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Discovering My Personal Beauty Type & How You Can Too!

dressing your truth

For years I’ve subscribed to the adage that blondes look stunning in black. I’ve never actually FELT stunning while wearing black clothing, but the fashion “experts” couldn’t possibly be wrong….could they? Well actually, yes, they could be….at least when it comes to THIS blonde. While some blondes might wear black beautifully, us Type 1’s simply don’t. It makes me feel blah, boring, heavy, and far from attractive. The same goes for gray, and even silver. Colors that I have gravitated to in the past because A) there are an ABUNDANCE of these colors promoted in fashion magazines & offered by retailers, and B) I bought into all the “blondes look good in black” propaganda.

After taking my friend Carol Tuttle’s Beauty Profiling course, and discovering my Type 1 beauty, it finally made sense why all the times I’ve worn black (or gray, olive green, rust red, mustard yellow, etc) I didn’t feel the attractiveness I’d expected. I decided to go back into my Facebook and Instagram photos and do a little side-by-side comparing of my outfits that were Type 1-friendly and those that were not. I’ll let you be the judge…..

Type 1 Jill false
Type 1 “Dont’s”
Type 1 Jill true
Type 1 “Do’s”

I personally was quite shocked by the difference between the two above collages. I feel the “upward and light movement” of my Type 1-ness much more in the second collage.

After taking the online Dressing Your Truth course and learning about the design lines, textures, fabrications, patterns, and colors that are the most flattering to a Type 1 like myself, I started going through my closet and jewelry box with a more critical eye.

dressing your truth

Starting with the “cheat sheet” color card I received in the mail after signing up for the Dressing Your Truth course, I began to catalog my current wardrobe to identify outfits that reflect and enhance my “true” beauty and those that don’t.

Here are a few examples of each:

dressing your truth 17
Type 1 “Don’ts”
dressing your truth 18
Type 1 “Do’s”
dressing your truth 21
Type 1 “Don’ts”
dressing your truth 20
Type 1 “Do’s”

In addition to clothing and jewelry, I knew there were also things about my hair and makeup I wanted to change to better enhance my Type 1 beauty. With the help of the Dressing Your Truth salon (and the amazingly talented Emily) I updated my hair color and style and tweaked my makeup color palette.

hair makeover

dressing your truth

Be sure and check back next Sunday when I will be revealing my complete Type 1 transformation! I recently spent the entire day at the DressingYourTruth.com store and salon for a beauty consultation and head-to-toe makeover. A day I will never forget. Not only for the physical transformation…but all the great “truths” I learned. I can’t wait to share it with you!

dressing your truth

When I began this journey, at the urging of my friend Carol, I honestly never imagined the real difference it would end up making in my life. I have basically been “flying blind” my whole life when it comes to fashion and beauty….making it up as I go along.

Finding a simple and USEFUL system to help guide me through my fashion, makeup, jewelry and overall beauty choices has been both grounding and liberating at the same time. I feel like the “true” me is finally beginning to emerge and take flight!

If you would like to begin your own journey to discover the true beauty within you….be sure and take advantage of the FREE Beauty Profiling course that Carol is offering my readers. CLICK HERE to get started. It’s quick and easy and extremely enlightening. Once you learn your true beauty type, you’ll be amazed at how differently you’ll start looking at everything in your closet…and your world.

Have you taken the FREE Beauty Profiling course?

What is your Type? Share in the comments below!

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  • Thanks for introducing me to DressYourTruth! I’m finally learning what looks best on me and that so many of my qualities are simply part of my nature. All the videos on the website are eye-opening. Thank you so much!!!

  • I knew straight away I was a Type 2 and that I was the subtle soft type, just from the descriptions. I had been dressing as a type 4 and had never felt “right” but having learned my true type I feel a sense of relief. All I can say Jillee, is thanks very much for the opportunity to listen to Carol Tuttle. I found her easy to listen to and I feel that I can now be my true self now. Thank you.

