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“Easy Cheesy” Cheese Crisps

cheese crisps

There aren’t many things I see online that have me literally jumping out of my seat the very minute I see it to give it a try! This was one of those things. Of course it didn’t hurt that it was super simple…AND it involved CHEESE. So THANK YOU Erica at Stuff I Make My Husband. (By the way, she is a professional software developer by day and amateur boxer by night with an awesome must-read story!)

I’ve seen chefs on television make cheese crisps before…but they seemed a bit “over the top” and not necessarily worth my time. But it’s hard to say that about something that literally takes almost NO time to make.

cheese crisps

For one thing, we ALWAYS have cheese sticks in this house. It is one of our “go-to snacks” for my son with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac disease. Little to no carbs to count and no gluten! Win-Win! :-)

cheese crisps

All I had to do was cut one of the cheese sticks up into 10 to 12 pieces and stick them in the microwave.  Done!  Cheese crisps!

Now if you want to get all “fancy” you can also add some herbs and/or spices.

cheese crisps

I decided to try some with just a sprinkling of garlic powder and was very pleased with the results!  Of course cheese and garlic together are probably one of my favorite combinations ever!

For those of you who are anti-microwave…I’m sure you can achieve the same results in a conventional oven. I would just hope that you would let the rest of us use our microwaves in peace.  I understand that some people have strong feelings about the microwave…and I honestly don’t mind anyone sharing those opinions as long as it is done respectfully and without any questioning of people’s morals or character.  I really do tire of that.

OK…enough of that. Just had to get that off my chest.

Now run try these!  They are a delicious low carb treat for anyone who likes cheese!  And who doesn’t like cheese???? :-)

(Confession time: I ate so many of these while “experimenting” with the idea…I did make myself sort of sick! Warning….this does have the potential of being “too much of a good thing”!)  :-)

cheese crisps

“Easy Cheesy” Cheese Crisps


1 cheese stick

cheese crisps


Cut cheese stick up into 10 to 12 pieces. Place each piece into a cupcake mold or on a plate. Microwave on High for 30 seconds. Then continue to cook in microwave for 15 second intervals until browned and crispy.

For awhile they will remain a little chewier than crispy, but a few hours later they were nice and crisp….great for dipping!

cheese crisps

I hope you like them as much as I did! :-)

A plate with cheese crisps and easy cheesy dip on it.

“Easy Cheesy” Cheese Crisps

Jill Nystul
There aren’t many things I see online that have me literally jumping out of my seat the very minute I see it to give it a try! This was one of those things.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Servings 4 servings
Calories 80 kcal


  • 4 cheese sticks


  • Cut cheese sticks up into 10 to 12 pieces. Place each piece into a cupcake mold or on a plate. Microwave on High for 30 seconds. Then continue to cook in microwave for 15 second intervals until browned and crispy.


Serving: 4servingsCalories: 80kcalCarbohydrates: 1gProtein: 5gFat: 5gSaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 15mgSodium: 220mgCalcium: 20mg


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  • I do this with sandwich sliced aged cheddar (Tillamook was BOGO and I stocked up). I never thought to use mozzarella sticks!

    Add a sprinkle of garlic powder and a half a twist of ground sea salt, then I splash on the Tabasco until it’s polka dotted. (Use as much or little Tabasco as you like. I like it very spicy.)

    I use the paper cake plates (the ones with a finish that’s grease-proof, otherwise they’d stick– Target has plain white ones that work perfectly) and I cook for 90 seconds, carefully pour off excess fat (the center of the cheese is just melted then, not baked yet) and cook at 30-second intervals until it’s raised from the plate. Then I put it on a paper towel and go for another 20 to 30 seconds to cook more of the grease off.

  • What’s Going down i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered It positively useful and it has helped me out loads. I am hoping to give a contribution & aid different users like its aided me. Great job.

  • Your cheese crips look so yummy. I usually have cheese sticks, but next time I’ll try to make it your way to see how it taste. Thanks for the recipe.

  • […] this recipe by Jill. It certainly is an easy way to make cheese its! I think I’m going to give this easy cheesy cheese crisps recipe a try, too, for a quick summer […]

  • Thanks for this terrific idea. I made cheese crisps with all the cheese remnants I had in the fridge. Swiss cheese, Colby and Munster all came out great. The Havarti was a little oily even after dabbing it with paper towels but it was still great.

