wanted her to be involved but he wanted to call her his own and give her his last name.
    But as we all know, getting a 6 yr old ready for a wedding does not go without some kind of mishap.
    I would love to receive this gift to put in her hope chest for the day when she gets married.
    This story of mine could go the distance and I hope I’ve expressed enough to even be considered for this free gift.
    Thank you

  • Im getting married next month, favorite thing about his process so far is knowing my family will be in one room for a day. We all live so far away and its been hard with out my parents :( I just cant believe my big day is almost here and these things would come in handy

  • My favorite wedding memory was when I was maid of honor in my college roommates’s wedding. She forgot to take her flowers back from me for the recessional and 1/4 of the way down the aisle realized it and ran back for them, it was so cute and provided good fodder for my toast :)

  • Well, we’re still trying to sketch out a budget, but one of my favorite moments has to be the moment my fiance asked if i had a pinterest wedding board, and why i didn’t show him. It’s silly, but he’s just as excited about planning our wedding as i am.

    I love this survival kit idea! I definitely want one :)

  • My favorite memory from my wedding day was when my now husband saw me for the first time that day. He started crying. It was the first time I had ever seen him cry. It was a beautiful moment and of course I started crying too. We have been married 9 years.

  • This will be a lifesaver at my upcoming wedding and something to cross off my to-do list if I win! My favorite wedding memory is watching my amazingly talented sing Ave Maria at her own wedding. It was hauntingly beautiful to watch the bride sing it as her voice echoed throughout the church. I forget how talented she is and still get chills when I think about that wonderful moment of her big day!

  • I was an hour late for my wedding. It rained so hard that day and it was an outside wedding. The lady that done my makeup she had to take a different way to get to my house due to so much water. We were lucky where the wedding was at there was a shelter right as you walked into the park that we stood under and had our wedding just after it was over the rain stopped. I would have not traded that time or day for anything. This giveaway would be great for my step kids to use with there marching band they are gone every weekend and things come up from time to time.

  • I made my wedding dress on my mother-in-law’s sewing machine, which I borrowed and drove 1 1/2 hours away. Somehow, moving that machine messed up the timing on it, and I was breaking needles every couple of minutes. I didn’t know what to do, so I just struggled on. I used 5 packages of needles to finish that dress!

  • My favorite memory would be the cutting of the cake…we used a knife and server that my grandparents used on their 50th wedding anniversary. It was engraved with their names and the date. We also had it engraved with our names and wedding date. We were married on August 4th the same date as my grand parents. My parents used it for their 50th anniversary and their names nd date were added to the knife. Now my son and soon to be daughter in law will use it next August…guess what date they are getting married…August 4th. This serving set will continue to be passed down.

  • So many wedding memories! Wow, 33 years ago last week even! Had perfect weather, and it was the perfect day. So glad that it went so well. Not everything was perfect, but, it just doesn’t matter, it was still a perfect day and I wouldn’t do anything differently! My son is now engaged to be married to the love of his life after being together for eight years and this would be a great addition to the wedding! I would put together my own, but this would save me some time and energy! Thanks for the opportunity and Congratulations to you and your family!

  • On our wedding day, the power was scheduled to be out during the wedding. We found out about the planned outage about 4 weeks before the wedding and after all the invitations had been sent out, so there was no changing it. Our pictures were beautiful with only candlelight and natural sunlight. It was interesting getting everyone ready before the power went out–heated hair curlers, blow drying hair, makeup with lights on, etc. It was hot in south Georgia in middle of May–without air conditioning. Thankfully the power came on just as we started the reception!

  • My memory is from my wedding. I had won a free horse-drawn carriage ride from the church to the reception, at a bridal expo in the town that I went to college at. They were not expecting to have to go two hours away, so I offered to pay their gas, and arrangements were made. They never showed up to the wedding and we had to put folding chairs in the back of the best man’s new Dodge pickup. We were pretty laid back about it as there is not much that you can do about it at the time, but we did give them a phone call after the honeymoon.

  • My favorite memory was my husband-to-be crying during his vows – which made my maid of honor cry…. to know that he was so happy made my day wonderful! I’m blessed with a wonderful husband and a wonderful friend who was also so happy for me she cried. (I waited until the reception!)

  • I would add one of those instant ice packs that don’t need to be refrigerated. Great for relieving puffy eyes before pictures!

    I am officiating my best friends daughters weddings and we will definitely have these items on hand for both events.

  • I would love to win this for my daughter’s wedding in September! The funniest wedding story is about the wedding of my oldest daughter. It was held on the beach so all decor, chairs, etc. had to be set up the morning of the ceremony. After making a trip to the site to meet the chair rental folks, we headed back to the reception area to set up there. We had rented large concrete urns to place at the front to mark where the couple would stand for the ceremony. Unfortunately, everyone forgot to pickup the ferns that were supposed to go in the urns. We did not realize this until time for the wedding so it was too late! We had quite a few guests ask if there was supposed to be something in them (other than sand)!

  • My husband and I helped each other get ready before our backyard wedding. We used the flowers a coworker/friend had put together for our work wedding shower to make my bouquet, and I pulled out a few pieces to make my husband’s boutonniere and pin it on him. It was a nice moment. :)

  • My favorite moment from my wedding was when my Dad and I got to the top of the stairs of the church and he just looked at me with so much love and tears in his eyes that it was all I could do to not cry before we even got on the aisle!! Such a great day for everyone ♡

  • Before my wedding I shared my granola bar with my two year old nephew. But we didn’t finish it. He had left the ceremony early. As soon as he saw me leave the sanctuary he grabed ahold of me and took me to the granola bar pointing to it. He decided he needed a snack and I was the only person who he thought he could get it from.

  • My cherished wedding memory was looking into my husband’s eyes during our
    wedding ceremony. It was as if no one else was there with us. It was a church
    wedding and there we were in front of the altar facing each other and all I saw
    was my husband. It was like no other feeling that I had ever had. And it was the beginning of a truly blessed life. We celebrated our 35th Anniversary two weeks ago.