  • I still have to figure what category I fit into. Under the color me beautiful I am a winter with fair skin,dark hair and eyes. We have the original book. I’ve used a book in that series for years that tells what cosmetic shades and tones to use . It will be interesting to see where I fit with this concept.

  • I can’t wait to see the new you! I’m a type 2. I love how DYT is more than just color. I used the Color Me Beautiful stuff too, but to no where NEAR the feeling of success I have with DYT. For ME the colors in that program were OK, my mom ended up with a completely different set of colors (from “summer” to type 3), was shocked, took the plunge and absolutely LOVES it. She now understand why she loves all the looks that she does, and no longer feels like it would be “wrong” to wear them. : )

    Everyone out there who is feeling like this is too expensive: I don’t have extra money either. I went through my closet and stuck with all my “good” stuff. I second hand shop for %90 of my clothes, and I just add more as I find it, need it, or would have been replacing it anyway. DYT really makes shopping easier because you do an instant bypass on the majority of what’s out there, looking only for YOUR colors and then styles. The original $99 I spent for my membership is pretty much my only additional expense. My husband even used the book and basic common sense to figure out how he (as a type 4) should dress. No surprise; %95 of his wardrobe was right on, the other %5 he has swapped out with replacing worn items, and is very happy and confident in his style, and feels like he has “permission” to wear the things he loves, and pass on the rest.
    I’ve only had great experiences with DYT.

  • I agree with those that said this is similar to the old color ‘seasons’.

    FWIW…..I am a fair skinned, natural blonde ‘summer’ and have never colored my hair. When I had my colors done, she told the class that one’s skin tone determines your ‘season’. You can have your hair any color you choose but the shade you’ve chosen might not be the best shade of that color for your skin tone. We were also told that there is a shade of most every color for clothing or hair that will work with each ‘season’.

  • My husband and I, both, read It’s Just My Nature, by Carol Tuttle. The dressing your truth program is much more than colors and clothes. It is about energy identification; understanding one’s own and appreciating all types.

    It’s a life changing program. I wish you all the best and am looking forward to your reveal next Sunday.

    Blessings to you.

  • Can I share my 2 cents?… I think the free course was insightful, to know your type, reinforcing who you are, etc. I’m a type 2, and now I see why some people say what they say and like my company…i.e. my husband. I bring a sense of calm to his spirit. HOWEVER, I don’t think knowing your Type is reflective of the colors you SHOULD wear. If you notice, the colors that some of those on the expert panels chose are the not the most flattering. (Sorry Anne. Some of your colors wash you out & are too drab. Just because you have a peaceful nature doesn’t mean your colors have to lull people to sleep or be “muted” cuz you’re a Type 2. Unless of course these colors are to help YOU feel peaceful). So with this I learned to know your Type to reinforce who you are. I’m a Type 2 and now it makes sense as to why I like comfortable clothes. If you’re a Type 4, now you get why you like the structured sophisticated look. BUT NOW I’ll go get the Color Me Beautiful book and know which colors FLATTER me. That’s huge, cuz I can’t wear what you wear. That’s whats gonna make you feel good about yourself. Knowing what colors work with your skin tone. Not to mention a change in hairstyle. If you notice, just a change in hairstyle (and lots of accessories) is what made the before and after pictures so dramatic. It wasn’t the clothes that made the difference because you didn’t know the Type of these ladies, nor were you able to observe their “movement”. It was the hair change And putting them in a Color that suited their complexion. Another observation, in looking on their website, many of the hairstyles for each Type are the SAME. Again, if you’re a Type 3, you can probably pull offa more trendy style cuz of your personality. A Type 4 would probably do better with a more polished look. Ok, LAST thought. Don’t want to buy into Carol’s program, go to her store, choose your Type, and see the sample outfits shown. It’ll give you some ideas. HOWEVER she has not gone into body-type in the free videos (that I saw), so…there’s something to ponder. My short little self might need to be careful with some of these styles. Like everything, take a little of this and a little of that :)

