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Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It? We Broke It Down For You.

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. As always, all ideas and opinions are entirely my own.

I’ve posted a few times in the past about meal subscription services, and every time I do I seem to receive a handful of negative comments in response. These commenters usually insist that meal subscriptions are either too expensive, or a complete waste of money in general. I personally have had great experiences with Blue Apron, my preferred meal subscription service, but these comments got me wondering about the cost compared to buying the same ingredients at the grocery store.

I brought up the idea of doing a cost comparison for meal subscriptions at one of our planning meetings, and my team eagerly accepted the challenge! We decided that we would order a box of meals from Blue Apron, then buy all the same ingredients at the grocery store and see how they compared, both in cost and in overall value. And I’m excited to be sharing our findings with you today!

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Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Breaking Down The Cost

We ordered one of Blue Apron’s 2-Person Plan boxes, which cost about $60 (shipping included). The box contained ingredients for 3 different meals:

We made an inventory of all the ingredients in the box, then set out to our local grocery stores to purchase everything on the list. The total cost of buying the ingredients at the grocery store was about $95.

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

As you can see in the photos, the quantity of food from the store was larger than the quantity of food in the Blue Apron box. By my estimate, we ended up with enough of each grocery store ingredient to make each of the Blue Apron recipes twice. That puts the price of the 3 meals at around $47.50 using grocery store ingredients, versus the $60 price of the Blue Apron box.

Breaking Down The Value

In this case, buying the same ingredients from the grocery store would save you about $12.50 over the Blue Apron price. However, cost is not the only factor worth considering here!

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Quality – One of my favorite things about Blue Apron is their commitment to quality. They work directly with farmers, which means that the ingredients in each box are fresh from the farm (and in many cases, fresher than you can find at the grocery store). Blue Apron also utilizes sustainable seafood and meat without added hormones or antibiotics. (For more information, visit their Our Vision page.)

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Portion – The ingredients in each Blue Apron box are perfectly portioned to fit the recipes. That means you’ll use up everything when you make the meals, and you won’t have to worry about leftover ingredients going bad in the fridge. (And fixed portions means you don’t have to worry about portion control or overeating!)

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Variety – All of Blue Apron’s recipes are chef-designed, and they highlight many different kinds of cuisines from around the world. (See more of their recipes here.) This allows you to try foods you may not have had before, without having to commit to buying a lot of one specific ingredient. For example, the Thai Steak Lettuce Cups (which you can learn how to make below) call for ponzu sauce, which I’ve never used before. When we purchased the ingredients at the grocery store, I had to buy a whole bottle of ponzu sauce, which is a big commitment for a sauce I’m not familiar with!

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Convenience – The convenience of Blue Apron is a huge factor for me. Our photographer Kaitlyn, who spearheaded the grocery shopping effort for this post, went to 4 different stores looking for fingerling potatoes for the Honey-Rhubarb Chicken recipe, and wasn’t able to find them anywhere! Depending on what’s available where you live, certain ingredients may be hard to come by. But Blue Apron delivers every ingredient right to your door in a refrigerated box – zero shopping trips required. And ordering online takes just a few seconds!

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

The Bottom Line

So is a meal subscription worthwhile? That depends. While shopping at the grocery store may be slightly more cost effective, a meal subscription can offer additional value that offsets the few dollars in savings. If you personally value quality, portion size, variety, and convenience, then give a meal subscription service like Blue Apron a try!

But I couldn’t leave you without sharing one of the delicious meals I prepared from our Blue Apron box. These Thai Steak Lettuce Cups were easy to make and really flavorful!

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Thai Steak Lettuce Cups with Spicy Green Beans & Sushi Rice


2 steaks
3/4 cup sushi rice
4 ounces fresh green beans
2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
1 head butter lettuce
1 lime, quartered
1 bunch fresh cilantro
1 bunch fresh mint
2 Tbsp ponzu sauce
1 bird’s eye chile
1 Tbsp sugar

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?


Start by prepping the produce. Cut off and discard the stem ends of the green beans, then cut them in half. Cut off the stem end of the lettuce and separate the leaves. Cut off the stem end of the chile and slice it thinly into rounds. (Make sure to wash your hands and knife after handling the chile!)