    Had you not posted this I would have thrown out a lot of cheese. Now we’re enjoying the cheese crisps with salads, tuna fish and alone. The kids even took some to school for lunch.

    Keep the great ideas coming!

  • I’ve made these before, but not with mozzarella cheese. Cheddar mostly. And on top of the stove in a skillet. Seems to get nice and crunchy pretty quickly, then you can roll them up or cone them while they’re still warm, or leave them flat like chips. Nice variety of shapes, if you want. Also, as crunchy and golden brown as you want. Have done them in the microwave too. Love them.

    Also, I like very much how you said what you said about those who prefer to not use microwaves.

  • Thank you. Microwave or no – don’t judge until you have a T1 in the house!! They need to eat, they want to eat, and you aim to please when they want to snack but don’t want carbs. My son gets sick of eating carbs and counting and sometimes cheese is the go too – with eggs and other no carb stuff.

    To Angi, tell your husband thank you from all of us! Tired of folks asking if he has the “bad kind” or just “a touch of the sugar” – hee hee.

    Jillee – thank you for all your recipes and making us laugh!!

    • “Jillee – thank you for all your recipes and making us laugh!!”

      you’re right, virginia–without jillee’s humor, this would still be a terrific recipe/idea site–humor adds GREAT FUN!

  • Instead of a plate put your cheese on a the shiny side of parchment paper. I have been making these for a while, the microwave is the quick way. My favorite is with parmesan cheese, some cheese’s have too much fat and you get this huge puddle of oil, yeck. You can make a large round with the parmesan cheese, then lay over a glass turned upside down before it chills, and it makes a pretty bowl to food in, I use it for my baked ricotta. Yummm!!

    After my weight loss surgery cheese and crunchy cheese became one of my favorite snacks. There is also a snack made in Wisconsin called just the cheese, you can get them from Amazon, I don’t like the “bar” version but the little bite size ones are fabulous and great to throw in the lunch box.

  • My son & twin nieces did this once, but I think they used shredded cheese and mixed several kinds together. They baked them in the oven, and they were a big hit!

  • Tried making these today and was disappointed when they came out looking like cheese pellets. Served them to my husband and he reminded me that our cheese sticks are “light” ones. Silly me – they still tasted good though. I’ll try again with “fat” cheese. Thanks for another great idea.

  • I knew your son had Celiac ( like my 6 year old) but I didn’t know he had Type 1 as well!!! So does my son…I found your website on pinterest and just thought you were made of awesome….I had no clue we were fellow D Moms?!?! If only you lived nearby I’d buy you a cup of coffee and we could be best friends LOL. Well, we too have cheesesticks in the house all the time now and I will definately be making these for my little guy soon :)

  • My husband and I really like the jalapeño string cheese and I bet they’d be good done like this.

    The lacey parmesan cheese rounds are really nice. I have made them several times for tea parties and as nice little appetizers. To make them into uniform rounds, take a piece of parchment paper and draw the size circle you want them to be. Now turn the paper over so the pencil marks are on the bottom, but you can still see them.

    Mound the shredded parmesan inside the circles and bake, watching carefully so they don’t burn. Remove from oven, let cool for just a minute then drape over the tops of small wine glasses to form a bowl shape, and let cool completely.

    Fill with a fancied-up spring greens salad mix, or a chicken or turkey salad, even a Waldorf-type fruit salad looks pretty, and how fun is it to eat the bowl when the salad is gone!

  • My husband’s Dr recommended he try a wheat free diet so it will be awesome to try these as a snack, he is missing having crackers. Jillee, how could you possibly had know that I just bought 2 big bags of these cheese sticks! I may just make some to pack with lunch:)

  • Jillee, I didn’t know your son had Type 1 Diabetes…my toddler has it too and this is a good thing for us to try. I’ve only been making my way around your site for a little while now and there’s a lot of information to look at, but I love everything I’ve seen so far. :)

  • […] via “Easy Cheesy” Cheese Crisps | One Good Thing by Jillee. […]

  • I have made fried cheese for several years. I thinly slice mild cheddar cheese. Thin slices make crisp chips, and thicker slices are chewy. I place the thin slices in a fry pan on medium heat. The cheese will bubble and begin to brown on the bottom. This takes several minutes. A lot of fat will run out of the slices. When the bottom is brown and can be lifted, gently turn over to finish browning. Light golden brown is best. ( I takes practice to turn these. The first few will get balled up, but keep trying. It is worth it. They are so good and crisp.) Place on paper towel to drain and crisp up.

