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A Couple of Product Recommendations…

This post will hopefully prove that I haven’t gone completely “make everything homemade” CRAZY!  For instance, I have not resorted to making my own make up!  Yet. ;-)  I think I’ll leave that to the experts. Which brings me to my FIRST product review/recommendation:

Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup. (nope, I am not being compensated in any way, shape or form for my opinions here.  I wish I were!)  :-)

I actually happened upon this stuff by total accident. I was almost completely out of my foundation makeup which happened to be a combination of Loreal’s True Match compact make up and their True Match mineral make up. The reason I used both is that either one on their own just wasn’t cutting it for me. I liked the moisture and coverage of the compact, but I like the smoother finish of the mineral make up.

So, I went to buy some replacements today at my local purveyor of fine cosmetics, Smith’s Grocery Store, and for some reason I decided to try something new. I know, I get a little wild and crazy sometimes!  This product by Revlon caught my eye because I liked the color selection they had. To be honest, I didn’t even notice the “Aqua” in the name.  So I go to use it this morning and as I’m applying it with the very cool little brush it comes with…I think…how did my brush get wet??? I actually looked around the bathroom counter to see if I’d accidentally set it down in a little puddle of water…but there was nothing! Hmmm…very odd.  So I continue applying and continue to have the sensation of using a wet brush. Finally it dawned on me that is was the make up itself causing that “wet” feeling. It truly was the oddest, yet COOL (literally) sensation! As I type this I realize this is one of those things that is very hard to explain! lol!  I think you’re going to have to just try it yourself and see what you think.

This might help.  It’s from the Revlon website:  (they have a way with words when describing make up that I can’t ever hope to achieve!)

NEW Colorstay Aqua™ Mineral Makeup delivers a burst of hydrating coconut water and an instant cooling sensation upon application. The result: your skin looks luminous and its texture smoother. With a shine-free formula that’s made with water, not oil, this lightweight powder gives you a fresh, flawless finish that lasts all day.
Fragrance free and non-irritating.
Provides medium coverage in 8 beautiful shades, with SPF 13 protection.

Bottom line…I really, really like it!  The novelty of the wet/cooling sensation wore off fairly quickly…but I loved the way it went on and STAYED on too. The coverage was much better than the Loreal powder I’d been using.

It even makes that rather homely Halle Berry look good! ;-)

I THINK it cost about $12.00, but this will last me a LONG time. So I’m happy with that.

My NEXT (and final for today) “product review”
is completely unrelated to cosmetics…but does come in pretty packaging!

It’s called Downy Unstopables In-wash Scent Booster and basically it’s little nuggets of scent you add to your wash to make it smell pretty!

Someone recently commented on my Homemade Laundry Soap post that she had been making her own laundry soap for awhile now but missed the nice scent that comes in those expensive bottles of brand name detergent!

Her post got me thinking about how I kind of missed the “frou-frou” smell of scented laundry soap as well.  Honestly, I have nothing against my homemade stuff.  It’s just a nice clean smell. Nothing fancy…but nothing offensive either. Just very basic.

So I decided to “splurge” and  grab a bottle at the store and try it.
First of all, it ain’t cheap! I paid $8.00 for my 13.2 ounce bottle…and just looking around online it’s even more expensive! But, from my first half a dozen loads of laundry with it…I can report it packs quite a scent punch...so you don’t have to use very much at all.  After about 6 loads I’ve hardly made a dent in the contents of the bottle. So that’s a good thing.

Second, I LOVE the smell it gives the laundry! Especially the bedding. Tonight I washed all the bedding of my 12 year old and my 16 year old sons. Teenage boys bedding. I don’t think I need to say more. I’ll just say that re-making their beds tonight was a pure pleasure! They smelled fantastic.  The boys even liked it! So that tells you it’s not too much. It’s really just right. I purchased the “Fresh” scent in the green and black bottle…but they also have a “Lush” scent, that I wouldn’t mind trying as well.

If Amy Sedaris likes it, it must be good huh? :-)  Gotta love celebrity endorsements! Hopefully she’s getting paid a lot more than I am….which I remind you is….NOTHING!  Darnit. :-)

Alright, my first ever “product reviews” on One Good Thing By Jillee are in the blog “books”.  I have to say…it was a lot of fun.  Hope you liked it too.

I may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. I always offer my own genuine recommendation. Learn more.

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  • So today I am making my own laundry soap for the first time and I bought the Purex crystals to use with it. My question is do you add them to the mix or follow the directions on the bottle?