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Next you’ll cook the rice. Combine the rice, 1 1/2 cups of water, and a big pinch of salt in a small pot. Place on your stovetop over high heat until boiling. Once the mixture is boiling, cover the pot and reduce the heat to low. Cook for 15 to 17 minutes, or until the water has absorbed and the rice is tender. Remove from heat and fluff the rice with a fork.

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Then move on to the green beans. Heat a couple of teaspoons of olive oil in a non-stick pan until hot. Add the green beans and season with salt and pepper. Cook for 4-5 minutes, or until browned and soft. Add the chile and cook for another minute or so, then transfer everything to a bowl.

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Before cooking the steaks, pat them dry on both sides with a paper towel, and season with salt and pepper. Place a teaspoon of oil into the non-stick pan and place over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot, add the steaks to the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side (or until they are done to your liking). Move the steaks to a cutting board and let them rest for at least 5 minutes.

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Finally, you’ll prepare the sauce. Add the chopped garlic to the non-stick pan, along with a drizzle of olive oil if necessary. Cook over medium-high heat for a minute or so, then add the ponzu sauce, sugar, juice from 2 of the lime quarters, and 2 tablespoons of water. Cook for 1-2 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove from heat.

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

All that’s left to do is assemble! Cut the steaks into slices against the grain. Then lay out your lettuce leaves, and fill them with the cooked rice, green beans, and sliced steak. Drizzle the sauce on top, and top with chopped cilantro, chopped mint, and a drizzle of fresh lime juice. Yum!

Are Meal Subscriptions Really Worth It?

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  • I love blue apron. I started getting it so my husband could help cooking and since it had all the ingredients and instructions it was a win win. Well it really helped him with his cooking skills. While he hated all the chopping it taught him a lot about how to cook. Plus all the meals we picked we loved. We tried foods we would have never tried and now eat regularly.

  • i have so wanted to see someone do some cost comparisons as well as taking into consideration all the supplies that would have to be stored for the possibility of future use. time and gas chasing about for items is a huge thing to consider also. a few years ago we tried dream dinners and our only challenge was trying to use the minimum no. of meals they provided and storage for the other half of each meal or eat the same thing too many nights in a row. that was a terrific plan also otherwise.
    i really do look forward to your email each day and appreciate the effort to make them useable. hope you will keep up the good work. one think i would like to suggest and perhaps it is already a feature i have not found. an archive of all your ideas for referring to later.

  • My husband and I use Blue Apron a couple times a month and we love it. We love the variety of meals we get as well as the convenience of not having to shop and buy quantities of sauces, seasonings, etc that I may or may not use again. I feel the price is great! We don’t have left overs because the portions are perfect for us. There have only been a couple of meals that weren’t appealing to me but still good meals. I love Blue Apron and will continue using them.

  • I love this site, and look forward to it daily. However this article felt like a paid commercial for Blue Apron. It was well presented and I am glad Jillee is enjoying the subscription….I would hope at some point Plated or other services would be reviewed in a point to point comparison? I am a deal shopper so looking at the prices I feel I could match or beat the prices by far with my store sales, coupon and online coupon deals. As a counterpoint both my Aunt and my neighbor had problems with Blue Apron in missed items, items which arrived in bad shape (one fish product was downright terrible) and wrong items sent with the recipe. They received credit but it happened often enough that they cancelled–one is with Plated and the other went to a local service. This makes me think if they can’t deliver a consistent experience, and have to issue credit it isn’t good for business or customer relations? Anyway, my two cents for what it’s worth!?

  • My husband and I have tried both Blue Apron and Hello! Fresh. We enjoyed both. I stopped Blue Apron simply because I wanted to try another plan of the same type. Both are equally good.
    We live in an RV, have limited storage both for dry goods as well as refrigerated items. These programs work great for us simply because we don’t have to find a place to store the unused portions of products we would have to buy in bigger quantity than needed for the one recipe AND the bottles of sauces, etc we would have to store in the refrigerator after using 1/4 cup or less.
    My husband is what I would call a ‘meat and potatoes’ guy but he has willingly tried the various meals I’ve picked out without consulting him. Only about three out of two months worth of subscription boxes have we found not to our liking.
    I hope to continue using the boxes for a long time!

