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6 Times & Places You Should Ignore Your Cell Phone

When to Ignore Your Phone

Having a cell phone affords us a lot of opportunities to connect with people, but sometimes, technology also gets in the way. I know that I spend more time than I’d like to admit just looking at my phone. While it is a necessary part of my life, and one of the ways I wind down, I try to limit the time I spend dazed by screens.

Here are 6 times when I really TRY to refrain from using my phone:

When to Ignore Your Phone

1.  When Eating

I am a fairly messy eater, so I try to keep my phone out of the kitchen and dining experience entirely! When I need to see my device to follow a recipe, I use velcro strips to stick my iPad to the cabinet. Besides the mess factor, I try to enjoy my meals fully, instead of mindlessly eating while pursuing Instagram. :-)

When to Ignore Your Phone

2.  On a Date

Giving someone 100% of your attention is not only respectful, but I tend to enjoy myself more when I’m fully engaged in a conversation! This goes for friends and my kids, too – everyone loves being listened to. :-)

When to Ignore Your Phone

3.  In the Bathroom

There is a lot of airborne bacteria flying around the bathroom, and that is not something I want to expose my cell phone to!

When to Ignore Your Phone

4.  On Vacation

Most of my trips are for business these days, but when I do get a real vacation, I try to take a break from the digital world. Even if it’s only for a day or two, it feels so nice not to worry about notifications and responding to messages quickly! I don’t realize how much my phone bothers me until I actually put it away for a little while!

When to Ignore Your Phone

5.  During Me-Time

Whenever I’m treating myself to time with a book, an afternoon in the garden, or a quick spa session; I leave my cell phone out of it. Taking time to disconnect is calming to me, and my me-time just flies by if I’m n my phone!

When to Ignore Your Phone

6.  Before Bed

This one is a challenge for me. I’ve always had trouble sleeping, and ability to be constantly entertained by a tiny screen is just so tempting! Besides the trouble of wasting hours, the lights from the screen send signals to your brain that you need to stay awake, making it even harder to fall asleep.

Remember, your phone doesn’t have to be on all the time and you don’t always have to answer it immediately.

Be in control of your phone, don’t let it control you!

When to Ignore Your Phone

The App Moment tracks your usage and notifies you when you reach the limit that you previously set. You can customize usage for when you’re at work or for the weekends. Sometimes I just need a reminder to set down my phone and enjoy my surroundings. :-)

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  • Two apps I use cut out the blue portion of the light, then if you are on your android phone or pc, the screen won’t be sending signals to your brain keep you awake. This is also very calming.

    For my android I use Twilight, but there are others. This one has the benefit of shutting itself off when you are installing an app that you downloaded on your pc, then copied to your phone. Blue screen blockers can cause the android installer to blank out the “Install” area.

    For my pc I use f.lux. No issues that I know of.

    Both are free, and you can get Twilight is on Play. Do a search for f.lux, as I cannot recall where I found it.

  • Every time I encounter someone in a public bathroom talking on their phone, I have this irresistible urge to make a very loud farting sound. I usually don’t resist the urge!

  • The blessings of not having a cell phone is that we watch these people on the road and can avoid accidents – so far we have had to go into a ditch to avoid one coming around a corner on our side!

  • What really drives me nuts are people who leave their phones on during our church services. I’m probably going to to get a lot of flack for this one. If people have to have their phones on, at least put them on vibrate. Also when I go to the Doctor they have signs saying not to have phones on, but people completely ignore it. Folks don’t realize they can interfere with some of their medical equipment.

  • I stay off my cell in certain places because I feel it’s rude…dr appointment, my kids school, while out eating…
    I’m in New York. Driving while on the phone and or texting is illegal. I can’t believe how many ppl I see doing this while driving. I know a couple ladies who are awesome parents…but do this…..often. I couldn’t imagine losing a loved one because someone else wasn’t paying attention!
    I’m very guilty of going on my iPad before bed. It’s my mama alone time….
    Enjoyed reading this!

