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DIY Mousepad Makeover

mousepad makeover

Several months ago I bought a “temporary” mousepad at some discount store (I don’t even remember what store it was) for a couple of dollars. It was a stopgap measure until I could find a “real” one.  As I said, that was several months ago, and I still haven’t gotten around to getting that “real” mousepad. So when I saw a simple tutorial on Going Home To Roost about how to give your tired, old mousepad a makeover, I knew it was meant to be. My procrastination was paying off for once!

My only concern about this project was finding some cute material to use. There aren’t too many fabric store options where I live.

mousepad makeover

But then I remembered the fat quarters (quarter-yard cuts of fabric often used by quilters) I had ordered for my “Fabric Covered Letters” post back in March.  They were almost exactly the right size for this! Another sign it was simply “meant to be!”

Now all I needed was some Heat n Bond Iron-on Adhesive  (which I found easily at our local discount store) and I was ready to rock this makeover!

DIY Mousepad Makeover

What you’ll need:

  • (1) old mousepad
  • a piece of fabric large enough to cover the pad
  • a piece of Heat n Bond Iron-on Adhesive large enough to cover the pad
  • a pencil
  • an iron

mousepad makeover

Start by placing your mousepad onto your chosen piece of fabric and lightly trace around it with a pencil.

mousepad makeover

Carefully cut out your circle.

mousepad makeover

Place the mousepad onto a piece of the Heat n Bond and again trace around it with a pencil. Cut out this circle also.

Preheat your iron to wool setting without the steam option. 

mousepad makeover

Place adhesive, paper side up, onto the back (or wrong side) of your material. Place and hold iron on paper side for 2 seconds. Repeat, gliding iron to a new area and pressing, slighting overlapping previous area until entire surface is bonded. Allow material to cool.

mousepad makeover

Now you’re ready to put your a new “face” on your mousepad….but first you have to get rid of the old one!

mousepad makeover

Peel that tired old layer of black fabric off the top of your mousepad! Since mine was already curling up on almost the entire perimeter, it was very easy to take off.

mousepad makeover

Peel off paper backing. Place the bonded material, adhesive side down, in desired position on top of mousepad. Make sure to line up the edges precisely! Press and hold iron for 8-10 sec on each section until entire piece is bonded.

Note: After I was done with this project is occurred to me that it would have been easier to first bond the material with the iron-on adhesive then cut out the circle (thus eliminating the need to cut out two circles) but that would have just made entirely too much sense. :-)  I point this out not just to embarrass myself, but to save you a step, if you so desire.  It will come out much the same either way though.

mousepad makeover

This was one of those projects that looked so simple that I figured there had to be a catch…but there wasn’t!  It truly was simple and I absolutely love the results!

I’m totally diggin’ my pink polka dot mousepad! But when I get tired of it, all I have to do is find another cute scrap of fabric and repeat the steps above. This “temporary” mousepad I bought could conceivably last forever. :-)

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  • This is just what I need. My mouse pad is a mess and I never think to get another one. I already have everything to do this project. I have an optical mouse but it works beter on a pad and I use my lap top and mouse on surfaces that need a pad. Thanks! Making over the mouse pad this morning..

  • Good idea…but wait! Most mouse pads are made of a rubbery, foam-type material.
    Won’t the heat from the iron melt the pad? Anyone have trouble with that? I’ll maybe cover with a piece of parchment before adhering the fabric, just in case?

  • Another suggestion I might make… I just thought off… You can get a mouse personalized at places like Walgreens, etc, costing money… why not print a picture/s of your family or pet or whatever on a piece of “quick-fuse” material, or you could print it on a transfer and press it onto plain white material and then put it on the mousepad, using the fuse material. You would need to use a program that gave you the right size for the circle. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to try it… thanks for the idea!!

  • Since I use an optical mouse, and they like to work on a busy pattern, I bought an inexpensive plastic placemat. To keep it from slipping, I applied several strips of double faced tape. It’s SO easy to clean and works like a charm. When I finally wear down through to the keyboard shelf, I’ll go buy another plastic placemat :)

  • You know Y we love you? Cause you R one of us. I love that you tell us your mistakes instead of “playing it off”– keep it up, you’re doing just fine :)

  • I don’t dare cover our mousepad as it has the Oregon Ducks logo and colors….My husband would have my head……anyway, we’ve had it for ages and it’s still in excellent shape……….occasional cleaning is all it seems to need……Tried the electronic mouse and didn’t like it at all…..again, your website is the only one I go to every single day (even on your day off)………..

  • Wow I didn’t think anyone used mousepads anymore. Bought my wireless mouse years ago and have not needed a ‘pad’ since then. Cute idea though~

  • I just ripped the ugly top off of my mouse pad and will go to the store to get the bonding fabric. I am excited to make my NEW mousepad! Thank you!!!

  • Soooo cute!
    I like Nancy Gonzalez’s idea of making a cute office set as a gift and adding the matching mouse pad. It gives me the idea of a Superman set for my son’s desk (he’s a teacher). This also sounds great for organizing a child’s desk

    Where’s the “before” picture??

  • Thanks for the idea! I have a horrid looking one that needs to be covered that has been used for everything including mousing. It’s been used as a pad for paints and crafting in general in a pinch. However, the top of it is not fabric but feels like vinyl. I wonder if the adhesive would stick to it?

  • Jillee,

    Thank you so much for this practical yet fun lesson. Your photographs make it a breeze and take all the effort out of the ideas you suggest. I have two new mouse pads, one for work and one for home thanks to your creativity. You’re the best.

  • I will try this for my pad at work. I always use those ugly free ones that say things like “socialsecurity.gov” and look here for cheap car insurance! I know I have some poodle fabric!

  • I love this. I just wish I had a mouse pad. LOL I use either my laptop or my IPad to check emails or get online on. No need for a mouse pad. No mouse. : ). Wish I had known this when we were using the desktop.

  • Jillee, I LOVE yr website and blog! I made the “fly” strips yesterday, and already flies have found a new pemanent home! Keep up the good work…..love ya in arizona

  • when you get ready to replace it again…simply heat the fabric on the mouse pad with the iron to soften up the Heat N Bond and it will peel off easier.

  • I wonder if I could spray adhesive to make this work with the gel wrist support thing on my mouse pad….hmmm…will have to try. It’s pretty gross looking and if you attempt to wash it the fabric completely disassociates from the gel and lookes even worse. Thanks for the idea Jillee! I feel a cuter workstation coming on!

  • I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I am starting to gather ideas for Christmas presents….I want to give my sister some cute office items for her home office. This is a GREAT idea! Thanks!!! I absolutely love your blog by the way………because of your wonderful and easy directions, I have turned into a crafty, money saving mom! I have become your biggest fan!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your dedication to your blog!

  • I’d totally iron on the heat n bond to the fabric, and then the combo to the mouse pad and THEN trim. No lining things up then ;). But I haven’t tried it, so that might not work as well as I’d hope!

  • I love the fact that you can keep ringing the changes with new fabric. I’m always buying cute fat quarters, just because I love them, without any real idea what to use them for. This allows me to have them on display with the minimum of fuss!! We’ve moved our computer from room to room over the years, this also helps to co-ordinate with or brighten up the new space.

  • I haven’t used a mousepad in years, I use a laser mouse, it works on nearly every surface, BUT none the less, this is still a GREAT DIY project! Makes me yearn for a mousepad….Thanks for sharing… :)


  • Awesome idea! I don’t need one yet and I assume you have this idea on a Pinterest board, hmm – I better pin it myself for later usage! I love One Good Thing/Jillee’s awesome ideas! Thanks Jillee!!

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