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Blue Mason Jar Luminary – No DIY Required!

DIY Luminary mason jar

As I was sitting out on the patio last night admiring my little mason jar luminary that my sister Rebecca gave me a few weeks ago…a tiny little solar lightbulb went off in my head and I realized this was “One Good Thing” I needed to SHARE with all of you!

It had literally been staring me in the face for weeks and I didn’t even realize it…until last night. So I immediately snapped a few photos with my iPhone, but they turned out super grainy because it was already almost dark. I cajoled the hubster into taking a few more pictures for me using my Canon…but by that time it was COMPLETELY dark and so unfortunately I don’t have a variety of shots to show you…but I think you’ll get the general idea.

Besides, this idea is SO SIMPLE it really doesn’t need more than a couple of pictures to explain it.

DIY Luminary mason jar
August 2012

Let me first back up to LAST SUMMER when I went to a lot of work and effort to make my own DIY Mason Jar Luminary. You can see the whole post HERE.

Fast forward to THIS SUMMER and my sister discovers not only these cool new blue tinted mason jars…but solar lids that you can buy to put on them….no DIY required!

DIY Luminary mason jar

SO much easier than what I rigged up! Oh well, I guess it was only a matter of time since mason jar luminaries are such a cool idea in general. :-) So my hats off to the makers of these things….well done!  FYI…I found the blue mason jars and solar lids at Amazon.com.

I just finished ordering 3 more lids and a set of blue mason jars so I will have a set of four luminaries for my patio table. When they arrive I will update this post with some better pictures. I was just so anxious to share this with you I couldn’t even wait for my Amazon Prime free two-day shipping! :-)

FYI….if you’re just interested in getting the cool blue mason jars…here are a few pictures that customers of Amazon uploaded showing how they used them!  Such creative ideas!

blue mason jars

DIY Luminary mason jar

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  • Had decided to start a windowsill herb garden and came across your website. I have a ton of old blue jars in my basement. They have chipped necks and can’t be used for canning, but I know what to do with them, now. And the luminaries are brilliant! Guess I’ll be washing some jars! Thanks so much.

  • Oh, I love this idea for a luminary! There’s just something about Mason jars, isn’t there? Thanks for posting and I’ve got this linked to my DIY luminaries post too today, for inspiration!

    • How right you are! For me, I think they somehow bring back memories of simpler days gone by. My mother and grandmother both canned after harvesting the summer garden and they found a thousand uses for mason jars not used for canning! And my father used them in the garage for nails, screws, or any other small things he needed in one place. Such a simpler, quieter time and sadly, so long ago! :-)

  • I just love all the ideas, I needed some help with jars beside canning and these are fun to do with especially for patio parties etc. thanks keep up the ideas and photos if you can as well. thanks

  • I love this!! While I do like the blue jars I think it would be fun to have more colors so may make some tinted mason jars in a variety of colors and try! These will also be great for night time bathroom trips while camping :)

    Even EASIER than Jillee’s great project, I discovered that a Walmart $1.97 solar light will fit perfectly in the hole in a regular mason jar ring. If you remove the “crystal” holder from the stake part, you can drop it through the ring and will fit PERFECTLY in the jar and be flush with the ring that’s screwed on the jar. No need to bend paperclips to suspend the light only. We’re talking a 15 SECOND craft!

  • I found solar garden lights with removable stakes at Deals for $1 a piece. The ones I bought were stainless steel that matches the finish of my lids, but they have other bright colors too. These lights do fit snugly in the ring of the lid, without the flat lid in it of course. No glue needed. I bought my blue jars at Target. About $11 for 6 jars.

    • Target is by far my favorite spot when browsing stuff alike, i can pretty much find anything you want and a couple of extra things i didn’t know i needed

      • Also, try Walmart.com and have everything shipped to your front door…or back door, I guess! However we can get our desires, right? :-) I know I am way too guilty of that!

  • I have a bunch of solar lights in my backyard. The small ones I got from the dollar store and Wal-mart. I think I bought the larger ones for maybe $3 at Target. The large ones fit perfectly in my wide-mouth Ball mason jars. Just unscrewed it from the stake and plopped into the mouth of the jar. Perfect fit. Didn’t use the the jar ring / lid at all. In fact, I used it last night as a night light in my bedroom and it stayed light all night long!

  • Barbara, what kind of solar lights did you buy at dollar store that fit into lid snugly. How much were they? Can’t wait to try this. Already have some blue mason jars from my grandmother, just have to dig them out!!

  • I made several of last year’s version to use up on the deck of our cabin. I filled them about halfway with clear glass stones from the dollar store. This made them heftier and reflected the light from the solar bulb beautifully, making them even brighter and more sparkly.