    We have three sons, one daughter-in-law, and we will have another daughter-in-law in a few months. We really appreciate bring invited to “Wedding Week.” Thank you!

  • i kept trying to sneak peaks at my husband on our wedding day. my dad kept running interference to keep my husband-to-be from seeing me in my dress and from me seeing my man in his duds. i felt like we were kids in detention, or teenagers sneaking around all over again…. even though we had been living together for years before this!
    i’ll never forget trying to navigate the back halls and corridors of the church to try and outwit my dad just to get a glimpse of the man to whom i said “i do”.

  • One of my favourite wedding memories is from my daughter’s wedding during a very cold winter day…I mean VERY cold…this is Canada! They were just wearing the clothes they were married in…no coats, and the photographer got a great snapshot of them running through the snow from the building to the car; the looks on their faces tell us that they were FREEZING, but at the same time SO HAPPY! What a crazy, but wonderful day that was!

  • My favorite moment from my wedding was the first moment I saw my husband. We didn’t want to do the traditional can’t see each other until the ceremony so we set up a moment with our photographer to capture. My husband had his back to me and I tapped him on his shoulder. When he turned around, the emotion on his face made me feel truly beautiful. I will never forget that moment.

  • I am enjoying following your blog as your daughter gets married. Mine is getting married next June and it has given me food for thought. Thanks. I would love to win the emergency pack as she is getting married out doors in the middle of nowhere.

  • I loved that everything from the venue to the food in our wedding was spectacular! Even more spectacular, was that friends and family were there to celebrate our beautiful day!

  • My husband and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and it is a tradition to watch our wedding video. The day was perfect. My favorite moment was when the band played our song, Crazy Love by Van Morrison, for our first dance.

  • My favorite memory was that one daughter got married 2 months ago and our other daughter is getting married in 3 weeks! It been over a year of wedding planning decision making. Both girls are having pretty big wedding with all the bells and whistles !!! I love all your suggestions ideas…We could use the survival kit! ;)

  • My favorite wedding memory was being a flower girl for my cousin’s wedding when I was 8 years old. I felt so honored and blessed, and of course had a blast!

  • When my children were elementary age, we attended a wedding and reception wherein there were small bells on each table. Guests would ring the bells to signal the newly married couple to kiss. My daughters thought this was quite amusing and did not miss an opportunity to ring their bells!

  • 1st–my favorite wedding memory is my own! But my 2nd one is the time I could not make it to my friend’s wedding (in the mid to late 1980’s) in another state, because of a big wreck on the highway. So I turned around to head back home, passed the sign for Duke University and decided to stop by and see the Duke Chapel. Due to a wedding taking place there, it was closed to the public. Since I was already dressed up, I decided to take a chance & see if I could go in for the wedding and see the chapel. Where I sat was right in the line of one of the video cameras. I’m sure the couple wondered “Who is that girl?” I figured it would be really pushing it to go to the reception!
    If you were the bride, sorry about that…but I did enjoy it!

  • My favorite moment when all my niees nephews and my sister shared good times with a photo booth amy my daughters wedding,we never able to get together had been a long time .Thanks for the giveaway if i win i will give it to my niece

  • 32 years and 3 months ago, I married (for the second time) the man of my dreams…At the alter, the reverend said YOU MAY NOW PUT THE FINGER ON THE RING both Chuck (my husband) and I laughed so hard that we cried and at the reception I got sunburned..on our honeymoon, my husband had to put noxema on me, but we had a blast anyway and now 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren later, our wedding memories are as vivid today as they were then…………….

  • At my aunt’s wedding, one of my cousins was the flower girl. She was an absolute hoot to watch. First, she didn’t throw the flower petals as she was walking down the aisle. She waited until she got to her spot and just dumped them out. Then as the ceremony was going on, she sat down on the floor, put one hand on her head, and just looked bored to death. She then ran over to the groom’s side and was playing with the little boy who was the ring barer (my uncle’s nephew.) As the ceremony was coming to an end, and as my aunt and uncle were pronounced man and wife by kissing, so were the flower girl and the ring barer :) Needless to say, they both stole the show and we have some pretty funny and awesome pictures from that day! One of my favorite memories from a wedding!

  • I am getting married next June! I could not be more excited! I have always sworn I would never ever get married until I met my soul mate, the whole process has been so surreal! I am so excited for our special day and for the special memories we will make with our loved ones! I am also a full time nursing student so planning a wedding at the same time has been such a challenge, I would love to win this!!

  • My favorite wedding memory is from our daughter’s wedding in 2008. She had planned to get married outside under a tent and the day of her wedding it was raining. The rain plan was to get married inside at the reception ball room with the ceremony on the dance floor. She had to make the call and decided she had wanted an outdoor wedding and that is what she would have. We gathered all of the golf umbrella’s we could find and used them to user guests to their dry seats under the tent and then the wedding party from the building to the tent. Finally my husband and daughter made their entrance down a stone staircase umbrella and all. Thankfully it was a gentle spring rain (one of the all day kind we have here in the Carolinas). It turned out to be almost magical to have the sound of the rain around the music and vows. As we look back on it, we wouldn’t change a thing!

  • As we knelt to say prayers during our wedding, people started to laugh. We got angry that people were laughing. We kept looking at one another, wondering how they could all be so rude during prayer. Come to find out, the best man had written on the bottom of the groom’s shoes “Help Me”. We still laugh about that to this day.

  • My husband’s best friend insisted n wearing old dirty boat shoes at our summer beach wedding, even after I told him that was not acceptable! Now I am helping my best friend plan her summer beach wedding and I am vowing to not let any mishaps happen again!

