· Beauty Tips · 9 Highly Practical Beauty Dos And Don’ts For Mature Skin

9 Highly Practical Beauty Dos And Don’ts For Mature Skin

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I would describe my approach to makeup as largely pragmatic, because I tend stick to my usual routine. For special occasions, I might veer slightly out of that routine in favor of a more dramatic eye, but that’s about as “experimental” as I get!

I suspect that many of you are also pragmatic in your approach to makeup and beauty. But even the most practical makeup wearers among us can benefit from learning (or refreshing our memory of) basic beauty “dos and don’ts”, particularly those that are specific to aging skin!

beauty do's and don'ts

And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this post — 9 practical makeup tips for mature skin that are useful, but not beholden to current trends. Check out these 9 “dos and don’ts” below!

Have a makeup tip you’re dying to share? Post it in a comment at the bottom of this post!

9 Practical Makeup Dos And Don’ts For Mature Skin

beauty do's and don'ts

1. DO Use The Right Concealer

There are a lot of different types of concealers out there, and while many work for most skin types, others are formulated to cover up blemishes in particular. For more mature women, blemish concealers can actually draw more attention to fine lines, rather than making them less noticeable, so be sure to read concealer labels closely so you can get one that works for your skin type.

beauty do's and don'ts

2. DO Use Moisturizing Foundation

Mature skin needs more moisture than younger skin, so it’s smart to find a lightweight foundation with added moisturizers for regular use. There are plenty of good options out there in a range of different shades and coverage levels. Some of them also contain SPF, which is always a plus!

3. DON’T Use Powders

Powder products are great for people with oily skin, but mature skin usually needs more moisture, not less! Powder-based formulas can make mature skin look lifeless and washed out, so opt for cream or liquid formulas instead.

beauty do's and don'ts

4. DO Moisturize

Before applying foundation or even a primer, you should be applying a good moisturizer. I can’t say enough good things about my favorite Ideal Daily Moisturizer — it’s lightweight, not greasy or oily, and keeps my skin soft and hydrated all day.

5. DON’T Wear Dark, Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks in dark shades are the most likely to feather or bleed. Instead, opt for pink, mauve, or rosy lip colors for a more youthful look. There are plenty of non-matte finishes to choose from too, from ultra-shiny glosses to tinted lip balms.

beauty do's and don'ts

6. DO Use Black Mascara

Mascara comes in all sorts of shades and colors today, but black mascara is a classic for a reason! It’s universally flattering and really makes your eyes pop.

7. DON’T Use Eyelash Curlers

Those clamp-style eyelash curlers aren’t very user-friendly, and can easily tug on your lashes or even thin them out over time. You’ll be much better off in the long run if you retire that mean old clamp, and your lashes will thank you!

beauty do's and don'ts

8. DO Use A Cream Blush

Cream blushes are ideal for mature skin because they’re more moisturizing than powder blushes. They’re easy to apply and blend as well, so you can create a rosy and youthful glow in no time. I’ve recently been using this cream blush that comes in a tube like a lipstick, which I find really convenient!

beauty do's and don'ts

9. DO Fill Your Brows

Our eyebrows tend to thin as we age, but that’s why brow pencils were invented. (Not really, but they do make it easy to give a fuller look to sparse brows!)

Use a light hand with your pencil to achieve a more natural look, and don’t forget to blend! A regular blending brush can work in a pinch, but the best tool for the job is a spoolie brush, which is like a mascara wand minus the mascara.

beauty do's and don'ts

BONUS: Try New Brushes

If you’re still using the same old makeup brushes you’ve been using for years, you may be missing out! There are so many different styles of makeup brushes out there nowadays, and you never know which ones might be real game-changers unless you give them a try.

For instance, I decided to give these oval foundation brushes a try a while ago, and now I can’t imagine living without them! They make it easy to get the coverage I want with an effortlessly smooth finish.

What’s your best practical makeup tip?

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  • I would disagree on the mascara shade. If we have matured so that now your skin is pale,& have blonde, white or grey hair I think off black:dark brown etc. is more flattering for the day time. I have found myself staring at the black instead of noticing the beautiful eye color on my friends.

  • I’ve recently started using Essence False Lash – Mascara. It’s super cheap about $5.00., It’s amazing for me. I don’t have a lot of eyelashes left and it really helps. I’ve started using a cream blush lately. My favorite is by
    ELF – its their. Putty Blush in a small jar.. I just put a dab on my cheeks and blend it with my blush brush.

