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Creative Uses For Plain Yogurt

Uses for Yogurt

Yogurt has got to be one of my all-time favorite snacks, especially when frozen! Yogurt is packed with protein, probiotics and lactic acid…attributes that make it a healthy snack and a great ingredient in homemade health and beauty products. I’ve even found a few NEW uses for plain yogurt!

First of all, let’s talk about choosing a yogurt. When making face masks and other beauty products, choose a plain, whole-fat yogurt. You want all of those fats and oils to treat your skin. If you’re looking for a snack, however, I would choose a plain Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has nearly twice the amount of protein of regular yogurt. It also has about half the sugar, carbs, and sodium.

Whichever yogurt you have on hand…here are some creative ways to use it you might not have thought of before:

Treat Sunburn

Yogurt also makes a great remedy for sunburns! Spread a thin layer of whole-fat yogurt on your skin, let it sit for at least 10 minutes, and then take a cool shower to wash it off. The yogurt soothes the sunburn and feels cooling, while the probiotics and enzymes actually start to heal sunburns.

Uses for Plain Yogurt

Ease Tummy Troubles

Because yogurt has probiotics, eating it regularly will keep your digestive system regular and your immune system strong. Click here to learn more about probiotics.

frozen blueberry kabobs

Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Kabobs

Skewer some blueberries, roll them in yogurt, and freeze the whole stick for a healthier take on a popsicle – the blueberry kabob!

Creative Uses for Plain Yogurt

Quick & Easy Fruit Dip

Mix Greek yogurt with your favorite chocolate syrup for a quick and easy fruit dip.

Creative Uses for Plain Yogurt

Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

Peel a cucumber, slice it lengthwise, and scoop the seeds out. Dice the cucumber, add it to 1 cup of yogurt, some minced garlic, a bit of fresh dill, and squeeze in some lemon juice to make your own tzatziki sauce! It’s a great veggie dip, chicken marinade, or even a spread for sandwiches!

Creative Uses for Plain Yogurt

Make Cheese!

To make your own cheese with yogurt, place some plain yogurt in a colander with 4 sheets of cheesecloth, and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, it should be the texture of a soft cream cheese – it makes a delicious spread for crackers!

Uses for Plain Yogurt

Mayo Substitute

Choose plain greek yogurt for your creamy topping instead of sour cream or mayonnaise. You’ll hardly notice the difference, but you’ll be avoiding a lot of fat!

Uses for Plain Yogurt

Make MORE Yogurt!

Interested in making your own Greek yogurt? Check out my foolproof recipe here!

Creative Uses for Plain Yogurt

Edible Fingerpaint!

And last, but not least, you can finger-paint with yogurt! Just add a drop or two of food coloring to about a 1/4 of plain yogurt to make your paints. Set up on a sheet of wax paper and get coloring! It’s a fun afternoon activity, but I wouldn’t suggest keeping the yogurt-drawings.

How do you use plain yogurt?

Uses for Yogurt

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  • I have done the yogurt dots using the flavored yogurts. They are such a fun treat in the summertime. I definetly want to try the Tzatziki dip. We love Middle Eastern food at our house, plus it’s so healthy for you.

  • I made dip out of onion soup mix and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. You can hardly taste the difference and it’s probably a lot healthier.

  • I was out on a boat in Europe and got sun burnt thru my clothes. It was a bad one! At a chemist shop I was surprised that they told me nothing they had would work and after they sterilized a needle and burst my 10″x 12″ blister and drained it which took 45 minutes they said to stop and to get plain yoghurt and spread that all over. It not only worked but it really felt so good and I had no scare.

  • Tzatziki is the original homemade dip for us Greeks! Yum!
    A few tips for anyone who’d like to try make this at home:
    a. instead of dicing cucumber, grate it and strain it
    b. add 1 spoon of olive oil for every yogurt cup
    This way your sauce will have a creamy texture that lasts and will keep in fridge for days without getting watery/runny! Also original recipe calls for red vinegar instead of lemon, which IMO smooths garlic taste better than lemon does.

    • To keep it WHITE, you must use WHITE VINIGAR (not RED), along with the GRATED & STRAINED (put in a CHEESE CLOTH & SQUEEZE it really tight or put the tied CHEESE CLOTH in the SPIN CYCLE, like my mother does LOL! It work’s!), CUCUMBER, GREEK (which tastes like SOUR CREAM) YOGURT or SOUR CREAM, GRATED GARLIC & WHITE PEPPER (if you don’t mind BLACK SPECS use BLACK PEPPER) & SALT & the OLIVE OIL (alway’s add the VINIGAR, before you ADD the EVOO or OO, this way it will come TOGETHER better). NOW that is AUTHENTIC DELICIOUS & REAL GREEK TSATZIKI! Spread it on some good BREAD

  • Hi, Jillee! Thank you for your excelent everyday work! Just one more secret use: for lady´s hygiene – one tl unsweetened!! plain yogurt inside your secret place make your intime healt more better – brings lactic acid for better ph level and kills the …I dont know english name, but it is common infection in this parts, the same sort of little buggers who makes dough bigger and lighter.

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