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Create Your Own “Mommy Network” to Save Time and Money!

Being a mom is tough work. Fortunately, every mom can sympathize. Even better, if we all work together, we can save a lot of time and money! Today’s post is all about ways to reach out to your fellow moms (and dads) for support, advice and maybe even a meal or two. Start by creating a Google Calendar, or a list with everyone’s information. You’ll want to be able to communicate easily, and it will make it easier to get things started if you have a good list. If you need someone to watch your pet or water your plants while you’re on vacation, just send out a quick message and see who’s interested! Once you get the ball rolling, neighbors and friends will start asking for help, too. :-)

Here are 6 creative tips for creating a useful and fun Mommy Network:

Creating a Mommy Network

1. Try a soup swap!

All you have to do is make one big batch of your favorite soup, and you’ll go home with a variety of ready-to-go dinners. Get all the details from The Kitchn.

Creating a Mommy Network

2. Form a garden club.

Get together once a week to work in each of your gardens, and split the fruits (and veggies) of your labors at the end of the season!

3. Host a “Trash Into Treasure” Party.

Trade in your old treasures for new ones at a party! I have SO many kitchen appliances, clothes, and furniture that I would love to trade in for something new. :-) Learn how to host the very best “Trash Into Treasure” here.

Creating a Mommy Network

4. Host a book swap party.

This suggestion might be a little more fun than it is useful, but moms need to have fun too. :-) I love reading and have SO many books that I won’t read again. Here’s everything you need to know about hosting the very best book swap!

Creating a Mommy Network

5. Create a chid-care schedule.

You might want to consider setting a weekly appointment where each person takes turns watching the kids. Even if it’s just you and one other friend, you’ll get some valuable free time every other week! You might even want to start a babysitting co-op, get all the information from Daily Mom.

Creating a Mommy Network

6. Share gear and recreational equipment.

Kids share toys anyways, so why not coordinate an arrangement where you buy the swing set, and the neighbor buys a trampoline! It’s the same cost and twice the fun. :-)

Create Your Own "Mommy Network" to Save Time and Money!

How do you make the most of your “Mommy Network?”

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  • I do a book swap combined with my cats birthday party. The party collects donations ( food, toys, medicines, sheets, blankets, etc ) for our local shelter . Because it’s connected to the cats it gets discussed more.

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