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7 End-Of-School Gift Ideas Teachers Will Love

Teacher Gift Ideas

Teaching is an often thankless yet very important job, so it’s nice to show your appreciation when you can. With the school year coming to a close, this is as good a time as any! But what to give that they will actually use?

Well, it’s hard to imagine a teacher who doesn’t need PENCILS, so this year, I’m gifting a simple pencil vase along with a gift card. The vase would look adorable sitting on any teacher’s desk; is easy to make; and you can find everything to make it at the dollar store!

Teacher Gift Ideas

Simple Pencil Vase Gift


Teacher Gift Ideas

This project really IS simple! All you need to do is apply a strip of hot glue to your pencil, and press it along the side of the vase. Make sure that each pencil goes straight from the top to the bottom – being careful not to push the pencils too close together. The amount of pencils that you need will depend on your vase, but I used about 40.

Teacher Gift Ideas

As you glue the pencils to the vase, keep the vase upright so that you can press each pencil down. This will make your vase even and sturdy.

Teacher Gift Ideas

After you’ve attached all the pencils (and let them the glue dry a bit,) wrap some ribbon or tape around the upper part of the vase. I just love this chalkboard alphabet tape I found!

Teacher Gift Ideas

And that’s all there is to it! Just add some flowers, silk or real! I thought that using silk flowers would make this gift more permanent and low-maintenance, but real flowers would look great too. :-)

Here are some more fun ideas:

Gifts In A Jar

A gift in a jar has everything your favorite teacher needs! You could fill one of these jars with school supplies, treats, or a little bit of both! Click here to see some more ideas for your gift in a jar.

English Muffin Bread

I have gifted this English Muffin Bread with a jar of my homemade Honey Butter Ambrosia many times – and it is always a hit! You can never go wrong with edible gifts, especially when it tastes this good. ;-)

Teacher Gift Ideas

If you’re short on time, just stop by the grocery store and print out one of these cute gift tags! A pack of gum, a bar of chocolate, or a roll of quarters becomes a funny, useful and appreciated gift. :-)

Teacher Gift Ideas

This schedule and to-do list could be very handy for lesson plans and staying on track in the classroom. Click here to learn how to put it together.

Teacher Gift Ideas

Click here for some fun ways to dress up a gift card. While a gift card to an office-supply store may be the obvious choice, teachers need to treat themselves, too!

Teacher Gift Ideas

With ordinary ball-point pens and some scrapbook paper, you can make these fun personalized pens!

Customize your gift even more with these personalized gift basket ideas.

Whether you do it with a gift, a note, or simply a heart-felt verbal “Thank you!”….make sure to let a teacher know how much they are appreciated this year!

How do you say “thank you” to teachers?

teacher gift ideas

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  • I am a teacher, and the very best gift I have received–other than the hundreds of notes I still have–was a Visa gift card that I received this year when one mom organized a collection.

    These ideas are cute and creative, but even if only ten students presented me with cutesy gifts, I’d be overwhelmed by things. As it is, I donate to charity shops or regift to friends so many of the candles/jewelry/photo frames/mugs I get.

    • Thank you for that comment! I have heard similar from my teacher friends…gift cards are winners. I am a room rep for both of my sons’ classes. We are giving a potted plant with gift cards attached to floral picks…always ask the teacher what might make her heart happy :)

  • Great ideas. I love the vase. Using the glue gun the pencils aren’t likely to disappear very easily. I’m also loving the cute pen idea.

  • As a retired teacher, I love the vase and agree with Peggy about filling it with pencils. But I think that particular gift makes an even better beginning-of-the-school-year present instead. Actually the best gifts are things that are personalized with the name of the student, like a beautiful book mark or book or even just a thank you note written by the student. And no teacher ever hated a gift card to a restaurant or some place like Target or Amazon.

  • As a retired elementary teacher, I think the pencil vase is a great idea but to make it even greater, fill the vase with pencils before placing the flowers into it. Pencils seem to grow legs and walk out of classrooms! This way, a teacher can have a hidden supply of pencils right on the desk.

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