  • Love this! Completely useful, bride or not!!! My favorite wedding memory is actually from our family shower. I cried more than our wedding day :D All four of our grandmothers were present and I remember thinking how precious they got to spend that day with us. We received two quilts and I scripture plate that are in our most valuable possessions, especially now that we only have 2 grandmothers (less than 5 years later).

  • The best advice I got as MOB was to have someone ready and willing with car full of gas and money in their pocket for an unforeseen emergency. I asked a married couple from our church and they agreed they would help. I also gave the reception coordinator both of their cell numbers. Sure enough I called the husband 40 minutes before the wedding to have him drive out to our house to bring the forgotten bridesmaids flowers from our house. Success and in time for the ceremony. Then after the ceremony the wonderful wife came up to me and said the caterer had called and said the extra sheet cakes had not arrived yet at the reception venue. Well that would have been because I never even ordered them!!! My helper had car keys an cash and told me not to worry and she flew over to SAMs club and came up with the needed sheet cakes. All’s well that ends well when you’ve planned for the unexpected that always happens. :):)

  • The most memorable part of my wedding day was watching the tears of joy falling from my new daughter’s eye. She was rather young and we pulled the wedding off as a surprise. It felt wonderful to see that she was as happy as her dad and I were.

  • We used a clothing steamer. Doesn’t hurt to have handy small kitchen garbage bags to use as a barf bag in front of the venue for the wedding party during the ceremony.

  • My favorite wedding moments was just a few weeks ago. I was MOH at my best friend’s wedding, and watching her man struggling to recite his vows with tears in his eyes and holding her hands as hard as he could because he was shaking so much, was wonderful to see. Some basic knowledge of needle and thread is crucial, as her train was stepped on twice (even though it was bustled up) and I had to sew a quick fix to keep it up for the rest of the night!

  • My favorite wedding memory was seeing how nervous my mom was before her wedding last year. It is her third marriage and finally found the love of her life. I never imagined that having gone through two other weddings and being older that she would be anywhere near as nervous as she was. It was great to see that the butterflies don’t ever go away (and to see how much of a wreck that I will be when my day comes).

  • I am currently planning for my wedding which will be this upcoming April so I can’t give a memory from my own! However, I think my favorite wedding memory is from my sister’s second wedding. He first marriage had been rushed because she was young and pregnant. After the wedding though things went south quickly. Her husband turned out to be very abusive. So watching her at the altar with her second husband was beautiful. They were both crying from happiness and they were surrounded by their kids from separate marriages. It was amazing to see a family, not only a couple, be united together after they were all in bad situations. I will never forget seeing that.

  • My wedding reception was at a zoo. My fav memory was when the photographer took us into the kangaroo pen for photos. They were so close you could almost touch them.

  • Our youngest daughter (34) is getting married for the first time on Saturday, 9-7-13. We live a state away from her and the wedding location. This would be a lifesaver for us to have the day of her wedding. Thank you.

  • My wedding was an amazing time! Everyone enjoyed themselves and danced the whole night! We married on the July 4,1981. The 1 year anniversary of our first date! I was going to wear my sister’s gown at first but when we were ordering the bridesmaid dresses, I saw “the sleeve” sticking out on the rack, and I fell in love.
    My Mom is an excellent seamstress and offered to do the hem on my newly chosen gown. My mom altered the dress perfectly. She was making sure everything was pressed when my nephew was running around the ironing board and the iron fell down and burned my gown. Poor Mom was devastated and set forth to rectify this problem. She went into the fabric district in Boston to try to find fabric to match. She settled on white and came home and dyed it with coffee, to match my off-white gown. I never knew any of this until after our honeymoon! No wonder my Mom had so much fun at the reception!
    The other upset was that I did not know that the city hall was closing early on the Friday before my wedding. I went to the city hall to get my marriage license, but the doors were locked. Luckily, the custodian was still there. He let me in, listened to my sob story and we called the city manager to see if he could help me. He was just on his way to his lake house. He came right down and I had to type out my own marriage license because he didn’t know how! My guardian angel was looking out for me that day because my father would have been so angry if we could not have been married!

    My favorite memory was seeing my Mom and my Mom-in-Law breaking open the dance floor! Yes! They were the first two to dance, not the bride and groom! This set the tone for the “dancing reception!”

    My niece is getting married in November. My sister, her Mom, is deceased. Sarah will not have her mother with her on her special day. This “Wedding Day Survival Kit,” would have been something my sister would have prepared for Sarah. If we do not win this, I will “copy” the idea and make one up for Sarah in honor of my always prepared sister. :)

  • My son was married a couple of weeks ago to a beautiful and wonderful woman. Anyway, he is a paraplegic in a wheelchair. When we got to rehearsal I saw there were two chairs up front for the bride and the pastor. I was so touched that his bride was so thoughtful and considerate to be at my son’s level for the ceremony that I started crying right then. She and her mother planned a gorgeous and economical weekend that we’ll never forget.

  • Most memorable event of my wedding day: arriving at the pond surrounded by weeping willows where our photographer wanted to take pictures before the reception, only to find that the pond had been completely drained sometime in the previous 3 days (it was there on Wednesday, we got married Saturday) and was now a giant mud pit. Shocking, but certainly not devastating. :)

    There was a cute gazebo with some hanging flower baskets outside the reception site, so everything worked out fine. But I will NEVER forget everyone’s jaw dropping when there was a big hole instead of a pond.

  • My Grooms 4 year old granddaughter was our flower girl. Part way through the service she got bored and walked across the stage to where her dad and brother were (groomsman and ring bearer who was 9). Her brother told her quietly, and pointed vigorously, that she was supposed to be over with the girls! So, in a bit she stomped across the stage back to the girls side! Funniest part was that I had no recollection of the event — we had a good laugh when watching the wedding video the next day!

  • I get married in two months :) so far my favorite memories are of my mom tracking from her house in Arkansas to mine in New Orleans on multiple occasions so that we can have those mother daughter planning moments that we hve both always wanted. It has made this plannin experience so much better even though I am so far away from her, my sister, and my maids.

