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This One Weird Leaf Blower Hack Will Save You So Much Time

Leaf Blower Hack

The subject of today’s post may seem a little wacky at first, but in my opinion, that’s very “on brand” for OGT. ;-) Because ever since I started writing this blog, I’ve made it a personal mission to explore and share practical ways to use typical household items in unexpected ways.

It speaks to my soul-deep desire to help people make the most of the things they own, in order to save time, money, and resources. And making the most of things, at least in my experience, often requires a willingness to think outside the box. :-) And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing today, because I’m here to convince you that you should use a leaf blower to dry your car!

So let’s get right to it. I’ll start by offering my reasons for why this is actually a very good idea. Then we’ll finish things off with a few helpful tips and a couple of product recommendations, should you suddenly find yourself in the market for a good leaf blower! ;-)

4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Leaf Blower To Dry Your Car

Leaf Blower Hack

1. It’s Safer

Using air to dry your car is inherently less risky than towel drying. That’s because putting anything against the surface of your car (yes, even a soft towel) can cause friction, and friction often leads to scratches and other marks on you paint job.

Leaf Blower Hack

2. It’s Quick And Easy

Towel-drying your car can be an unexpected workout! All that crouching, reaching, and stretching can be tiring and time-consuming. Using a leaf blower to dry your car is much easier, and it gets the job done quickly.

Leaf Blower Hack

3. It’s Thorough

When you dry your car with a towel, it’s pretty much impossible to get into all the nooks and crannies where water tends to settle. So you’re left with drips of water that settle in the grill, around the doors, around the headlights, and more.

But when you dry your car with a leaf blower, the air will have no trouble getting into all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies! It does a more thorough job, meaning less drips and drops.
Leaf Blower Hack

4. It’s Fun!

And last but not least, drying your car with a leaf blower is just more fun than towel-drying! Especially if you use a wash solution that contains waxes and water-repelling polymers. The rinse water will bead up on the surface of your car, and the air from the leaf blower will blow them away! It’s rather satisfying to watch, in my opinion. :-)

3 Helpful Tips For Drying Your Car With A Leaf Blower

Leaf Blower Hack

1. Get Under The Hood

It’s easy to forget about the area under your car’s hood, but don’t forget about it! I recommend blowing it out both before and after you wash your car. Doing it before the wash will help blow out any leaves, dirt, and dust that may have collected under there since your last car wash.

Blowing under the hood after you wash will help dry things out and prevent muddy buildup from forming on your engine and the other stuff under the hood.

Leaf Blower Hack

2. Dry Where You Wash

When using a leaf blower to dry your car, it’s a good idea to dry it where you washed it. The ground surrounding the car should still be wet, which will help prevent any dirt from getting kicked up and blown onto your clean car.

Leaf Blower Hack

3. Keep A Towel Handy

After blowing away 99% of the water with your leaf blower, there will still be a few drips and drops lingering around your car. Keep a microfiber car towel nearby so you can make quick work of them. Then enjoy your spotless and totally dry car! :-)

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Jillee’s Picks For Leaf Blowers

Budget-Friendly Pick: Greenworks Single Speed Electric Blower ($27)

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good leaf blower, and this model proves it! At just $27, it’s an affordable option for just about anyone. Of course, in addition to using it to dry your car, you can also use it to blow leaves if you want. ;-)

Cordless Pick: WORX Lightweight Cordless Leaf Blower with Attachments ($59)

You’ll have to pay a bit more to get a leaf blower with a rechargeable battery, but it may be worth it to you if you don’t want to have to mess with extension cords. Plus, this model comes with all sorts of handy attachments that can make it useful for a variety of other projects!

Do you have a leaf blower at home? And if so, do you ever use if for something other than blowing leaves?

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  • I use a leaf blower if we get “dry” snow – the ‘not wet-heavy’ stuff. It’s wonderful !!! It gets right down to the surface & leaves it dry. There’s no need to put any melt product down & I’m too old to shovel. It’s a good way to get some fresh air & a bit of exercise. I’m short & it’s against the law to leave snow on the roof of the car (which I can’t reach) so this is a super way to clean it.
    The one problem is that I’m all for “green” but they’re now considered unfriendly due to noise & gasoline power. Mine’s electric but still noisy but I’m not about to go out & buy a cordless (which would be easier, I admit). People like their snow blowers so I don’t see the big deal!!

