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Beautiful Things to Make With Handmade Paper

handmade paper

Yesterday I told you about my wonderful weekend project making handmade paper. If you missed it, click that link for the full tutorial. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy and fun this project was!

But as much as I loved making paper…I really loved making stuff out of the paper. When I look at these beautiful, handmade items it just makes me happy to think it all came from “junk” I had laying around the house that would eventually be thrown out anyway.  How cool is that?

handmade paper hearts

The first, and most obvious, was to make some stationery. I managed to get about 3 pieces of stationery out of each round of homemade paper and then I just stacked them and bundled them with some twine. Super simple…but what a nice gift to give someone that definitely says “handmade” all over it. I would definitely be impressed and delighted to receive something like this.

handmade paper

Next, with wedding plans on the brain, I focused on making some simple place cards. (Yes, you heard that right. Wedding plans. My daughter Britta got engaged about a week ago and will be getting married August 17th! So I apologize ahead of time for all the wedding-related blog posts that are sure to lie ahead. lol.)

handmade paper place cards

Nothing fancy about these (besides the beautiful handmade paper!) except I did run them through the printer so I could utilize this beautiful font I found called Indenture English Penman. Isn’t it elegant looking?!

To find out how to print stuff like these place cards in your printer…I did a tutorial back in October that explains the whole process. CLICK HERE for the full tutorial.

handmade paper place cards 2

I just think these place cards are so simple and elegant and would go with just about any type of wedding or special occasion.

What’s a wedding without some hearts thrown in? I decided to cut out lots of hearts (I used a large cookie cutter to trace them out on the handmade paper.) I managed to get about 5 out of each sheet of paper. I then sewed two of them together around the edge with my sewing machine. I left a small opening and used a pencil to stuff just a little bit of quilt batting into each one to make them “puffy”! I sewed them shut, punched a hole at the top in the center of each heart and put a piece of jute string through each one.

These could serve as purely decorative or you could use them as gift tags or you could fill them with dried flowers and make sachet favors! Lots of possibilities.

seed bombs

And speaking of favors…I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of seed bombs and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make some. A “seed bomb” is a little ball made up of a combination of compost, clay, or LIQUIFIED PAPER and seeds that acts as a carrier for the seeds so they can be launched over walls or fences and into inaccessible areas like fenced-off wasteland or along the highway. Putting the seeds into these “bombs” cuts down on the risk of them simply being blown away by the wind so they can bloom and beautify barren landscapes.

handmade paper hearts

Wouldn’t that be a fun favor to send people home with? A little bag of their own seeds bombs to “plant” somewhere along life’s highway in honor of the happy couple! OK…that’s a little corny…but you get the idea.  I just thought they would be fun to make and I just loved how they turned out.

seed bombs

All you have to do to make a seed bomb is scoop up some of your paper slurry with a small strainer and when you have enough pulp to make a ball, sprinkle in some seeds. Mix it altogether and then either roll it between your hands to form a ball, or press it into a small flower mold like I did. If you choose to do the mold method, just take a sponge and firmly press on each seed bomb flower to compact it and to get any excess water out.  This will speed up the drying time considerably. Mine were completely dry after 24 hours.

seed bombs 9

Another really simple idea that I think yielded such pretty results!

Well, I hope you had half as much fun reading about these handmade paper projects as I did making them! At this point I have no idea if we will even end up using them in Britta’s wedding but I certainly picture them as some part of her outdoor ceremony and reception in August.

Can’t you?? :-)

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  • Hi Jillee,
    Your paper and seed bombs are beautiful!! My daughter and I are making seeded paper hearts and the seeded flower bombs for wedding favors.

    I have 3 questions:
    1. What kind of printer do you have? I just can’t imagine that our printer (Epson Workforce 645) could do it. It seems like the paper might not be thin enough. Also, I’m not sure I can put in this smaller paper to print. It seems like I tried to use smaller paper before and couldn’t make any adjustments to the settings.

    2. Where did you locate your flower molds? They’re adorable.

    3. Did you blow-dry your paper that had seeds in them? I just wondered if that had an adverse effect on the seeds, such that, would they still be able to germinate & grow?

    Thank you,
    Jill (Matthews, NC)

  • I would love to try making my own homemade paper. My thought is this, could you add EO to the mix and then put in molds to dry for a little aroma around the house?

  • I Would love to see more things about wedding ideas. Just got engaged and want to get some ideas. Read your blog and has alot of great ideas.

