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17 Holiday Necessities You Can Get For Cheap At The Dollar Store

Dollar Store Holiday

Hang on to your wallets, because the holiday season is officially here! Between gifts, decorations, holiday meals, and more, these next few weeks could get really expensive, really fast! But it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to have a holly, jolly Christmas. There are plenty of ways to save money this time of year, including shopping at dollar stores! You’d be surprised at how many holiday items you can find at dollar stores. In fact, you will be surprised, because that’s exactly what today’s post is all about! I’ll be sharing 17 different holiday “necessities” that you can buy at a dollar store this year to save some serious money. So get out there savvy shoppers, your dollar store savings await! :-)

17 Holiday Items You Can Get At The Dollar Store

For Gifting

Dollar Store Holiday

1. Gift Wrap

Why spend more on gift wrap that’s just going to get torn up and thrown away anyway? Dollar stores offer plenty of wrapping paper options, as well as gift boxes, tags, bows, ribbon, tape, tissue paper and all the rest.

Dollar Store Holiday

2. Picture Frames

If you want to give a gift that’s equally easy and heartfelt, give a nice framed photo! You can find plenty of photo frames in different sizes and styles at the dollar store.

Dollar Store Holiday

3. Stocking Stuffers

You can find plenty of little treasures to fill up your stockings at the dollar store. For kids, you’ll find coloring books, crayons, stickers, dress-up jewelry, action figures, and more. For adults, you can’t go wrong with specialty teas, festive cookies, or a new pair of socks!

Dollar Store Holiday

4. Treat Bags & Tins

Homemade cookies and treats make great gifts, and you can find a variety of bags and tins to package them in at the dollar store.

Dollar Store Holiday

5. Candy

Holiday candy makes a great stocking stuffer too, and you can stock up for cheap at the dollar store.

For Cooking & Baking

Dollar Store Holiday

6. Disposable Bakeware

Holiday cooking and baking can often push your kitchen to its limits! If you find yourself running short on casserole dishes or baking sheets, you can find disposable ones at the dollar store. (It also pays to keep a few of these on hand for gifting or sending people home with leftovers!)

Dollar Store Holiday

7. Holiday Tableware

Wish your holiday table was a bit more festive? Check out the festive cups, plates, and napkins at the dollar store! They’re inexpensive enough that you can outfit your whole table for less than $20. And don’t forget to check out the holiday mugs while you’re at it! A cute and festive mug can be a perfect way to package a small holiday gift! Place a gift card in the mug with some tissue paper for a quick and easy gift for neighbors, teachers, postal workers, or anyone really! Dollar stores tend to have a lot of designs to choose from, and they’re cheap enough that you can buy a lot of them!

Dollar Store Holiday

8. Serving Platters

At the dollar store, you’ll find plenty of cheap options for serving platters to help you serve up your holiday feasts in style.

Dollar Store Holiday

9. Baking Supplies

You can easily find baking ingredients like flour, evaporated milk, baking soda, baking powder, and spices at the dollar store. (It’s probably a good idea to check the expiration date on food items though!) You can also find a variety of baking pans, both reusable and disposable, at the dollar store. Let the holiday baking begin!

Dollar Store Holiday

10. Cookie & Cake Decorations

You can find frosting, sprinkles, paper cupcake liners, and even piping bags at dollar stores these days. There are sure to be plenty of holiday-themed offerings, too!

For Decorating

Dollar Store Holiday

11. Decorations

For common holiday decorations like bows, candles, and wreaths, check out the dollar store. You’re sure to save quite a bit by buying them there rather than elsewhere!

Dollar Store Holiday

12. Ornaments

Need a few more ornaments to fill out your tree? Check the dollar store! They might not be the trendiest designs, but you can save your cutest ornaments for the front-and-center areas of your tree. ;-)

Dollar Store Holiday

13. Christmas Village & Nativity Decor

If you put up a Christmas village or a nativity scene during the holidays, you can find supplies at the dollar store. For example, you can find fluffy “snow” and mini lights that will make your wintery scene even more festive!

Dollar Store Holiday

14. Festive Props

People love taking photos at holiday gatherings, so I like to provide a few props to make those photos even better! The dollar store is a great place to find affordable Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and Rudolph noses to use as photo props.

For Everything Else

Dollar Store Holiday

15. Holiday Cards

Custom printed holiday cards are nice, but they can be really pricey! Save money on your holiday cards this year by buying packs of them at the dollar store. Even if you print out 4″x6″ photos to include with each card, you’re sure to save money over a custom card!

Dollar Store Holiday

16. Extension Cords

To help you make your best light display yet, you can find extension cords and surge protectors a’plenty at the dollar store.

Dollar Store Holiday

17. New Year’s Eve Party Supplies

While you’re shopping for Christmas items at the dollar store, you may as well stock up on New Year’s Eve supplies too! You’ll find plenty of party hats, poppers, noise makers, and other party supplies.

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  • Please don’t skimp on extension cords! Make sure they are UL listed , do not use them for permanent purposes, and do not overload them! They are a major fire hazard.

  • I bought 20 gift bags for a variety of occasions, put them in a big Christmas gift bag along with a couple packages of tissue paper, and gave them to my MIL for Christmas one year. She loved having an easy non-wrap station for her gift-giving through the year so much that she asked for the same gift every year and I happily complied. Inexpensive, cute, functional.

  • Excellent ideas…one caution…I would maybe not buy lights and extension cords at dollar stores due to being very cheaply made and a possible fire hazard..otherwise, hohoho!

  • So happy you actually wrote a post depicting Dollar Tree as a great place to shop for so many items we all need without spending more money than necessary! I have been an avid Dollar Tree shopper for several years for so many things that don’t require “top-dollar” prices. I have been ecstatic since a new store just opened only a half mile from me!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!! I have spent a whopping $25 there this past weekend buying items to make wreaths, tree decorations, Christmas cards and wrapping paper. WHAT A DEAL!!!!! ;) ;) ;) Thanks Jillee

  • The Dollar Tree also has lots of items that were mentioned for even less than the Dollar Store. Of course some of the aforementioned items wouldn’t be wise to buy there but for decor purposes or baking they have some things that’ll make things more festive without breaking the bank.

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