  • I live in an apt. in a duplex but I have a leaf blower. I don’t wash my car here but I do use the leaf blower for the inside (open all the doors) and under the hood. I live next to a wooded area and the trees “shed” into that area. I do the deck as well with those webs! I’ve always used it for fluffy snow – it takes a bit longer but it cleans right down to the cement. There’s no melt, no icy patches to worry about. My landlady hates the noise (tough!!!) but she doesn’t complain when I do her side !!!!

    • I blow out the inside of our car too! Open the trunk and blow from the front seats out the back:) It’s amazing what you find from under the seats! Saves oh so much time compared to using a wisk broom or tiny car vacuum.

  • I don’t have a leaf blower, but I do have a power/ hi-velocity dog dryer. ( imagine old canister vacuum) I use it for a leaf blower. My husband has used it to blow out the dust and cobwebs from the desk computer. I have had this since 1992, and it has paid for itself 10 times over. Hubby’s present use of it is to blow up his sea hawk boat.

  • What a great idea! I have a little Fuller, over-the-shoulder type vacuum that has both vacuum and blower outlets, so after reading this I tried the blower on a kitchen rug that has lots of crumbs, dirt, and cat hair in it. Put the rug over a fence (could do a clothes line) and found it worked great! Not anywhere near powerful enough to handle leaves or snow, but pretty effective for small rugs, edges around my patio, small particles of dirt and twigs that blow on to the surface of the patio, and now I’m thinking the outdoor furniture, too.

    I bought a leaf blower some time ago — a Portland. Never buy this brand. Check out the comments on Amazon. You’ll see why. I had the same experience as the reviewers.

    Thanks for the super idea! Keep ’em coming!

  • Great ideas. Now we just have to convince my Dad to use the blower for this. I think I’d faint if he actually did this. I love the using it for getting snow off the car idea. It would save lots of time.

  • What a great idea! I read this to my husband just now, and seriously, his mouth fell open! (And it’s hard to surprise him with anything! Lol). We recently bought an electric blower, which I love because environmentally it’s better than gas, and it doesn’t choke me with the fumes! Thanks! Time to wash the car!❤️

  • Don’t stop with the outside of your car, with dogs and kids carpooling in my Honda, I open all the doors and blow out the sand, gravel and food wrappers on to the driveway. I also use it to blow all the dust and spiders out of the garage. It’s faster than the shop vac and I don’t have to empty all that stuff out.

  • Hubby just used our blower to clean the roof vents on our camper. Also we live in Manitoba, Canada- he uses the leaf blower to blow the light fluffy snow off the deck instead of shovelling it. He also uses it to clean off the mower deck on the lawn tractor.

  • Great idea!
    Also, I have used my leaf blower along with duct tape to blow out my dryer vent. Not sure it would work for all venting, but it removed a lot of lint from mine. One caution: if you blowing from the exterior toward your dryer, be sure to close the door on your dryer…saves having to dust your whole laundry room.

  • I blow the leaves and acorns from the yard up to the base of each tree with my leaf blower. Much easier on the back and hands! Much easier to bag up too.

  • We use ours to blow our sunroom, blow bugs and dust webs in corners up high on patio, grass underneath mower when down, garage floor of debris. seems like after any project my husband does he gets the blower out!

  • Our family has used a leaf blower to dry our cars for probably a good 25 or more years. It’s a great way to avoid streaks and scratches. Make sure you begin with the top of your vehicle and work down to the tires. You want to make sure your windshield and windows are nice and dry. We also use it to blow debris from the inside of our vehicles, especially from under the seats and other hard to reach spots. You can then vacuum if necessary.

  • My DH uses it for the riding lawn mower too. If the grass is really dry, etc. he blows the grass off. Living in the country, the mower gets muddy on occasion and when that happen, he hoses it down and then uses the leaf blower to dry it.

  • That sounds like it might be a lot of fun to wash a car with a leaf blower…. never thought of it. I have used a wet/dry shop vac, hooked up the vac hose to the outlet, to blow the water from my mirror housing, window trimming around the glass and door.

    But it sounds like you had a good time, so do you want to do my Hyundai next? Lol. Kidding

    Thank You for the information and “Hack” idea

  • When I saw the title of the piece today I had to laugh. My husband “surprised” me
    one day by using the leaf blower to “sweep” our family room of the dog hair off the tile floor. The only problem was — the wall with the sliding glass door–where he aimed the dirt and dog hair to–was covered with hairs!!!! Our cleaning crew recommended we hide the leaf blower from him when no one was around to supervise!!!

  • I also blow out the interior of my car with a leaf blower on the lowest setting then detail the inside. I can’t always get my vacuum into all the nooks and crannies. I don’t blow the headliner though.

  • >