  • Hello,
    This was such an amazing blogpost. I have used cream blushes and they are much better than powder blushes honestly. Amazing tips though! Thank you for sharing them.

  • I’ve just started getting back into using beauty products and I’m grateful for all the help I can get. Your tip to avoid using powder formulas will definitely help; I’ve always gotten a matte look from powder formulas, as you said, and I think you’re right that cream is better. I’m still looking for the right moisturizing foundation (I have really sensitive skin) and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for those with SPF, as you mentioned.

    • I had a hard time getting away from powders, I have combination skin so I would use concealer and then a powder on top, still do sometimes. But my fix bc I have combination skin, has been the foundation sticks. They are just right for me not too oily and don’t make my skin look dry and flaky. I use one by Clinique but ColourPop just came out with one I’m gonna try and they are only $10!

  • Suncreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen, prevents aging spots, and protects the skin, always use before foundation.
    Also check out blogs on YOU Tube for older women, I have learned a lot about skin care, and my skin
    has never looked better and middle sixty!!!!

  • If you don’t like using mascara, try coconut oil on your lashes every night before you go to bed. When you go out at night, use Vaseline. Cream blush is not so wonderful for someone with dryish skin as it goes right in and you tend to lose the color.

  • Hi Jilee, I have to disagree with you on one point. I stopped using black mascara about seven years ago. I am now in my early 60’s and as I have aged I found that black was to strong. Even though it is much harder to find I stick with brown. On a mature woman I think it just looks better. My makeup routine has simplified over the years. Throwing black mascara on is too garish. It reminds me of my teen years when my mother and I would see elderly women wearing mini skirts that had been designed for teenagers. lol.

  • I am 67 years old and when I get up and look in the mirror I don’t want to walk out looking like I feel sometimes. Sometimes I go out without makeup and sometimes I don’t. If I can make myself look better I actually do feel better. We can all enhance the canvas God gave us. It is up to the individual. I could care less about socially accepted norms. I do what I do for myself and what makes me feel good. Just as I select clothes that make me feel good.

  • I use mineral makeup. yup, powder. I use a lighter shade with a tiny brush for concealer for those brown spots and under eye circles. Then I just brush on the correct color for my skin Works great. I also use the mineral powder after my first coat of lipstick,it sets the color. Browsare done with pencil in little short strokes. I drive my daughter crazy as I apply pencil eye liner and then just smear it. Everything blends great dfand incidently I am 74 .
    Love ya Jillee,I feel like you are a personal friend and your upbeat attitude always makes me smile.

  • I love getting tips and product recommendations for aging dry skin since most of what’s on the internet is geared to the younger folks. Thanks Jillee.

  • My best friend who went to beauty school taught me four tricks that I can’t live without. One if you use powder foundation use it sparingly on top of liquid foundation and only during the summer when you are more likely to sweat. Two get a cheap toothbrush and blend your foundation in before you add everything else. You want to blend it into your hair line and around the edges of your face. Also around your eyebrows, eyelids, nose, and mouth. Three use lip balm under your lipstick or lipgloss it adds some extra moisture and helps it stay on longer. If you can find some that is closer to your lipstick it adds an extra pop. And finally use a makeup setting spray to have your makeup last all day. You want to spray it twice fanning your face in between and afterwards to get it to set faster and better

    • Thanks Jessica for the tip on spritzing your face twice with the setting spray. I never thought to do this. I use a setting spray but when I have long days, it does seem to lose its’ effectiveness. I am going to give your tip a try!

  • Great practical tips as always. Thanks Jillee. Mine for you is this: Glycerine. Most beauty products, especially those expensive wrinkle removers contain the ingredient glycerine. For good reason because it’s nature’s moisturizer. It has the property of drawing moisture from the air to protect your skin and hair but here’s the best thing. Instead of the tiny drop they put in your cosmetic, buy it at your drugstore (I get mine at walmart for about $4 a 4 oz bottle) and use it as much as you want on hair and skin. It’s totally safe. The only complaint is that it can get sticky. I put it in a spray bottle with water & spritze face and hair. Use before applying makeup for an underglow. Rub on wet hair for frizz control. It’s cheap and safe so experiment to see what works for you. It’s done wonders for me.

  • I use powder and powder blush, however, I spray a fine mist of water to set my makeup. Everything else I pretty much agree with. I’ve started using Rodan & Fields products and my eyelashes are thicker and longer than EVER so using the eyelash curler is a breeze! And NO, I’m not a sales person for R & F.

