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The 3 Natural Oils That Are Best For Anti-Aging

anti-aging kit

I am very excited about today’s post, and I’m excited that you’re here to read it! I’m excited because today’s post is about a topic that has become an unexpected favorite of mine, which is practical skincare solutions for older women. (I’ve even written a whole eBook about it!)

The reason why this topic is important to me is because there aren’t many places online that feature beauty content written by and for older women. And while I’m no beauty expert, I’m happy to educate myself in order to share useful beauty tips with women like me. Because we want—and deserve—to feel beautiful too! :-)

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anti-aging kit

First, let’s explore some of the best oils that can help support skin health and vitality as we age. After that, I’ll show you five different ways you can use these oils to look and feel your best at any age! :-)

3 Of The Best Essential Oils And Plant Oils For Anti-Aging

anti-aging kit

1. Geranium Essential Oil

Dropping estrogen levels before and during menopause can lead to dramatic changes in your skin and hair. Geranium essential oil can help mitigate those effects in a variety of ways.

Studies have shown that geranium oil can reduce both inflammation and sebum production, which can help fight breakouts, scalp conditions, and other issues. It also has an antioxidant effect, fighting free radicals that can speed up the aging process.

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anti-aging kit

2. Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is one of the best carriers oils for delicate and sensitive skin. It’s full of vitamins and fatty acids that nourish and hydrate skin, and it has a light consistency that absorbs quickly.

In addition to being a good carrier oil, rosehip oil may have anti-aging properties of its own! In a 2015 study, a rosehip product reduced the appearance of crow’s feet and increased both skin moisture and elasticity in participants.

anti-aging kit

3. Lavender Essential Oil

I’ve written an entire post on the usefulness of lavender oil, which I encourage you to read if you haven’t already! This soothing oil is my go-to choice for skincare applications because of its ability to heal a variety of skin conditions.

anti-aging kit

How To Use These Anti-Aging Essential Oils

Since geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil, and rosehip oil are so useful when it comes to anti-aging, I want to show you how to put those ingredients to work for yourself.

anti-aging kit

But there are a lot of ways to use them, so I put together a “kit” of sorts to make it easy. In addition to geranium oil, lavender oil, and rosehip oil, the kit includes:

To give you a better idea of how versatile this kit is, check out these 5 things you can use it for.

5 Ways To Use The Anti-Aging Kit

anti-aging kit

1. Anti-Aging Serum

Add 3 drops each of lavender oil and geranium oil to a 1 ounce dropper bottle. Top off with rosehip oil, replace the lid, and shake to combine.

Apply the serum to a clean face at bedtime, dabbing the serum onto fine lines and age spots with your fingertips. Apply your favorite moisturizer afterwards to help lock in the beneficial ingredients.

anti-aging kit

2. Moisturizing Hair Treatment

Add 5 drops each of lavender oil and geranium oil to a small glass jar. Fill the remainder of the jar with coconut oil, then stir well to combine.

Apply the coconut oil mixture to your hair, focusing particularly on the roots and ends. Cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for 20 minutes before washing and conditioning as usual.

anti-aging kit

3. Bath Soak

Fill a small glass jar with Epsom salt, then add 15 drops of lavender oil. Replace the lid and shake well to mix.

Pour the finished bath soak mixture into warm bathwater for a relaxing, rejuvenating soak in the tub.

anti-aging kit

4. Cooling Facial Mist

Combine 4 ounces of witch hazel with 20 drops of geranium oil in a small spray bottle. Replace the top and shake to combine.

Use the finished facial mist to cool yourself off during a hot flash, after a workout, or whenever you’re feeling overheated. A few refreshing spritzes will have you feeling cooler in no time!

anti-aging kit

5. Blemish Buster

Add 15 drops of geranium oil to a glass roll-on bottle, then top off with rosehip oil. Replace the roller top and shake well to mix. Apply to blemishes and imperfections to reduce inflammation and aid in healing.

anti-aging kit

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  • I’ve started using your version of the anti-aging serum. So much cheaper than the beauty store ones. The Rosehip seed oil can be expensive. I happened to get lucky and found it on sale at Ulta.

  • Love this. I have all the oils except the rose hip one . I do have Geranium oil which I’ve had for several years. Hopefully essential oils don’t go bad. My mom recently had a facial growth removed. The Doctor said it’s one of those that older people get. Hopefully this serum will help
    with this. I did recently purchase one from the Physicians line.

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