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DIY “Warming Salve” For Cold Fingers & Toes!

cold hands

Yesterday “Ol’ Man Winter” finally made an appearance in my part of the world in a BIG WAY! We got dumped on by snow, temperatures plummeted, and the wind chill has been brutal! Since I have two strapping boys at home to do the shoveling, I didn’t actually have to spend too much time out in the elements…but my sister Rebecca (Camp Wander) did!

She lives a few hours north of me and got even more snow than we did…over a foot! And she had to shovel it all by her lonesome. Anyway, after a lot of shoveling she said her fingers were so cold she was in serious pain! This called for some essential oil intervention.

warming salve

Since she happened to have a new batch of All-Purpose Healing Salve, she decided to try adding a few drops of Black Pepper essential oil to a finger full of salve and massaged it into her freezing fingers. She said they immediately warmed up and the pain went away. She then put her gloves back on and went back out to shovel and her fingers never got cold again. And so the miracle of Warming Salve was born! :-) In case you didn’t catch that….here’s all there is to making your own Warming Salve:

DIY Warming Salve

Scoop out a finger full of salve from the jar (roughly 1/2 a teaspoon) and add a couple of drops of Black Pepper essential oil to it. Mix the two together between your hands as you massage the salve into your fingers.

cold hands

After rubbing in the salve, Rebecca inadvertently rubbed her eyes with her fingers and was pleased to note that there was NO stinging. Good to know for when the kiddos come in from playing out in the snow! :-)

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  • For keeping my toes warm when I lived in Illinois for 20+ years, I would just shake a small amount of cayenne pepper into my socks, then put them on. the natural moisture in skin reacts with the pepper and keeps toes warm.

  • Jillee, do you know if the black pepper oil could be added to the dreamy sleep blend to create a warming effect to the sleep salve? I’m not educated enough in blending oils to know if the chemistry works.

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  • Thanks so much for another awesome DIY skin care solution!

    Old Man Winter has hit us hard here in Colorado, as well – I will be making a batch of this soon and will be applying under my gloves and socks!

    I really appreciate this and can;t wait to share on my social media platforms!

  • hi Jillee, just wondering if a bigger batch can be made, or if you just have to do one fingerful at a time. I work at a dog kennel, and could use the warmth and moisturizing effects this winter. I can’t stop to mix every time I want to apply, and want to share it with my co-workers. Any insight would be helpful! Thank you!

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