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This Is The Secret To Beating Hot Flashes The Natural Way

If there’s one thing that most “women of a certain age” (including myself) can agree on, it’s that menopause stinks! It’s a time of transition, and this particular transition produces several unwanted and annoying symptoms like mood swings, trouble sleeping, headaches, and of course, hot flashes.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, around 75% of menopausal women report experiencing hot flashes, which just goes to show how common this particular symptom is! These sudden spikes in body temperature can leave you feeling flushed, sweaty, and (in my experience) a little cranky. Unfortunately, menopause is a fact of life for all women, and you can’t stop the symptoms entirely.

However, there is a simple, natural remedy that can help alleviate those obnoxious hot flashes, and even reduce their frequency. Today I’ll share how to combine a few essential oils to make 3 different natural remedies for hot flashes. I hope this post can serve as a helpful resource for anyone who is currently experiencing hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. (So if you’re reading this and you aren’t having hot flashes, your good deed today could be sharing this post with someone who is!) :-)

Essential Oil Blend For Hot Flashes

There are 3 essential oils that I find helpful for controlling and alleviating hot flashes – clary sage, peppermint, and geranium. I’ll start by explaining a bit about how each oil works to fight hot flashes, then I’ll show you 3 different ways you can use this powerful essential oil blend.

Clary SageClary sage oil can help with all sorts of hormonal issues, especially in women. In addition to easing menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms, clary sage can also help reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and night sweats.

PeppermintPeppermint oil provides a cool, tingling sensation that can help cool you down in the event of a hot flash. It also helps with achy joints, headaches, and it can give you an energy boost, too!

GeraniumGeranium oil can also help to balance hormones, and it also helps alleviate mood swings and anxiety.

A blend of 2 parts clary sage oil, 1 part peppermint oil, and 2 parts geranium oil can really help to reduce the intensity of hot flashes. And there are plenty of different ways you can use this blend of oils!

Use The Blend To Make A…

Hot Flashes

Cooling Spray

Combine the oils in a dark glass spray bottle following the 2:1:2 ratio specified above. (We used 20 drops of clary sage, 10 drops of peppermint, and 20 drops of geranium oil.)

Fill the bottle the rest of the way with witch hazel. (Witch hazel has cooling and astringent properties, which makes it a perfect addition to the essential oils for treating hot flashes.) Replace the cap on the bottle and give it a good shake to mix.

Apply the spray to your face and body to help reduce the intensity of a hot flash, or to help cool you off if the hot flash is already over. (Those who don’t experience hot flashes can also use this spray to cool off after a workout, or after spending a few hours in the sun.) Ahh, so refreshing!

Hot Flashes

Massage Oil

Another great way to utilize these oils for hot flashes is to make a simple massage oil. Add the 3 essential oils in the 2:1:2 ratio to a 10 ml roller bottle, then top it off with your carrier oil of choice. (I used fractionated coconut oil because it’s what I had on hand, but you can use whatever oil you like best. If you aren’t familiar with carrier oils or want to know more, you can check out my post about carrier oils below!)

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The benefit of using a roller bottle is that you can easily apply the oil blend to specific areas of your body. Roll the oil onto your body wherever you could use some cooling relief, or roll it onto the absorbent skin on the bottoms of your feet for full-body benefits. (And if you can convince your partner that a foot rub is a necessary part of the process, even better!) ;-)

Hot Flashes

Bath Oil

Taking a steaming hot bath probably isn’t on your radar when it comes to treating hot flashes. But a nice, long soak in the tub is a great remedy for some of the other symptoms of menopause, like moodiness and difficulty falling asleep. Adding the essential oils to your bath can turn a relaxing soak into a therapeutic experience!

While filling your bathtub, add 2-3 drops of clary sage, 1-2 drops of peppermint, and 2-3 drops of geranium to the running water. (The agitating effect of the running water helps break down the drops of oil and distribute them throughout the bath water.)

Soak in the tub for 20 minutes or so. Oil and water don’t mix well, so the oils will float to the surface of the tub over time. Scoop some of the oil up and massage it into your skin for a nice moisturizing treatment!

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  • Hi! I’m new to this–I would like to make the massage oil for a 10ml rollerball–I’m hoping it will help with these hot flashes I’m having every night. What would be the correct # of drops of clary sage, peppermint, and geranium (added to fractionated coconut oil)?

  • Thank you Jillee! My sister suffers terribly from hot flashes and she just rides them out. The spray looks like the relief she needs! I am going to make a batch and wrap it with a big red bow! You are the best!!

  • Tonic water flavored with sweeten lime or lemon juice over ice will relieve muscle cramps just like pickle juice only it tastes better. A nurse told me about this a few years back because I have muscle spasms so often, especially during night time…
    A glass of flavored tonic water over ice during the 11 p.m. news assures me I will NOT have muscle cramps while sleeping.

  • I have a very strong dislike of anything remotely hinting of mint. Any suggestions for a suitable substitution for the peppermint oil or would it be ok to go 50/50 on the other two oils?
    Before starting hemopathic menopausal supplementation I suffered at least 20-30 hot flash episodes in a 24 hr period and I decided to forgo my morning HOT coffee/tea. That cut down the frequency of hot flashes by half. Hope this helps.