  • Funny that your response was EXACTLY what I said the first time I tried the Revlon Aqua :) I did not notice the “aqua” part either. I do like the product.

  • Colorstay has been my foundation for YEARS ( very natural looking, durable, decent color match), so I’m looking forward to trying the new formula. A hair suggestion for Trisha: Nature’s Gate Herbal hair conditioner, first, last and always my favorite. Maybe it’s not an issue if you wear your hair short, but its detangling abilities have saved my long hair- and now my daughter’s. And it smells wonderful- I’ve gotten so many compliments over the years. I don’t wear scents, so the conditioner is the only thing people can be picking up on, sort of a soft sandlewood scent. The formula is less concentrated than it used to be, but a little still goes a long ways. I’m still sad that Citre Shine shampoo exists only in name these days. It had an incredible scent, but importantly, was the only shampoo I’ve ever used that cleared up my scruffy, oily scalp. If anyone has a shampoo suggestion, I’m still searching for a replacement.

  • I don’t know if any of you have tried this, but I have and loved it – instead of adding essential oil or using these little pellets (which sound great, but expensive), I have used about a tablespoon of fabric softener to the wash. I just add it in with the laundry detergent and it gives the scent I want. It goes a long way since you are using such a small amount and it gives that little bit of scent that we all miss…

  • You could add essential oil to your homemade detergent and get the same results with say, lavender oil or others. I’ve been purchasing handmade detergent on Etsy that’s lavender scented. Very economical. It was a good way to try out the cleaning properties before making my own. The one I get uses vegan castille soap, instead of Ivory. Fels Naptha will get out oils. I used to use it for cleaning oil paint brushes in an art class I took. Also, there are sites that show how to make your own essential oil for adding to homemade cleaning products. The one I saw uses grapeseed oil as the carrier oil. The cost is about $10 for 16 oz. vs the same price for one once. In that, she infused lilac from her garden for 5 hours covered, on very low flame.

  • I haven’t tried your homemade laundry soap yet but I use a natural product with no scent in it. I was also missing the smell and then a relative suggested this tip for me…and I’ve been doing it every since :) I keep a box of baking soda on washer and sprinkle some in on heavily soiled loads and sometimes on every load (I put it in right on top of my clothes, at the same I put my soap in-I don’t wait for the water level to be full -my water is filling up at the same time I am dumping in the soap and baking soda). I don’t have an exact amount, just depends on how big the load is and how bad I think it stinks but on average I guess I put about…..6 shakes, going around the washer…maybe that’s about 3-5ish tbsp ;) and it’s only .49 cents a box at Aldi’s and it lasts me over a month. My clothes don’t have a scent but they smell super duper fresh and clean with no linger odor from anything :)

  • I love…Love…LOVE…Downy Unstoppables. They make our bedding, towels, furniture covers, unmentionables, socks, jeans, EVERYTHING smell AMAZING! They are expensive, but it does take so little for each load…and the scent LASTS…for days and days! I’m Soooooooooooooo glad I used the coupon to try this stuff!

  • Revlon Color Stay Aqua – Hey! I dried my makeup brush (like my fat brush better) with the hairdryer because I was SURE that I have dropped water on it while brushing my teeth! Amazing product. Love the cool feel.

  • We are all gonna die from something. At least my makeup will look good when I go. So thumbs up on the color stay. All the color stay line from Revlon works well for older women.

  • I use the Downy green/black bottle also. We have well water and it makes our clothes smell amazing. I only use a palm ful..maybe 20 beads is all…Not too many at all and it works wonders!

  • Not sure if you are aware, but check out a website called http://www.ewg.org/skindeep
    It reviews and and breaks down cosmetics by ingredient and rates them on a toxicity level. It is both surprising and disappointing. But valuable information and cosmetics are not regulated and many have carcinogens and other harsh chemicals.

  • Ok, well I went on my lunch time and bought some of your Revlong Colorstay Aqua Mineral Make up!!! Put it on real fast in the car before I came back in the office, we shall see how it does lol….it was kinda weird feeling that the brush was wet! But it sure did feel that way!!

  • I've used both brands and like the Purex Crystals the best. Fresh Spring Waters is my favorite sent. I agree with other posters, you don't need to use the recommended amount.

  • Since I know we're all trying to save money, Purex Crystals are about 1/2 the price of Downy Unstoppables and come in 3 scents. Like Karen Smith said about Unstoppables, you only need to use a very small amount of the Crystals for your laundry to have a nice, fresh scent.

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