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Blender Lemonade – No Squeezing Required!

Blender Lemonade

I love fresh lemonade, but NEVER make it. Truth is, I hate squeezing lemons (and limes, and oranges.) It’s just plain hard and time-consuming. Then one day it occurred to me that I make almond milk and coconut milk by BLENDING and STRAINING….why couldn’t I do the same thing with lemons for lemonade? I decided to give it a try and now it’s the ONLY way I make fresh lemonade. Of course, I still make the NOT fresh kind on occasion, but if you really have your heart set on FRESH….you have to give this a try! It’s like summer in a glass!

Blender Lemonade


  • 3 lemons (quartered)
  • 5 cups water
  • 3/4 cup sugar


Quarter your lemons, place in blender, add water and sugar. Blend on high speed for a minute. Let the mixture sit in the blender until all the lemon bits float to the top.

Pour the lemonade through a metal strainer into a pitcher. Drink up!

This lemonade turned out to be just as refreshing and delicious as the fresh-squeezed variety! I have read that it can become bitter if it’s not consumed the same day it’s made….but that is never a problem at our house. :-)

Blender Lemonade

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  • – WARN novices that you can only put in liquids at HALF the blender jar’s capacity at a time. My jar reads “5 cups” at the top. Had I put in all 5 cups of water at once, the blender would have sent about 2.5 cups UP & OUT.
    – Why waste all that lemon puree we create? Can you find a recipe or use for it, even if it does include peel, which purees usually do not?
    – Shouldn’t lemon skins be washed to remove remaining pesticide first? That is what I attributed the rather bitter taste to.
    – No, lemonade does not mix up clear, as one reader noted.
    – Great idea, but not sure I’m doing it again in the blender.

  • Told my husband about this recipe. He had been making lemonade with packaged lemon juice. He tried it with your recipe and used stevia for sweetening. It is so good. Now he has branched out. His last batch was lemon, lime and mandarin orange. Wow is it good! Did not see anywhere that mentioned what to do with the strained pulp besides putting in a compost heap, which we can’t do so we are on to experimenting with possibilities for the pulp.
    Thanks for the recipe.

    • Hi! How long should it take for the lemon water and pulp to separate.? Right now I have what looks like a blender drink, not clear as the one in picture. Love it though!

  • Hello ! I tried making this in my Vitamix this week. Unfortunately, it came out so bitter, my two year old and I could not drink it. So I tried adding a bit more sugar and some frozen strawberries. It just got more bitter. I followed the recipe exactly as it’s written ( until I added the sugar & strawberries). How do you keep this from tasting bitter? I’d be so happy if I can make this for my little daughter. She keeps singing the word… “Lemonade!”

  • I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later.

  • Awesome recipe. My boys (11, 10 and 7) have recently taken a liking to lemonade. I am definitely going to have to try this recipe out! Thanks for the great idea. I love that you don’t have to peel them first. :)

  • Love your blog and all the info you so freely give… but I do not do any of the social media either, only email, so we are left out of so many things. :-( That blender looks and sounds like it would be amazing.

  • Made this today! I didn’t add any sugar but it still tasted great! Thank you Jillee for always coming up with simple ways of doing amazing things!

  • I could use this blender for so many things!! I use to make my lemonade by using the zest, along with squeezing juice, hot water, and sugar. So I see how it makes sense just to blend the entire lemon. So much easier. Thanks

  • Unless you use organic lemons, definitely peel them. Pesticides are a big problem and are used a LOT on all fruit and veggies unless they’re organic. I’m not sure if just washing them would get all the residue off. So, for myself & husband I will peel the lemons.

    I also have no use or interest in Instagram so can’t enter the contest. :(

  • Jillee, There are not enough words to express how much your testimony and this site has meant to me since first coming across it almost a year ago. Right after a friend helped me to go on line again. So, multiple thank yous for everything.
    I would love to enter you contests, however, there are many of us out here, I know people can hardly imagine this, BUT, we DON’T HAVE A CELL PHONE!. Thus making it impossible to participate. Is there some additional way that those of us in this particular situation could also enter so it would be fair to all? Thanks so much for considering this. Blessings.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Joan! This giveaway is just on Instagram but I do a Blendtec giveaway on the site every other month. Keep an eye out for one at the end of this month :-)

  • I do this without adding any sugar. I just drop a lemon in the blender, fill it up with water, and blend on the highest speed for a couple of minutes. I avoid adding sugar, and this tastes wonderful!

