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5 Simple Ways To Fight Thinning Hair

Ways to Stop Hair Loss

This post was sponsored by PURA D’OR but, as always, all opinions are my own. :-)

Recently as I was admiring my daughter Britta’s thick tresses, I began to feel a little melancholy creep in, remembering when MY hair was like that. The last several years my hair has thinned dramatically compared to its’ “glory days.” It’s disconcerting to say the least when you run your fingers through your hair as you’re washing it and LOTS of hair comes out. I’ve even talked to my doctor about it because I know there are medical conditions that can cause higher than normal hair loss. Fortunately (unfortunately?) my hair loss seems to be your garden variety hair loss that comes along with the honor of growing older. :-)

However, even though it seems to be my destiny to have thinner hair as I “mature” (my mother has experienced the same fate,) I have discovered a few things I can do to give my hair more of a fighting chance. Here are 5 simple things you can do to help slow the progression of hair loss, and maintain healthy locks for as long as possible!

5 Ways To Simple Ways To Fight Thinning Hair

Ways to Stop Hair Loss

1. Start At The Scalp

Strong, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! One way to promote scalp health is to give yourself a mini scalp massage every time you wash your hair. The massaging action increases the blood flow to your scalp, and more blood flow means more hair growth.

Another easy way to keep your scalp healthy is to use hair products that nourish and invigorate your hair at the scalp level. I recently learned about a company called PURA D’OR that makes a variety of products designed to do just that! PURA D’OR shampoos and conditioners contain natural extracts and nutrients that help stimulate and invigorate the scalp to promote hair growth.

I started using PURA D’OR shampoo and conditioner just a few weeks ago, and I’m already seeing vitality and volume return to my hair.

Ways to Stop Hair Loss

2. Ditch The Chemicals

Most hair products are designed to make your hair look good, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good for your hair. Dyeing your hair frequently and using products with synthetic ingredients can lead to damage over time!

Look for hair products that contain natural ingredients, like oils and plant extracts. Natural ingredients are gentler on your hair, and they can also provide additional benefits as well! PURA D’OR shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using contain ingredients derived from coconut, nettle, seaweed, and more. Natural ingredients like these actually feed your hair, rather than causing further damage.

Ways to Stop Hair Loss

3. Consider Contributors

All kinds of things can contribute to hair loss. Stress and tension can be huge contributors to hair loss! If you experience a lot of stress, it may help to adopt some stress-relieving practices, like yoga or meditation.

Other contributors to hair loss can include hormone imbalances and poor diet and nutrition. Taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement can help provide your body with the nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth. Products like PURA D’OR shampoo and conditioner also contain hair-healthy vitamins like Biotin, too!

Ways to Stop Hair Loss

4. Drop Bad Habits

There are plenty of behaviors that can contribute to hair thinning and hair loss. Frequently using hot tools like hair dryers and hair straighteners is sure to cause damage to your hair. Brushing your hair while it’s still wet, and even brushing your hair when there’s product in it can cause breakage. Smoking causes poor circulation, which in turn slows hair growth. Even drinking alcohol and coffee can slow your immune system enough to contribute to hair loss. It may be time to drop these habits for the sake of your hair!

There are plenty of hair-healthy habits you can start doing, too. The hair shaft is largely composed of water, so it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or tea. Exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet will also benefit your hair (and your body too, of course!) 

Ways to Stop Hair Loss

5. Read The Reviews

Many hair care products claim to fight thinning hair and hair loss, but it can be hard to know which products actually live up to the hype. But now we can find out, since we have the world wide web at our fingertips! The thoughts of people who have tried these products for themselves are just a click away!

It’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to read customer reviews for hair care products to find out if they’re really worth the money. When I went online to read up about PURA D’OR products, I was surprised to find that they had over 13,000 reviews from passionate customers! I read review after review from people just like me who were struggling with thinning hair before they started using PURA D’OR shampoo and conditioner. Those reviews convinced me to give the products a try, and I’m really glad I did!

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  • I absolutely love this product! I have very fine, thin hair and try everything under the sun. This is, hands down, the best. My hair is no longer frizzy and looks and feels much thicker. One of my best purchases ever!

  • I tried the Purador system. I will definitely not be continuing with it. I only used a couple of times, and it made things much worse. Much more hair in my shower drain and my scalp itches like mad. Used a mixture of coconut oil, aloe vera gel and lavender essential oil. Calmed bother the hair loss and itch.

  • despite this being a sponsored post, the opinions are jillee’s own as she has clearly mentioned. also, despite all her wonderful (and free) insights, am sure some things (even financially) suit some people more than others. so ultimately user discretion is required and we learn through trial and error. and that again, is entirely the reader’s call, isn’t it?! we just need to cut her some slack, dearies!

  • Take Biotin 10,000 mcg every day and your hair will grow back. I lost hair by the handfuls and started taking the Biotin in 2012. My hair came back thicker than ever in my life!! Everyone I’ve recommended this to has had fantastic results. I still take it daily. My daughter swears by it, also, as her hair thinned when she was pregnant. Biotin worked!! I use cheap Suave shampoo.