  • When my best friend married, I was employed at a cosmetology college and the students sprayed my hairstyle down pretty well. Unbeknownst to the wedding party, our ride from church to reception across town was in a speed boat (trailered). It was one windy ride. The groom was seated across from me and kept staring at me. I said “What?” He replied, “Your hair…it isn’t moving…at all.” I just smiled. It took us 15 minutes to restore order to the bride, but I was good to go! (Getting into the boat with a long, straight dress is another story.)

  • My favorite wedding memory was from a wedding I was attending. The Pastor told a story about how having a successful marriage was like playing with play dough. You have to work with it everyday or it will dry up and crumble. It really hit home for me. That was over 30 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

  • My husband’s elderly grandmother used a walker to get around at the time we got married. When I threw the bouquet, she ditched the walker, pushed her way past a few of the younger girls up front, bent over and picked up the bouquet off the ground. After she held the bouquet high in the air in victory, she walked back to her walker, took it into her hands and hobbled away. We have it on video and it is a precious memory of her. She was a dear lady and nothing ever stopped her when she put her mind to something.

  • My daughter dropped her lipstick (opened of course) down her wedding dress. My sister tore out to my house–just a block–and came back with white acrylic paint and a brush and covered that which did not wipe off. The problem was invisible.

  • My favorite wedding memory is of a New Year’s Eve wedding. The bride and groom ordered pizzas hours after the buffet since the party was still going strong. Not sure if it was planned, but it was certainly memorable.

  • My fiance and I are getting married this October! Its sneaking up so fast!
    The last wedding I went to, my fiance had to work that day. But as dinner ended, in came Tyler, all dressed in his suit and tie! Together we danced the night away. I fact, we were the last people in the building that night. We hadn’t had that much fun in a long time! I can’t wait to dance the night away on our own special wedding night!

  • Well, I could have used several of these products 25 years ago for sure! Maybe even adding a list of How To Remove Stains would help too!

    First, before even walking down the aisle, a woman who did my makeup(was sent by the woman who was suppose to do my makeup but had a family emergency!) Got lipstick on my DRESS ! BUT never let on and left without telling us. The Photographer noticed and I slowly but surely lost it (lol)! Thankfully, I was able to phone the lovely and talented Dolly H. (just recently passed away) who made my dress and she told me how to carefully remove it with Club Soda! That same make-up lady also stopped me from eating afraid I would ruin my lipstick. Well, that was a big mistake! Was so hungry and felt a bit ill at reception. The protein bar would have been great! Then, Dolly H. came to the church where she noticed the long train on the bridesmaids’ dresses. She then proceeded to pin up in a nice, quite pretty way all 7 dresses so they would be able to dance! There were more small things here and there that were needed like aspirin, tums, etc. So yes, even 25 years ago, this kit would have been an absolute blessing!

    All these little problems in no way ruined our wedding as it was an incredible, fun filled day with wonderful cherished memories!

    My nephew is getting married in July of 2014 with a beach theme at a lovely place on the water! Would love to present my soon to be niece with this lovely Kit coming from someone who know how much it is needed!

  • My favorite memory was when our minister was talking to us about ‘getting along’ and he stopped midway, gazed heavenwards and said” The angels are rejoicing at this union.”

    My heart raced, and it still does after 43 yrs, each and every time my man kisses me. Our daughter is getting married in our front yard in 3 weeks.! Yazoo. Frantic time to bark dust and all that having a garden wedding entails. It was a surprise and came on quickly, but we hope she will be as happy as we have been.

  • I so excited that I am getting married next month and this list will help me out so much!!! I would love to win it so that would be one less thing for me to have to buy lol. But if not a great list! Thanks

  • Terrific list. Much better to be prepared than caught off guard. Memories? So many lovely memories, it was truly a wonderful day. My husband’s mouth dropping open at the reveal and him just saying ‘wow’, my dad kissing my nose at the altar (like he did when I was little) and wiping a tear as he held my hand out for my groom, my 2 yo cousin staring up at me with her tiny hand hovering just this.close to my dress (adorable picture), our dear friends from halfway across the country surprising us after RSVPing no and working out the surprise with my mom, and laughing so much at our reception that my cheeks hurt as much as my feet at the end of the night. So many months of planning, it’s important to enjoy and remember those little moments that make the day special.

  • A few years ago when my oldest daughter was about to walk down the aisle, she turned to the wedding coordinator and said, “I don’t think I want to do this.” His mouth fell open. He was a good friend of ours and he was such a joker, but this time the joke was on him. We have all laugh about this often.

  • From our wedding I would say being surrounded with friends and family to help celebrate the begining of our new life. I also do wedding coordinating for our Church and I love seeing the happiness and the memories created for couple.

  • My cousin got married a few years ago and planned out every detail she could for her guests to enjoy the day as well as out of town guests. She delivered baskets with snacks, water bottles, maps and ideas for sightseeing etc, all the info we needed to get to the dinners, wedding and reception to our hotels rooms for rhe out of town guests. The basket also has needed item we might need but had forgotten. It was such a sweet thing to do. Her wedding was lovely. She had a photo booth with lots of “dress up” things to put on like hats and boas and crazy things. Two sets of pictures came out one for us to keep and the other was to be put on a page with well wishes to the bride and groom. They had tables set up outside the booth with glue sticks and pens to do our page. We all had so much fun doing it and they have a funny book with all those crazy pictures!
    My niece is getting married soon. This is such a great idea to do for her! Thanks!