  • About using a Newave oven – I got my several years ago and use it constantly. No preheating is needed, which keeps the kitchen from getting hot. I even used it to dry fruit for snacks.

    One of the hardest things for some people is allowing others to make choices. Awareness and information are needed, and we rely on you and others for this. I think of some people as specialists, and they are invaluable with their wealth of knowledge. The difficult part of this seems to be allowing people to make their own choices, based on their own situations. Thank you so much, Jillee, for asking people to respect this.

  • I made these this afternoon. I happened to have one last BabyBel in the fridge so I cut it into fourths and sprinkled a little garlic powder on it. It turned out most delicious! However, my plate cracked in the microwave during the last 15-second round! Aaahhh! I guess I’ll stick to the oven from now on….

  • Not going to read all the preceding comments to see if anyone else had the same idea that I did, which is to use a good non-stick pan and fry up the little suckers instead of nuking or oven-ing. I got this idea from a TV chef back in the dark ages, only he wasn’t making cheese crackers, he was making a substitute for bacon to put on a BLT. He would slowly fry a slice of smoked provolone until it was crispy on both sides. Then pat it dry with a paper towel to remove excess oil. And Wa-Lah! Faux bacon for your sandwich. Really, really good. Don’t see why you couldn’t do the same thing with the smaller cheese bits.

  • I just tried these with weight watchers smoked cheese and it is delicious!! Looking for something to go with hummus and this is perfect!! Thank you!

  • A few years ago we met our son and his wife (who live in Texas and were in a city only 100 miles from where we live) to visit for a day. We went to a cute little “French” bakery/sandwich shop for lunch. You could order sandwiches on any type of bread and choose all your fillings. One of the fillings was “cheese crisps.” As I recall there were Asiago, Gouda and White Cheddar crisps. They were just like what you posted. They were very “YUM.”

    One of our favorite snacks at our house is to melt (in the microwave) Cheddar Cheese just until the center is melted and the edges are getting crispy, on a big plate and then dipping and picking up the cheese with raw cauliflower or celery. Sometimes we put seasoned salt or some Braggs Organic Sprinkle on the plate before we put the cheese on. We’ve done it with sliced and with grated cheddar. Sometimes that’s our whole supper…especially good on a movie night!!!

  • Melt parmesan cheese in small saute pan. Remove from pan and place on an overturned small bowl. Once cool, remove and turn upright and fill w/salad. Yummy with eye appeal!

  • Jillee your idea is so much easier than the process I use. However, just in case anyone would like here is a very tasty recipe: This goes great with a Chicken Salad!


    Makes 32 Wafers 5-7 minutes in 350 degree oven.

    (Use your hands to curl pretty lace crisps while they’re still warm from the oven)


    1 Cup (4 oz.) finely shredded Parmesan cheese.
    1 tsp. coarsely crushed mixed peppercorns (red, green, black)
    1/4 tsp. Dried Thyme Leaves
    1/4 tsp. crumbled dried rosemary leaves.

    Mixed baby greens, as garnish


    Toss cheese, peppercorns and herbs in bowl. Spoon 1 Tbls of cheese mixture, 3 inches apart onto parchment lined cookie sheet; spread gently with fingers into 3 inch rounds.

    Bake at 350 degrees until browned, 5 to 7 minutes.

    While cheese wafers are still warm and pliable, remove from pan and shape as desired with hands.

    Top or fill with baby greens.

    Cook’s tip:

    If making smaller wafers, spoon cheese mixture by 1/2 Tbls., 3 in. apart. Spread into 2 inch rounds and bake as above.

    Parmesan Lace can be made up to 5 days in advance and stored at room temperature in an airtight container or frozen, layered between waxed paper, in an airtight container up to 2 months.

  • We LOVE fried cheese here at our house. Generally I cut the string cheese in half, lengthwise & then in half again, making four half round pieces. I put that in a hot non-stick pan, sprinkle a little Tastefully Simple season salt on top & make sure they start to stick together to form a “patty” of sorts. Get that all nice & brown on one side, then flip to the other until nice & crispy, take it out & drain on paper plate. YUM!!