  • Just a quick question. Do the seeds not sprout when they’re exposed to the dampness of the paper for a period of time? I’d like to do this as favors for my niece’s wedding, but I’m curious about the seeds starting to sprout.
    Thanks much!

  • I see a card tied to the seed bomb package. Could you please share the message that was written on the card? Thanks for a wonderful wedding favor idea!

  • Congratulations on your daighters engagement!

    It’s so funny, I saw this post and thought this would be perfect for my wedding, ALSO August 17th! I hope she (and you) have as much fun planning her wedding as I am having planning mine. There is so much you can do and make yourself that adds a personal touch and really makes the day your own.

    Best Wishes!


  • Love this! My kids are really getting into origami. We will have to try it making our own paper. I have never heard of seed bombs, they will love this project too. Thanks

  • I’ve been subscribed to your website for a while now and love it! but this handmade paper and the things to make from it is really brilliant, thanks so much. Your method is easy and not expensive, thank you for all your ideas!

  • Congratulations on the engagement! your daughter must be SO excited.

    I love most of your projects, but just have to say a word about seed bombs.

    If you plan to make seed bombs, please, please make certain the seeds you are using are a LOCAL species already found in the wild. Invasive species push out local plants and destroy wildlife habitat. I’ll be making these using a local wildflower mix made up by a local nursery. I have plans for a barren sandy hillside near our cabin!

    Lets make Beauty ecologically sound, as well!

  • Think you just gave me the idea for our “End Of School” teacher and friends gifts!

    Congrats to Britta Marie–my niece is Brittany Marie–my middle name is also Marie—my grand mother was Helen Marie–hmmmmm—–!!!!

  • I probably won’t be able to compose this comment without crying. Luckily, y’all can’t see me anyway lol

    Recently, my favorite uncle was extremely ill and in the process of passing away. He was fully aware of his condition and that his days on Earth were coming to an end. I wrote to him often, as he lived too far away for me to be able to visit. The very last note I wrote to him was on a homemade paper note card. I did not make the paper but bought it at a craft show a year or so ago with no one in particular in mind to use it for. While working on household business, paying bills, etc., I would always take that note card out, turn it over in my hands and just enjoy looking at it knowing that someone had made it by hand. There was just something really special about it that I’m finding hard to put into words. I held on to it just waiting for the perfect person and occasion to use it.

    I chose to write a note on this very special card to my uncle for what would be my last communication with him. After he passed away one of my cousins called me to thank me for being so faithful in writing to him. She told me that the very last note I sent him (on that precious paper) meant more to him than she could even find the words to explain. I guess he felt the specialness (sorry if that’s not really a word) somehow. That paper inspired me, along with my deep and abiding love for my Uncle Pete, to write more eloquently than I ever had been able to before and it touched him, my aunt and my cousins in a very special way. I was able to share with him all of my lifelong feelings for him and also to share with him how much his love for our Lord had helped lead me to become the Christian I am today because Uncle Pete lead by example.

    I apologize for this being so long. I just wanted to say thank you to Jillee for posting this method for making beautiful homemade paper. After I realized the impact it had, along with my handwritten note, on my precious uncle I wished I knew how to make it myself. Whoever you choose to share it with will know just how special it is and I’m positive they will appreciate that someone took the time not only to write a note, but to do it on such special paper.

    Again, my apologies for the length of this post. God bless you, Jillee. Even though you don’t know me, you have touched my heart yesterday and today through your lesson on homemade paper.

    Have fun planning the wedding with your sweet daughter! I wish you and your family much joy and happiness.


  • a few years ago i got a Greeting Card (maybe mother’s day) that was a seed bomb, you unfolded it and planted the whole card and the institutions were printed on it. I do A LOT of crafts with the kids at our school, we might make the seed bombs of some sort for spring gifts. Thanks

  • I love how your paper turned out! I made a some myself when I was getting married and used them for our invitations, with a slip of beautiful gold paper inside with the details of the wedding. We used raffia to tie them, similar to how you tied the stationery. Also, we got married on August 14th :D

  • PS
    One more thought about the Tulle backed sachets. If you leave the paper whole and draw on your hearts–you can then place a whole sheet of tulle over and then sew over your lines–leaving the stuffing hole at the top. Then just cut them apart–I think that would be easier than trying to line up the tulle on pre-cut hearts. Also –save the scraps–I’m betting you can crumble & re-wet the paper to make more paper or at the very least seeds bombs. I’ll be upcycling an old lace curtain to use instead of tulle.