  • Jill… You KNOW I will need one of these eventually! My fav wedding memory was looking into my hubby’s eyes right before “the kiss” to seal the deal. Priceless! :)

  • My favorite memory from my wedding, was when my father asked, “Are you sure you want to marry him? It’s not too late to call it off and have a great party.” As much as I now wished I had chosen the later, I love that my dad was offering me the option.. Three years later, began wondering if my dad might be psychic. After 15 years of raising my sons and little dating, I have met the man I will marry and grow old with. Since our grandchildren want to be in the wedding, it looks like it might be more formal than either of us had initially intended. Your survival kit would be wonderful for the girls and I to have on hand.

  • One that is most memorable to me is by boy friend in high schools invited me to his sisters wedding.
    It was all a very serious, elegant and beautiful wedding until the bride and groom knelt at the alter.
    Everyone in the church giggled as we read “Help” “Me” on the bottom of the grooms shoes.
    The bride had no idea what had been funny until she watched video.

  • Our wedding day was the best day of my life, right up there with the day my son was born. Too hard to choose a single favorite memory. Can hardly wait for my son’s wedding day! No date set yet but he has found ‘the one’.

  • Bride painted a picture of a tree with big leaves on a large board. Each guest signed a leaf instead of a guest book. The bride and groom keep the picture in their home to look at whenever they want instead of dragging out the guest book (who really does that after they are married). I thought it was a wonderful idea.

  • On my wedding day many years ago, my Dad in his nervous state as “father of the bride” went to the church . At the church my Mother asked where was I and then he remembered–HE had left me at home. Luckily, he was able to return home and still get me to the church on time.

  • My Dad was a minister and I attended many wedding growing up. My favorite wedding memory was a couple from our church, specifically the groom who married back in the early 70s. He was so nervous that he passed out before the wedding started. This delayed the service by 30 minutes but he assured everyone he was okay. When he saw his bride walking down the aisle, he became so nervous (again) that he, you guess it, passed out again. Needless to say, he finished the ceremony in a chair. He thought he would be able to walk back down the aisle for the recessional but he was still pretty weak in the knees. I never saw their pictures but could only imagine the pictures of the bride on one side, the groom in the middle, and the best man on the other side, helping the groom out of the church!!

  • This is my favorite wedding story, although it probably wasn’t my big sister’s. I was 8 when by oldest sister got married. I was very inquisitive! With all the relatives around, I wanted to know why my aunts were my aunts. My parents said that it was either because they were the sister of one of my parents or had married the brother of one of my parents. Full of this knowledge, I made a wonderful assumption. Well, my sister was getting married. So….. I ran around the wedding telling everyone that I was going to be an aunt! There was lots of explaining to do that day! hahaha. My dear departed sister never let me forget how interesting I made her day!

  • Our son just got married on August, 3rd, 2013. I wish I’d put together one of these for his bride. Our daughter is planning a wedding, so now I will be ready ~

  • Thanks so much for these tips! I have been pinning them all week for my daughter whose wedding is next June. She got engaged at Fenway Park, on the jumbo tron, this past June. It was very exciting.

    At my wedding, 31 years ago next month, before the ceremony, my sister gave my husband’s ring to our brother to hold since she didn’t have any pockets. Yes, you guessed it. She forgot to get it back. She remembered while we were standing up at the alter. She told my cousin, a bridesmaid, who took off her ring to use in it’s place. My husband had no idea what was going on so when I slipped it on his finger and it wouldn’t go past his first knuckle, he was somewhat confused, since it fit the day before when he had tried it on. People were trying to figure out what was going on and my sister “mouthed” to my parents “I forgot the ring”. The whole church started laughing =)

    It’s the little things that go wrong that end up being our fondest memories.

  • My favorite memory was our first dance. I held it together all through the ceremony, which included our personalized vows…..but when he held me in his arms, the tears of happiness flowed! It was an amazing day for us!

  • Wedding moment was standing in for my mom getting married to my step dad. My husband & I were the witnesses. And I was witness/photographer with my little pocket camera. Got some fun pictures and great memories. My step dad was sooo nervous, it was exciting to see them so giddy. Now my daughter is getting married 2014. Wish us luck.

  • My beautiful daughter standing between two large urns of flowers before the alter on her wedding day.
    Her two brothers were not able to be there, in their honor two large bouquets of flowers from our yards were placed on each side of the alter.
    She was radiant and so beautiful in her white dress, the dark jewels of flowers in the glazed urns framing her.
    This picture of her amid the flowers remains in my heart these many years later.

  • When I was married 23 years ago, one funny thing happened to me. My Dad and I were waiting in the foyer of the church for the right timing to go down the aisle. When we heard the music, I realized my ushers had gone upstairs to watch the wedding. It just struck me as funny at that moment that my Dad and I had to simultaneously open the doors to walk down the aisle. My Dad had to hold the door so my long train wouldn’t get caught in it.

    It was a special moment when I saw my husband-to-be at the reveal. He said, “Yapple Dapple!” Which made me laugh. Aww, sweet memories. :-)

  • My favorite wedding memory is receiving a $1000 check from 3 family members. Sounds crazy, I know. Like I must be materialistic or something. But in reality, my new husband and I had next to no money. We had a very, very small wedding. The reception was us eating out at a local restaurant and we still (over 3 years later) haven’t taken a honeymoon. The fact that they would give so much meant a lot to me (I started crying). We were able to buy a washer/dryer with that money. We couldn’t have afforded one otherwise.

  • 37 years ago I married the love of my life. I LOVE snow, so we had a January wedding. There was a blizzard that day, so my flower girl was snowed in and never made it. But it was a beautiful day for our wedding with fresh sparkly snow!

  • My wedding memory…… how we surprised everyone by eloping!!! I wore my wedding dress, we have precious pictures. completely private and special, and free!!! My wedding dress was a clearance prom dress with a torn seam that I fixed. I think it cost me around $14! We did forget flowers – but I ended up with a single red long stem rose. It was perfect! ohhh – and I passed out right in the middle of the ceremony!! very memorable!!!

