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All-Natural DIY Lip Balm

diy lip balm

I recently purchased a tube of all-natural lip balm at a local health food store that I love. I use it all the time and it always makes my lips so soft! I like it so much that I wanted to try to recreate it at home, so I could make myself a new batch whenever I wanted. The best part of this particular recipe is that it only uses 4 natural ingredients, and I only had to go to the store for one of them!

The ingredients are…

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very moisturizing for lips, and has the benefit of smelling great too! Since it melts at a relatively low temperature, the heat of your lips starts the melting process and helps the balm to glide on super smoothly every time.



Beeswax has a number of properties that make it a great choice for any type of skin care, including anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and protective qualities. It also acts as a humectant, meaning it attracts water to help skin stay hydrated.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is another great moisturizer, with the added benefit of being an antioxidant with anti-aging properties. It will also greatly increase the shelf life of your lip balm, since it is a natural preservative.

essential oils 101

Essential oils

One of the best things about making your own lip balm is that you can customize it whichever way you want by using different essential oils. Not only can you choose an oil based on it’s benefits for skin, but scent can play a role as well. For example, since citrus oils have an energizing scent, making a lip balm with citrus oils can give you an extra energy boost when you use them! (However, citrus oils are photosensitizing and can increase the risk of sunburn, so avoid wearing them if you’ll be out in the sun!)

I made three different “flavors” of lip balms for this post using essential oils: grapefruit, lavender and peppermint, and lemon. Other oils that would be great in a lip balm would be lime (very tropical!) and eucalyptus.

diy lip balm

Lip Balm Recipe:

Start by adding the beeswax and coconut oil to a double boiler to melt them together. I used a glass measuring cup so that it would be easy to pour once they were melted, and set it on a canning ring that I had set in the bottom of a pot of simmering water. This suspended the glass above the bottom of the pan enough that I didn’t have to worry about the glass cracking from the heat.

DIY Lip Balm

Once the oil and wax have melted together, remove from heat and add the Vitamin E and stir.

DIY Lip Balm

At this point you have two options. Either you can pour the mixture into your containers and then add the essential oils, or you can add the essential oils first and then pour into your containers. The first option, which is the one I chose, is good if you want to make a few different flavors out of one batch. If you want to make them all the same flavor, just go ahead and add the EOs before you pour into your containers.

DIY Lip Balm

This recipe filled 3 of these ½ oz cardboard tubes I purchased from SKS Bottle & Packaging. I added about 5-10 drops of EOs per tube, so if you’re making several lip balms of the same flavor, aim to add about 20-30 drops to your melted oil mixture before pouring. (And just as a side note, I will say that the grapefruit lip balm ended up being my favorite. It smells amazing!)

Once you’ve filled your containers, let them set up for a few hours, and then they’re ready to use! I hope I’ve convinced you how easy it is to make your own natural lip balms, and that you’ll give it a try! Seriously, no one has to know how easy it is, and if you give these as gifts, your friends and family will be very impressed by you. :-)

DIY Lip Balm

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  • I love this. Sound fast and simple, and I have all the stuff, so I’m good to go! I agree with you that these would be lovely gifts. Thanks for the info.

    • There are several you can find by doing a search including Amazon (sometimes least expensive sometimes not) but if you go back up to Jillee’s directions each ingredient and container mentioned is underlined and green (at least on my screen) and when you put your cursor on it it turns to a hand, that means it’s a live link, click on it and it will take you directly to the site and page Jillee got the supplies pictured from.

  • question about putting it in the glass bottles with rollers? I LOVE that idea, but doesn’t this recipe solidify? How do you wind up being able to roll it?

    I have a liquid lip “gloss” tingling one in a glass roller and I love it. Not gunky stuff on the lid, but not sure how lip balm would work. I tell EVERYONE about this site. Now, to just start USING it!!!!!!!! I read, but have I made anything? ahhhhh noooooooo…. hanging my head :(

    thank you

  • I made some lip balm last year. Similar recipe except I added a square of high quality chocolate. It looks and smells good without tasting much like chocolate. I put it in a York Peppermint minis tin. It should last me quite a while.

    Don’t you have to be careful about using citrus oils on skin in the sun? I thought I read that it makes it more likely to burn.

  • Any suggestions on how to clean the glass measuring cup you used? I usually use a mason jar for these types of things and always end up throwing it out when I cant get it clean.

    • I would reheat the measuring cup enough to wipe out most of the residue, then just wash it in hot water or a dishwasher. The ingredients are nontoxic so you wouldn’t have to worry about ingesting any of the residue. Another thing you could try is melting/mixing it all using a clean glass food jar – you know, the ones that spaghetti sauce, pickles, etc. come in. Then just toss it in the recycling bin when finished!

    • First, make sure when pouring melted wax into containers that you are scraping the measuring cup/jar out well with a spatula. Then, fill the cup/jar with HOT water and let sit until remaining wax melts. Rinse and refill with hot water and let sit again. Rinse, then wash with hot, soapy water.

  • I have been making my own lip balm for two years. I can no longer use store-bought because I find it too “waxy” since I started making my own. My recipe is similar but I also use Shea butter and honey. Love the paper tubes but don’t love the price! Trying to recycle old tubes and small glass pots. Totally stealing the mason jar lid idea!

  • ps., sorry, 4got 2 add, is there a reason u choose those containers? i like them. gonna check them out right now. less plastic the better. & they are bigger than the regular size balm tubes? i think they are 1oz. thanks again.

  • thanks for the tip on the canning ring. so simple, yet i never thought of it. i will be doing this from now on. & great recipe. thanks! blessings

  • I love this. My daughter is always trying to mix up crazy concoctions. This one we make together and come out with something she can actually use. One question – I have bars of beeswax, not pellets, can I use that instead? If so, how much? Thank you Jillee, I love your site!!

  • Do you know of a recipe for making your own lip balm without using beeswax. My granddaughter is allergic to honey which also means she can’t use anything with beeswax.
    Thank you

    • There is a vegan product called Candelilla wax that comes in the same pellet or pastille (I’m not sure of the difference) form. It’s available online from several places including Amazon and maybe locally as well. I haven’t tried it yet but have wanted to, I just have a lot of beeswax to go through first. lol I think there are a couple of other options as well including soy if you search “beeswax alternative”.

  • I enjoy making my own lip balms & will try making yours as well as a new one your sister posted last week. Those paper lip balm tubes are great, but they are sooo expensive.

  • Love this!! can you substitute grapeseed oil or another oil for Vit E oil? Or should I just use the Vit E capsules & pierce them for this??

    • Vit E oil is used here to give the mix longer shelf life. It’s antioxidant qualities act the way a preservative does so you can leave it out or substitute without a problem it will just lessen the shelf life by quite a bit. Vit E also offers it’s own skin benefits of course as Jillee mentions.

    • I agree competely. These seems to be a misunderstanding here.
      Also I have a question: can you roll these plastic containers? How do you apply the balm from them?

      • I was wondering the same thing. How do you get the balm to the top of the tube as you use it?

  • The lip balms are great. I always have lip balm in my car
    but inthe hot weather it melts. I found using a roller bottle works great shake it up and apply. I use to use a lip balm by a company and they put theirs in a metal roller bottle and that metal could get hot. So, with the glass bottle and plastic roller problem solved.

  • >