  • As I get older – I see how some makeup brings attention to fine lines, large pores, or dry skin. I stumbled across Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics – in an effort to cover up rosacea. As I was putting the green powder over the rosacea – I noticed the pores disappeared. The good thing about Southern Magnolia – is they have very small trial sizes – so you can see what works for you without spending a fortune. I use both the green and the yellow powder concealers – and have very good results.

  • I “comb” my lashes before putting on mascara primer then mascara. This avoids having to curl, the primer works really well with separating the lashes and curling them. It also helps with waterproofing the mascara. I always put moisturizer on my face when its still damp then wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed before I apply my BB cream. I am now 74 yrs old and still use eye make-up but not shadow; just a very fine line for eye-liner usually in a dark brown, grey or plum colour (my eyes are a dark brown). But I do use a pencil highlighter above my brow line and below my brow line and very lightly on my lower eye-lid. Seems to help “wake-up” the eyes. Always, always take your make-up off at night then use a night formulated moisturizer.

  • Thank you for the great tips. I’ve learned that using a lip pencil keeps my lip stick from feathering. I’m in sales & often do presentations to groups. Someone once told me, with live in her heart, that I looked washed out so I now use darker lip color, with a pencil liner. I now get more compliments on that choice & I think it’s helped with my sales. I look more energetic & excited about my product.

    I personally love your eye makeup! Call me dated. I wear glasses & feel it takes me a little extra eye makeup to have my eyes show up.

  • I have learned to always use primer, both on my face and eyes. Smooth it onto your skin with fingertips and let it set for about 5 minutes, then proceed with applying your makeup. Also using BB cream as foundation is a great alternative as it is moisturizing. I am in my 50’s and have learned by trial and error.

  • Some of these tips are very interesting. I’m early 50s. I’ve tried using a moisturizing foundation, but since I have oily skin it just made it look more shiny. I haven’t had to fill my eyebrows yet- they are naturally thick and dark. I agree about the one tip about using foundation for an eyeshadow primer. I just use my concealer instead.

      • I’ve usec bare minerals before, but not their foundation. Not in my budget ., I use the L’Oréal mineral foundation and a primer by elf. I use the pink one.

      • I use Bare Minerals and it doesn’t seem to accentuate my wrinkles, but I do use a primer and lots of moisturizer

  • Jillee, you are much younger than me, but are like the big sister I never had. Thank you for all these womanly tips, generously given without condescension or judgement.

  • I learned a trick decades ago that’s been recommended by beauty experts.. put your moisturizer on clean wet skin. The serums and creams glide on and give your face a dewy look. You can also get away with using less product too.

  • Now that I’m 60+ my eyebrows have become thin to non-existent. After trying countless brow products, I keep coming back to Anastasia Brow Wiz. The best brow tip I ever read helps me keep my brows symmetrical: 3 landmarks to establish. #1 hold the pencil beside your nose and in line with your tear duct- that’s where the brow starts. #2 hold the pencil beside your nose and in line with the outside edge of your pupil- that’s where the arch should be. #3 hold the pencil beside your nose and in line with the outer corner of your eye- that’s where the brow ends. Bonus tip: apply your brow pencil and then pluck the errant hairs that fall outside. Until I started using these tips I could never get my brows to match! And thanks Jillee for your wonderful advice! I use so many of the tips and tricks I learn here!

  • Jillee, Thanks for the tips! I say this with all due respect,…In many of your photos, your eye makeup seems too dark/harsh. You look more youthful with less eye makeup, especially on the lower eye. You’re very pretty and talented! I’m glad that I came across your website. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do to help the rest of us! Sincerely, Stacey from AZ

    • I agree 100%! Less truly is more as we age. Softer colors are much more flattering. I’m also distressed by the rapidly increasing heavy-handed use by SO many women — young or maturing — of false eyelashes. They always look FAKE. (Much better suited to RuPaul.)
      Lash extensions are a little bit less obvious, but really expensive . . . That kind of money would be better spent as a donation to charity.
      I welcome your reply.

  • When putting on your foundating lightly pat some on your lips and eyelids. It helps to apply your lipstick and your eyeshadow plus it helps it to stay on longer. If you need a cream blush in a pinch you can use your lipstick. Pout your lips when applying lipliner. Dip your clear mascara wand in your black mascara for a clump free easy application.

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