  • Bleaching your hair, wearing weaves and extensions is also very bad for it. I bleached mine for a while, started losing my hair and then decided to go natural. I now have some gray coming in and will not dye it. I take hair vitamins and they seem to help. You failed to mention that some medications will cause hair loss. I am with other people on the fact that I can not afford the very expensive shampoo you advertise. Having to live on a very small SS check, I use a good quality shampoo that does not cost much. A bottle usually will last me for 6-10 months.

  • I not only think but I know there are less expensive ways to help prevent thinning hair rather than having to spend 50.00 a month for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. I’m taking it you were paid to advertise this product. I come to your site to learn creative ways to save money…not to spend a ridiculous amount on shampoo and conditioner.

  • My friend has had great success with minoxidil in liquid form applied to the scalp daily. It comes in drops or foam and is called Rogaine or Regaine. Also the same thing is sold at Costco under a different name. There are also caffeine shampoos, like Alpicin and Plantur, which are used daily and left on for 2 minutes. I can recommend a product called Topik which is a kind of powder applied to the scalp to cover wherever where the hair is thin. It comes in a range of shades. Also, trim hair regularly to stop it looking wispy.
    Please let this post go through, even though it recommends different products besides the sponsor, as the information is very useful to readers!

  • I have thinning hair and considered trying this product until I read reviews online. They suggest you shampoo your hair every day for 3 months. Many after 3 months started having major hair loss, more than when they started. I decided not to use it. I can’t afford to lose any more hair. Just my input. I’m sorry it is not positive. Please do your research before buying.

  • Didn’t realize it was a subscription. I will give it a try, but for future, it would be very helpful for consumer to know of this before commitment.

      • Thank you so much for recommending Pura Dor shampoo and conditioner. I love it and I am very picky with my two hairs !!! Not really two hairs but I am very impressed. I have fine, medium length, partially processed, blondish hair and it is kind of crispy. This shampoo and conditioner put the silk back in it and there was no breakage!!!! Love it!!!!! Thank you Jillee!!!!

  • I enjoy your website very much but my daughter is a health coach and I have a nutritionist and this product cannot perform the way it is advertised. I agree that good nutrition, and the ability to absorb vitamins and minerals will add to the health of your hair. This expense is unnecessary, staying with organic hair products and a healthy all around lifestyle is more productive. Jillee I truly like your website, this is my first complaint.

  • I began taking coconut oil in my smoothies about a year ago for preventive measures , along with those incredible benefits my hair was thicker and the grey seems to have stopped it’s invasion !
    I am in my 70’s and have less grey hair than my DIL and more hair than many of my younger friends . Even my son who loves to tease me about the proof of my advancing years asked if I had started to colour my hair ! LOL

  • I took Evening Primrose Oil and Biotin for my thinning hair. After about two months of taking 500 mg of EPO twice a day, along with the recommended dose of Biotin, my hairdresser said she could see lots of new growth. My hair now feels much thicker, and the slightly receding areas about an inch above my temples have filled in. I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but it did work for me. There is info online about Evening Primrose Oil for hair loss.

  • I am a repeat customer of Pura d’or. Me and my hair dresser both noticed new hair growth. Much less hair in the sink everyday as well. I ran out of products while away caring for my folks. I was out for about a month and started thinning again. I’m back to using it again and in three weeks my hair is thicker and healthier. I lose a fraction of the hair I was. I color every 8 weeks and my hair looks healthy and moist. I occasionally use ACV about once a week to 10 days after shampooing and before conditioning. I have short hair so these bottles last me months. I personally think the cost are worth the results.

  • Ingredients are always listed in order of which are used the most. 6 of the first ingredients listed are from coconut. So using coconut oil on your hair would be so much cheaper than this very expensive shampoo. According to some reviewers, this shampoo must be used with a conditioner or it really dries your hair out, and makes it impossible to comb out. So that is even more expensive.

    Many hair experts are now admitting it is not the shampoo that improves the hair, since it barely stays on your hair long enough to clean it, it is what you use before or after your shampoo and your interior health. Even most conditioners don’t stay on the hair long enough to make a difference other than to coat the hair with some kind of oil or sealant.

    Read the reviews on a good quality argan oil for cheaper results. And research how to fix your hair from the inside, not the outside. Even simple Apple Cider Vinegar can improve the PH balance of your scalp to help hair loss by using it both inside and out.

    Although Rosemary is often used to strengthen hair, it is also used to darken it, so if you color to lighten your hair, be aware of this.

  • This product is EXTREMELY expensive. I have ordered my first set of shampoo/conditioner, but was not able to put in your code of ONEGOODTHING. I have a notification in my bills folder to let them know by March 30 if I want to cancel.

    I too do not like their automatic shipments, but am will to give it a try.

