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An Extraordinary Gathering of Artisans & Crafters In My Own Backyard!

I have a treat for you today! There are some big goings-on in my little town this weekend! Every Labor Day weekend a special event called Swiss Days takes place and this sleepy little hollow all of a sudden is inundated with people from all over the state and the country! Some of the most gifted crafters…artists….and just plain TALENTED people take part in this gathering that celebrates the Swiss heritage of the founders of Midway, Utah.

As a matter of fact…it is quite the fête even get into this event as a vendor. Bottom line…you can always count on seeing a bunch of really great booths with really great stuff! So I grabbed my camera and went and made the rounds so I could share what I found there with you!

Here is the inspiration I found…in the order I found it! (In other words, they are in no particular order.)

Beautiful quilts by Granny Ann at GrannyAnns.blogspot.com

Darling and affordable doll clothes for 18″ dolls (American Girl?) by DayDreamDollBoutique.com

Cute covers for your all your hair curling devices by CurlCovers.com

This booth was popular with the little girls! Dolls with real hair to style and accessorize to your hearts content by MySalonDoll.com

FUN accessories! :-)

Vintage frames made from old cupboard doors from AboveAndBeyondHD.com.  LOVED these!

The scents coming from this booth were DIVINE!  Beautiful potpourri-on-a-string and potpourri wreaths from PotpourriOnAString.com

Fabric-covered buttons made into adorable bracelets, earrings, hair ties and clips, rings, etc. from mkmhandiwork.blogspot.com

Create your own beautiful recipe book from MyFavoriteRecipesB0ok.com. Books include scrapbook paper in all 200 recipe slots PLUS 130 “tried and true” favorite recipes (that you can remove if you like)!

The “In A Pikle” bag. A compact organizer for essential convenience items needed for the daily emergencies of life, camouflaged to look like a designer wallet. From InAPikle.com.

How funny are these Beard Beanies??  The original fitted bearded hat!  Great for skiing, rock climbing, snowmobiling, hunting, backpacking, snow shoveling, snowboarding, winter hiking, etc. Pretty much anything you can think of!   :-) BeardBeanie.com

The geek in me was excited about this booth! Cute handmade cases for iPads, Kindles, Nooks, E-readers, Cell phones and more from KreatedByKim.com.

I fell in LOVE with these beautiful custom frames from ElementsFrameCo.com!  Each one is handcut and hand-painted and distressed. Gorgeous!

It seemed like everyone I saw was carrying around one of these all-in-one family organization systems from FamilyDoDots.com! The system includes Responsibilities, Behavior, Goals, Practice Time, and more. Definitely a popular item this year!

Adorable baptism, christening, communion, and other special occasion dresses from LittleStatements.com!

I am a sucker for dried, pressed flowers!  So these definitely caught my eye!  OriginalWay.net specializes in growing and pressing all their own flowers for these beautiful framed florals and candles! jeanmontanaro@yahoo.com

Another very popular booth (as you can see!)  The Jinkys skirt can be worn a number of different ways including as a shirt and as a dress! They are made out of traditional recycled vintage saris! ShopJinkys.com

I LOVE these hats from SnowFireHats.com! I remember trying to find some to buy at Christmas last year and couldn’t find them ANYWHERE!  Needless to say I came home with that blue hat on the left today!  (How cute is this couple!?!?)  :-)

I liked these bags by PlunderDesign.com so much I bought FOUR of them! lol.  Not all for me. I plan on giving 3 away as gifts. :-)  Their jewelry was also adorable and very reasonably priced. This place was MOBBED by shoppers when I was there!  Cute, cute stuff!

Couldn’t resist posting these incredible witches hats!  They were amazing! From Wanda’s Workshop. (I didn’t get the website. If anyone has any more information on this company please leave a comment!)

UPDATE:  Wanda’s Workshop contact info is:   ellen@sprigsholidaydecor.com.

And last but not least…..these goofy little owls from KatAndStiina.blogspot.com made me smile!  Made by a mom and daughter who love to sew, each owl hat is handmade from upcycled materials and no two hats are alike.

This concludes my reader’s digest presentation of Swiss Days 2012 in Midway, Utah. I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you are within a reasonable driving distance, jump in your car right now! Today is the last day!

If you’re NOT within driving distance…get online and check out some of the websites I have linked to above. Some great gift-giving ideas and Christmas will be here before you know it! :-)

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  • […] come up to Midway from California every year just to go to Swiss Days! Back in 2012, Jillee did a post documenting some of the fantastic crafters that sell every kind of homemade item you can imagine at […]

  • As a local I only do Swiss Days every few years, so thank you for this years’ tour, sans the crowd! I love your blog. We have featured you in our “fun blog” section of Sophie’s Planner emails. You offer such great information. Keep up the great work!

  • You are from Midway (I wasn’t 100 % sure since there is also “The Store” in Holladay)!!!! I live in Utah County but work in Heber quite a few days of the week and sometimes end up in Midway for lunch. I love, love, love your site and have wondered (think it would be really cool) if some day I might bump into you. :-) Enjoy all the craziness!

  • I come from a long line of crafters. (Granny was big on making clothes and doll-clothes and mom used to sew and crochet and make all kinds of stuff!) So I have been to many, many craft fairs. I wish I was able to make it to Swiss Days because all of this stuff is original and adorable and, as you said, affordable! These days most of the craft fairs around here consist of the hair accessory booths, (y’know, the little bows and headbands esp for little girls) and candle booths. They have gotten so boring! I mean, there’ll be a few that are unique enough to draw some attention, but most of the merchandise these days is priced above what I’d pay in a retail store! I’m not hurrying out to any craft fairs this year, but I’m busy with my own stuff. Thanks for showing me that there ARE still talented crafters out there!

  • I saw a Jinky vendor in Fort Meade, Maryland! I bought 2 skirts (which are reversible) and they are GREAT! The price was excellent, plus I got two skirts in one. I also bough a sundress which I can wear as a skirt or with a cute sweater or blouse jacket for a dress. Love them!

  • Hi! This post made me long for the fall festivals! We have retired and are now living in Costa Rica. Yes, we love it, but I do miss the “craft fairs”! LOL Thanks for sharing the different types of booths….Nancy

  • Ok, so I think I want one (or two or three) of everything! What beautiful creations! I love going to these kind of events. I am excited to visit the websites you shared and help support some of the vendors! Christmas is coming! : ) Thanks for sharing!

  • What a fun post! Inspiring stuff, and how you weren’t reduced to a state of poverty by the end of the day, I will never know. I’m continually amazed at how creative folk come up with new and exciting ideas. A great way to start an overcast, dreary Saturday morning. Thank you.

    • You are most welcome Penny! Only thing that saved my wallet was I was too busy taking pictures to buy anything (and have to haul it around with me!)
      But….I’m very tempted to go back today without my camera so I can shop and EAT! They have some GREAT food there! Mmmmm…..Scones!!!! :-)

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