    • I just love Blue Apron. My daughter introduced me and what I love about it is we don’t have any leftovers. I used to go to the grocery store and buy all these things to make a meal. Then we had too much lettuce, so it went bad and had to throw it away. The same with special spices, only needed them once and then in the garbage. You try to buy somewhat in quanties to get the best price, but have too much so is discarded.

      I think it is the greatest thing that has come along. The steak, fish, chicken, salads and sauces are so fresh and good. I order for two as it is just my husband and myself, we are senior citizens and just love the food.

  • My mother in law recently started using Blue Apron and loves it. I tasted one of the meals she made, and it was awesome! She buys the plan for two people and has the leftover for lunch or dinner the next day. My husband and I can’t wait to try it. I am disabled and we don’t go out to eat much anymore. The cost is actually cheaper than a night out (that’s how I got my husband to okay the cost!).

  • I did try them once but unfortunately it is too much for one person. I called them to ask if they have their meals for one but they said no.
    Do these people realize how may ONES are out there?? So i can’t order as it doesn’t work for me.
    I also get upset when I see these restaurants advertise buy one dinner and the other gets 50% off! Again couples only!!!! UGH………………………

    • I’m single and here’s a couple of alternatives to your dilemmas.

      1) Get the box for two, fix the meal and then save half the meal for either the next day for lunch (brown bag it!) or for dinner in a day or two. This way, you’ll have 6 of your 14 lunch/dinner meals each week taken care of for you, with only half the prep/cooking time for 6 meals. Just reheat and eat.

      2) On the buy one, get one 1/2 price. Order 2 meals. Ask for one to be a to-go box and to please fix it when you’re almost done your dinner. Eat the other meal there. They’re usually really good about waiting until you’re almost done your dinner to bring the to-go box. Then make that lunch or dinner for the next day.

      Both are win/win situations.

      For me, these plans are not cost effective. I only spend $50 to $60 a week on ALL of my groceries. I cook from scratch with cheaper cuts of meat (10lb bag of chicken quarters for $5?!) But I guess if you have limited space, eat out or eat a lot of the more expensive gourmet foods, then this would work.

  • I live in a state where the majority of items common elsewhere are not offered here or are available only with a very high shipping cost. Insurance companies have up to three times the rate if you ship over water than in shipping to landlocked areas.

    However, I tend to do a large meal prep twice monthly using an Instapot, slow cooker, toaster oven and microwave since I am allergic to many chemicals used in fast and convenience foods. I find that I spend less, eat healthier and have better health and doctor checkups following this method.I do not see a menu subscription plan doing as well as following a clean eating plan.

  • Both of my boys and their wives use Blue Apron. They absolutely love it. They especially like the fact that they are always eating new and different meals. If they had to plan their own meals they would never eat as well as they do with Blue Apron. They have tried a lot of different vegys they never would have on their own and loved them. Also sometimes the little extra condiments are not something you would have on hand and if you bought a whole bottle at the store you would probably end up throwing a lot of it away in the end. I think it is an excellent value.

  • I subscribe to Blue Apron and love it. The steak wraps we had just the other day were just fabulous! as most recipes are!! The value and convenience make it a hit for me!

  • I appreciate the lack of leftover that we had with the 2-person meal plans from Blue Apron. Due to a problem clicking by my husband, we ended up with vegetarian meals for a month, before he was able to get our plan changed. We are not vegetarians, but really enjoyed the dishes. However, my husband is a diabetic and we pay close attention to carb content. We were both appalled at the high carb content of every one of the vegetarian meals. Then we tried meal plans that included meats. We actually preferred the vegetarian meals, but the meat dishes were more within a rational range on carbs. This was a good experience, and I can recommend Blue Apron for convenience and the variety of the foods.