    • Bee, you can absolutely use the code! You just have to get to their website from our link (click the green underlined PURA D’OR anywhere in the post). From there, just select the set of shampoo and conditioner and then enter the code onegoodthing in the promo code box. :-)

      Also, you can cancel your subscription at any time for free!

  • I have been using Purad’or for approx. nine months and it has made a change in the volume of my hair, even my hair stylist noticed the difference . I found Purad’or at Target, it was not at all the Target stores in my area just one. So look around you my luck out !

  • Everyone should talk to their doctors or dermatologists regarding the cause of their own hair loss. Old age, hormone imbalances, stress etc. before you start to buy anything online. Remember this is a business so they will try to push their product and Jillee gets a kickback. Please be aware before you buy. Good luck to all.

  • I am very glad to see your endorsement of Pura d’ or, I too suffer from thin hair because of medication for Lupus. I also have been using the JUST NATURAL products for almost 2 years and it truly is ALL NATURAL I love all their products and they smell good too. It is wonderful to know that there really are products that work for thin and thinning hair. Thank you for bringing it to everyone’s attention.

  • You forgot to mention that you cannot order it just once. Once you order it comes every 45 days, or one month or two months. I would have ordered if I could only order once to try it but I don’t want to subscribe to a continuing order.

    • I totally agree. I do not like being locked into automatic delivery. I currently wash and condition my hair every day and every two months is way too much. I do not need that much product for so little hair! ALSO, WHEN GOING TO ORDER THERE IS A $10.00 DISCOUNT FOR FIRST ORDER BUT NO PLACE TO ENTER CODE “one good thing” FOR $20.00 DISCOUNT! Tried three times……no such offer.

      • To get the discount, you just have to get to their website from our link (click the green underlined PURA D’OR anywhere in the post). From there, just select the set of shampoo and conditioner and then enter the code onegoodthing in the promo code box. :-)

        Also, you can cancel the subscription for free at any time!

  • Hi I’m Paula and I’m British

    Due to tension on my scalp and stress I have experience hair loss. It’s been 2 1/2 years now and tried everything to get my hair back. Could you recommend what to do?

  • Hi Jillee, no negative comments here but I think most of us will wait for you to come up with a homemade DIY concoction of this product!! I so enjoy all the recipes and formulas that you have created to help make life easier, cleaner, and better on our pocketbook. Thanks so much for all you do.

  • Brew better coffee – don’t cut it out! There are good hair protecting, thickening and strengthening shampoos at the grocery store. I thought you were going to bring in the usual hair loss tips, such as a silky pillow, gentle hairbrush or large-tooth comb, and specific supplements. Ramping up health/hydration, increasing circulation and scalp strength, using massage, exercise. As a matter of healthy finance, I would not ever join a shipping club. We are in one — for a razor, Harry’s, but that product is so good and they allow you to be on your own schedule; we get one (1) razor every six months. Collagen has been tauted and I use that for digestive issues, very beneficial to the overall body health.

  • I went to order and at check out I see that this is truly a “Club” and they will ship on a regular basis. There was no way to opt out of that. No thanks! Looks like a great product but I am not going to commit to an expensive product until I have tried it a while first.

    • To get the discount, you just have to get to their website from our link (click the green underlined PURA D’OR anywhere in the post). From there, just select the set of shampoo and conditioner and then enter the code onegoodthing in the promo code box. :-)

  • Boy, have you hit a nerve with this topic! The diameter of my pony tail is about 1/4 of an inch and the individual hairs are so fine and lifeless. I’ve heard of a few products that address the problem.
    1. Caffeine shampoo such as (in Europe) Alpicin or Plantur. Daily use, leave on for two minutes.
    2. Minoxidil drops or foam, daily use. Minoxidil in tablet form is a blood pressure medicine, but topically it stimulates hair growth (how did they discover that, I wonder). I’ve seen it work on a friend whose hair was so thin she always wore a wig when going out socially. It’s called Rogaine or Regaine and is for men as well as women. It takes a few months for the hair to grow in, obviously. I believe it is also sold under different names in places like Costco.
    3. Alternatively you can apply a powdery product called Topik, in the relevant colour, parting your hair to apply in the areas where it’s thin. You may need a shade darker than you think. I use dark brown even though my hair is rather faded and mixed with grey, and it very subtly gives the appearance of darker hair over all.
    4. Regular haircuts help keep the hair from looking wispy.
    I hope this helps someone out there!

  • Might mention that Pura’dor is a club subscription that will refill on a regular basis (they keep your credit card info.) I don’t particularly care for subscription type programs that keep my info to refill orders down the road, but I’m sure their products are wonderful based on your reviews.

  • I have started adding collagen to my coffee each morning, and it has helped grow my nails and thicken my hair. I used the shampoo you’re talking about, and while I loved it, I did not notice any hair thickening from it. Many of the reviewers may have gotten a deeply discounted bottle, like I did and felt obligated to give a good review. I now give a review not only of how much I like the product, but would I like it enough to pay full price for it.

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