    • Yes, and I was rear-ended on June 30th in Syracuse at a huge traffic circle. The young lady (7 mos. pregnant) rammed the back of my Honda Odyssey Van while I was SITTING at a yield sign, waiting for traffic to clear so I could get safely into the traffic circle. It was 4:15 p.m., and the traffic was brutal! So, what the HECK was a pregnant young woman doing that she was not paying attention under those circumstances? After she hit me, she ran over to me and said “Oh, I’m so sorry! This was all my fault! I was not paying enough attention!” Say WHAT? Unbelievable traffic, very pregnant, and you were not paying attention to the road? Anyone want a bet that she was on her CELL PHONE talking or texting? ARRGH! We didn’t even get our van back for 6 weeks, it was so damaged; and we could not afford to go buy another van at that exact moment, either… So irresponsible…. so many people so addicted and causing senseless accidents and deaths all over the country!

      • AND I didn’t even mention the extreme pain I had to endure/had to have the chiropractor “fix” my neck, back, right elbow and right ankle for MONTHS! This is so unfair… I think they should take away the licenses of people who are texting or talking and cause an accident. At least for 2 or 3 years, until they realize THEY COULD KILL SOMEONE!

  • I can always tell when someone is on their phone while driving because they suddenly slow down for no apparent reason or they cross the line or weave in their lane or continue to sit at a green stoplight or stop sign. They must not care it’s illegal to use a hand held phone (at least in my state of CA). When I pass these oblivious people, they’re always holding a cell phone. What is so important that they absolutely must take that call? And texting and driving? I find that so irresponsible and downright stupid. I hope that woman received jail time for the manslaughter of your friend’s son.

    • Mary, I’m in SC and though it’s not illegal to use a hand held phone while driving, I’ve seen the same thing as you. You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Karen, I can’t even express my emotions on this one! NOTHING IS WORTH IT- REALLY- JUST PULL OVER WHEN YOU CAN AND REPLY- STAY ALIVE!!!!!

  • I would also like to add that so many employers these days think because someone works for them that they can ring them after working hours rather than wait to talk to their employee the next day. I think it’s extremely intrusive and extremely rude. Someone should write a book, not about how to get the most out of your mobile phone, but about manners and being intrusive, especially with employees. How would bosses like it if their employees rang them every time something went through their head. Also people ringing without saying who they are and where they’re from. I got a phone call like this yesterday from my library and I was asked ‘Is this P—,. I asked First, could you please tell me who you are and where you’re from and then I’ll tell you if the person you are looking for, after I ask them, will be willing to speak to you. In fact, I think I’ll ring library administration and tell them that phone manners have to be improved. What’s happened to manners now that we can ring anyone any time?

  • My Mother in laws funeral had just started when someones phone started ringing and it was really loud. At least they didn’t answer the call.

    • I think that the Most Important place is to turn it off when you are driving!!!!
      Yes! I agree with all the other people- however, this is the most important time to stay off that Iphone! People can and have died because of this.

      • Exactly! Driving is the most important. My friend lost his son because a woman was texting and driving. Do preventable

      • I never so mad!!!… The other day I was driving down a little road. (double lines down the middle). When this little girl talking on a cell phone, looked right at me and pulled out, cutting me off! I had to drive in the other lane so I wouldn’t hit her (thank god they’re was no one coming the other way) after she pulled over, I thought she was going to say sorry… Lol. She come out yelling at me!!! I couldn’t believe it!! The good thing, there wss a police officer that saw the whole thing. They called her parents. Come to find out, she is a 17yr old (b-day was that day, she got a new cell phone!!!) She had two other kids in the car, both younger them her. When mom & dad got there, they were very upset. She was supposed to be at a friends, not driving around without an adult, and defiantly not supposed to be on the phone while driving. Don’t really know if it was a show for the police & myself, it they took the phone, the keys & said she was grounded!! But these kids ( some adults to) today, don’t realize the things they do, can really hurt someome!!!

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