  • Very good article on meal subscriptions! We live in the country and there is no delivery service. But if we could get these meals I would get them right now. We are seniors (retired) and when it comes to making interesting meals 3 times a day, every day, I run out of ideas or we just don’t want the same thing . So for convenience and variety I would for sure subscribe. Maybe 3 meals per week. I think the cost is very good, less than going out to eat, and less grocery shopping! You make a very good point about getting just what you need for the meals, so no figuring out what to do with leftovers. Thanks for writing this.

  • I used Blue Apron and loved it until we found out my daughter had Celiac disease, and unfortunately Blue Apron doesn’t offer a gluten-free option. We’ve been trying out other services that do offer gluten-free options. Honestly, I haven’t liked any as well as Blue Apron, so I really hope some day they’ll add a gluten-free option!

    • Did you try Home Chef? I’m allergic to wheat and that’s what I use. I think it’s great. A few times I have ordered something with flour, dough, or bread, and I substitute my own wheat-free items, but mostly they are good at having dishes using, for example, rice flour to coat a meat for browning. Mostly, though, they have plenty of wheat-free choices.

  • My only problem with these subscription services is that my husband is very picky and most of these meals have stuff in them that he will not eat. That being said, for myself, I love them.

    • I have a husband like that who would rather make himself a simple meal than eat the food I love, so that’s what we do! I get Home Chef and he buys himself frozen dinners, hot dogs, peanut butter, and other easy-to-fix meals. He’s happy I don’t make him eat stuff he doesn’t want, and I get to fix a meal and eat the leftovers a day or two later. Finally meals are not battles anymore.

  • So I’ve actually tried Blue Apron, Marley Spoon, and maybe one other and I’ll say this: You’re paying slightly less than you’d pay to go OUT for dinner, but instead you and your family get to actually cook a meal together. If you’re the supermom who just cranks out meals all day every day, you probably won’t appreciate Blue Apron (or the others) that much. But if you’re in a family who rarely gets to sit down and have a nice, scratch, homemade meal together, you’ll probably really like the fact that everything you need to make a great meal shows up at your door and then you just cook it together as a family. Especially if your kids are old enough to help (because the individual portions and directions make it easy for them to do so.) Just my two cents!

  • Some services allow you to tape up the box and ice packs and ship it back to them for reuse.. On another note, at age 80 and living alone with a minimal appetite I find the meals to be too much for two meals for me, but not large enough for three meals. I also find that my old arthritic hands can’t open the little tiny bottles of condiments. So for me and others in my same circumstances the services do not make sense.

  • There are obvious pros and cons. The companies have made sure what they use is recyclable, as much as possible. But if you have to pay extra for recycle pickup, or take it to a recycle area, that is out of your way, even if it is close adds cost. I believe were you live, apartment or home and the room you have to store the recyclables is a factor also. There is no waste involving the food. The price difference I believe is a stale mate all things considered. The pros being you can plan some or all your meals, but don’t have to search your pantry, make a list, go to the store, repackage and store unused product. Not find and need to substitute ingredients, for new recipes. End up with a bottle of something you end up not liking. Eating better if you are ordering for one or two people. I hate making a meal just for me. This would give me a reason to eat a healthy meal instead of whatever is easy. If I have leftovers, I could be the same thing for days. ( Homemade Veggie soup doesn’t count in this) The ability to try new things and vary my diet would make this a definite plus. Con: husband wants plain meat and potatoes, no sauces, or “fancy stuff”.

  • I love the subscription meal plan concept. I am a busy executive and have a 90 minute commute one way every day. Not having to wonder what to cook for dinner and if I have the required ingredients or do I need to stop at the store – priceless. My husband and I enjoy cooking the meals together and he is actually turning in to quite the cook. We have tried food we would never have tried beforecovered they are fabulous and find it also prevents us from having to have a large stockpile of spices and and dissauces that would go bad before we used them again. We are sold on the concept.