  • When I was about 14, one of my brother’s friends got married and his bride had given him a fancy new watch for a wedding gift. One of the features of this fancy watch was that it had an alarm that played “The Yellow Rose of Texas” when it went off. . . and it DID, in the middle of the ceremony — the groom slapped his other hand over the top of the watch to muffle the sound, but it was too late and we could see the shoulders of the bridal party shaking as they all laughed.

  • My favorite wedding was my son in laws sister, her little guy was born 3 months early with many difficulties, and not expected to survive, so when he did make it out of the hospital the parents renewed their vows with him included

  • I guess I can leave a funny memory. :) When I was around 15 or 16, there was a paramedic in our church that was getting married. There were so many people there I had to stand up in the back of the church. I must have locked my knees or something because one minute I’m standing there thinking about how hot it had gotten all of a sudden, and the next minute I’m laying on the floor looking at a bunch of feet. I had passed out, and the other paramedics were trying to get me to come to. The funny part? The groom heard me hit the floor and saw the others running over, and his first instinct was to join them so his bride had to grab his arm to keep him at the alter. When I come to, they made me go outside for a few minutes to get some air, and during the reception someone showed me the video of me hitting the floor and like three guys jumping over pews to get to me! They still tease me about it every once in a while. :)

  • The funny things that happen are the best. I knew the minister at our wedding but my husband did not, at the end of our wedding when he introduces us as Mr. And Mrs. …he forgot my new name. When he did remember he mispronounced it. Haha.

  • LOTS of great memories…but one of my favorites: my Dad and my son walked me in. while the minister was going through his little “who gives this woman” speech, by then 3 year old sat down on the steps next to me. He noticed some of the beads and sequins from my train had fallen off. He started picking them up and putting them on my train. Have some of the cutest pics of him trying to fix my dress for me.

  • Ask me about my favorite wedding memory on Saturday morning. My daughter is getting married THIS FRIDAY…ACK! So I’m not really in my right mind at the moment. I have to say that your series this week has been very helpful.

  • I made my wedding dress. We were married in front if a minister in his home. My mom was the only other person there. We have been married 38 years. Didn’t need a big fancy wedding. I do wish more family had been there, but it’s all water under the bridge now.

  • My favorite weddi g memory was from just last year. Whi.e attending the wedding of my son’s friend, all the married couples were asked to dance and celebrate their love. Slowly, we were asked to sit, based on the years that we were married. The remining couple was the brides grandparents who were celbrating their 67th wedding anniversary the next day. What a beUtiful tribute, and they were so surprised.

  • Right out of college, we attended the wedding of one of our classmates.We arrived at the small chapel and took our seats. It was a bit awkward because we knew the bride, but had never met her family, groom or other friends from outside of school. As we stood, when the music started, and turned toward the bride. It wasn’t “our” bride! We were in the middle of the row in a small chapel and we couldn’t do anything but sit through this very nice wedding. There were several chapels in the same vicinity and we had gone to the wrong one! To make it even more embarrassing the two wedding receptions were being held in the same hall. We made sure to sign their guest book and let them know how beautiful their wedding was .

  • My daughter is getting married in October in Atlanta, we live in Colorado. I am “one of those mom’s” who even years after my kids have moved out carry those little helpful items in her purse (ie baby wipes, benadryl, female products, etc) I have been thinking about what we will need being out of state for this wedding and this is PERFECT! Thanks! :-) Hugs!

  • Hhmmmm…. Interesting, there are things on there I’d never have though of.

    My favorite wedding moment was when I caught the bouquet at a my best friend’s nephew’s wedding (we call him my nephew too), then her younger (but still adult) brother caught the garter. We put on quite the show!

    The wedding was held at a resort that had thus HUGE indoor pool oasis with coves and a giant 20 person hot tub- post reception we hing out in there with some beverages and had a VERY memorable evening!

  • Carrying things in my wedding dress that were given to me in the dressing room, not remembering they were there til I changed for my exit from the reception

  • My favorite moment of my wedding was seeing my girlfriend (who was on the aisle) bawling like a baby. I tried not to laugh, but I couldn’t imagine why she was crying so hard! I was so happy that day that tears seemed out of place.

    Well, about a year later, I finally saw my wedding video and as the music swelled and the doors opened for me and my dad, I finally understood why she was crying. Everything about that moment was so beautiful. I actually started crying and then called my friend to apologize for laughing at her tears (which she didn’t remember me doing, thankfully!)

  • Duct tape, double sided tape (for mending hems and seams) and sticky tac dots are also musts to have in your wedding/party bag of tricks. Love all the ideas.

  • I was married in the Frankenstein Castle in Germany. Having one of these kits would have helped out a lot, but our major challenges were much bigger than we expected. It started raining cats and dogs right before the ceremony and the ground in front of the door puddled, so they scurried to find dirt to fill it in . The bottom of my dress had to be lifted up by several people as I walked over and then dropped once I got inside. Then the music didn’t work. The lights worked, but the outlets gave out. But none of that mattered. All I saw was that nervous man up at the alter with my best friends standing beside him. You can’t plan for everything, but having a perfect wedding is not what it is all about anyway. :)

  • My wedding wasn’t perfect, but the next morning my husband and I woke up and it had snowed everywhere except the hilltop that we were staying. We took our coffee out on the patio and we were just enjoying the white beauty of the Smoky Mountains being white all around us. On our way back through the mountains we had to keep stopping to look at the crystal palace that had been built over night. I will always remember how beautiful everything was in nature it was like a gift from above.

  • My cousins second wedding was beautiful. Both her and her husband have two children from their previous marriages and her 12 year old son walked her down the aisle to “give her away”. It made everyone cry, and it was beautiful!

  • My brother is getting married in a month and this would be perfect for his fiancee! I have two memories from my wedding that stand out. One of our ring bearers (we had three) was 2.5 years old at the time, and got bored during the ceremony. So during a moment of silence, he began singing the theme song to “Bob the Builder”!

