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7 Useful Office Products You Should Stock Up On In The Fall

Back-To-School Sales

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It’s always a little strange when Back-To-School season comes around now, since all of my kids have finished grade school. I tackled the madness of Back-To-School shopping with my kids for over 20 years, so I’m still adjusting to life without school-age kids! But I recently discovered that you don’t have to be shopping for your kids’ school supplies to have a reason to browse the Back-To-School sales and deals. There are a lot of other great deals worth taking advantage of right now, on items that are just as useful for adults as they are for kids! :-)

Back-To-School Sales

Today I’ll be sharing 7 useful things you can find on sale during Back-To-School sales! My goal is to show you that Back-To-School time can be a great time to score a deal, no matter what your age or parenting status. :-) And thanks to my friends at RetailMeNot, you’ll also learn how to quickly and easily save money while you’re shopping online. Their new RetailMeNot Genie browser extension has been making it so easy for me to save money at tons of different online retailers! But I’ll tell you more about that a little later. Oh, and did I mention that RetailMeNot is giving away a $250 Visa Gift Card to a lucky OGT reader? (I’ll let you know how to enter at the end of this post!)

7 Useful Things To Buy During Back-To-School Season

Back-To-School Sales

1. Desk Organizers

Whether your desk is at work or in your home office, it’s important to keep your things organized! I found this cute Martha Stewart desk organizer at Staples, and it has a place for everything. I can keep my notebooks, paper clips, and pens organized, and it even has slot for my phone charger so I can keep my phone charged while I work!

Back-To-School Sales

2. Pen Holders

Need something to keep your pens and pencils handy? Check out this “grip grass” from Poppin! (They are one of my go-to brands for fun and cute office supplies.) You could also stick other useful items into this holder, like a small notebook, markers, flash drives, and more.

Back-To-School Sales

3. Notebooks & Planners

My enthusiasm for notebooks and other paper products borders on being problematic. (I tend to buy them faster than I can fill them!) This makes Back-To-School season both a blessing and a curse, because there are so many cute notebooks and planners on sale! They come in so many different shapes, sizes, and designs, so you’re sure to find just the right notebook or planner for you.

4. Stickers

How did I not know there were so many cute planner stickers out there? I’ve come across SO MANY during my search for Back-To-School deals, so I had to buy some for myself! Use these in your planner or on any kind of paper as a fun way to make to-do lists, remind yourself of appointments and bill due dates, and more.

Back-To-School Sales

5. Cord Wraps

If there’s one thing I’m sure we all struggle with these days, it’s keeping cords organized. I like to carry a spare phone charger with me in case I need it, but the cord is always getting tangled up in my purse. But I found these UT Wire Flexi Ties at Staples, and used one to wrap up my charger cord. It was a simple fix, and I love that I can reuse the tie again and again!

Back-To-School Sales

6. Pens

Pens are like bobby pins in that it’s impossible to keep track of them. They disappear without a trace, leaving you pen-less whenever you need to jot something down! But you can do yourself a favor by taking advantage of the great Back-To-School season deals to stock up on your favorite pens.

Back-To-School Sales

7. Phone Stands

There are so many different kinds of phone stands available these days, but I just couldn’t resist these ones! They’re called Piggy & Friends by Killer Concepts. These stands have a suction cup so you can stick them onto your phone case without using any sticky adhesives. These handy little stands are great for propping up your phone up to watch videos or make video calls!

Back-To-School Sales

As you can see, there are a lot of useful items that go on sale during the Back-To-School season, and it’s a great time to stock up on the things you need! And I recently learned about a great new tool that makes it so easy to save even more while you shop online—the RetailMeNot Genie browser extension! The extension is free to download (check it out here), and once it’s set up, it automatically finds, applies, and combines promo codes and cash back offers at checkout! The RetailMeNot Genie makes it easy to get the best possible deal, and it does all the work which means you don’t have to!

And don’t forget, you can always peruse the RetailMeNot website or their free mobile app to find out about great sales, deals, and offers that you might not have known about otherwise! For example, I recently found out about a great JCPenney sale through RetailMeNot. One of the sale items that caught my eye was a gorgeous 12-piece Ayesha Curry Home Collection cookware set (regularly $280) that was on sale for $140. Then I used the RetailMeNot Genie extension to search for more discounts, and it found and applied a coupon code that would save me another $21! That’s a total of $161 off the list price, so I think I might be buying myself an early Christmas present! :-)

Back-To-School Sales

Win A $250 Visa Gift Card!

The generous folks at RetailMeNot have a great giveaway for you! One lucky OGT reader will win a $250 Visa Gift Card! To enter for a chance to win, follow these easy steps!

  1. Visit RetailMeNot.com/Genie and install the free browser extension.
  2. Then visit your favorite online retailer, click the Genie extension button, and view what discounts are available.
  3. Return to this blog post, and leave a comment below telling me what discount you’re most excited to use!

The winner of this giveaway will be chosen and contacted by Sunday, September 23rd. Good luck! :-)

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  • I use empty medicine bottles to keep my cords contained, they are free for me and some of those bottles are huge. They work great to put change into for laundry also since I have no washer and dryer.

  • I just had a breast reduction and am on a fixed income and am a single mom with 2 girls. I need new bras so I went to Woman Within to see what I might find. On top of their 50 percent off everything that Woman Within was also offering, RMN was offering so many discounts! It was hard to choose one. The coupon I plan to use though is the 25% off your purchase. I think it is the one that will benefit me the most!

  • Always great to find a new way to save money. The cord wraps though can be bought at the dollar tree in the hair care section, as hair curlers. I also use them to close bags of veggies and fries in the freezer.

    • Once you download the extension, a small RetailMeNot logo will appear in the top right of your browser at all times. You just go to the website store you want to shop (Kohl’s, for example), and then see what deals the extension offers on that site :-)

      Or, you can just go to RetailMeNot’s website (https://bit.ly/2oCKVHw) to browse their deals

  • Sadly, this only works if you have a desktop and does not work with a tablet. I signed up to get notices from RMN quite some time ago and I do get some great tips about sales going on.

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  • I know you have talked about the Honey extension for Chrome before, which is what I currently use. As someone that has used both, how do you find RetailMeNot compares to Honey?

  • This is exciting! I’m going to use it for the Wal-Mart $10 off my first grocery purchase of $50+ online. I’ll pick up at the Super-Walmart store. What a great tool this RetailMeNot.com/Genie is! No more having to hunt for promo codes. Thanks RetailMeNot.com/Genie!!

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