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These Are The 11 Best Things I Bought In 2022

Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

While I don’t shop exclusively on Amazon, I do a good amount of my shopping there because it’s so convenient. I’ve also found some great deals there too, and discovered all sorts of cool products I never knew existed, let alone how much I needed them!

I was reflecting recently on some of the best finds I’ve made on Amazon this year, and I thought it might be fun to put together a “best of” list and share it here with you! So without further ado, here’s a look at the 11 best things I bought on Amazon over the past year.

The 11 Best Things I Bought On Amazon In 2022

Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

1. Purse Organizer

A good purse organizer is a must-have for those of us who like larger purses, which have a tendency to become bottomless pits of jumbled items. But thanks to this organizer, everything has its place, I can find what I’m looking for quickly, and I can move everything from one purse to another in about 10 seconds flat!

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Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

2. Heated Birdbath

No matter the season, I love watching the birds that visit our backyard feeders, so I’m always looking for new amenities to entice additional feathered visitors. This heated birdbath stays ice-free all winter, and it’s easy to mount to just about any railing.

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Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

3. Travel Makeup Mirror

I really like my big lighted makeup mirror that I have at home, because it makes the process of applying makeup so much easier. I’ve really missed it whenever I’ve had to travel, so I got this foldable travel mirror that has made an excellent substitute for when I’m away from home.

Now I find myself using it all the time — it’s great for quick touchups in the car before meetings or lunches.

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Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

4. Ceramic Kitchen Canisters

Not only are my matching sugar canister, salt canister, and butter dish useful, but they look great on my countertop too. They feel nice and sturdy and lend a sophisticated-yet-cozy feel to my kitchen that I absolutely love.

Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

5. Woodland Friends Treehouse Dog Toy

This adorable 7-piece dog toy takes the form of a treehouse with separate compartments for the 6 squeaky little animals that come with it. I got it for my ‘grand-dog’ Duncan a few months ago, and it’s still one of his favorite toys. He loves pulling the animals out of their holes and never seems to tire of it.

Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

6. Floral Doormat

When I bought this floral doormat, I ended up loving it so much that I got a second one for the OGT Studio. I’ve gotten so many compliments about it from visitors, and it’s as practical as it is beautiful — it’s really effective at grabbing dirt and it stays put too.

Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

7. Mini Projector

This mini projector has been great for movie nights in the backyard! We love sitting around our fire pit in the evenings as often as we can, and this projector has made our outside time even more entertaining.

I’ve also found it handy for displaying visual aids when I teach Sunday school classes at our church. It’s so small and easy to use, you can pretty much bring it anywhere!

Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

8. Rifle Paper Co. Desk Calendar

Staying on top of what day it is can be tricky when you work from home like I do, but I find that keeping a calendar on my desk helps make it easier. The Rifle Paper Co. desk calendar I’ve used all year has been great — it stands up on its own, and each month has a beautiful illustration and an inspirational quote. I’m planning to get the 2023 version too!

Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

9. Extra Large Weekly Pill Organizer

If you take bulky supplements, you’ll likely love this weekly pill organizer as much as I do! Each day has its own double-compartment container for AM and PM, and I like that they’re removable so I can toss the current day’s container into my purse if I’m in a hurry in the morning.

Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

10. Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

With as often as I see and use my kitchen faucet during the course of the average day, it was worth it to me to spend more time and money to get a good one that would serve me well and (hopefully) last a long time. I ended up choosing this Kraus pull-down faucet for its clean, single-handle design and flexible sprayer. It has made kitchen cleanup a lot easier, and it was surprisingly easy to install too!

Best Amazon Purchases of 2022

11. Silicone Curling Iron Mat

This heat-resistant silicone mat does exactly what I wanted it to do: protect my bathroom counters from getting scorched or discolored by my curling iron or flat iron. I’ve also found it handy to grab when I’m using my hot glue gun, because any errant drips of glue come right off.

What’s the best thing you bought in 2022?

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  • This is my favorite find this year, especially as my eyes are getting old: a rectangular, lighted magnifying glass! The light switch is a wheel so that the light can be low, bright, or anything in between. At it’s brightest, it’s very bright! The lens is 4.5″ x 7″ and it magnifies 300 times, perfect for reading labels, mail, even a few pages of a book, though it might get tiresome trying to read the whole book holding this up.

  • A little late to the party, but I’ve begun converting my house to a “smart home” this year. The Schlage keyless entry, garage door sensors with monitoring system, and central air thermostat all allow me to access and control systems via smart phone apps, Alexa voice commands and Siri. No more fumbling with keys while juggling groceries !

  • I would say the best thing I bought in 2022 was an electric kettle. We drink instant coffee so heating up a cup of water in the microwave wasn’t a huge headache. Since getting this gadget I have used it in so many other ways. When I pull everything out of the fridge to do a deep clean, I use this to pour hot water in the bottom to loosen any sticky gunk as well as the bottom drawers. I’ve also used this in my sink along with dawn to help loosen any grease that may have built up. Because it gets so much hotter than my tap water and the fact that it’s portable, cleaning just about anything has become so much easier.

    • I also bought this in 2022. I like that once it heats up it shuts off so that the water doesn’t continue to boil. I take tea to work and this works great to fill and heat while I’m getting everything else ready. And I have also used it for cleaning things around the house.

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