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Mug Rugs? What You Need to Know About This Adorable Trend

Recently I’ve noticed a new trend blowing up all over my regular DIY sites: “mug rugs!” I’ve always made do with the classic coaster, but I’ve seen so many cute rug mug ideas out there that I figured I ought to find out what the fuss is all about, and perhaps even try some out myself!

What Exactly is a Mug Rug?

A mug rug is just what it sounds like: a little rug just for your mug!  It could be used in place of a coaster, best on cold winter days to keep your cup of hot tea nice and warm, and your surfaces ring-free. (Oh, and it rhymes too!) :-)

A rug mug is a little larger than a coaster and a little smaller than a placemat. Mug rugs typically range in size between 4×7 inches and 12×8 inches. Those on the larger side could be used not just for drinks, but snacks as well.

These projects could make great gifts, but you can also always make them for yourself. I’ve got such an extensive list for you, you could even have themed rugs for every season, changing them out like placemats. What’s also nice is that a lot of these can be easily laundered.

26 Of The Best DIY Rug Mug Ideas

Click on the title of each project for full details and instructions.

1. Striped and Colorful Rug

from Never Skip Brunch.

This one looks like it would make a great project for beginners. You can make it with a yarn needle or wire needle, but it can also be done with a simple bobby pin. And I love the idea of putting a succulent on it—mug rugs don’t just have to be for mugs, after all!

2. Intricate and Crocheted Rug

from Love & Stitch

What a clean and unique pattern, and I think the tassels are so charming! You’ll need a crochet hook and yarn needle for this one.

3. Rustic Stay-at-Home Rug

from Ravelry

This mug rug is based on a simple and versatile crochet pattern. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make one in every color! :-)

4. Modern Design

from SheMakesCrochet

This project includes not one, but  four different patterns for modern mug rugs. You could easily substitute in different colors if you wanted something a little more colorful, but I like the sleek black-and-white!

5. Tunisian Pyramid Lace Stitch

from All Free Crochet

Look how beautiful this stitch is! I would almost feel bad about covering this one up with my mug. I can’t wait to try this one out!

6. Personalized Monogram

from Sincerely Pam

This crocheted pattern would make a great personalized gift! The site has links to patterns for every letter of the alphabet. If you’re really ambitious, you could even spell out a whole name :-)

7. Hexagon Macramé

from Marching North

Prefer macramé to crochet? Give this project a try! You’ll need macramé string, a wooden dowel, and a fringe brush. These mug rugs are sturdy and practical while still maintaining a dainty charm!

8. Quilted Rug with Stars

from So-Sew-Easy

This mug rug is sewn with fabric instead of woven with yarn, so there’s a fair amount of cutting and sewing involved. But for those who have basic sewing and quilting skills and are willing to break out their sewing machine, these would make great holiday gifts!

9. Quilted Bird

from Samelia’s Mum

Speaking of sewing machines, here’s another fun sewing pattern. This project would be a great way to use up your favorite fabric scraps that are too small for other projects.

10. Quilted Squares and Stripes

from Crafty Staci

Here’s another great pattern for using up all those bits and pieces of fabric you haven’t been able to let go of. This one follows a more traditional quilting pattern, and it almost looks like a little blanket to keep your mug nice and snug :-)

11. Easy Oval

from Crafty For Home

Simple and understated, this version of the mug rug is easy and quick to make. Using a collection of fabrics from every holiday, you can have a year-round collection in no time!

12. Hexagon Flower

from Jumprope

I absolutely adore this patchwork design, and I love that the example in the picture uses slightly different fabrics with the same color for each petal. This mug rug is closer in appearance to your typical circular coaster.

13. Quilted Squares

from Hello Creative Family

Similar to the Squares and Stripes design above, this pattern resembles a miniature version of a standard quilt. You could use it as a mini placemat, or it could even double as a blanket for your little ones’ dolls. :-)

14. Circular Folded Star

from A Spoonful of Sugar

I like the way this layered design has some depth to it. Another great design for the holidays!

15. Butterfly Snack Mat

from Seams and Scissors

Since this mug rug is on the larger side, it would be perfect for your late afternoon snack, as well as your cocoa, tea, or other beverage. Use up your most vibrant (and tiny) pieces of fabric for the butterflies!

16. Peppermint (or Pinwheel) Quilted Rug

from LR Stitched

This design is perfect for the holidays, but you can easily adapt it for any season by using different colors—you’ll end up with a pinwheel rather than peppermint!

17. Rainbow Burst Rug

from Craftsy

This fun design is bursting with color. This rainbow mug rug does require a bit of sewing, but the end result is so cute that it would be well worth the effort!

18. Lightweight Striped Rug

from Crazy Little Projects

This lightweight rug mug is versatile and easy to make! This would be a great choice for beginners.

19. Patchwork Coasters

from Lulu & Celeste

These patchwork coasters combine the cute coziness of a rug mug with the functionality of the coaster, but with a funky quilted twist.

20. Applique Quilted Rugs

from The Crafty Quilter

Use this tutorial to dress up your mug rug with appliques. You can use any applique design you want, from leaves and cats, to elephants and hearts! So cute!

21. Scented Mug Rug

From Homespun Seasonal Living

Heighten the delightful experience of drinking warm beverages on a cold day with warm, comforting scents. I love the idea of a scented rug mug and can’t wait to try it out.

22. Rainbow Sunset Rug

from Ameroonie Designs

I love how bright and fun this one is! I like the idea of using different patterned fabrics to give the design a unique twist.

23. Easy Rectangle Rug

from Crafty for Home

Looking for a simple and straightforward project to make and give as gifts? Make a whole bunch of these easy rectangular mug rugs with your favorite fabric!

24. Easy Quilted Rug

From A Quilting Life

Similar to the quilted designs above, this one gives you a few options that are different takes on the classic quilt.

25. Classic Coaster Rug

from Typically Simple

These one-fabric mugs are easy to make, and will do the trick in protecting your wood furniture from those dreaded rings!

26. One Fabric Quilted Rug

From Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

I love the woodsy look of these mug rugs! A simple design that’s easy to make, but with a criss cross stitch to spice things up a little.

Which of these mug rug ideas is your favorite?

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