  • Just for fun – I live in the lower mainland of British Columbia, and normally have some fairly horrendous hot flashes. (17 years and counting) I have to have an electric fan in every room – and a good collection of folding ones for my purse. :-) …Will try several of these suggestions! … BUT I have noticed that I don’t suffer from the ‘hots’ when we are in Maui. Must be the tropical breezes, and having a ceiling fan on all night in the bedroom – alas, we can’t have one at home. … so if you’re searching for a reason or justification for a tropical island holiday, you could try this LOL

  • I remember having hot flashes only too well! At times I thought my body was on the verge of bursting into flames. Long story short, I experimented with eliminating certain things from my diet and wound up eating baked fish and chicken and steamed veggies, substituting lemon juice for salt and no other seasoning. White wine only. Boring, but it greatly reduced the number of HF episodes!

  • I am 70 now, think menopause started in my 50’s. I say think, because the only way I know I went through it is I no longer have periods. Never had a hot flash, mood swing, or any other symptom other than irregular periods leading to none. My girlfriend thought it was because I, like her, am so active. However,she is still going through the symptoms, as I’m sure her husband can confirm.
    So why was I so lucky? I’ve been taking St Johns Wort for depression since 2005 on the advice of a Naturopath as prescription antidepressants gave me violent diarrhea and I was constantly grinding my teeth.
    A few years ago I picked up a small book on uses for St Johns Wort. I came across a chapter that said it relieved symptoms of PMS, painful periods, and menopause. How I wish I had known this when I was a teenager and beyond who suffered painful periods that I’d have mistaken for miscarriages if I hadn’t known there was no possible way I could be pregnant. This was in an age when most doctors were men and saw no reason for pain, so thought it was all in your mind. Now I’d likely be diagnosed with endometriosis. Maybe this is too much information, but I think if it only relieves even one persons suffering it is worth it. And it has the potential to help so many!

  • Try an ice bag behind your neck and under your knees. (it will not make the bed wet) I use one every night. I had a hysterectomy too. No hormones for me. Too much breast cancer in my family. I am still getting the night sweats, flashes, and God, the mood swings, my poor husband does not know anymore who is going to greet him at the door. Sometimes I can be a pure B@$%^……and I swear I don’t even know the stuff is coming out of my mouth…God bless the man for staying with me more than 45 years.

  • I have been dealing with this issue since June of 1997. It is got worse in the past year. I have tried everything to help with this issue. My doctor will not give me hormone replacements because of family health issues. I will try these oils very soon. One thing I use that does help a lot is a simple ice bag. Spent 3.00 for it at the local Walgreens and I use it all the time. It is wonderful to put behind my neck when the heat starts. I also put once behind my knees. That is a huge help too.

  • Hi Jillee ! I am a long time fan of your blog but am new to essential oils and would love to try them to help with my horrendous hot flashes. I’m not sure what to do with the mix after I mix them. Do you spray it on or rub it on your skin somewhere? Sorry… I’m a beginner and not sure what to do. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

    Many thanks,

    • There are three options for using this essential oil blend: a spray, a massage oil or a bath oil. Each one is described in the post, so you can choose whichever application is your favorite!

  • I will give this a try as it doesn’t contain or act like estrogen as Maca does. I’ve just finished breast cancer treatment and am vigilent about products and hot flashes! I must have 6 or so battery operated fans at my disposal!

  • I have discovered two things that have essentially eliminated all hot flashes for me and they’re very simple! The first one is I gave up red wine. And the second is the strange but easy one…I keep my feet warm at night. I have never had cold feet at night until this started, but I noticed it and read it was common. However bed socks drove me crazy and I was forever peeling them on and off all night which didn’t help at all. Finally, I took a baby blanket (perfect size) and put it over my feet on my side of the bed. I even use this in summer. Goodbye hot flashes!

  • A tip for using essential oils in the bath – mix with a bit of Epsom salts (or a couple cups, if you like. The magnesium has calming properties as well!) This helps them mix in the water without floating on top. HTH!

  • Not to beat but to PREVENT flashes I take Maca root powder. It´s a Peruvian root, totally safe because it´s food, not medicine. I take 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 in the evening dissolved in 1/2 glass of juice. Flashes NEVER came back.

  • I figured there had to be some essential oils that would help but never looked into them myself. Thank yo so much for this post, I’m going to mix it up as soon as I get the clary sage!

  • You may want to be careful with the Peppermint Oil. Sleeplessness is a common symptom of menopause, Peppermint Oil tends to keep me awake. This is okay in the morning but not after noon for me.

  • Thank you for this post. At first my hot flashes were few and far between. Now they are more frequent and annoying. I have been looking for a remedy. Definitely going to try this right away.

  • My best friend made up a blend of mint and Clary sage. For me, when I feel a hot flash coming on I apply a small amount to my wrists and inhale. This literally stops those hot flashes quickly. Hope this helps someone.


    • Marybeth S – I do so sympathize with you. I too have been suffering severe hot flashes for the past 10 + years after coming off HRT (on it for 30+ years). I too am willing to try any new offering – nothing so far has reduced the problem. Please let me know if this works for you. Chrissy

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