    I have tried both Sun Basket and Blue Apron. I was not at all happy with Blue Apron. I found their meal selection very limited – we eat a Paleo diet and no red meat. Their packaging is not 100% earth friendly and their customer service was lacking. Sun Basket on the other hand has provided us with plenty of meal choices weekly, all of their packing is 100% compostible or recyclable which we love – and all the ingredients for a meal are packaged together so you grab the bag for tonight’s meal and start cooking

    • I agree about Blue Apron. I’m using Home Chef, and everything you say about Sun Basket is true about Home Chef. I love it! I’ve never eaten better, and I hated gathering ingredients for a given recipe.

  • Whether or not you can find the ingredients depends on where you live. I’m in Austin, Texas and between Central Market, Whole Foods, Fiesta, the farmers markets, and the numerous ethnic food markets (I have more than one Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern and Oriental market within 10 minute drives of my house) it is easy to find those ingredients. I tracked costs for a few weeks worth of meals when we were with Blue Apron and found that I saved a *lot* of money by just buying ingredients myself. Our schedules are erratic so ingredients from BA frequently spoiled before we had a meal time together to prepare them, and that also brings down the value. But it did teach me about ideal portions and how to read and break down a recipe, and how to make the prep more efficient.

  • Blue Apron is good, but I’ve recently started ordering from Plated instead. Plated is more flexible with ordering options and has gluten free items.

  • I have tried several and blue apron Was my favorite, however; I found the recipes way high in carbs, sodium, and in some instances calories. I did the vegetarian diet which attributed to the high carb but my main concern was the sodium. The food was delicious and so convenient but just a little pricey for my budget.

  • My son uses Blue Apron & he loves it! He’s doesn’t really like shopping for groceries & was eating a lot of fast food before. He’s now actually learning how to cook — at long last! He’s discovered that he actually enjoys preparing his own meals & cooking his own food. He also doesn’t end up wasting any food either! For him it’s the perfect solution & he finds the cooking instructions very easy to follow. For someone like me it makes no sense to use their service due to having too many diet restrictions that I have to work around & my diet is very limited.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I always wondered if it was too expensive and that I am being lazy by ordering food from a service such as this!! I like the idea of something different that we have never tried before!

  • We have used three meal subscription plans and liked Home Chef best. There meals are more traditional. On occasion we use Chef’d. They have no minimum and I can order for 4 and invite company. I get rave reviews!. Before I refused to plan, shop, and cook. It just took to much time, so we ate frozen dinners and we ate out. Even if I am tired these meals are so easy I do not mind cooking, it’s fun!
    I have heard about the trash complaint before. I recycle/reuse almost everything in the box and the box. It takes less than ten minutes.
    Here is how:
    1. The box recycle
    2. The packing material is paper fiber in plastic. I cut this open.
    . The fiber goes in my recycle. The plastic goes to the market
    . Recycle container.
    3. The wonderful little containers are great for crafts and other
    . storage. My granddaughter uses them for beads and mixing
    . paints. My daughter uses them in her art classroom. I use
    . them for all kinds of little things, with sticky labels on them.
    4. The ice packs takes the most time, less than 5 minutes. The
    . gel is water soluble. I cut these open, the gel goes down the
    . drain. I rinse the plastic and hang it in the laundry room to
    . Dry. Then it goes to the market recycle.
    5. That leaves some plastic bags the food comes in. If clean they
    . go to market recycle. A few small ones go in the trash.

  • Love my subscription food service. I use Green Chef at this time. I chose this company mainly for delivery day. Most of the other services delivered later in the week but Green Chef comes on Monday.
    At 57, I have made a new commitment to my health. Green Chef helps me keep on track with delicious meals and I don’t feel deprived. In fact I love my new eating habits and feel amazing.
    I also get Green Blender and drink smoothies every morning. I have mixed reviews about taste and texture as some ingredients stay a bit chunky. Many are very yummy. I have decided to eat for health rather than pleasure, so I am getting used to it. My energy level is off the charts so I am able to keep up with my Grandchildren much better!
    I agree with the comment on waste. It is tough, but the companies I have researched have a commitmentment to biodegradable as much as possible so a lot can be recycled. My recycle bi is more full but my regular trash is less because I have less food waste. I am also not adding to the air quality with trips to the grocery store.
    For me, I love my experience and have learned great cooking techniques. It is great to support local farmers and the convenience gives me lots more time in my life.
    And added bonus, with the potion control built in, I have lost 30 much needed pounds!