    Whew! I got long winded…but let me just say, I am so excited for Jillee! I would love someone to HELP me. And not that Jillee needed help, but If I can say… I do think that her getting a new hairstyle is really gonna knock her socks off. Some Color to bring out her eyes, some face framing to highlight her cheekbones…I can’t wait to see :) thanks for taking us on this journey so we can glen along the way

  • I went ahead and paid for the class. I wanted to be a type 2, subtle and flowing, but I truly am Type 4. I do look better in saturated colors. I have always received more compliments with bold colors and now I see why. And I still get to wear black! Jillee, you do look better in the type 1 colors, black makes you look washed out. Thank you for sending Carol Tuttle my way. BTW, talking about Goodwill, their clothes are sorted by color. I’ve picked up a couple of nice things there, just check them over for flaws.

  • I’ve started the course, but didn’t complete it. Finished the 3rd one and lost interest as I am a 4 or a 2 whatever, but find the information of no interest…………….Thanks anyway…………….

  • Thank you, Jillee, for sharing Carol’s program. You look gorgeous in your type 1 colors! I am a type 3. It took me a while to figure it out, as 3 was the first type I ruled out. Customer Service was very helpful. I’m shocked and very excited to be type 3. I feel that this program is more than just the old seasons color-typing. It works on the inside as well as the outside. This will be a fascinating journey. Thank you again!

  • I’ve been doing Dressing Your Truth about 18 months now. I am a Type 2 and I think it’s been really helpful. Not just in regards to my appearance but also in accepting who I really am. I no longer try to force myself to be bubbly or be a go-getter and I no longer feel badly about myself because I’m not those things.

    I do feel actually beautiful now that I know how to dress, do my hair and makeup for my type And that is saying a lot since I am in my mid-50s, short, and about 75 pounds overweight with gray hair and glasses.

    I know it’s probably strange to say this considering I am following the guidelines created by another person, but I feel and look like my own true self for the first time in my life.

  • I learnt about colours some 35 years ago when my sister became a colour consultant and being a natural blonde (though now are a natural grey!!!) I stopped wearing black and mustard and olive green and what not, these many years ago, and once you (slowly) start changing your wardrobe, everything, in the end, combines and you don’t have stashed in your wardrobe clothes you don’t use. I see the type system is quite similar lo the seasons system, I’m a summer, cold pastel colours in general. Thanks Jillie for this information

  • It’s great that you discovered your type and are getting the benefits from it! I stopped watching the videos when I saw how much it was going to cost. No point when it’s even a struggle to afford shopping at Goodwill.

    I wish I were a type 1 so I’d at least know what colors would work since you posted that. All the type 1’s that didn’t buy the course must be happy.

    • You are giving up way too early. First of all, there are more stores available than just Goodwill: Value Village; consignment stores, etc.
      The secret to shopping at these stores is that you have to go often and take your time. I know, time you don’t have a lot of. So, pick one item you want, eg blouse, sweater, etc and just go through that rack. Nothing else. Choose to look for a different item each time you go. You will be surprised at what you find.
      Great shopping.

    • Save up and get it when it’s on sale for $79 or $99. I did it 4 years ago and it’s saved me so much money, not buying clothes that I don’t wear! I never used to know why it was that things didn’t “work out” after a while. I don’t have that problem hardly at all anymore, and my whole wardrobe matches. It’s made my life a lot easier. I’m on a very limited budget.

  • I went through all the free videos in this seris but still couldn’t figure out which type I fully was. I felt I fit into each category in one way or another. Then again I couldn’t have afforded to make a change in my clothes etc anyway. Still it would gave been nice to understand what I supposedly should be wearing. Too bad I never felt confident enough to say I was definitely any specific type.

    • Try watching the videos on YouTube, or get the book. Two other books you could get instead are called The Child Whisperer or It’s Just My Nature. I love both.