    And as we were heading from the ceremony to the reception in our awesome fire truck, the skies opened up and it started to pour. As we pulled up, the rain suddenly stopped, the sun came out, and a brilliant double rainbow appeared over the ocean. I’ll never forget that moment.

  • The best wedding memory was when we had to stop our ceremony so our daughter could take our pug inside because she was causing such a ruckus!

  • You have thought of everything with that list! We have some upcoming wedding days in our future and sure could use all 48 items. Thanks so much for such this week of wedding information. I have pinned them all!

  • Excellent list, thanks for compiling it and offering it as a printable!
    You have some items that I have never thought of bringing (like earring backs and a fake ring), clever!

    • Ooops —

      I forgot my wedding memory — I have a lot — my favorite thing to do now is to watch the groom’s face when he first sees his bride-to-be (idea from the movie ’27 Dresses’) — always a wonderful memory there :)

  • What a great list! Thank you for it. I look forward to gathering all the items (assuming I don’t win!) in preparation for my daughter’s wedding. Many happy memories still to be made!

  • Where oh where was this kit when I needed it with my two daughters? What a great idea for a gift for any future bride!!!! You girls are amazing!!!!

  • My favorite wedding memory was my when my brother in law called (and still calls) my baby sister his beautiful bride. You could tell by his eyes he really meant it.

  • I am prone to sinus infections usually in March and September, and sometimes lose my voice. My wedding was in March and I woke up on my wedding day and could barely talk. The look on my husband and the minister’s face was priceless when I could not speak above a whisper! We have been married 25 years and sometimes still lose my voice..my husband loves those quiet times!!!!

  • I am literally taking a break from prepping my best friend bridal shower to view this post. This bag would be perfect for her upcoming wedding ;-) However, can anyone explain what the white chalk is for?

    • Terri —

      The white chalk is for the wedding dress, it can cover up small marks or stains that you don’t want to use a tide stick or soap/water on (which can mess up certain delicate/shiny fabrics)

  • I live in Canada. In 1999 my oldest daughter was getting married in Chicago to a wonderful man from there. Good friends of theirs offered their lovely rose garden for the celebration and we all worked hard to tidy it up so it was perfect. On the wrought iron fence was hung same size American and Canadian flags and everyone who passed by smiled and cheered.
    That is one particularly happy memory of that day amongst countless others.
    Today my daughter and husband and grand-daughter live in Kalamazoo, MI and it is too far to see them often; thank goodness for email and Facebook!

  • My favorite memory from our wedding was seeing my now husband for the first time walking down the isle – and our whole wedding was more then i ever expected it to be, it was amazing from start to finish i loved it all!

  • At my friends wedding the ring fell off the pillow and rolled down the isle, No one saw this happen, but the father of the bride saw it and picked it up with out anyone noticing this happening.

  • My favorite memory is of my husband singing to me. He had also pre-recorded the the song just in case the emotio s of the day got to him. It was beautiful as we looki g at each other and then we heard through speakers, “Let’s do this again.” The music director had done several takes and forgot to erase or cue up the correct version. After everyone had a good laugh, my red-faced husband finished the song (withou music), which sounded even better. Yes, 17 years later, we will hear from someone who attended that it was still one of their best wedding moments. I think it represents our marriage that the sharing and laughter has made it memorable.

  • My husband and I got married by a pastor at the courthouse, and during the vows his cell phone rang. It went something like this “for better, for worse” (ring, ring) “excuse me one minute” and he took the call!!! It took us by surprise, but then we thought it was funny. Something to remember for sure.

  • What a great giveaway!! I would love to win such a cool contest. My sister is getting married in a month and a half and this would be perfect!! My favorite wedding memory was the relaxing morning photo session that we had with our wedding party at the park where we were having our reception. It was a beautiful day and just a lot of fun. I didn’t want to be nervous on the way up the aisle. I wanted to hang out with my husband all day on the happiest day of our lives! ~ Jamie

  • Instead of a favorite wedding memory, I’m sharing a favorite memory from a wedding. THE most beautiful wedding I ever attended was held in a breathtaking chapel at a private Catholic school which had stunning stained glass windows. The bride was a sort of “granola girl” and wore a very simple, understated cotton wedding dress by Laura Ashley. No lace, beads, or frill at all! Her music was all played by a harpist. Her flowers were a gorgeous mix of spring bulb flowers. But what always makes me smile is the memory of the smell. All of the corsages and boutonnieres as well as sprinkled in her bouquet, were Gardenias. The smell of Gardenias as the wedding party passed by going down the aisle, was simply heavenly.

    I am now getting remarried in 7 weeks and am in the throws of planning a wedding that is completely unique and has the signature of my fiance’ and I, all over it right down to the handmade wedding invitations, my handmade mixed media bouquet, etc..!!!!

  • Recently a grandchild got married. I enjoyed seeing them dance into the reception, so happy. Would love the amazing survival kit for the next family wedding in DEC.

  • This is a little odd, but my most favorite memory from my wedding is that one of my “man friends” told me I looked like an angel. 26 years ago and I still remember that.

  • My fave memory was when the makeup artist didn’t show up for the bridesmaids and I had to jump into action and provide those duties in 20 minutes…we looked amazing!

  • Great list! My sons flower girl barfed halfway down the isle, leaving a mess for the bride, the bridesmaids,etc. oh, and she took out a couple of guests as well, who were sitting on the end of the isles.

  • My son is getting married in January. I know most people will be entering for themselves or their daughters, but I figured why not for my son and daughter to be. A great memory from my wedding (over 24 years ago and still smiling) was how happy my only sister was to finally have a brother. At times I wondered if she was the most excited person there. She went through the receiving line 3 or 4 times to welcome him into the family. Heck, she even tried to sneek into the car when we left the church. Now I know you probably have a young girl pictured in your head by this time, however she is my older sister.