  • You are endorsing a product that sponsors you? And you say it’s your favorite meal subscription? And all opinions are your own? Really? I an a fan of yours, but this article didn’t hit the right spot today.

  • I guess if you can afford food like this in the first place, great!! For us, I can make great meals–albeit not salmon and steak(!)–using wonderful veggies and other ingredients by shopping at Aldi!! I save 50% or more–no kidding! So, for all of you out there that have the moolah, more power to ya’! Some of us out here have to really watch the pennies!

  • I love Blue Apron. They tell you up front all you need to keep at home is salt, pepper and olive oil. It’s awesome and food is delicious. Thank you for researching this.

  • Thanks for the research you and your team did on Blue Apron. My fiancé is a professional chef and we decided to try their service. I was able to make the catfish with curry vegetables with easy to follow directions and cook for him! In the past he has ordered seafood from the east coast and just shipping was almost more than the cost fore the 3 meals with Blue Apron. Quality of ingredients plus measured for each meal? Definitely worth it to us. We are very pleased with this service. Thanks again for doing the comparison to buying it at a store. Our grocery store is half an hour away.

  • My issue with these meal plans is not the cost. If people want to spend more to think and plan less, well, I get that! My issue is the *enormous* amount of trash Blue Apron creates. Friends and neighbors have all tried to convince me to sign up and I just cannot commit to creating that much waste for a few meals. My neighbor’s garbage can exploded with waste when she subscribed (she has since stopped for that reason). I avoid fast food and prepared foods for the same reason to minimize the garbage I produce. My husband and I create less than one bag of garbage a week, about the same as a box of three BA meals alone. The cost to the environment is often overlooked…

    I appreciate you breaking down the costs and providing a lovely forum for sharing comments. Love your website!

    • I agree with you, the amount of trash with this service is staggering. Some of it can go into the recycle can, but a lot can not.

      I am also not a person who wants to put that much effort into a week night meal. I work a long day and love to have my meal in the crock pot at then end of the day.

  • I tried Home Fresh, Blue Apron, and Home Chef. I settled on Home Chef. There is a large variety of foods to choose from including a fresh fruit, a weekly smoothie, and everything from beef to seafood to vegan. This week’s selection for me were Farmhouse Chicken, with mashed potatoes, and corn; shrimp scampi with cheddar Bay biscuits, and filet mignon with onion jam and potatoes Anna. Using this meal plan I have prepared some of the best food ever and have sharpened my cooking skills even after close to 60 years of cooking. I am not receiving any benefit for these comments.

    • I tried Blue Apron and Home Chef, and like you, I loved the choices in Home Chef. I get gluten-free and low carb, and always have at least 2 meals that are both. Sometimes I get a meal that’s not gluten-free, but I just sub my own ingredients for the flour ones. I just got my box with the filet mignon meal and French mustard-thyme butter pork chops with kalettes — sounds exotic, but tasty!

  • thanks for the comments on Blue Apron! Of course, our time is worth something too – and it sounds like this service saves a lot of it! ps-if you’re in Provo Utah, you can usually find fingerling potatoes at Day’s Market :)

  • Awhile back you offered a coupon to try Blue Apron on your blog. I had been thinking about trying a service so your piece gave me a chance to try them. It has been several months now. We are so happy we decided to start our subscription. I find I now spend less money per week shopping. Even though I always use a shopping list, extra items always seemed to make it into my cart. Now I mainly shop for bread and fruit. In the long run I am saving money, making great meals with ingredients I normally wouldn’t buy and even my picky husband is enjoying the wide variety of dishes. The other things I love are the potion sizes, no leftovers plus I don’t spend hours researching new recipes trying to figure what to cook for dinner. I always cook new recipes with a few favorites thrown into the mix. This service is just what I needed to put the thrill of cooking back into my life. I was a pastry chef for over 25 years and cooking has always been in my blood but before Blue Apron I had fallen into a rut. Thank you so much for introducing me to this service.

  • >