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Banana Flowers and Carrot Coins – Healthy, Fun Finger Food!

banana flowers

This might seem like kind of a silly post but something you must know about me is sometimes I am enamored with the simplest things! Today’s post is the perfect example of that! Another example is the Frozen Yogurt Dots that I did WAY back in March of 2012 (which MUCH TO MY SURPRISE went viral!) One never knows with these things :-)

I don’t know if these tiny tempting treats will evoke that sort of reaction, but I still think they are pretty special in their own right!

carrot coins

It all started when I decided to order some of these cute little vegetable cutters I found online. I didn’t really know at the time what I would DO with them, but since I have a penchant for miniature versions of just about anything (except paychecks! lol) I succumbed to their cuteness and ordered a set.

banana flowers

The first time I used them to cut out some cute banana shapes to use for my post about A Simple Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce.  They were adorable and tasty but didn’t exactly seem worthy of an entire post.

carrot coins

Then I saw an idea on Pinterest for Carrot Coins and suddenly my purchase of the cute vegetable cutters made perfect sense!

carrot coins

carrot coins 5

carrot coins

carrot coins

All you do to make this crunchy currency is slice some carrots and cheese (I used Monterey Jack) roughly the same thickness, use the shape of your choice and cut the center out of the carrot slice, then use the same cutter and cut out a piece of cheese. Press the cheese into the carrot and Voila! an instant healthy bite!

I am pretty fond of both carrots and cheese but when you put them together like THIS, I am all over it.

carrot coins

banana flowers
Photos by Anna Gleave

So I made up a plateful of Carrot Coins and another plateful of Banana Flowers, topped with peanut butter and chocolate, and had a nice little afternoon snack with my “staff” – daughter Britta, daughter-in-law Kaitlyn & photographer/friend Anna. It was actually kind of funny to see 4 “grown women” oooo and ahhhh over these simple little bites. Imagine how your “littles” will react! :-)

How could those little fingers resist picking one of these up and popping it in their mouths! They will think what they are eating is FUN, you will know it’s HEALTHY!

What kinds of “fun foods” do you like to make?

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  • Glad to know your veggies are “healthy,” but they’re actually HEALTHFUL, meaning that when we humans eat them, they promote our own health. When describing veggies, for example, “healthy” means the veggies themselves are free of disease and in great condition–they’re in good health themselves! When describing veggies as “healthful,” that means they’re good for our own health, so we should eat them in order to be healthy.

    Your blog is full of many helpful ideas (and I appreciate them all), but I can’t help being an English teacher. Please join the crusade to promote the correct use of the word “healthful” and save “healthy” for describing the health condition of an animal, vegetable, or human.

    Thanks for your many healthful ideas!

  • I loved the way these look, but I have to ask, do you have too much time on your hands? I can’t really think I would do this except for my dear sweet grandsons…

    I love your posts!


  • I served a few times raw porcupine. That is a cheese ball shaped like a porcupine with slivered almonds (or pignoli nuts) sticking out all over & a piece of black olive for eyes. Served with crackers or sliced Granny Smith apple. My basic cheese ball recipe (I can only guess b/c I never measure)–8 oz softened cream cheese, 1/2 C cottage cheese & 6 oz or so of shredded cheese (any kind). Blend all together, (if too stiff to blend add more cottage cheese or a little milk). Shape & refrigerate for 10-15 min. then add almonds, return to the refrigerator for an hour or longer. Sometimes I cream herbs/spices into the softened cream cheese. Fresh dill is great. We also love fresh basil w/shredded mozzarella on top of tomato wedges splashed with balsamic vinegar. Then of course there is the taco seasoning w/ cheddar cheese. I usually roll this in a lettuce leaf & then refrigerate–served with salsa. That filling makes great quesadillas too!
    Thanks for the post–love to glean ideas.

  • My son’s favorite and now my favorite are carrot fries. So healthy and gives you the French fry crunch you need sometimes. I’m sure you could switch those coins into carrot shape fries. Or another favorite is cutting out sandwich shapes on both brown and white bread and reversing they so the child gets a variety :)

  • I think this is an excellent alternative to those “baby carrots” that I’ve heard are chemically treated. I will definitely be trying this with my little ones. Thanks!

  • Before my son (who is now in 4th grade) went to kindergarten, I used to make muffin tin meals for his lunches. They were oh so cute! Then he grew up and could eat 10 muffin tin meals. But I’m thinking I should start making cute food for myself now. I deserve that, right? =)
    ( How cute would those carrot flowers be with some star poatoes in chicken soup?!)

  • Yummy and cute! Around here we like to do frozen yogurt dots but with a berry plopped onto the top of it or a slice of banana with a dot of yogurt on top and then frozen. My kids also love date balls rolled in shredded coconut.

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