    We have also used the same idea with monterrey jack as taco shells. Talk about divine!! :)

  • Awesome idea Jillee! I can’t wait to try it. I really appreciate all the good ideas you share with us. I haven’t bought laundry soap in months, thanks to you!

  • WOW! Am trying this today with cheddar. Seems this would be great to bring someplace as an appetizer. Between different cheeses and herb/spices a person could go crazy. I love the Triscuit rosemary & olive oil crackers with a slice of cheddar–I best I could make these and lose the cracker.
    Also going to try with fresh herbs from my little garden. Think I’ll try it in a skillet so I can watch it better. The parchment paper in the skillet sounds like a win/win.
    I feel it is such a luxury to have cheese in the house–when our boys lived home they always found something new to put it on & when I wanted it for a meal it was gone. I started hiding it in the fridge. These days I keep it in the cheese drawer in plain sight.

  • I didn’t think I lived in a cave, but I did not even know there was a controversy about microwave oven use! Now I’m going to have to google that.

    I make nachos in the microwave and I wait until the cheese is getting a bit brown and crispy before taking it out. I originally thought the chips might get soggy in the microwave, but they don’t.

  • Jillee I could hug to you to bits right now. I am a married woman but I have had a very long love affair of cheese of any kind. <3 I can't wait to try this!

  • I use shredded cheese – full fat does better than the low fat type of cheeses. I have used cheddar, Mexican, pizza – all shredded – 1/4 of a cup will make 5 chips – I make 5 piles on a paper plate and I can re-use the plate several times – about 60 seconds – just when they start to brown. Perfect!

    Thanks for your blog Jillee, I just made my second batch of laundry detergent, now I am set for another 9+ months.

    • OMG!!! I just did this Sue-Lynn!! YUM!!!!!! I didn’t have any string cheese, but had shredded!! Its unbelievably good!! Can’t wait to try other cheeses and the string cheese!! Thanks!!!!

  • Yummmmm… I make some similar with provolone cheese, but do it in a pan on the stove. Absolutely amazingly yummy!

    I have just recently heard something “anti-microwave” and actually would be very interested in hearing people’s thoughts on that… especially anything based on hard fact/science… But what in the world do you use instead of the microwave? Convection oven? Or one of those new nuwave things? (they look super-cool)

  • I use whatever cheese I have on hand, slice, put on parchment paper and microwave or put in skillet. I like your mold, keeps the cheese from becoming paper thin and spreading, although paper thin is yummy too!

  • Way cool idea!!! I’m going to buy the sticks today when I shop. I can see throwing these on top of a bowl of steaming soup, maybe? And veggies. My family will like this.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • I usually make these in a toaster oven for when I am serving my slow-cooker french onion soup but won’t have time to do the bubbly cheese under the broiler thing. This looks like it would require less hovering on my part.

    @Edna: Take 1/2 cup balsamic and simmer with 1 TB dark molasses until the mixture gets syrupy. Just a dap of this in pureed soups or on roasted vegetables adds amazing flavor. If adding to soup, add AFTER the soup had been ladled out into individual bowls or it will fall to the bottom and one person will get super-balsamicy soup while everyone else will get nada.

  • Cheese crisps can be done in a hot skillet too. I just sprinkle shredded cheddar on a got skillet then let it cool a little on a plate before serving to my son. First words out of his mouth were, “It tastes like Cheese Its!” We don’t do it often, but it’s fun to make a few when we have quesadillas.

      • A cast iron skillet works great but it has to be seasoned (whether you’re cooking this or anything else.) And you can use any kind of cheese – the little pieces of string cheese make it so cute. I do this all the time with either thinly sliced cheese or little mounds of shredded cheese. I love them on salads for a little crunch and salt. I’ve used mozzarella, cheddar, swiss, parmesan, gouda, havarti, you name it. YUM. Thanks Jillee, for another great idea and the funny admonishment to rude people. Ya always get more with honey than vinegar!

    • I do this, but I put shredded cheddar on a tortilla in the pan. When the cheese is melted, I flip the tortilla so the cheese side is on the pan. I wait for the cheese to harden up so that I can pull up the tortilla and all the cheese comes up with it. Yum!