  • I am going through the course and have gone through all of the clothes and accessories that are not my type. I’m keeping them in case, but what I’ve found, is I have plenty of clothes in my type. I just didn’t wear them all the time because I was distracted by all the other choices. I don’t plan to spend much money on new clothes (one of the women in the videos says she shops at Goodwill), and I felt it was worth a shot because the course did offer a money-back guarantee.

  • Jillee you look fantastic, I can’t wait too see your total transformaton.
    I still am working through the videos so I am not sure of my type yet. When I find out though there won’t be a transformation for me as I don’t have the money to do it. It has been interesting to go through this…thanks for sharing the profile course with all of us!

      • Carol Jackson’s book is great. My Mom and I had our colors done years ago at a store in a mall and we were both “Summers” What a difference if you choose the right colors and you can shop anywhere for whatever style you like. You can purchase a color wheel from her site for about $25 and you are good to go. We were between Summer and Spring palettes but Summer worked the best. Could have gone either way. Just Google Color Me Beautiful and see if it works for you. I have never purchased her cosmetics or skin care but love the color wheel.

  • I am type 3. Unfortunately, I strongly dislike all the clothes that she said that a type 3 person could wear. I think I look horrible in them. : ( The clothes made me feel old and frumpy.

    Jillian. You look great!

  • amazed how your features disappear with the wearing of black. I hope I will be able to be as aware of my type as I would put myself in the still confused category while listening to this program.

  • As long as you’re aware that this is just a new marketing of the1980’s/90’s color “seasons”. Towards the end of that period people/stylists were beginning to realize that they needed to allow a little more flexibility into the concept, hence the “bright/rich summer” vs. the “soft summer ” etc. that was becoming part of the vocabulary. i.e. “type _ with a secondary type_.”

    What goes around comes around. :)

    • Thats exactly what I was thinking! I believe Jillee is a Spring and thats why she looks good in brighter pastel/clear colors. I on the other hand, although ash blonde with frosted highlights, look much better in black and summer colors. Browns absolutely destroy me. This sure sounds like the 80s “seasons” to me.

    • I’ve been a member of Dressing Your Truth for two years now. Going into it I assumed that the colors would be the same as the seasonal coloring mentioned above. I was wrong! I wear completely different colors with this system than I did with the 80’s / 90’s seasons. I love the colors I wear now! There are also four other elements of this program besides color. Through following them all, I now have a wardrobe I love where everything works together. Before I had such a hodgepodge and felt that I had nothing to wear. I had tons of clothes then. Now I have fewer pieces but love and wear them all. I also did this on a practically non existent budget over time. I would never go back to my old way of dressing. Today I went into a thrift store and found a fantastic pair of pants, a top, and a jacket in about 10 minutes! I instantly envisioned several outfits I would be able to make combining these with existing pieces. Although I have gotten so much more out of this system, just being able to effortlessly do this alone is worth the cost!

    • That’s what I thought, too, but this system is a lot more than just the colors, and it pinpointed my “best” colors better than the old seasonal system, which I was really into back in the 80’s. It took me several months before my friend talked me into DYT: that was 4 years ago and I’m so glad I got into it. It’s been life changing for me.

  • I love this course! I’m a Type 4, with a secondary Type 1. The description of the Type 4 person described exactly who I am, which was great for me because I kept trying to bring the Type 1 side to the fore because it was more social, and it just didn’t work. However, I love the Type 1 colours and patterns, and the course explained why I might buy them, but could never bring myself to wear them. And, of course, you can use as many or as few of the guidelines as you wish.

  • I just finished the course, it was there that I realized that as much as I WANTED to be a type 1 (because type 2 seems so not me) that I had to accept the fact that yes I am a 2. I cannot wait to start on my journey and with you see what new possibilities it will bring. Wishing you well in yours too! Thanks for sharing this information with us!

    • You don’t have to get an all-day makeover. I just bought the course (4 years ago now!) and learned from the online content. It’s been soooo helpful to me. It’s fun to see Jill doing it now. I’ve had links to both Jill’s blog and the Dressing Your Truth site on my blog for a couple of years now. :)

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