  • I never would have thought to put fake rings in the emergency kit but it is a brilliant idea! I forgot the ring for my sister’s wedding…at the last minute we were taking my fathers ring off his finger to use during the ceremony;). My daughter is getting married next year and my sister was telling her what I had done last week. It was a good laugh 28 years latter!

  • My most favorite memory from any wedding is watching the bride and groom the moment they see one another, and feeling that sweet love-filled connection right along with them! Then their reactions cause your own feelings; you may cry if they cry, laugh if they laugh, and feel each other’s awe of their big, special day. :)

  • I walked up the aisle in my dress with a traditional veil over my head. As I got to the front of the church my soon to be husband whispers to me “is that you in there?”

  • We had all of our reception food prepared by family members . It was quite a spread compared to what you get now. That was a showing of love for us as we started out our lives.

    • I know I would have the chalk there in case someone gets something oily on their clothes, the chalk can help absorb it.

      My favorite wedding memory was the embrace between my husband and I after the ceremony was over. So tender!

  • My daughter’s wedding was in Mexico on vernal equinox at a Maya temple. The view of her walking through the temple with the sunrise behind her was beautiful.

  • I did!

    My favorite memory? Impossible, since I marry so many fabulous couples every year, but right on top of the list is working with Colin Cowie’s amazing team to marry Steph and Lela at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentines Day several years ago. A lovely couple (and their first trip to NYC from Alaska), gorgeous details (no big shock when Cowie is involved) and a happy, happy celebration.

    I often tell my couples that some of the best memories are those that result from the “unexpected” happenings at a wedding. No wedding is “perfect” and that’s good!!!

  • My favorite wedding memory is my husband of 30 years shaking tremendously during our wedding. We were married in a judge’s chamber after only knowing each other for 6 months. He knew how scary I was then too. LOL I hope I win this because our little girl is getting married in a few weeks.

  • My wedding was a dream. Just beautiful, I remember it fondly because we had so much fun. When we hot to the hotel later my husband said ” that was grat let’s do it every year.” Now my dear friend is getting married and I would love to win the kit for her. That way her wedding can be stress free and all fun too. Thanks for this article. It’s full of great practical info.

  • I am definitely making one for my future daughter-in-law for her bridal shower! Our son will be getting Aug 8, 2014 and I have already got her shower planned with her maid of honor.

  • i am looking forward to my little sisters wedding in November.She is having a Nightmare before Christmas theme.So fun! So i will be packing the white hairspray! LOL!

  • One of my favorite memories of my wedding was seeing all the people who had come to our wedding that love us. My daughter is getting married next summer, I have really enjoyed this week’s post and I would love to win the survival kit for her!

  • Love this list! I am a wedding coordinator to many of my friend’s children and this list is right on. I could use this giveaway for my next wedding in Novenber!

  • My lovely neice is getting married in a few weeks and I had started collecting some of these things for emergencies but boy I missed quite a few! I would love to win this to ensure that she’s prepared for anything.

  • On my best friend’s wedding day 20 years ago, I gave her a “brain implant” so she would always be able to answer the question “Honey, have you seen my ______?” I used the motherboard from a small calculator, along with an “appointment card” for the device to be surgically implanted into her brain. To this day we still laugh about it and wish it was real!!

  • My favorite memory is when we eloped and went to Maui. We were married with our own personal vows on the beech. It was not a stressful day because it was “Our Day”……no distractions….just the two of us.

  • When my best friend got married, I cried through the whole ceremony! I knew she was moving away after the wedding and although I was happy for her, I was also grieving the loss of a good friend. This was many years ago before the internet and e-mail or cell phones! I would love to win this nice giveaway for my granddaughter who is getting married soon.

  • Absolute essentials. Feminine products and a hair dryer. My sister had an accident at my reception and we rinsed her bridesmaid dress out in bathroom and used hair dryer. No one knew!

  • I don’t know if I can even narrow it down to one specific memory, but I loved everything about my very best friend’s wedding. I literally cried on the dance floor as it was all ending (I’m so embarrassed about this now!!). My little sister just go engaged last month, and I would love to win this for her. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My fave wedding memory was seeing my hubby at the reveal. He looked so good and I was so happy to see him and to know that I was about to marry my bff. I was was speechless and had tears in my eyes that i couldn’t even call his name to have him turn around to see me.

  • We were having a very small wedding, on a Tue night but everyone who mattered was there. My mother handled all the details and we just showed up. I just remember it was beautiful and got to marry the man of my dreams

  • As the bride was putting on her dress on her wedding day, she put her arms into the sleeves and one sleeve lining twisted around her arm like a Chinese finger puzzle. I designed and made this dress for my soon-to-be DIL. She and my son were away at school and I had sent a muslin dress to her for fitting. She thought she wanted short sleeves……for her December wedding. In case, she wanted long sleeves, I made a set of sleeves to replace the short ones. Three days before the wedding she decided on the long sleeves. In my haste to change out the sleeves, I had inadvertently twisted the lining. So……just before she was to wear the dress, I took a pair of scissors and cut the lining inside below the elbow, let the lining twist around, and whip-stitched the lining back together. Wa…la! No one would see the inside of the sleeve! So scissors, needle and thread are a must in essentials on the wedding day.

    • This is SUCH a great list and can’t wait to gather and purchase these items for my son’s bride to be for their upcoming 2014 wedding, thank you!!! So many fav memories of my own as well as others weddings :))) MOST fav and priceless is anytime we have family together, especially when lives become more busy each day. xoxoxoxox

    • Well needless to say there are a lot of memories connected to weddings I could talk about and not all good. The last wedding was at my home for my oldest son. Everyone was here (about 50 guests). My son had forgotten to pick up the best man’s tux. The wedding was delayed over an hour because of this. One of the bridesmaid broke the zipper on her dress before the wedding as well. There is more…but I won’t continue! The couples marriage lasted about 3 months!!