  • Jill, I just want to say a BIG thank you for all the great tips you give to all of us. I look so forward every day to see what you and “Camp Wander” have written for all to see. Thanks again for all you do! Karel DePaola

  • My husband and son were both recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. They LOVE cheese. They bake cheese to make “chips.” Cheddar is their favorite. They top each piece of cheese with a jalapeno slice for “chipless nachos.” Yum!

  • Hi, Jillee, I am totally your fan, I have a question for you, I brought some balsamic vinegar, I sprinkle a few drops on baby spinach and mix greens, my son loves it very much, He asks me to use the vinegar more often, but I have no idea how I use this vinegar.Would you please show me what I can use with this vinegar, thanks very much.

    • Edna, I love to dip good, crusty bread in a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil! Yum. Also yummy drizzled on fresh tomato slices or roasted potatoes!

      See Alex’s suggestion below too! :-)

      • My favorite use for balsamic vinegar is to place home grown tomatoes, fresh mozzarella slices, red onion slices and basil leaves on a plate, drizzle with the vinegar and sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and kosher salt. Makes a heavenly lunch!

  • I make something of this kind with Parmesan cheese. Saw the recipe a few times in various magazines: melt piles of Parmesan with some cayenne pepper on top in an oven, then you have to roll them onto a rolling pin to give them a shape of a chip, put them in an air tight container and store them in a dark place like chips. Intriguing but too much of a hassle for me. Recently I just thought “screw it!”, put a heap of shredded Parmesan on a plate and melted in in the microwave. It worked. So if you don’t have cheese sticks, try Parmesan.

    By the way, I AM one of those health nuts. But I guess when it comes to microwave I’m more lazy than health concerned, at least for now. Maybe all the horrors of microwaving food just haven’t soaked into my brain yet. I am a Paleo diet follower though (paradoxically :) ) so dairy is not normally on my menu but you have to treat yourself sometimes, right? :) I don’t know about overeating those – a couple 2″ Parmesan chips for me feel like a meal! They are very(!) filling! Maybe it depends on the cheese…

  • this is the person who is always picking the crispy cheese off that runs over, bubbles up on he sides of a casserole gets crispy on some foil SO this is goin to be tried as soon as I get off this computer.

  • ” I understand that some people have strong feelings about the microwave…and I honestly don’t mind anyone sharing those opinions as long as it is done respectfully and without any questioning of people’s morals or character. I really do tire of that.”
    Jillee I just love you.
    Quote o’ the day. So well put, firm but kind. And funny.
    You are awesome.
    We’re making these tomorrow!!

      • Jillee…great comment about disagreeing with what someone else believes! I agree and applaud you for your gentle reminder. I do love your blog and have pinned so many things. I love the diy soaps, cosmetics and household cleaning items! I am so doing some of these. I’ve spent the better part of several days reading things you and others have posted. When I’m fully recovered from the recent surgery I had, believe me, I’ll be making a bunch of them! I love your humor and your honesty. Thank you so much for all the work you put into your blog and all the things you post! God bless you!!!

    • “…without any questioning of people’s morals or character ‘OR INTELLIGENCE” would be a great edit. Otherwise, yes, quote of the day. Opinions can differ – it’s okay.

  • bummer–i do NOT have cheese sticks on hand, but they’re on my list now. man, i can’t wait to try these, and i’m forwarding this to everyone i know!

  • Well, I’m one of those anti microwave people, but I don’t butt into what other people wish to do… unless I’m asked :)

    That being said, I remember when I was a teen, when we had our first microwave, my little brother figured out that you could do this with sliced american cheese, I’m thinking he kept it in the wrapper and nuked it until it began to brown, I couldn’t stand it because of the plastic wrapper melting but he thought they were great.

    I would try this with a regular oven, I suspect it would work just fine. :)


    • This totally works in the oven! Mozza brick cheese is my favorite, and just slice and bake on parchment paper lined sheet for about 15 mins at 350. Watch carefully, they do burn!
      I love to eat them with salsa and sour cream I tell myself I am getting my veggies in the salsa, so it’s healthy! LOL :D

      • This also gave me the idea to cut my cheese blocks into ‘cubs’ if I don’t happen to have the cheese sticks…we can make our own :)

  • >