  • Love love love love this lemonade. You can really taste the lemon oil from the peel in it. This is my new favorite drink. Can’t wait to try ir with oranges and limes for more “ade” in my summer.

  • Would LOVE to win a BLENDTEC. Don’t have a blender also don’t do instagram. But, I have frozen lemon cubes with a little zest and I’m going to use them with honey and water to make lemonade…………Will see how that turns out…………BEST lemons in the world are MEYER LEMONS they are sweeter……………………….

  • I would love to get a Blendtec – they are awesome blenders… my son has been making me smoothies when I am at his house watching his baby twins and I would love to make my own at home!

  • Here’s an easy way to peel any kind of citrus. Cut your citrus in half around its equator. Run your knife around the edge of each half between the rind and the citrus sections. Now fold the rind down while pulling the citrus section up. This will look like an egg cup: the citrus sections are on top and the peel is inside out on the bottom. Give it a yank with your hand to separate the two parts. Use the citrus half for food and the peel for another thrifty use.

  • What a great time to have just started receiving your emails ~ it would be amazing to win that Blendtec! I need it for this!

    If we do add the peelings, I’d want to use one of the many Pinterest suggestions for cleaning fruit: no telling what those “little yellow guys” got into on the way to the grocer!

    I’m not on Instagram, but would love to win! Thanks!

  • I made this without peeling and it is too bitter for my taste. I can eat plain lemon just fine, but this just tastes bitter peels. I don’t like to use sugar to cover the bitterness. Next time I ‘ll definitely peel the lemons first.

  • I just made this but it overflowed all over my counter. What a mess! Maybe my lemons were too big so make sure you use small ones! I could not get all of the ingredients in my blender. It started to overflow before I could even get the lid on it. It tastes delicious though!

  • I love this recipe but I’d prefer to use raw honey instead of sugar. Jillee have you tried it with honey? Besides sweetening to taste, do you know the exchange from sugar to honey?

  • I too do not have instagram and I don’t care to have it. I wish we could enter by commenting here. Would really love a chance at that blender.

    • I’m sorry about that Sue! I do a Blendtec giveaway every other month where you just have to leave a comment. So look for that at the end of this month :-)

  • I have heard good things about these blenders and would absolutely love to win one. I follow you Jillee by email and both enjoy and use your ideas frequently.

  • This sounds so yummy and easy. Love you and your sister’s blogs. The blendtec would be awesome to make the green smoothies I am going to start making. Have been debating what to buy to do them. Trying to eat healthier!!

  • Aww man, I wish I would’ve seen this Friday before I juiced a whole bag of lemons. Note for the future, I guess! :-)

      • Many of us don’t have access to organic fruit. I would imagine the amount of pesticides and chemicals in the peel of a citrus fruit would astound anyone. Peel it first and perhaps add the zest of ONE very clean lemon.

  • I do not have Instagram either. Too bad because I’ve been wanting a Blendtech for my daughter but just can’t swing it.

    Does blending the peels and “whites” make it bitter?

  • Great idea! So funny because it is a simple idea one wouldn’t think to do, so thank you for the tip!

    I would love to partake in the blender contest but do not have Instagram. Must one have Instagram to be a part if the contest?

    I recently discovered your site and began receiving your emails; are most of your contests via Instagram? Thank you!

  • This is amazing! I was just thinking of doing this last week!
    I had such a taste for homemade lemon aide but I HATE squeezing as well! I was thinking of peeling and then pulverizing in food processor! (My Blender stinks) and then mixing the paste with water! I’ll let you know which one I like better! Lol don’t have Instagram so I can’t enter :( but would love one of those blenders! Thanks for the post!! Great minds and all. :)

  • What a cool & easy way to make fresh lemonade!! I could REALLY use this amazing blender!! I have an old school one now that will barely even work lol

    I was already following ALL of the amazing bloggers(including yourself) on instagram except one person ha..So I followed them & am now following you all per the instructions! Thank you for the chance to win this!! My instagram name:


  • I do the same thing for my kids,except that I blend it for a little longer time, so I do not have to use the strainer,and thus I keep the good fibers.Also I toss a few fresh mint leaves and I got a really refreshing drink served with ice.

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