    How about this–the youth at our church sometimes have service projects where they clean up the community… maybe after clean up they can be given a bag of seed bombs that say–You’re the Bomb! And let them throw them in the spot they cleaned up.
    Thank you Jillee–you are inspiring!

  • Congratulations to Britta & Neil (guessing his name by the second card).
    Lovely. As soon as I saw yesterday’s post I thought Wedding.
    As I said yesterday I am making things for my son’s wedding & he doesn’t even have a steady girl yet.
    Putting through the printer is genius– and here I thought you hand wrote them. I was thinking they would be great “save the date” reminders. A message about planting (like Georgann mentioned above) on the back). Also as sachets–one side of the heart can be paper–the other side tulle (so it’s see through and smell through)–fill part way (so you see the pretty paper through the tulle) with any fragrant flowers/herbs–lavender, roses, mint, rosemary. Tulle on one side also means making half the amount of paper. I’ll be making these ahead and filling at the last minute. If the hole to stuff through is placed just right there is no need to sew it up after stuffing.

    Jillee–you are my go to person—My little Black Dress of a Friend!

  • Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement!

    I’ve always wanted to make handmade paper and seed bombs but it always looked too complicated, you’ve made it understandable and easy! You are the best!

  • Being able to print the new paper means the stationery could also be personalized, either for oneself or friends. How great a personal gift is that. A little creativity could produce handmade envelopes, too.

  • I hope you didn’t throw away those scraps when you cut out the shapes. Just throw them in with your new batch—-the ultimate recycle project! Also, try slick colored paper from magazines and the Sunday funnies. If I remember correctly, the magazine paper doesn’t break down as fast, but gives it a different look. Hey, if it doesn’t work, you were going to throw it out any way. Love the seed implanted in the paper. If you can find a heart shaped ice cube maker like your flowers, they would really be a favor at the wedding.

    Patti O.

  • Jillee,
    I love making things with homemade paper and my friends love the stationery I make for them. I haven’t made any for awhile and now I’ve got the bug. Thanks for reviving my crafting hormone!!

  • What a fantastic idea. I used to think the same way you did. Sounds great, probably too complicated. Thanks for being our test person.
    AND, even before you mentioned the idea of wedding accessories, I was thinking the same thing. My son is getting married in October and I’m wondering if I should make the offer to my future daughter-in-law. It could be beautiful and so personal.
    I can hardly wait to get started.

  • Wow! What a blessed daughter to have a mother who’s willing to put in so much effort to find the right thing to do for the wedding even when it means real work! LOVE IT! Best wishes to your beautiful daughter, and so grateful you are sharing!

    I think I’m going to make some of these seed bombs to give away for little reasons….or no reason at all.

  • Again some great ideas… congratulations on your daughter’s engagement… wonderful times ahead in the planning. And the time will go so quickly! Thank you for your paper making ideas.. this is something I never would have thought to do as it was going to be way too difficult for me. But,
    maybe it is right that “old dogs can learn new tricks!” Will let you know how it turns out.

  • I love this post! Yesterday, I was thinking homemade paper looked pretty but I would probably never make it. But today, I want to do all these things for my wedding! Who knows when, since we keep pushing back the date (oh, life…). But these are so my style! Simple, elegent, and personal. Thank you! And I am so looking forward to all your wedding posts!!

  • I got into making paper several years ago. It’s been a while since I did it, but I’ve saved all of the many items and books I acquired to use in the process. I do recall that if you plan to use certain inks on the papers, it’s helpful to run the sheets through a bath of laundry starch and allowing them to dry prior to doing so, or maybe just including some starch in the water. Anyway, I thought I’d mention it, because I recall having some fountain pen ink bleed onto some beautiful paper before I learned this trick. I LOVE this idea of the seed bombs to give out at the wedding! Congratulations, by the way!

  • Seed bombs could also just be used as a party favor. Imagine herb seeds that you send home with your guest so they can plant them at home to enjoy and remember the special event. You could also mix seeds into the slurry and make flat paper out of it. Staple the directions to plant until an inch or two of soil.

  • Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement.

    I’ve never wanted to make handmade paper until now. I just love this. Plus a great way to get rid of all the junk mail that I have ready to shred.

  • >