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Banish Back Acne With This Simple Homemade Spray

When temperatures start heating up in the summertime, one unfortunate side effect of all that fun in the sun can quickly become a real bummer – body acne. Blemishes can easily form on your back, chest, legs, or arms during the hot summer months, thanks to the myriad of pore-clogging substances hanging out on our skin, like sunscreens, sweat, and grime.

But never fear! Body acne can easily be cleared up by using a two-pronged approach of exfoliation and an easy-to-make natural toner spray.

Body Acne Toner Spray

Exfoliating regularly is a crucial step in controlling body acne. Invest in a good quality body brush, made with natural fibers, and use it to gently brush dead skin cells away before each bath or shower. Dry brushing will help keep dead skin from clogging up your pores, and will also make it easier for the toner spray to get in and clear out any bacteria.

And that brings us to the second part of our remedy, which I’ve decided to call my DIY Body Acne-Banishing Toner Spray! Witch hazel has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that work great on acne-prone skin, and the addition of rose water makes the spray gentle and soothing. Finally, a few drops of tea tree essential oil provide a natural, antibacterial kick that will clear up body breakouts fast!

DIY Body Acne-Banishing Toner Spray

In a 4 oz spray bottle, combine the witch hazel, rose water, and tea tree oil. (A small funnel helps immensely!) Shake to combine, and shake before each use. Spray onto affected areas after showering, and use a cotton pad to remove any excess wetness (optional).

Body Acne Toner Spray

You can also use this spray to quick-clean areas of your body that are breakout-prone after sweating or being in the sun!

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  • Omg I love tea tree oil. And I buy witch hazel with rose water already in it. I stopped using moisturizer and instead mix almond oIL and tea tree and soy day and night after washing face. I dont have the nasty, puss filled pimples anymore! I actually have clear skin.

  • I made the recipe for the bacne, this is a wonderful product. My legs break out in this humid weather and my daughter has the same problem under arms., No more misery! Thank you so much,

  • Can I use the brush with exfoliating body soap such as body clear by neutrogena while I’m the shower or do you only recommend dry brushing?

  • Would this be okay to use on the face? My son is hitting puberty and is starting to breakout on his face. I’d prefer a natural approach. Thanks Jill!

  • I like this I tend to get breakouts on my chest, and occasionally my legs and arms when the weather gets very hot and humid. I’m not as concerned about areas like my chest because I’m the only who will see the breakout.

  • I bought tea tree oil (melaleuca) recently but the scent is so strong I can’t use it. Is there something less strong smelling that is as effective?

    • That’s tough, because melaleuca has so many great properties! I would replace the 15 drops of melaleuca with 10 drops lemon and 10 drops lavender. Just be sure to use this remedy in the evening, because lemon oil can increase you sensitivity to sunburns! You could use just 15 drops of lavender, but you’ll lose any anti-microbial benefits.

  • This looks awesome! Might make a good gift too for those beach bodies out there. I do love those natural products!

    • I would leave out the rose water, add 1 oz of distilled water instead, and then add 10 drops of lavender oil and reduce the melaleuca to 10 drops as well :-)

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