    • You can also fill the jar full of those little stones (which come in all different pastel colors) and intermingle the lights throughout. Really turns out quite impressive and beautiful!!

  • This is a fun idea! I bought hinged glass lid “mason” jars at Gordman’s, then I glued the top of a solar light into the inside of the jar lid ,for a little more sparkle I added glass stones in the jar. Very cute and easy.

  • I have some of the old original blue ones, I have a bunch of the zinc lids to go with them. Love the old stuff I keep everything in them since I hate plastic.

  • Love the solar lids- too cool.

    I almost picked up the blue jars over the weekend but went with different ones because of what I had in mind. I will have to go back & get the blue ones because now I have all sorts of other ideas for them :) Funny how that works.

  • Simply beautiful!
    Will get on this ASAP.
    Just as a note for mason jar newbies–keep in mind that these lids are for regular mouth jars not the wide mouth.

  • Thanks for sharing these, they look like a great addition to a summer outdoor area. When I checked out the Amazon link I found they have them in a few different color/finishes as well. Jillee I also found a plastic airlock while looking through the various Ball jar things (who knew there were so many!), actually it’s a pkg of 3, that shows it being used on a plastic milk jug. Might be worth checking out for the citrus cleaner fermenting process for people who have had problems with contamination vs explosion…http://www.amazon.com/Piece-Plastic-Airlock-Sold-sets/dp/B000E60G2W/ref=pd_sim_k_80

  • How many solar lids come in the one package for $10.99? I didn’t see a lid count. All I saw was a review saying that all of them in the box worked for the reviewer & she loved them.

  • Thanks for the links Jillee! My brother showed me a DIY on how to make these in January and I’ve been dying to try it, but I couldn’t find any solar cell lights that I didn’t have to take apart to use. These are absolutely perfect! And I’m super lucky – since I started collecting Mason jars for various crafting ideas, my mother gave me her stash and it included 2 of the ORIGINAL blue jars!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I love your blog!

  • I found these lids last fall and bought ..gave them to my husband for Christmas …intending to get the jars as I found them at garage sales etc. He loved the look for our 2 century old home. but alas time has slipped by… no time for garage sales …so glad for the Amazon site for the new “heritage look” jars. Because I couldn’t wait to use a lids, I charged one…and found that I had a crackled glass candle votive setting out, the lid set on it perfectly and made a really cute candle to the middle of my patio table…..until i get the mason jars
    I love this site great ideas!!!! now need to find the time to use them all

  • This looks awesome. I found a 6-pack of the jars at my local Meijer last week and bought them without any idea of what to do with them, I just thought they were pretty. I think they were $11.

  • Just an FYI…some stores here in Michigan now sell blue “vintage” mason jars with the regular mason jars. I’ve seen them at Wal-mart and Meijer.

  • I discovered these solar lids just a few weeks ago. Used some of my older mason jars from my diminishing stash(my mother’s) and made some neat night lights for my two youngest grandchildren.
    Half filled one with some unique shells and the others with their favourite collectibles. They are available in some unique gift shops here in Canada for $10. each. Going to look for the blue mason for the front porch…they look great. Thanks again Jillee for all the great ideas.. look forward to my email every day!

  • I purchased the new blue mason jars. Promptly went to dollar store for solar lights. Then I realized the solar piece fits snugly into the band without any glue or anything. My husband LOVES them. I also used clear mason jars and he is not nearly as crazy about them. I put a ribbon bow around mine. These are perfect for “dressing up” for special holidays or events.

    • Barbara, what kind of solar lights did you buy at dollar store that fit so snugly inside lid? And how much were they? Can’t wait to try this!

  • I love this idea; however, I think $11.00 is a little pricey for one of these lights, especially when you can buy lights for $4-$5 a piece. Amazon did have a section with the replaceable lids tht have a pour opening, I thought those were interesting. i am envisioning salad dressings. We use our mason jars for drinking tea, etc. I changed to using the regular opening, so we use the wide mouths for drinking glasses. The replaceable lid would keep me from getting the fluid down my shirt as the ice brakes free. That is always fun. :)

    Jillee, Thank you so much for taking the time to look at for the best information and home made items. I have saved so much money and have made some really cool stuff because of your inspirations!

    • Hi Kristi ~ You should take a look at the lids called “Cuppows”. Google it! Sign up at their site and you can get news and the occasional coupons. I use them for MY iced tea and they prevent spills and dribbles. Available for wide mouth and regular jars. I have no connection with the company, just love the products. ~ Jo

  • I just love these blue mason jars. I have been eyeing them on Amazon for awhile now. I think they are so pretty. I might buy them if I find a job soon.

    • You can get a case of these for $10 at Christmas tree shoppes and they also have lids for under $2 that already have straw holes and come with large straw as well.

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